Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Prophecy of Iran and the Eastern Empire

In the early 90s I established a correspondence with the author Dolores Cannon, and showed her a bit of how Nostradamus hid a numerical coding in his prophecies.  Later, some producers for a documentary on the prophecies of Nostradamus had asked her about any experts she knew on Nostradamus, and she referred them to me.  As a result of that, I started to help them do research for the film and made some recommendations on the script...and what topics to concentrate on for the future.  In the end I appeared as a guest speaker on the CBS documentary, Mysteries of the Ancient World, which aired in 1994.  Here is a clip from that, and you will see that it is quite relevant to current world events:

There are some remarks in the video about the coding of numbers in the writings of Nostradamus.  This was not completely explored in the documentary, and at the time I was still in the process of trying to completely decode the prophecies.  It was recently completed, and I published the first half of my findings in the book, The Decoded Prophecies of Nostradamus (2012).  It is available on Amazon (click here) and Barnes & Noble (click here).  It took many years of research, and it is a timely subject. Rather than just trying to know the future (having a clear view is impossible), I explore the reasons how and why prophecy can exist. According to the naturalistic and materialistic view, it doesn't.  But if it does, how does that change our world view of reality?

Right after I posted the above clip on youtube, Netanyahu decided to issue his "red line" speech, indicated where we may enter the point of no return when Iran will have the capability to develop a nuclear weapon.  Israel really needs to keep its mouth shut when it comes to American foreign policy matters such as this one - a hardline talk urging war is just going to make Iran more stubborn in its pursuit of its nuclear program.  If Israel wants a peaceful solution, it can do two things:

1. Instead of drawing red lines in the sand, talk about removing the lines of apartheid that divides Israelis from Palestinians.  Remember Yitzhak Rabin? He was one of the few Israeli politicians who actually pursued a policy of peace.  And he was assassinated by a right wing Israeli radical.

2. It should be pointed out that Israel will neither confirm or deny its possession of nuclear weapons.  If Israel wants Iran to be open about its nuclear program, what about Israel being open about its nuclear program?  Why the double-standard?  Is Israel serious about peace, or does it want war?

Make no mistake: the risk of a nuclear weapon in the hands of a nation that does not keep religion separate from government is a dangerous situation. But I honestly have doubts that this is what Iran wants.  What it wants is to exert more influence in its foreign policy in the Middle East.  Remember the propaganda stories  that Iraq was near to having a nuclear weapon?  It was a completely false story.

But open warfare is not an option - Russia and China will not allow for that, the repercussions are too great.  Netanyahu, apparently, is hoping Romney will displace Obama and start doing what the Israelis tell him to do.  What the public does not realize is that war is not the only option, there are other methods and Obama is using them.

Critics of Iran point out that Iran has plenty of oil - why is it pursuing a nuclear energy policy?  First, under international law, it perfectly has the right to do so.  The fuel can be internationally monitored.  Second - and this will be a surprise to most - it was the United States of America that started this program back in the 60s when Iran under the Shah was an American ally.  It was legal then. It is legal now.

If people want peace, it must come from within. And I am not talking about meditation. Israel needs to erase the lines of pride in its view of the world - the Jewish pride that comes that says one race is superior to other races.  It needs to reach across the border, and tear down the walls it has not only built around itself, but the walls around its world view.  If it does not tear down those walls, those walls will no longer protect Israel.  Those walls will make Israel a prison of its own narrow minded view.

As for the prophecies of Nostradamus, they extend into the 23rd century.  There is time.  Act now, and the disasters of the future will be lessened.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Decoded Prophecies of Nostradamus: now available

After years of research, the first half of my findings into the prophecies of Nostradamus has finally been published in the book The Decoded Prophecies of Nostradamus.  This is no ordinary book on Nostradamus: not only are the prophecies discussed in detail, but I have cracked the numerical code that Nostradamus used in his prophecies.  I had presented some of this research back in the early 90s, and a result of that I appeared as a guest on the CBS documentary Mysteries of the Ancient World.  Here is the book cover:

This took a lot of effort - I started on this 25 years ago.  It is available now on Amazon, and soon on Barnes & Noble.  I could have been blogging on this, but the research would have been too complicated to present in a blog and would have taken much longer.  During that time, I have seen a lot of substandard books published on his prophecies, which are typically not backed up by factual information.  Lately the books I have seen have taken a skeptical slant, based on the latest documentary evidence that has come from researchers in France.  Even as I was writing the book, I discovered a few surprises myself...even when I look back and read it, some of it is a bit strange even to me.  I try to go beyond the prophecies to come up with a rational explanation, but to come up with an explanation requires a shift in one's view: one that is no longer naturalistic or materialistic, but spiritual, supernatural, and paranormal.  There is MUCH more to reality than the eye can see, and this book presents strong evidence for a spiritual world beyond this one, which is constantly interacting with this one.

This was over 400 pages...I still am not done.  There will be a second volume coming.  As it is 2012, there is a lot out there discussing the end of the Mayan calendar.  Few people know what the New Age even means.  For me, it is a new era of spiritual freedom, free from religious authority, free from false religious concepts.  For the New Age to begin, we first have to expose those false religious principles, so that people can see the light.  This is a part of that effort.

Some of it I was not sure about, I decided to censor some information which I may release in the second volume.  Lets see how it plays out in the public now.


Here is a more full description:

Nostradamaus was an astrologer and apothecary during the 16th century, who fought against the Bubonic plague and became a trusted advisor to Queen Catherine de Medici of France.  He left behind a series of prophecies arranged in a thousand quatrains, written in an obscure and symbolic style using a combination of French and Latin. Due to the wars of religion between Catholics and Protestants of the time, he took great care to hide certain information in the prophecies. Over the span of five centuries, many commentaries have been published which have noted some remarkable fulfillments of these prophecies, which foretold major turning points in history such as the English Civil War, the events of the French Revolution, World War II, the rise of America as a super-power, and a future empire from the East which is yet to come.  For the first time, this book reveals that Nostradamus made use of a numeric coding system which he used to mix the prophecies out of order like a gigantic jig-saw puzzle.  Evidence is provided for this numeric coding system, and although hard to see at first it is explained in a simple manner for any reader to verify.  Throughout the book, the prophecies are then decoded one by one, to show that the decoding system works across the majority of the prophecies and not just a select few. Some older interpretations of the prophecies are verified using this system, others are debunked, and in several cases a new interpretation that was never known before is revealed.  Unlike all other books of Nostradamus, this book not only focuses on providing an accurate interpretation of the prophecies but shows that for the first time they can be systematically decoded.  Well researched with objective facts, the book provides a comprehensive overall picture of the prophecies.  Nostradamus himself had predicted that much of what he had written would become more clear 500 years after his time.

In addition to revealing the decoding system for the prophecies of Nostradamus, the book includes a comprehensive biography of the life of Nostradamus based on the latest research from historical scholars.  Certain events in the life of Nostradamus are revealed in more detail based on the historical evidence.  Moreover, the book goes behind the scenes to discover direct influences on Nostradamus which includes not only his Catholic faith, but also astrology, the Jewish Qabalah, mysticism, and Neoplatonic philosophy. Also discussed is the probably source of the inspiration of his prophecies. Countering skeptics and naturalistic philosophy, the book explores the direct influence of the spiritual world on events that take place in the natural material world, and explains how dreams and visions may reveal events of the future.  Nostradamus did make use of astrology in his yearly almanacs, but that was generally not the source of his inspiration.  However astronomical configurations were sometimes used to provide exact dates for some future events. Although Nostradamus hid much of this and wrote obscurely, the phenomenon of seeing the future through dreams and visions is explained in detail in the visionary experiences of Emanuel Swedenborg, an 18th century scientist turned theologian.  Readers will be introduced to a comprehensive spiritual philosophy that explains the existence of prophecy.  An explanation is provided for the spiritual meaning of the "end of the world" and the beginning of a new age. The astronomical configuration of 2012 is briefly discussed to provide an alternative view that few people have considered. Going beyond prophecy, the book will challenge people to re-evaluate certain beliefs - or skepticism - concerning their own religion.

Based on years of research, the original manuscripts were used and a computer program was used to ensure a consistent and accurate translation. As many publications of the prophecies of Nostradamus contain numerous mistranslations and misinterpretations, footnotes are provided to document the original words and their meaning. Both the original text and the translation are presented in this work. For interpreting the actual quatrains, hundreds of historical references were consulted and are documented in the extensive bibliography.  The end result is to provide the most accurate and objective interpretation as possible, considering the obscure symbolic style of Nostradamus. Unlike the majority of books on Nostradamus, this book does not merely rehash previous research. Instead a unique reassessment and solution is provided for the prophecies of Nostradamus, which has been a 500 year mystery. Given the amount of information required to interpret each individual quatrain, this book represents the first half of the results of the research. This work provides strong foundational evidence for anyone interested in prophecy, dreams, spirituality and angelic inspiration.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Three Pillars of New Christianity

Lately, instead of blogging I have been updating the wikipedia article on "The New Church", which explains where Christianity has fallen into error, and the doctrines of a future New Church which will replace it.  The doctrines of the New Church are based on the visions and writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, a scientist turned theologian who lives in the 18th century.  Swedenborg was an intellectual giant, with an IQ estimated to be over 200, and has been called the "Bhudda of the West."  As he had visions of heaven and hell, and received revelations that disagree with some established theologies conceived in certain ecumenical councils, he is somewhat of a taboo subject when discussing theology with other Christians.  His theology is so consistent, and backed up with so many scriptural references, that the typical response from leaders of certain Christian churches, who are often misinformed, is that he established a cult, and was misled by evil spirit.  Nothing could be further from the truth. He never made an effort to establish a church, and he stated he received his revelations direct from the Lord while reading scripture. It is well documented that he had clairvoyant experiences.  I decided to update the article on the New Church on wikipedia as it has been sitting there for several years after I first touched it.  This time, adding entries was a lot easier as I used the e-books that I had published on Swedenborg.  Not only are they searchable, but every single reference to his numbered paragraphs are hyperlinked.  I can now pull up information a lot easier than I can on any online website on Swedenborgian or New Church theology.

In the process, I learned several things.  How do you summarize over 32 volumes of published works?  First of all, I discovered that everything in the New Church theology begins from simple principles.  In certain passages Swedenborg states that there are two essential doctrines of the New Church, but in other passages he expanded it to three essential doctrines.  These three doctrines are the "three pillars" of the New Church.  They are:

1. Jesus Christ is the Lord of heaven and earth, in whom there is a Trinity of soul, body and spirit.  This Holy Trinity came about during the incarnation. God is one person in Jesus Christ.
2. Only those who obey God's commandments, who live a life of charity, are those who are saved by faith. One must first repent of one's sins.
3. The Divine Truth is contained in the sacred scripture of the Bible, and all doctrine must be derived from it.

The first two principles are somewhat universal.  Swedenborg saw that life originates from God, and flows into all human souls.  So most, who are rational, believe in a supreme being or God. If one considers the order seen in all of creation, it is very unlikely that this came about due to chance.  Atheism is a bit of an untenable position. The second point, most already know from their own conscience.

The third, the revelations contained in scripture, introduces people to particular truths that allow one to enter the Christian Church.  Not only that, Swedenborg is the only one I know who happened to proove how and why the Bible was Divinely Inspired.  Scripture provides more light on the first two principles. First, God is not an invisible essence or substance.  He is a Being, and is Being itself.  Although He is infinite, and beyond our comprehension, He has provided that He should appear in human form, and be worshipped in that manner. In fact, Swedenborg stated that God is "Very Man" or a "Grand Man". In Jesus, He is the "Divine Human", or Jehovah in human form.  Thus He created man in His image.  We become His image inasmuch we live a life in love and truth, and turn away from our selfish natures.  Thus, God is Love itself, He is Truth itself.  He is substance and form itself, from which all things are created.  The second principle is simple: you must live by the truth that you know. Belief in the mind is not enough.  You must act upon the truth, by first acknowledging one's sins.  Once evil is removed, good becomes implanted in the mind via the truths learned from scripture.

So why is it a New Church?  Because the older Christian churches have fallen into error.  And not just small errors: these are big, fundamental, foundational errors.  The first big error is that many churches have divided God into three persons.  Although with the lips they say "one God", in reality, in the mind there are three distinct beings, sharing one essence or substance.  Another error, is that it is believed sins are "transferred" from oneself to Jesus on the cross, which in theology is known as "vicarious atonement."  Wrong.  Sins are only removed by repentance.  This one always bugged me: it made no rational sense. Another error: Protestants have separated good works from faith, making faith belief only.  This came about by interpreting scripture in a false manner (I am covering a lot of ground here in this blog, I only have time to provide a sweeping summary.)  It is so bad, the true state of the Church was shown to Swedenborg in vision, and it was not pretty, nor was it nice.  A dark cloud had descended over humanity, and now it was time to shine a light and break through it.

So, when people read the revelations, either a light bulb turns on, or its OUCH, that is just not right, this goes against everything I was taught.  Lets censor it, not let people know, and declare it a "cult" (why? much of theology is irrational, and cannot be defended in a logical manner).  Do not trust what you have been taught.  If a million people believe in the wrong thing, it does not matter: it is still wrong.  In religion, it is often true, the blind lead the blind.  The way I looked at it when I was young, is that people believe in the things of religions that they were born in.  People assume the religion that they were taught is the right one, they mimic their parents.  But follow the truth: first assume, perhaps you have born in a religion that contains false principles.  No one religion is 100% right.  I asked myself, what if I happened to be born in the wrong religion?  It was a bit of stressful question to ask, and initially led to uncertainty.  Investigate the truth for yourself, question everything.  Once one assumes one is wrong, and UNLEARNS what is false, then the truth can be seen.  Learning is easy.  But the unlearning process, admitting to oneself that one was wrong, that is the hard part.  Learning to unlearn is valuable: it teaches you to self-examine yourself, how to repent and admit one was wrong. And that is when the truth will be seen, which is a glorious moment when one experiences it.