Tuesday, March 24, 2020

A Clairvoyant Dream and Prophecy of the Coronavirus Pandemic

In early 2019 I published a book (The X-Prophecy) describing a series of strange and symbolic clairvoyant dreams of a child, in which clairvoyant information was given describing ancient Slavic myths, the movie Darkest Minds, X-Men movies, and X-Men comics. Details were being to the dreamer of which she had no knowledge, and as strange as it sounds, the dream was referencing scenes that took place in movies and Marvel comics. Moreover, I discovered that the dream was referencing events in the Marvel comics that in a strange way mirrored events in my personal life as well as events on a global scale. It is a strange case of amazing synchronicity, covering events from 1981 to what I thought was its end in 2019. I cannot summarize everything here so I put it in a book, but what I have done is posted some of these strange coincidences between the the fictional stories of the X-Men comics referenced by the dream and worldwide events here on this blog:
I would recommend that the reader read the above posts first before proceeding, unless you have happened to have read the book. 

As I documented the entire dream and its interpretation, it soon grew so big that I decided to publish the findings in a book which I entitled The X-Prophecy. It was a weird experience, because as I was interpreting the dreams some events were unfolding in real time before my very eyes.  

One event portrayed in the Marvel comics that corresponds to a real event was a prediction of the failed Presidential candidacy of Senator Elizabeth Warren.  She recently dropped out of the race on March 5, 2020. It then hit me like a ton of bricks: the Marvel comic story which portrays the Presidential campaign of a Senator from Massachussetts also describes the creation of a virus bioweapon that threatens all of humanity.

And as I write this I am sort of in shock. This is completely unexpected. The prophecy was right in front of me but it was so unbelievable that I ignored it. The story was, of course, in a comic book. It is similar to a scene in the movie Logan, in which Wolverine discovers that they were looking for a place described in an X-Men comic book:

So let's back up a bit.  I actually had to go back and re-read the dream and its interpretation as published in my book The X-Prophecy.  What I post here will act as sort of an addendum or large postscript. At the beginning I describe other cases of what I call "precognitive fiction" - cases where authors wrote novels that seemed to predict events that happened after their book was published. In this case we are dealing with something similar, with the added weirdness that a dream was given to point out this coincidence between a fictional story and real life.

In the third chapter I describe the dream, and in that dream the child sees that her school has become a government prison camp, similar to how the children were rounded up and placed into government camps in the movie The Darkest Minds. And here we are: the schools for children have been closed in many areas due to the pandemic, and children now either need to be home schooled or participate in remote learning programs from their homes.

In the movie The Darkest Minds, 90% of the children in the U.S. die from a mysterious illness.

In the dream, she escapes from earth and finds her way to a mysterious white castle, where these angelic bird beings ask her what is happening on earth. She replied, quote, "it was bad, there was a disease that had caused many children to die and the government was in chaos." She has also described the situation as "apocalyptic" but I did not put that in the book.

Now, it was first said the coronavirus tends to kill people who are old or who have previous health conditions. But doctors in the U.S. are now reporting that it is affecting people in a younger age group. Moreover, it should be known that it infects all humans regardless of age, and it can cause complications in younger children. No one is immune from it.

What I soon discovered was that the dream did not just reference the movie The Darkest Minds, but from there indirectly referenced recent X-Men movies, and from there stories in related Marvel comics. The information was coming in a very intelligent symbolic way, in a way a child could easily understand it, yet with multiple levels of meaning. However at the time she had not seen these X-Men movies, nor even read these particular Marvel comic stories. Whereas most dreams reflect our own thoughts and experiences, this one fell into a class that is clairvoyant.

In the dream, when she enters the white castle she not only finds babies, but also graves of those who have died. In the book I indicate how she accurately describes here the Slavic myth of heaven, of which she was unaware. She comes to one particular grave, and it is the grave of someone named Elena. Other symbols in the dream indicated that Elena was Russian. This point in the dream, as explained in detail in the book, indirectly referenced the X-Men character Illyana Rasputin, a young Russian woman also known as Magik. Illyana is another way of spelling the name Elena, and is constantly referenced in the dream in a very symbolic way.

Now I come to a point which I did not put in the book: the X-Men character Illyana dies from a bioweapon known as "The Legacy Virus," a virus designed to target and kill mutants. This is described in the comic Uncanny X-Men #303 (August 1993). And I just can't believe what I am seeing here, here is the scene where Illyana dies from the Legacy Virus:

Kitty Pryde yells, I quote: "She has gone into complete respiratory arrest! Her lungs have shut down! Hurry Moira, she can't breath!" Despite their efforts, Illyana dies.

What a bombshell. I literally just pulled up the image as I was writing this. The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 targets the lungs, and eventually people lose their ability to breathe.

The dream is centered on the grave of Elena, which has several levels of meaning, but this is what was kept hidden from me: it was pointing me to the death of Illyana who had been killed by a bioweapon known as the Legacy Virus. In the dream many people in the world were dying, and the angelic beings were trying to take care of the souls who had died, as well as the babies to be born.


The clairvoyant dream references a story line of a team of X-Men known as "Excalibur" that separate from the main X-Men group and live on a fictional island north of Scotland. The main characters referenced by the dream in addition to Illyana are Kitty Pryde, Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane) and Doug Ramsey (Cypher/Douglock). This team is joined by Dr. Moira Mactaggart, a geneticist who then dedicated her life on the island to research a cure for the Legacy Virus which had killed Illyana. She was at one time the fiance of Charles Xavier, leader of the X-Men, but for an unknown reason broke off the engagement. Each fictional character referenced either represents someone I know in real life, or represents something symbolic related to the future.

But now I am beginning to realize that this minor character now represents the effort of doctors around the world to find a vaccine for the coronavirus.

During her research, Dr. Moira MacTaggart makes a startling discovery: the Legacy Virus, originally designed to target mutants, has now begun to spread among the human population (Excalibur #79) and later realizes that she herself has become infected (Excalibur #80). With the coronavirus outbreak, we see now that doctors and healthcare practitioners are at high risk to contract the coronavirus.

The Legacy Virus had been created by an evil mutant named Stryfe designed to kill other mutants. At this time, in order to find a cure for it, the Excalibur team retrieves information on the virus from secret underground base of Stryfe, which is downloaded into the memory of "Douglock," a techno-organic being who identifies himself as Doug Ramsey. Doug Ramsey is one of the fictional characters referenced by the dream, who in some ways is a mirror image of myself (my name happens to be Doug).

As the Excalibur team tunnels to the surface after retrieving information on the Legacy Virus, lo and behold, they discover it is underneath a U.S. Military base (from Excalibur #80, August 1994):

Its not identified where they are located, except they had taken a wrong turn near Albuquerque, New Mexico. This of course is near Los Alamos National Laboratory, the center where the atomic bomb was invented. As of March 2020, Los Alamos labs has become involved in biological research concerning the coronavirus (see Scientists in New Mexico studying link between coronavirus and animals). From Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL):
Work in biothreat reduction at Los Alamos extends across many areas including detection technologies, bioforensics, pathogen analysis, and understanding host-pathogen interactions for better vaccine development.
This kind of research into reducing biothreats has been going on since at least 1992 (see At Los Alamos: Tracing biothreats with molecular signatures).

In another scene, every news organization as well as the World Health Organization, tries to reach Dr. Moira MacTaggart on the Legacy Virus. She, however, is more concerned about who "leaked" the information on the virus from her lab (from Excalibur #87, July 1995):

Later, Peter Wisdom (a former British "black ops" agent) and Kitty Pryde go on a mission in London to determine the cause of the death of his friend Culley. They find out he died due to exposure to the Legacy Virus. Also Dr. MacTaggart begins to believe that the information on the virus was stolen out of the lab by a computer hacker. The story begins with a view to a secret lab, doing virus experiments on strange animals (from Excalibur #88, August 1995):

Later, a conference is held in San Francisco to debate the origin and seriousness of this Legacy Virus (from Uncanny X-Men #326, August 1995):

And as I write this (May 24, 2020), I am reading of this news coming out of San Francisco: San Francisco warns of coronavirus surge: 'The worst is yet to come'.  Yet people are still not practicing social distancing.

In the conference the media is given false information - that the virus only infects a small population of mutants, and does not threaten the entire planet of every man, woman and child. This portrays the slowness of governments to act on the information they were given:

Later, the techno-organic being "Douglock" is kidnapped from the Excalibur team by a secret British Agency known as "Black Air," which I did reference in the book.  What I did not point out is that one reason he was kidnapped was so that these government scientists could extract information from his head regarding the Legacy Virus (from Excalibur #98, June 1996):

Information was stored in code regarding the Legacy Virus in Douglock's head, who in turn is a fictional representation of myself (my name coincidentally happens to be Doug), the interpreter of the dream. Information regarding the outbreak of the coronavirus was embedded in the story, but it had to be deciphered.

As explained in the book, Douglock is recovered by the Excalibur team. In the following scene he becomes worried that Dr. MacTaggart is losing too much sleep researching the genetic code of the virus in order to find a cure (from Excalibur #107, March 1997):

When I was doing research for the book, the following scene puzzled me a bit.  As I did not understand at the time what it meant, I left it out, even though it included the fictional characters that the clairvoyant dream indicated were significant. In this scene, Dr. Moira MacTaggart had decided to quarantine herself in order to research the virus. And Douglock awaits outside, and other X-Men are told that the quarantine was going to last "indefinitely" (from Excalibur #115, December 1997):

As of this writing many have been given instructions to shelter at home and to stay socially distant in order to stop the spread of the virus. When asked why she quarantined herself, she explained that she discovered that the virus is airborne.

Later her adopted daughter Rahne Sinclari (discussed extensively in the book) at the last moment decides to enter quarantine with Dr. Moira MacTaggart. Her explanation is that the research must also happen on a person who is not infected in order for the study to be valid. Douglock cannot take the long wait, and worrying about her life while under quarantine he then later decides to break Rahne's quarantine, but this ruins the research to find a cure for the virus. While he explains there may be information of the virus in his memory, Rahne is furious (from Excalibur #120, May 1998):

This, of course, represents those people who break their quarantine due to the fear that they will become sick from the infected patients. This has happened several times from people who claim they are healthy and do not want to become infected.

And now we near the end of the story as presented in the book, which had predicted the Presidential candidacy of a Senator from Massachussetts (see A Possible Prophecy of Senator Elizabeth Warren). During this time, the mutant Mystique manipulated the research done by Dr. Moira MacTaggart and modified the Legacy Virus to infect and kill humans. Her first test subjects were humans on a ship in the Atlantic (see Uncanny X-Men #388, January 2001). This would correspond to the quarantined cruise ships which carried infected passengers at the time of the outbreak in 2019-20.

By this time Dr. Moira MacTaggart finally finds a cure for the Legacy Virus, but Mystique attacks her lab and critically wounds her. The X-Men try to save her, and while Moira clings on to life Charles Xavier telepathically links to her so that she could transfer her knowledge on the cure for the Legacy Virus. Charles Xavier still loves her, so much so that he wants to die with her. But in the end he has to let her go, and Charles sees her in her final moment before she dies (from X-Men 2nd series #108):

Dr. Moira MacTaggart, in a symbolic sense, represents the doctors and genetic researchers that are now researching for a vaccine for the coronavirus. She also represents the doctors and nurses who now may be forced to risk or sacrifice their lives in order to treat patients.

At this time Wolverine and Rogue discover the secret diaries of Irene Adler, a blind mutant who foresaw the future and wrote down what she saw in code, foreseeing the coming of the Legacy Virus. The drawings in the book mimic the comic itself, thus the comic was declaring itself to be a prophecy written in code (from Uncanny X-Men #389):

The prophetic diaries of Irene Adler are discussed in detail in the book.  But I did not include this prophecy concerning the Legacy Virus.

The X-Men are able to create a cure for the coronavirus, but not before Peter Rasputin (the brother of Illyana) sacrifices himself in order to activate the cure. The cure activates across the world, however the rapid cure has an unforeseen geopolitical effect: thousands of mutants who had been infected with the Legacy Virus who had been exiled in quarantine on the island of Genosha become cured overnight, and Magneto decides to use them as an army to conquer the world through genetic warfare. Whether or not this represents a future event remains to be seen.


The clairvoyant dream described in The X-Prophecy relayed a lot of information that was highly symbolic, and it has multiple levels of meaning in addition to predicting future events. Yet after I published it, I still asked myself, why?  What was the point? The dreams would present things in a very symbolic way which required that it would be deciphered, and I now realize that I was limited in my interpretation because I could only interpret the dream according to what I knew at the time. I honestly was uncertain about the meaning of the grave of Elena which appeared in the dream but it is now quite clear that on one level it referenced the death of Illyana by the Legacy Virus in the X-Men comic, which in turn represented the future outbreak of the coronavirus.

The story was right in front of me yet no one would expect such a virus pandemic would break out within the year. It fits in with the storyline, it involves the same characters, and many of the comic issues where the story is contained are referenced in the book. The clairvoyant dream was referencing a comic book, something a child could understand, and in a very concise way it could thus convey a lot of information. The book was published before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, so anyone can now see the evidence for themselves.

So what is the origin of the coronavirus? We now know the coronavirus originated in bats. Scientists think it was transferred to another animal, where it mutated, before jumping to the human population. The outbreak occurred in November of 2019 in Wuhan in China, near an animal market that happens to be near the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the only level 4 biological research facility in China that has the capability to research bioweapons of this nature. The Chinese leader Xi made an announcement in February about how every effort must be made to contain the virus in China. But what happened after that is interesing. From Don’t buy China’s story: The coronavirus may have leaked from a lab:
Xi didn’t actually admit that the coronavirus now devastating large swaths of China had escaped from one of the country’s bioresearch labs. But the very next day, evidence emerged suggesting that this is exactly what happened, as the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology released a new directive titled: “Instructions on strengthening biosecurity management in microbiology labs that handle advanced viruses like the novel coronavirus.”
Read that again. It sure sounds like China has a problem keeping dangerous pathogens in test tubes where they belong, doesn’t it? And just how many “microbiology labs” are there in China that handle “advanced viruses like the novel coronavirus”?
It turns out that in all of China, there is only one. And this one is located in the Chinese city of Wuhan that just happens to be … the epicenter of the epidemic.
That’s right. China’s only Level 4 microbiology lab that is equipped to handle deadly coronaviruses, called the National Biosafety Laboratory, is part of the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
Senator Tom Cotton repeated this theory, that this virus possibly leaked from from a bioweapon research facility in China.  The Chinese ambassador fired back, accusing the U.S. of releasing the virus during some U.S. military exercise which took place in the province of Wuhan in October of 2019, but that accusation included some false information. The U.S. ambassador called him in to basically tell him to shutup. And here is this story from White House ordered coronavirus meetings classified, hampering response:
Federal health officials were directed to keep dozens of meetings that started in mid-January, including discussions on the scope of infections, quarantines and travel restrictions confidential, Reuters reported Wednesday. According to the sources, those without security clearances were not permitted in the high-security room, typically used for military and intelligence operations, at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), where the meetings took place.
Officials were puzzled by this, because the secrecy excluded people who needed to be involved in the response to the coronavirus.

And now, the mainstream media has stepped in to declare this bioweapon story as a "conspiracy theory" or "fake theory." But how are they so certain, and what is their argument? The article The conspiracy theories about the origins of the coronavirus, debunked states that it cannot be a bioweapon because the scientific consensus from genome analysis indicates it came from animals in nature. That of course is not disputed here. But what is to prevent a bioweapon research facility to take an existing coronavirus found in nature and weaponize it?  Nothing. The article completely sidesteps the issue. Bioweapon research facilities do not have to invent something completely new; they can take an existing virus in nature, transfer it, let it mutate, and then possibly alter it themselves. And then the article proceeds and makes this false statement, as will be seen later, that no known lab was working on a virus like this one.

But the best argument used here is that this virus is a "bad bioweapon." On that I agree. It does not have an effective kill ratio, and is highly contagious. It will affect both sides in a war.  Unless, of course, the goal is to kill humanity or reduce the population of the planet, starting with the old and sick first. That just sounds so evil and preposterous. And yet this is the exact plot of the story line referenced by the clairvoyant dream. I would say for now that it is safe to assume that this was an accident.

The "smoking gun" I found from this article: Is the recent corona virus, COVID-19 a biological weapon?, based on an interview with Professor Francis Boyle, a lawyer who helped write the U.S. legislation to disallow bioweapon research. He was the first to identify that the anthrax letters sent out in October of 2001 came from our own U.S. military base. He was later proven right, but not before the main media outlets censored him. He points to four pieces of evidence, most publicly available:
  1. study of the genomic sequence by French and Canadian scientists indicates that the virus was modified with "gain of function" to become more infectious.  This indicates it was possibly modified to become a bioweapon.
  2. And then there is this study done at the University of North Carolina, published in Nature in 2015: A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence. And lo and behold, a Chinese scientist from Wuhan was allowed by the NIH to participate in the study. The director of the NIH at the time was Tony Fauci, who is now leading the coronavirus response.
  3. Then there is this article of a study done in Australia, published in 2010: Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) proteins of different bat species confer variable susceptibility to SARS-CoV entry. The goal was to genetically engineer SARS and HIV into a bioweapon. And again, Chinese scientists from Wuhan participated in the study.
  4. And in a separate study from India, apparently now withdrawn: they found evidence of strands of DNA from HIV in the coronavirus: see Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag
So there you have it.  This is not just some "conspiracy theory." It is very real, and it is very dangerous. And the dream was a forewarning of this moment. For an earlier prophecy by Nostradamus, see the previous post, A Prophecy of Nostradamus of the Coronavirus Pandemic,

As I was doing research and writing this article, a young girl came up to me and said she had a dream: I was doing research to find a cure for the coronavirus, and she needed to come help me.  So perhaps there are some clues here, or this will raise the awareness level, to quickly find a cure.

Was I expecting this? Certainly not. I am just as surprised as I am sure everyone else is. Shall we say, hindsight is 20/20?

Sunday, March 22, 2020

A Prophecy of Nostradamus of the Coronavirus Pandemic

As we see the coronavirus pandemic spread across the globe, I began to wonder, was it foreseen by Nostradamus?  I found a few references where some of his writings were falsely applied to the current pandemic. Nostradamus, however, does have a track record of predicting other plagues, most notably the plague that struck London in the year 1666, which is fully explained in my work The Decoded Prophecies of Nostradamus.  He helped treat patients of the plague, and the majority of his prophecies are focused on western Europe.  As of this writing there is a major outbreak in Italy.  So given his track record, I would be surprised if the prophecies of Nostradamus did not foresee this one.

So I pulled out a set of prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled, and I found this one, which has an astronomical configuration:

Le parc enclin grande calamit√©
Par l'Hesperie & Insubre fera:
Le feu en nef, peste & captivité:
Mercure en l'Arc Saturn fenera.

The inclined arctic pole great calamity
Through Hesperia and Lombardy:
The fire in the ship, plague and captivity:
Mercury in Sagittarius, Saturn will cut with a scythe.

Nostradamus wrote in code, and likely under trance, and the majority of the prophecies are not clear until they reach their time of fulfillment.  The French phrase parc enclin literally means "inclined park" which makes no sense.  It most likely was meant as an anagram for p. arc., an abbreviation of pole arctique meaning arctic pole which is a phrase Nostradamus used in other quatrains. The reference still does not make much sense, until I realized it most likely refers to one of the solstices, in this case the winter solstice where there is less light to the northern hemisphere causing the season of winter:

The last winter solstice was on Dec. 21, 2019.  On the fourth line there is another clue: Mercury will be in the sign of Sagitarrius.  I just ran a calculation with my astronomy program, and Mercury was in Sagitarrius from December 10 through 29 in 2019, which covers the time of the winter solstice. Next Nostradamus states "Saturn will cut with a scythe."  The astrological symbol of Saturn is the scythe, since in mythology Saturn was the ruler of time and was also associated with agriculture. Cronus-Saturn is an old man which symbolizes the end of the year and the beginning of a new year, which again points us to the end of the year of 2019. In ancient medieval astrology Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius, and it just so happens that Saturn moved out of Capricorn into Aquarius on Feb. 26, 2020.

Needless to say this all fits in with the timing of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. The scythe of Saturn is also associated with the Grim Reaper, the harvesting of souls at the time of death.

The prediction states there will be great calamity in the province of Lombardy in northern Italy, and that is exactly the center of the outbreak of the coronavirus in Italy, where deaths have now surpassed those in China:

The prophecy states that there will be great calamity in "Hesperia and Lombardy."  Hesperia is the mythological reference that Nostradamus uses for the isles of the west beyond the Atlantic, and almost always refers to America.  Which means the United States is next.  According to the article ITALY'S CORONAVIRUS DEATHS SPIKE NEARLY TWO WEEKS INTO LOCKDOWN, AN OMINOUS SIGN FOR NEW YORK AND CALIFORNIA:
"Trajectories show that U.S. cases are emerging on a nearly 11-day delay from those of Italy."
And here we are, with many young college students ignoring all the warnings and not practicing social distancing during Spring Break.

The third line states "Fire in the ship, plague and captivity." In the time of Nostradamus plagues were often brought to other countries by ship, and to stop the plague there used to be the practice of burning sulphur in the ship to disinfect it, or perhaps burning the ship itself. Thus the phrase is symbolic of the need to disinfect infected areas. The plague is the coronavirus, and the captivity is the quarantine we now must all practice diligently.  Cruise ships carrying the coronavirus were quarantined at the time indicated by this prophecy, so it is all very relevant.

And for a sample of another Nostradamus prophecy that was recently fulfilled, see The Nostradamus Prophecy of the Japanese Tsunami and the War in Syria.

So pay attention people, and be safe. It is up to each individual now to be responsible to practice social distancing to ensure our healthcare system is not overwhelmed, and this will allow more lives to be saved.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Spiritual Introspection during Quarantine (the meaning of "Alone" in Gen. 2:18)

In just a matter of days our entire society has changed, with schools closing, public and sporting events cancelled, bars and restaurants closing, social distancing and working from home policies put in place.  It is a major test to what our society values most - a consumer society with manufactured needs that do not exist.  Much of the economy will slow down or halt, and people are realizing - our government has been focusing on corporate profits, rather than providing basic healthcare.  The impacts are going to be enormous, and I am just amazed at how at the snap of a finger everything changed.

Capitalist societies are now going to have to weigh the value of corporate profits vs. socialist policies to provide to those who are most in need.  So many people are going to become unemployed and need basic assistance. Help will be needed not just from individuals but from the very top, including the military.

It is a "perfect storm" that is going to cause us all to reassess our values.

As the first act of charity, everyone needs to practice social distancing.  This is the exact opposite of social isolation which has plagued so many leading to depression. Many will now need to learn how to be alone, and to do that we will need to learn to become more introspective, and to stop getting distracted by external distractions.  With the real threat of death, we should all take time to assess what we value most in life, for what we value most determines our eternal destiny.

Spiritually, to be "alone" in scripture is to be content and led only by the Lord, and at total peace, after having conquered inward temptations and worries, and this state is known as the "celestial" state in the writings of Swedenborg.  The "alone" state is mentioned in the commentary on Genesis 2:18:
"And Jehovah God said, It is not good that the man should be alone, I will make him a help as it were with himself. "Alone" signifies that he was not content to be led by the Lord, but desired to be led by himself and the world; "a help as it were with himself" signifies the proprium (the love of self), which in the following verses is also called a rib built into a woman. In ancient times they were said to dwell alone who were led of the Lord as celestial men, because evils or evil spirits no longer infested them. And this was represented in the Jewish Church by the nations being driven out and the Jews dwelling alone. It is therefore sometimes said of the church of the Lord, in the Word, that it is alone — as in Jeremiah: Arise, get you up to a quiet nation, that dwelleth securely . . . that hath no doors, and no bar; they dwell alone (xlix. 31). In the prophecy of Moses: Israel dwelt securely alone (Deut. xxxiii. 28). It is still more manifest in the prophecy of Balaam: Lo, the people dwelleth alone, and is not reckoned among the nations (Num. xxiii. 9), where the nations stand for evils. This posterity of the Most Ancient Church did not wish to dwell alone, that is, to be a celestial man, or as a celestial man to be led of the Lord, but desired like the Jewish Church to be among the nations. And because they desired this it is said, "it is not good that the man should be alone;" for he who so desires is already in evil, and it is permitted him." (Heavenly Arcana, n. 138-139).
I thought the above passage was significant because just as Israel was commanded to be alone and separate from the nations, so many have been told to remain alone and stay out of contact with large groups.  In the spiritual sense, this signifies to withdraw from evils and falsehoods that have a bad influence. So while the current pandemic has a lot of negative effects, on the positive side it is forcing people to have "alone time" and we should take advantage of this to look inward, and read and learn from the Word for guidance.