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The Extraterrestrial Science of Dr. Michael Wolf

Now here we have someone who may have been a consultant to the MJ-12 special studies group, who worked in Area 51, S-4 and Dulce: Dr. Michael Wolf, or Dr. Michael Wolf Kuvant. Some of his background (not all, there are some credibility issues) checks out. This one is unlike any other witness I have seen. Like Chase Brandon of the CIA, he published a "fictional" book of his story. And then in the interviews he gives he says straight out his book is not fiction. Even if he is lying - as many will presume, he gives plausible scientific answers to the UFO and extraterrestrial phenomenon, and he is highly intelligent.  Unlike William Cooper, who had to depend on insider information fed to him, Dr. Michael Wolf looks like he was an insider. Here is the front cover of his book, The Catchers of Heaven:

I have not read it yet, but I found a series of interviews from UFO researcher James Courant. During the interviews, some high level scientists would call him to ask questions. He could not always help them due to the non-disclosure agreements he signed. He at one time worked in counter intelligence for the Israeli Mossad, and as a result of that his son, his wife and unborn child were killed in a car bomb explosion which he narrowly escaped. Another witness said he had a bodyguard around him. He claims to have worked alongside aliens, specifically the greys. As I have not read the book, I will summarize a series of interviews given by James Courant, along with some of my notes. First an office interview:

Office Video 1

* James Courant is was able to verify that Michael Wolf worked in Area 51 as a "consultant" from June 1972 to June 1977 (plus S-4, Dulce - some other underground areas). Was also able to confirm that Michael Wolf has a B.S. and a Masters in biogenetic research, and research into electromagnetic influences on living organisms. This was followed by a Phd and some dissertations but these had to be classified, so that portion of his education cannot be verified.
* His brother confirmed that both had a UFO encounter as children.
* The U.S. military does try to recruit highly gifted children. (One method they use is the ASVAB test.)
* First crash retrieval was in 1941 off the coast of San Diego, the same year he was born. This preceded the Roswell crash of 1947, and was retrieved from the Pacific by the Navy. (This may explain why some say the U.S. Navy is in charge of the UFO phenomenon.)
* Michael Wolf was brought into some secret research due to his knowledge in chemistry and botany, to research "things" not from this earth.

Office Video 2

* After the UFO encounter, at the age of 9 years he started to do research into viruses.
* He claims to have "Umbra Ultra" Top Secret clearance - some call this a "Cosmic" clearance level. There is a Project Disclosure witness who states that the "Cosmic" clearance level is given to those who are allowed to have direct contact with aliens. He states he was probably given this clearance since he had already encountered aliens as a child - some of which his brother remembers.
* He speaks of UFOs that are "living conveyances" - in other words, organic. These can split into smaller forms and then join back together into one bigger form. This is often observed in UFO videos.
* Was brought in to research bioluminescence and botany, and states that there are also silica life forms (based on silicon). Humorously he calls computers his silicon soul mates.
* He has some qualms about how some aliens have been treated by our government.
* He worked on "memory capping" - apparently a technology that allows one to selectively erase portions of one's memory. As well as mind control, otherwise known as MK-ULTRA. And remote viewing. We know that remote viewing is possible, as this was experienced by Emanuel Swedenborg in the 18th century when he was able to clairvoyantly describe the fire of Stockholm in 1759 (see The Confirmed Clairvoyance of Emanuel Swedenborg). Part of the reason why most do not experience this is that we tend to use only 10% of our brain.

Office Video 3

* Aliens he worked with have more brain lobes, and use a larger portion of their brain than we do. It should be noted that this may have not always been the case. When speaking of the antediluvian world, Swedenborg states that they used a larger portion of their brain. This capacity was reduced in mankind due to man's fallen nature into their evil will (see Heavenly Arcana, part of The Divine Revelation of the New Jerusalem).
* He states that the alien greys come from the binary star system of Zeta Reticuli (39 light years away), confirming the information obtained on the analysis of the star chart obtained from the Betty and Barney Hill abduction. The U.S. government already knew this in 1948, obtained from a grey who died in 1952 or 1953. Communication was through pictograms. William Cooper told a similar story in his MUFON speech of 1989.
* Confirms that a lot of what Corso reveals in his book, The Day After Roswell, is correct. That the computer transistor came from alien technology. The transistor was supposedly discovered in 1947 at AT&T Bell Labs. It should be noted that this was soon after the Roswell crash.
* In terms of the aliens he worked with, he describes them as scientists and anthropologists.
* Off subject: He is very upset with the burning of the Amazon forest - he describes a tree there that has a cure for ovarian cancer. The burning of the Amazon forest is encouraged by the World Bank. I wondered if he was correct in stating that this is due to the World Bank, and found this from Amazon Destruction: Why is the rainforest being destroyed in Brazil?

In many tropical countries, the majority of deforestation results from the actions of poor subsistence cultivators. However, in Brazil only about one-third of recent deforestation can be linked to "shifted" cultivators. A large portion of deforestation in Brazil can be attributed to land clearing for pastureland by commercial and speculative interests, misguided government policies, inappropriate World Bank projects, and commercial exploitation of forest resources.

Deforestation, needless to say, will lead to greater global warming which we are experiencing now.
* Did the aliens share any information concerning the future for our earth? The aliens stated that we have the ability to determine our future. It is not written in stone. In the universe, every event is connected. The explosion of the atomic bomb at Hiroshima could affect millions of cultures in the galaxy alone. I would describe this as a "holographic universe", where the part defines the whole. I would also say small events, small actions, can have a wider and bigger effect, more than we realize.
* "Negative energy" is part of the unified field theory. I am not sure what he meant by this, I discovered that "negative energy" is associated with something that has "negative mass." I then found this from Negative Mass:

Morris, Thorne and Yurtsever pointed out that the quantum mechanics of the Casimir effect can be used to produce a locally mass-negative region of space–time. In this article, and subsequent work by others, they showed that negative matter could be used to stabilize a wormhole. Cramer et al. argue that such wormholes might have been created in the early universe, stabilized by negative-mass loops of cosmic string. Stephen Hawking has proved that negative energy is a necessary condition for the creation of a closed timelike curve by manipulation of gravitational fields within a finite region of space...

* How did the aliens get here? Through some process of warping time and space, but this explanation is "over simplistic". An ETI (extraterrestrial intelligence) told him that there is energy in space: the "void" is full, not empty. This can be tapped, and is known as "zero point energy". I would like to quote from Swedenborg concerning Isaac Newton and the idea of a "vacuum", where he states that one must abstract the thought from space and time in order to have a proper conception of the Divine:
Abstract space and utterly deny a vacuum, and then think of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom, that they are Essence itself when space has been abstracted and a vacuum denied. Then think from space, and you will perceive that the Divine in the greatest and in the least things of space is the same; for in essence abstracted from space there is no great and small, but identity.
Something shall be said here concerning vacuum. I once heard angels talking with Newton about vacuum, and saying that they could not bear the idea of vacuum as nothing; because in their world which is spiritual, and within or above the spaces and times of the natural world, they equally feel, think, are affected, love, will, breathe, yea speak and act; which things are utterly impossible in vacuum as nothing; because nothing is nothing, and of nothing nothing can be predicated. Newton said that he knew that the Divine which is, fills all things, and that he himself shuddered at the idea of nothing respecting vacuum, because that idea is destructive of all things; and he exhorted those who talked with him about vacuum, to beware of the idea of nothing, calling it a swoon, because in nothing no real existence of mind is possible. (from Divine Love and Wisdom, n. 81-82, part of The Divine Revelation of the New Jerusalem).
That space is not a vacuum we now also know given the discovery of the Higg-Boson - the Higss-Boson particle is a manifestation of a field which gives mass to particles.

Office Video 4

* Although there are numerous books and theories on how interstellar travel may be possible, he recommends Unconventional Flying Objects by Paul Hill. Apparently Paul Hill is a NASA scientist. He says that a "scientist friend" of his wrote a review of this book. I suspect that this is  by H. E. Puthoff, found at Synopsis of Unconventional Flying Objects.  I have seen Puthoff's name come up elsewhere in a case involving a possible UFO abduction, I was planning on blogging about that a bit later so I was quite surprised to see Puthoff's name again.
* Off subject: He states that he hopes the Cassini mission to Saturn will be cancelled, as this satellite will use 72 pounds of plutonium as an energy source (this is correct, and it is now orbiting Saturn).
* There is not one alien group. There are the greys, the "Nordics", the "Semitic" group which landed at Holloman airforce base.
* When asked about the reason for the alien abductions, his answer is very odd: he thinks the human race is "evolving". That this is the next step to a "new consciousness" of spirituality. This is the one answer in the interview where I think he is either disingenuous or where I disagree with his viewpoint.
* What are the extraterrestial views on God and death? Again he repeats: they stress that all worlds are connected. Thought is energy, and affects others. He does not answer the question completely.
* All royalties for the book Catchers of Heaven go to a non-profit children's foundation. Up to 35,000 children per day die needlessly. He has been accused of doing this for money, which is absurd. He makes no money from the book (and has documents from the IRS to prove it).

Office Video 5

* For high level black projects, there is a debriefing process and James Courant knows of instances where they may try to erase one's memory and he asks if Michael Wolf has been subjected to that. Answer: no, as he himself worked on the debriefing process and insulated himself from those methods. He makes it clear that methods of mind control have been developed.
* There have been attempted "character assassinations" of Michael Wolf to discredit him, but apparently James Courant has other contacts who know of his work. Michael Wolf was surprised that James Courant was able to track down these sources and to get them to talk.
* Very soon, all of this will no longer be secret and somewhat academic. The problem the government has is that they have been so secretive about it that they are way behind the curve to get the public acclimated. The "halo" on top of many scientists is going to come off and people are going to learn about many new and miraculous things. I don't expect that, the release will be very gradual. In my opinion the movie series Taken and Fringe as well as others are part of this acclimation program.
* He is asked, did the government have the right to keep the fact that we are being visited secret from the public? The answer, yes, the answers are so startling that it had to be kept secret. If this has become known, it would have caused economic and religious panic. Michael Wolf does not go into details, but the "economic panic" would be caused by technologies involving free energy, as much of the economy is based on the cost of oil, and recent wars (as well as future ones) are being planned on the basis of limited oil resources. As for the "religious panic" I know one of the pieces of information that may affect the Christian religion in particular. The New Church or Swedenborgian churches will probably be least affected by this disclosure as Swedenborg already stated some of the extraterrestrial opinions concerning Christianity and the Divine in general, and has already spelled out the main errors of doctrine in the Christian churches. I will probably blog separately on this item.

Office Video 6

* If everything was revealed, many of the average people on the street would have traumatic stress disorder. Because UFO and extraterrestrial behaviour is hard to predict.
* James Courant asks him again about the alien abductions. His response: there are more alien abductions occurring than "what the government signed on to." This is very revealing. Other UFO researchers have indicated that in a meeting between the the U.S. government and extraterrestrials (probably ca. 1953-54), the extraterrestrials agreed to provide new knowledge in technology in exchange to do medical and genetic testing on the human population.
* He is asked whether he considers alien abductions are "good" or "bad". He replies the more you know them, the more one realizes how sincere they are. They are trying to help humanity from a future danger for the world. He says our government is much more dangerous than they are.
* Can he expound on the "cloning process" he was privy to. He says long before the cloning of the sheep "Dolly" in 1996 there may have been a cloning of man, possibly others. He then says the general who was in charge of the project for which he was the chief scientist told him "Now is the time to to have a talk with your God" before he would defribillate a person. I think he is referring to awakening a cloned human.
* Do the Zeta Reticulis want to move here? His opinion is no. However some underground areas have been made for them at their request.
* Can he speak about the treaty made between the U.S. government and the aliens? No, except the treaty was not constitutionally ratified by the U.S. senate. Does he feel that the aliens are breaking any portion of the treaty? No. However we have broken the treaty in that our military have been shooting them down occasionally, partly due to the fact that all of this information is highly compartmentalized. The weapons the military uses to shoot them down (from the Strategic Defense Initiative - SDI) are the very weapons they helped us develop. (Chase Brandon from the CIA may belong to the "trigger happy" faction.)
* He confirms that the information that is provided by Bob Dean (or Robert Dean) concerning a particular "assessment" is correct. I previously showed a video of Bob Dean's presentation in Barcelona. (see Emanuel Swedenborg was right, and NASA is hiding it)

Home video 1

* Once the U.S. government became aware of his intelligence level, and possibly his previous contact with extraterrestrials, they whisked him away to some high level training institutions.
* While James Courant was interviewing him in his home, he received phone calls from some other high level scientists. However they will not come publicly forward with what they know about him.
* He has apparently been warned against doing these interviews. As far as he is concerned, he is not breaking the National Security Act, nor is he breaking any of the agreements he has signed.
* He was brought in as a consultant to examine foliage and tissue samples not from this earth.
* He brings up the point that some people are concerned that they have been genetically engineering "hybrids" - from human and alien DNA. His answer to that? He says: "What do you think we have been doing with their genetic material?" Looks like the government has their own genetic program - we have been making use of alien DNA in certain cloning techniques.
* They are now doing experiments with pilots to develop a neural interface with some highly experimental aircraft. They are interested in pilots who are familiar with Yoga meditation techniques, who know how to eliminate all the "background noise" activity in their brain. This has been back engineered from alien technology, which is also discussed by Colonel Corso in his book, The Day after Roswell.

Home video 2

* Many people have not come forward with what they know concerning this extraterrestrial contact as they fear what may happen to their children. Michael Wolf is not concerned as he is already precariously ill, and already lost his family.
* Michael Wolf apparently knew the Kennedy family through his wife.
* His book on "fiction" is not fiction. The only fictional account in the book is his own funeral.
* He is not interested in money, reputation, or in giving speeches. He is still continuing some of his studies - the current one involves dolphins and whales. He quotes someone (can't hear the audio) who said there is an alien life form on our planet, and it is in the sea.
* Was there an underground alien base established in Dulce? Yes. There are other witness accounts from abductees that have indicated this, but he says a lot of them are "sci-fi" or over inflated stories. As for any "horrific experiments", he does say there were some involving mental control. Similar to the Manchurian Candidate, but much more sophisticated - called "psionics" and "psychotronics". Both by machine, and by chemicals. And then he says this "the angels are not playing the harp in Alaska". He is referring to HAARP. See the book, Angels Don't Play This Haarp: Advances in Tesla Technology.
* Why was the Dulce base closed? One, it was on an Indian Reservation and the lease was up, and two, there was a lot of misinformation coming out of it.
* Did he travel through any of these underground tunnel systems that connect these underground bases? Yes. On unbelievably fast trains. The digging equipment that made the tunnels would also make the walls out of the material they were digging through, some of which obtained from alien technology.

Home video 3

* He is aware of the Philadelphia Experiment - so is Colonel Corso, which he did not discuss in his book. It apparently created a lot of "rifts in time" whatever that means.
* He witnessed dissections of alien bodies. Their brains are much more developed: there is no corpus callosum dividing the left hemisphere from the right. All four lobes were connected. These bodies typically came from crashed spacecraft and had died due to their injuries.
* Did the aliens say for how long have they been coming here to earth? Since before man (Homo Sapiens) was even here. They are our progenitors. So they claim - I have seen no biological evidence to back this up whatsoever.
* The greys are not robots. They have emotions like we do, and he says they loved to be hugged. And then he makes this interesting statement: their skin is like the skin of dolphins. That statement really interested me, and then I found this article from space.com: Dolphin Studies Could Reveal Secrets of Extraterrestrial Intelligence. While some Dolphins have learned to speak up to 50 words of English, we have not yet learned how to speak "dolphinese". I have seen some speculate that the alien greys are evolved dolphins! Reminds me of the following Hitchhiker's guide on dolphins:

That is how things can end peacefully between dolphins and humans. Here is a more dark future if we continue mistreating the dolphins:

* The aliens are very interested in the human set of emotions, escecially those concerning love.
* Educational records for Bob Lazar were removed from the public record - who many assume to be a fraud. Michael Wolf said while he was correct on some points he was incorrect on others.

Home video 4

* He worked alonside aliens every day, and had living quarters next to them.
* Some aliens are held against their will. They cannot "dematerialize" if there is a very strong electro-magnetic field around them. William Cooper told a similar story in his MUFON speech of 1989.
* Their diet is nuts, vegetation, mushrooms. They seem to be able to absorb energy from the air. Their digestive system is much more efficient than ours. This description is similar to what was said of them in the files for Project Serpo.
* The purpose of the cattle mutilations has nothing to do with cloning - it has something to do with nourishing the "in between" people they have created, and developing embryonic fluids. Cattle mutilations were researched by Linda Moulton Howe, and this is the first explanation I have seen that makes sense. Michael Wolf worked in Area 51, S-4 and Dulce in the 70s, about the same time the cattle mutilation started to occur. Note that in the movie series Fringe a genetic scientist brings in a cow into his lab at the beginning of the series.
* What about the crop circles? The ones where the plants remain alive or undamaged are alien in origin, the ones where they are damaged are human in origin.
* James Courant again asks about the religious issues. He brings up the main issue: according to them, about 2000 years ago a "Homo Sapien alien" was brought here to help humanity on its moral and ethical development. The obvious reference here is to Jesus Christ and the virgin birth of Mary. This opinion, according to what was revealed in the visions of Swedenborg, is definitely not completely true. Swedenborg explained why Jesus had to be born of a virgin in order to be sent into this world, and that had nothing to do with an alien intervention. I have heard this exact same story in the files for Project Serpo. There is probably a hidden agenda for them saying this, but that requires a separate blog.
* The Vatican is apparently aware of the extraterrestrial presence, and in response to it they are going to say that when scripture states that man was made in the image of God, it refers to the spiritual soul, and not the physical appearance. Emanuel Swedenborg said something similar to this when interpreting the symbolism of scripture back in the 18th century (see Heavenly Arcana, part of The Divine Revelation of the New Jerusalem).

Home video 5

* When the Vatican became aware of the extraterrestrial presence, they purchased their own radio telescopes. They are probably aware that NASA hides this information before releasing their data to the public.
* A lot of the things that he has described in the book "Catchers of Heaven" are now becoming a part of mainstream science.
* His final message: we are at a crossroads, and it is very important that we give a viable future for our children. We have the choice to live a marvelous life full of love, rather than face a future conflagration.

Here is another later interview which repeats a lot of the above information, from 1999, so I won't completely summarize it as I did with the above videos, but there is more detailed information on his personal life, and some of the questions and answers I do not completely understand:

* Has he been a consultant to the MJ-12 special studies group? Yes.
* Does he have an office in Area 51? No, in S-4, as well as Wright Patterson Air Force base.
* His father was at Roswell Air Force base, and was part of the group that dropped the atomic bomb on Japan.
* He is the team lead of a group known as "Alphacon".
* Not only does one type of the greys have dolphin like skin, they have some relationship with the dolphins. These greys and the dolphins share an evolutionary link.
* The aliens are heavily visiting earth in order to encourage humans to not destroy it, as its environment and biology is unique.
* Did Robert Lazar walk out of Los Alamos with element 115? Yes. As far as known science is concerned, element 115 is unstable.
* In his teenager years his IQ jumped from 141 to 186. I would like to mention here that the IQ of Emanuel Swedenborg is estimated to have been over 200.
* Are there bases on the Moon? Yes. I have already discussed evidence of this in previous blogs. Are there ET mining operations on the Moon? There were. Were astronauts who visited the Moon warned away from it by ET forces? Yes. Did astronauts see bases and flying saucers on the Moon? Yes. I initially focused on NASA evidence for this because one of the things that was revealed to Emanuel Swedenborg was that the Moon was inhabited (see Swedenborg and Life on Other Planets: Mars, and the Moon)
* Did saucers land at Holloman Air Force base, witnessed by Gordon Cooper, the astronaut? Yes.
* He considers dolphins more intelligent than humans. Dolphins and whales are beaching themselves as a "suicide statement" for us to stop polluting the waters.
* There are apparently ETs in deep portions of the ocean in addition to underground bases. Much of the deep ocean is still unexplored by us.
* There have been miracle cures of autistic children and children with down syndrome when placed in close proximity with dolphins.
* There may be a deeper understanding of the language of dolphins and whales but it is highly classified. I will note here that the U.S. Navy does make use of dolphins to help clear mines.
* The Navy Seals could communicate with dolphins in sign language for espionage activities. However, for certain activities, once the dolphins understood the motivation they would not follow the commands. They would refuse the command if they knew it was related to killing others.
* The U.S. Government is under enormous pressure both to release the information and not to release the information one extraterrestrials.
* He and two other scientists did at one time clone a human using genetic material from themselves. The project was terminated when he taught him that he had the right to question the morality and ethicality of an order.
* Concerning cattle mutilations: cows are enormously similar to humans in their genetics. When you are genetically engineering something you need "caps" on each sequence, and the cattle provide those caps. They were used for genetically engineering hybrids. He mentions Michael Crichton's book Jurassic Park, where frog DNA was used to fill in the gaps in the dinosaur genetic code. The reason why the tongue was found missing in cattle mutilations is that the tongue has the highest concentration of genetic material.
* Due to pollution and the toxification of food, more and more humans are becoming infertile. Fertility clinics are now becoming a multi-billion dollar business.
* There was something odd about his birth. There was an "ET presence" during his birth. His father was overseas at the time.
* He did talk with Sergeant Robert Dean once. There was a military assessment of extraterrestrials, during the Cold War the military determined there were at least four extraterrestrial races observing us: the Zeta Reticulis, the Reptoids, and two other human looking races. The ones that most confused them were the ones that looked human.
* DART - Defense Alien Research Training. His group did not approve of how certain portions of the military were treating "guests". This sounds like the group Sergeant Clifford Stone was involved in. His group used a compartmentalized project to help return these "guests" back home, but he can't go into details.
* Dr. Michael Wolf apparently saw autopsy tapes where the alien was strapped to the table, implying that it may have still been alive. This was abhorrent to him, thus the project was initiated to return them home.
* In addition to the greys, there is another race he calls the "oranges" as their skin is pink or brown. They have six fingers. The Ray Santilli film is also known as the "Alien Autopsy" film shows a dissection of one of the oranges. He seems to confirm that the film is valid. Here is an analysis:

There have been quite a few people trying to debunk that alien autopsy film, but the convincing testimony comes from Kodak who analyzed the film. The film itself can be dated to the year 1927, 1947 or 1967. The filming method can be dated to the late 1940s or early fifties. Evidence points to the year 1947, the year of the Roswell crash. Santilli claims he bought the film from the cameraman who filmed it, who was in his eighties. One should ask - what kind of "doctors" would the military find in order to do these dissections? Probably not credible ones should they ever go public. Such as Michael Wolf.
* He thinks there has been no dissection or autopsy of another extraterrestrial race he calls "Nordic" as the military has never been able to capture them and/or shoot down their craft - at least he has not been privy to it.
* Extraterrestrials have a difficultly understanding the barbarism humans commit during war. This they do not understand as we also have the capacity to love.

One last point, around the time that Dr. Michael Wolf was doing his research, from 1972 to 1977, the movie Day of the Dolphin came out in 1973. An excellent movie, it shows how scientists make a break through in communicating with dolphins, and then the military attempts to use them for purposes to which they do not agree. I am now thinking this is related to actual research that was done for the U.S. Navy. Here is the soundtrack:


James Courant was able to verify some information concerning Michael Wolf, but there is more verification. The following 3 videos include an interview with Philippe de la Messuziere, who was associated with the French military and was an engineer working on classified projects, and personally knew Michael Wolf:


There is another article entitled The Revelations of Dr. Michael Wolf on the UFO Cover Up and ET Reality - an article which he read and approved before his death in the year 2000. The article clarifies that in addition to the Zeta Reticulis (greys), the "Oranges" come from the Andromeda star system, the "Nordics" come from the Pleiades, and the "Semitics" come from Altair. I won't summarize the article but I recommend that one just read it, but what caught my attention was this very odd statement which is described in detail in the book:
His first major assignment was working alongside Carl Sagan and other top scientists - their job to understand the intricacies of a huge ET beacon dubbed The Monolith - first discovered floating out in space by Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and American Alan Shephard during 1961. It was eventually brought back for investigation in 1972. Dr Wolf described it as 'postcards from the rim'. The Monolith emits both light and tone signals along with a mathematical language. On closing your eyes, while tuned into these signals, "You see in your mind's eye a 3D film of the Galaxy. But you are actually there as if part of this film. The images being seen today by the Hubble telescope are the same ones I saw 25 years ago." Dr Wolf said there are many Monoliths out in space and were devised by a group of ET races.
Science fiction? The astronaut Buzz Aldrin speaks of a monolith on Phobos, the moon of Mars. Does he know of something that he is not saying to the public? Here is the clip:

I thought the information provided on the monolith(s) by Dr. Wolf was very interesting - an extraterrestrial signal or beacon that emits a "mathematical language". It may not be a radio signal, but it is similar in nature to the NSA extraterrestrial signal from outer space, and the time period - 1961 - fits the period of the retrograde satellites astronomers discovered in orbit between 1956 and 1967 (or later). The "Key to Extraterrestrial Messages" was published in the NSA technical journal in 1969. Now what is interesting - or perhaps coincidental - is that Arthur C. Clarke published his book 2001: A Space Odyssey in the year 1968. The novel features an extraterrestrial monolith. Arthur C. Clarke headed the British Interplanetary Society at the time Lancelot Hogben proposed a mathematical language for communicating with extraterrestrials via radio signals, which I discussed in The Origin of the NSA Extraterrestrial Radio Signal. Here is a scene of the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey:


In the comment below, one will see that Michael Wolf's credibility is a major issue. Let us mention his brother, Ron Kruvant. Did Michael Kruvant have a mental illness? Is it schizophrenia? There are all kinds of mental illnesses. So what, exactly, does the court document say? I did find a Youtube interview of Ron Kruvant (search for "Michael Wulf Kruvant"), Michael's brother. Here is what Ron said in the interview, during which they review the court documentation in detail. It mentions a lot of personal family issues, and some of it I would rather not dig up - but as his credibility is at issue, let us mention the relevant points:

* Michael (or his book) is mentioned in a book by the actress Shirley Maclaine.
* Their father was abusive or hard on Michael. Which is interesting, because Michael was born "while his father was overseas" according to one of Michael's interview.
* Ron confirms Michael did cancer experiments on mice at a young age. He would terminate them once the experiments were done. This is definitely not your typical childhood "hobby".
* Confirms their UFO encounter as children, Ron describes Michael as frightened in one encounter. Ron is aware of other witnesses.
* He and his brother created a flying saucer research association. They both went together to see Project Blue Book at the Pentagon in Washington D.C. They made some device in order to try to (unsuccessfully) communicate with them.
* Michael quit his first college, and went to some other to study acting. Michael had earlier gone to Italy to participate in some Fellini movie, which Michael also discusses in his interview.
* Michael was a member of a chemistry club and a biological club during school.
* A"mental illness" is mentioned in a court document for a divorce: both parents divorced and then later remarried. The court document, which is a divorce court document, has Michael's mother alleging that her son had a "mental disorder" or "emotional illness" and that is why she needed money from her ex-husband. Divorce is very hard on the children. So what's the point? There is no "schizophrenia" here. He probably had an emotional breakdown and needed counseling, as most children would when their parents are going through a bad divorce. This preceded the divorce, and before that Michael's father was abusive.
* Later in the review of the document, they reveal the diagnosis: the diagnosis was "depression reaction" and a "passive aggressive" personality and was a "passive dependent" type. He had a history of withdrawal from personal relationships: a recluse, and Michael said as much in his interview. Is there schizophrenia or any delusion here??? NO.
* At the time of the divorce, Michael was still unable to complete his college education.
* Following this, Michael and Ron were never that close. Michael said in his interview that Ron was not completely aware of his activities later in life, years would go by without contact.
* Where Ron gets very angry, and this needs to be said, is that Michael falsely claimed that their sister was "mentally ill". Michael does mention this in the interview, and even if true, I thought that was pretty low. Ron now regrets some of the things he said to vouch for Michael.
* Michael probably did not serve in Vietnam. Ron does not believe he was ever married or had children. In Michael's interview, he pauses for a moment when he says no one should ever have to bury their wife and son. So on Michael's background in his fictional book, there are definite falsehoods.
* Ron confirms that Michael does not remember their childhood UFO encounter. Michael says the same in his interview.
* Ron believes that from 1969-79 he never left Hartford Connecticut, but during that time moved between different locations.
* Some definite psychological issues, and known suicide attempts that Michael had tried. In Michael's interview, he says he has "qualms of conscience."

So, Michael Kruvant definitely had some psychological issues, but not schizophrenia. Listening to Ron, one is left with the impression he made it all up and fabricated it. I am getting the impression of a mad doctor or scientist who has almost lost it...I have heard of brain neurosurgeons who start to act this way, due to the pressure they have during their surgeries and often seeing the bad results afterwards. The very interesting point is that despite the anger that Ron has for what he had to deal with, he does confirm their childhood UFO encounter. So with Ron's testimony one thinks he fabricated it all. But then we have the testimony of Philippe de la Messuziere from France who confirms some of it, plus some other unknown witnesses known to James Courant. So, is everything Michael saying false? I do not know. He has some memory loss...some abductees experience this, and those who have these experiences as a child often have it following them through the rest of their life.

Note that, I will freely admit if I make a mistake in any of this research...which is very easy to do in UFO research especially as I am blogging as I go. If any have points against what I publish, I will freely let everyone know the alternative view.


  1. Um, this guy's credibility is shall we say sketchy.

  2. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Why did I include this? If you want answers, you have to go to people who have top secret clearance. And they can only give you answers in fictional accounts. But also consider the following:

    1. James Cameron was able to verify from other sources he indeed worked at Area 51. He has published other documentaries and he checks his sources.
    2. He was able to verify his degrees in biology and genetics.
    3. If you look at the last videos, a French engineer validates his claims and has some photos. This was after he died.
    4. Michael Wolf's explanation for cattle mutilations, which are well documented by Linda Mouton Howe, make perfect sense. The excisions made on the cattle were done with precision. These are completely unexplained, unless for genetic research.
    5. I have been able to verify that there is such a thing as "Dolphin Assisted Therapy" for autistic children and down syndrome, believe it or not.
    6. It is known that the U.S. Navy does use Dolphins for mine removal.
    7. This guy keeps a low profile, and proceeds for his book go to a non profit children's organization.
    8. Look up "human cloning". There is a group trying to make it legal.
    9. Colonel Corso said we have been reverse engineering alient technology. If it includes the technology of the saucers, it will also include genetics.

    So is he lying or delusional? He is too intelligent to be delusional. Why would he lie? He makes no money. It does not make sense. His explanation for the UFO abduction phenomenon makes sense, that it is for some kind of genetic engineering. I have not discussed the abduction phenomenon, that is where it gets very strange. John Mack, a psychiatrist at Harvard University, began uncovering this in his hypnosis therapy. This is not an isolated phenomenon, the number of people who have experienced this number in the hundreds, if not thousands.

    So, it verges on disbelief. But the evidence is overwhelming. We have radar reports, pilot reports, military testimony: they are here. And yet they do not introduce themselves, and are clandestine. Why? I myself have trouble believing it, it goes against everything we have been told.

    The danger in all of this, yes, there are lots of frauds and hoaxes and I have weeded them out for this blog. Look at my previous blogs labelled "extraterrestrial", do the research for yourself. Look at "Fermi's Paradox" - the mathematical likelihood that there are more advanced civilizations than ours is quite high, and they should have already become aware of us.

  3. Your rebuttal brings up a major issue as far as I am concerned: there is no more "truth." Even in the face of overwhelming evidence people choose to believe lies. People believe what they want. Refutation with facts falls on deaf ears.
    Court docs say he was mentally ill at age 26. Hard to be a polymath government agent when you're schizo. Unless you believe the court records were false. One believes what one chooses to believe.
    His brother gives convincing testimony to the truth about his older brother. People instead CHOOSE to believe that he is lying to cover up some "government secrets." You see, there is no truth, inasmuch as "truth" describes "reality," because everyone believes what they want. There is no longer an acceptable authority.
    You drop names like Cameron, Howe and Corso like they were indisputable authorities in order to persuade your readers. Some of your readers will find this humorous.
    Everyone believes what they want to believe, including you and me. I choose to believe Wulf was a life long schizoid, albeit an intelligent one. You can believe the myths if you need to, just don't insult those who believe some different "truth."

  4. You may be right, I do not know. I will freely admit if I make a mistake. There is a lot of false information out there on this subject: hoaxes and disinformation.

    So on Youtube, I did find an interview with Michael's brother, Ron Kruvant, which does mention the psychological issues in a court divorce document. I updated the blog at the end with a summary so people can judge for themselves. I have no problem if Michael Kruvant is a fraud. That means James Courant's sources WANTED to point people to a fraud. Goes with the territory.

  5. A wise person should always keep an open mind ~ I see now why most ETs communicate telepathically ~ better to remain silent than to be deemed (unequivocally) a narcissist playing God while in essence being a fool. Good information ~ Thanks for sharing . . . .

  6. A wise person should always keep an open mind ~ I see now why most ETs communicate telepathically ~ better to remain silent than to be deemed (unequivocally) a narcissist playing God while in essence being a fool. Good information ~ Thanks for sharing . . . .

    1. There are several reports where not only do they communicate telepathically, but on our side we have trained people to become "intuitive empaths" to communicate with them. In the 18th century Swedenborg reported on several extraterrestrials that tended to communicate non-verbally.

  7. James Courant is a solid and well known researcher... I think this is real and I believe Dr. Michael Wolf. Just my opinion.

    1. Thanks for the reference, I had no idea about the work James Courant has done.

  8. in short, what is the final sentence about him? everything he said was fake? or was there something' at least half true?

    1. His brother apparently did not trust everything he said, and assumed it was a fake done for money. There have been a lot of family issues. But he confirms that indeed there was a UFO sighting around their family home when they were children. In other contact cases, if a witness sees a UFO at close range, researchers have discovered that they have had repeated contacts, and the sighting is due to a botched job in erasing the memory. So I surmise he was brought "into the fold" of a black budget program due to this contact, where some level of cooperation was going on. When he blurted out too much information his brother was brought in as an effort to discredit him. That's my take.

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