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The Censored Disney Documentary on Extraterrestrials


In the blog Swedenborg and Life on other Planets I began discussing evidence that other planets in our solar system are inhabited and that NASA and the U.S. Government are covering it up. At first this was far-fetched but the evidence began to build up that NASA as a policy covers up the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrials. Here are links to previous blog posts that proves that NASA tampers and brushes up photos before they release it to the public:

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The following blog post discussed some interesting photographic evidence from NASA of life on Mars, including a shot of a flying saucer and another shot of a mysterious "moving rock":

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I began this investigation simply as a follow up to the blog post Was Swedenborg a Cult Leader, and is the New Church a cult?, which discusses (Protestant) opposition to the Christian theology that was revealed in visions to Emanuel Swedenborg over a period of 25 years. The problem Christian churches have with Swedenborg is not only does he show that some of the foundational religious beliefs are incorrect from scripture, but also they find it very hard to deny that he had some sort of extrasensory perception - see The Confirmed Clairvoyance of Emanuel Swedenborg. The only other issue that remains is that Emanuel Swedenborg spoke very explicitly about extraterrestrial life, and stated that other planets in our solar system were inhabited. This he said in the 18th century, and even said one of them had a habit of travelling between solar systems. On this I thought he was incorrect until I began reexamining the UFO phenomenon, especially from the NASA perspective. Even if the surface of a planet is inhospitable to life, that does not mean a habitat can be made underground. Especially by a race of extraterrestrial beings who may be thousands of years ahead of us technologically, who may have a need to establish a "way-point" in their interstellar travels. Other planets in the solar system may be more suitable to them, as they would not have to deal with bacteria and viruses in our atmosphere which could be lethal to them.


In the blog Swedenborg and Life on other Planets I discovered that the Disney movie Mission to Mars was produced in close conjunction with NASA. The movie predicted that water would be discovered on Mars, and thus would be suitable for human colonization. The movie was made in the year 2000, and sure enough, five years later in 2005 NASA confirmed what was suspected since the 19th century: Mars once had flowing water. The movie implies that Mars was once teeming with life, populated by an alien race that seeded planet earth after it was destroyed due to a collision with an asteroid. There seemed to be some scientific truth in this movie, so the question arose, is Disney part of a public acclimation program to the existence of extraterrestrials? Sure enough, I discovered that in 1995 Disney made a documentary on UFOs and extraterrestrials called Alien Encounters. Narrated by Robert Urich, it seemed that this was made for national syndication. And yet, the movie was CENSORED. It was released in only five states, and never rebroadcast. It begins with a speech from Mike Eisner (CEO of Disney) - and whatever he was told, he seems to be convinced that we are being visited by extraterrestrials. I showed a brief clip of this before, but why was this documentary censored? After I saw it, I saw why it was probably censored (yes, there is hidden censorship in U.S. media), but first here is the full documentary, with a summary of the main points below:

Here is a summary of the main points:

* UFOs receive no attention in the major news media outlets (7:27). Why so? "Governments" wish to maintain their authority over the people. I would say this is due to reverse engineering of the technology of crashed saucers by the U.S. government. Although many governments have publicly released their UFO files, the U.S. has not - except when forced to due to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). It is ironic Disney made this point, only to find that their documentary would not be shown on a national basis.
* There is in place an official policy of government cover up (8:30). Who is responsible for the cover-up? The documentary does not go into this, but evidence points to the CIA, which has a strong influence over the media and Hollywood movies.
* The main witness of this documentary is Sergeant Clifford Stone (8:45). While serving in the army he started sending in FOIA requests, and uncovered a lot of original documentation for UFO researchers, and he became well known in UFO research groups. While serving, his commanding officer told him to stop filing FOIA requests and to not speak to the media. He simply ignored the order and continued to do both. More on Sergeant Clifford Stone later.
* Why, in the late 20th century, the sudden appearance of UFOs? One thing, and one thing only: the explosion of the atomic bomb (10:37). Knowing our history, they probably consider humans to be a violent and barbaric race. And we now have the capability to destroy the planet - in which they have some vested interest.
* In the early 1950s, the U.S. military announces UFOs have nothing to do with any secret military program (14:14). That has probably changed since then.
* The U.S. began a program to recover crashed flying saucers (15:24). More on this later.
* The most well known flying saucer crash was the one that took place in Roswell New Mexico in July of 1947. All the debris was gathered and the witnesses were told to "be quiet" about it. This one is hard to deny because there are over 550 witnesses to this event (16:30), and the military came up with some amazingly stupid and contradictory cover stories. It is this seminal event which began ufology in modern times.
* The U.S. government has in place disinformation programs concerning UFOs and extraterrestrials (17:17)
* In 1952 multiple UFOs did fly-bys of the Washington D.C. capital (19:20). I discussed this before in The Origin of the NSA Extraterrestrial Radio Signal which has an internal date pointing to the year 1953. Independent of this, William Cooper also stated we made radio contact with extraterrestrials in 1953 (see The Strange World of Milton William Cooper)
* In November of 1975 UFOs visited every SAC base in the United States - UFOs possibly changed the codes in nuclear ICBM missiles (20:54). For evidence of their interest in nuclear power plants, see UFOs over Chernobyl and Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants
* In 1995 FEMA published a document that details what to do in case of contact with extraterrestrials (22:18). So extraterrestrials are supposedly not visiting our planet, and FEMA has in place policies of what to do in case of contact with them?
* A Federal law passed in 1969 makes it illegal for any American to have contact with an extraterrestrial - it comes with a $5000 dollar fine and a year in jail (22:39). I believe this law was revoked in 1991.
* Extraterrestrial aliens are routinely abducting men and women for genetic material.  Strange marks are left on the body. Often an object is inserted up the nostril, behind the eye, behind the ear, which could be implants. Some have deep drilled holes in their body (27:30). I may blog about this later: some implants indicate that they give off a radio signal, which would serve for tracking down abductees (yes, implants have been extracted by doctors). They seem to have the ability to selectively wipe the human memory of this event, so that most abductees never know about it and experience only "missing time".  Budd Hopkins has done research in this area.
* The most common alien type that has been reported is the "grey". Grey in color, 3.5 feet tall, with two huge almond shaped black eyes (30:48).
* Some female abductees have reported that they have been subjected to gynecological exams. They have nowhere to go to report it (31:14).
* Communication with extraterrestrials tends to be telepathic (36:55).
* Official declassified U.S. government documents acknowledge the existence of extraterrestrial UFOs (38:45)


Once I saw the Disney documentary, I immediately realized why it was censored: it has to do with Sergeant Clifford Stone. After the documentary was made, he revealed to the public that he was part of an elite U.S. team to retrieve crashed flying saucers. This took fellow UFO researchers by complete surprise - they had no knowledge of the kind of work that he did. In the following clip from Project Disclosure, he reveals that the U.S. military there are no less than 57 different alien types that by 1989 the U.S. military was aware of no less than 57 different alien species:

He does not go into detail, but he reveals there are three types of what the public now calls the "greys" - and one species happens to look completely human. They can walk among us and we would never know it, except they seem to have extrasensory perceptions. In an official U.S. Air Force manual called "Introductory Space Science", one of the races is also declared to be human. According to William Cooper, before the U.S. military made contact with the greys in 1954, they were somehow warned about them from another extraterrestrial race. How they were warned, and when, is not known. The strange thing that Clifford Stone notes, is despite the fact that they had catalogued 57 different alien species, they were all humanoid. This puzzled biologists who could not explain why life tends to evolve towards the human form. The way Swedenborg would probably explain this is that all of life originates from God, whom He called the Divine Man, who wished to create life forms in His own image. This, in fact, is the purpose for the existence of the universe.

In 1954 there was a possible extraterrestrial visitation with a high level British contact - he looked completely human, and was telepathic. This took place with Air Marshall Sir Peter Horsley who had been Deputy Commander-in-Chief, RAF Strike Command. In this position Horsley would have had a key control role related to the nuclear weapons held by the British. Part of his job was to receive UFO reports at the main operations center at the Department of Defense, and gave some of these reports to Prince Philip. In his autobiography Sounds from Another Room, he reports that a meeting was setup by a "General Martin" who told Horsley he believed “the aliens were here to warn us of the perils of nuclear war.” The General told him that a "Mr. Janus" had a “message of the utmost importance” that needed to be discussed in person. A meeting was arranged at an apartment where he met Mr. Janus. Mr. Janus asked Horsley questions concerning his interest with UFOs, and as the conversation continued, Horsley began to get the uncomfortable feeling that this Mr. Janus could read his mind. Mr. Janus wanted to meet the Prince, but when asked why, he said the Prince “is a man of great vision...who believes strongly in the proper relationship between man and nature which will prove of great importance in future galactic harmony.” Janus then said that mankind was “now striving to break his earthly bonds and travel to the moon and the planets beyond...the earth is going through a Dark Age at the moment where material possessions count more than a Man’s soul...” He spoke of the “dreadful specter of (mankind) blowing up his world” which was the other thing that really disturbed Horsley. Horsley recalled that this extraordinary man “knew all Britain’s top-secret nuclear secrets,” and “by the end of the meeting, I was quite disturbed, really.” He reported the event to Prince Philip, whose secretrary at first thought was a joke. However since Janus knew all of Britain's nuclear secrets they considered it a security risk...but they was never able to track down "General Martin" or "Mr. Janus" ever again. Although this is recorded in Horsley's autobiography, the official file of the event remains classified (from Eisenhower and His Alien Contacts: Part 2).

As for Sergeant Clifford Stone, what was his part in flying saucer retrievals? According to a more depth interview, he has telepathic or intuitive capabilities, and can interface with them. The U.S. military needed someone like him because they had no way to communicate with those who had survived at the crash sites. At a young age he became aware he could interact directly with the spiritual world, in a similar manner to Emanuel Swedenborg. In his contacts with them, they have a great fear of the human race: especially when they know they have no means of escape. Here is the full interview:

There is, of course, very little evidence to back up what Sergeant Clifford Stone is saying is true or false. But one thing is for sure: he is not getting any financial profit from coming out and saying this. And, if what he is saying is false, why would the Disney documentary be censored from the public? If there was one reason why that Disney documentary was censored, I can come up only with one answer: Sergeant Clifford Stone.

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