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The Korpus Keg Konundrum of Chase Brandon

When one researches extraterrestrial UFOs for long, one realizes that the CIA was (is) responsible for a disinformation campaign to hide any leaks regarding extraterrestrials. So to my surprise, a Senior CIA Officer Chase Brandon says that he knows for a fact that the Roswell crash of 1947 indeed happened. He said this on June 23, 2012 on Coast to Coast AM:
"I also absolutely know as I sit here talking to you that there was a craft from beyond this world that crashed at Roswell, that the military picked up remains of not just the wreckage, but cadavers."
From Senior CIA Officer Claims "Roswell Cover-up!
Most explosively, Brandon recounted an occasion when he saw direct proof of the alien nature of Roswell while conducting research at the CIA’s Historical Intelligence Collection (HIC) as part of his role as CIA Entertainment Liaison Officer (ELO). Brandon claimed he had the rare opportunity to look inside a box labelled "Roswell" containing "materials... papers... [and] other items" but stressed that he "cannot, will not, under any imaginable set of circumstances tell you what I saw in there specifically," with the implication being that to reveal more specific details would be a breach of national security.
Based on what he claims to have seen in the box, Brandon stated unequivocally: "100 percent, guaranteed... Roswell happened. There was a craft, absolutely cadavers," but added, "Beyond that, I have no idea where anything else went."

This isn't exactly new. There are already so many witnesses, and so much corroborating evidence - especially by Project Disclosure - the CIA probably did not want to waste time covering it up any more. He says he has no idea what happened after that. If it is true, what happened after that would be obvious: we would start to try and reverse engineer whatever we found. Although he admits to cadavers, he does not talk about any live captures as others have. So who is Chase Brandon? He has been working at the CIA for many years. From wikipedia:
Brandon worked for the CIA for thirty-five years, twenty-five of which he spent in the Agency’s elite Clandestine Service as an undercover, covert operations officer. His foreign assignments involved international terrorism, counterinsurgency, global narcotics trafficking and weapons smuggling. He was also an Agency foreign political affairs analyst, Presidential briefer to Bill Clinton and an instructor in paramilitary and espionage tactics at secret CIA training camps. In 1996, Brandon began his ELO role in which he advised on numerous films and TV series– often uncredited – quietly shaping scripts, characters and concepts. In other words, he is an expert at working both the news and popular media.
If you have taken an oath of secrecy, the only way to reveal clues about something is through fictional writing or movies. Although the CIA keeps its secrets, it has a hand in helping to release that information to the public. And guess what? It just so happens he has released a fictional book that has been "vetted" by the CIA: The Cryptos Conundrum. And although fictional, he is publicly telling people to "read between the lines." What it looks like to me is that the CIA has been quietly dropping hints, but are a bit impatient that no one seems to notice or care. I read some excerpts of the book, here is my favorite quote:
We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.
And that is Chase Brandon's dilemma. The CIA has been so successful at its disinformation campaign, it has been disinforming the public against itself. And so no one believes Chase Brandon without physical evidence - but all you have to do is do the research, and there is plenty of evidence an witnesses. But the psychological conditioning makes it ignored or ridiculed. Apparently the public didn't get it, so Chase Brandon reappeared on the radio show again to repeat that he was telling the truth.


In ancient religions, the purpose of myths, rituals and symbolism is to convey a hidden spiritual truth. The reason why the sacred is kept hidden, is that it can be misunderstood by the public masses who are not ready to receive it. What is holy and sacred can be profaned, ridiculed, and hated by those who have not cleansed themselves of the desires of their own selfish ego. The reason why scripture contains so many oddball stories, or things that may not make sense, is that it is written in a symbolic manner. What may seem just a story to some has a deeper meaning, but the deeper meaning must be sought. Swedenborg revealed the internal hidden sense of scripture - and ironically, he said it was safe to reveal, because many people's minds had become so dense that they would not believe it. Thus the hidden spiritual truths are still protected.

The same is true for intelligence agencies that keep national secrets. Tell the public what you know, people can get harmed and killed. Relationships with partners can get damaged. So for those who have taken an oath of secrecy, and want to tell the truth, will say it in a fictional or hypothetical manner. In that way the truth can be made known, but no harm done. But the psychological conditioning of the public has been so successful that the CIA can come out and say Roswell was real, and no one notices.


So Roswell is old news. I am more interested in what he says in his book, The Cryptos Conundrum. What is it about? Here is the book description:
A fifteen-foot-tall steel sculpture stands in the courtyard of the Central Intelligence Agency, emblazoned with a message that no one can decipher. The three-inch-high letters on the sculpture form a coded message that is central to the survival of mankind--a message hidden in plain sight, displayed in a public space, with the full text available to anyone who has an internet connection.
One man knows exactly what the statue's message says--because he created it.
Dr. Jonathan S. Chalmers heads a CIA unit tasked with containing the greatest secret our government has ever kept—and planning for its consequences.
Ok, he is referring to the sculpture Kryptos which stands in front of the CIA building. Or is he? Here it is:

Kryptos is an encrypted sculpture by American artist Jim Sanborn located on the grounds of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Langley, Virginia. Since its dedication on November 3, 1990, there has been much speculation about the meaning of the encrypted messages it bears. Of the four messages, three have been solved, with the fourth remaining one of the most famous unsolved codes in the world. The sculpture continues to provide a diversion for cryptanalysts, both amateur and professional, who are attempting to decrypt the final section.
...Sanborn has revealed that the sculpture contains a riddle within a riddle, which will be solvable only after the four encrypted passages have been decrypted. He has given conflicting information about the sculpture's answer, saying at one time that he gave the complete solution to then-CIA director William H. Webster during the dedication ceremony; but later, he also said that he had not given Webster the entire solution. He did, however, confirm that where in part two it says "Who knows the exact location? Only WW," "WW" was intended to refer to William Webster. 
Three of the four texts have been deciphered. The third speaks of Howard Carter's entry into an Egyptian tomb. So there is no "great secret" here, it is just a cryptographic exercise. This sculpture is a "false front" for the book. So what is the book about? From the reviews I have seen from readers, they expected a spy thriller from someone who spent 35 years in the CIA. Instead they got something different - its about a spy for the CIA who slowly ages...and it is completely about UFOs and extraterrestrials, and some odd mystical beliefs. This took the readers by surprise, as they had no idea how heavily involved the CIA is with the UFO phenomenon. I have only read excerpts, so I will pick just one random review:
First of all you have this unkillable guy named Chalmers. He fights in WWI and doesn't die. He doesn't age, so he signs up for WWII and also doesn't die. He has visions of angels/beings that rescue him now and again. He has no love life, doesn't relate to other human beings, doesn't LIKE anyone in particular or believe anything in particular, but he gets consulted on everything everywhere, in every generation. Teddy Roosevelt, Richard Nixon. It's all the same to the genius Chalmers. Oh, and there have been versions of Chalmers all through history.
The angels, or alien beings, or whatever they are, are supposedly in charge of planets. They have names like WON, and TU, Tha-Ree, Vor, and Fieva - you get the idea. Their "headmaster" is (surprise!) named Ga'Lawed. There are twelve of them. And every day (in eternity) they are sent out to seed new worlds. And the day they go out is called SUNDE. Get it? Sometimes they leave the apes alone to evolve, sometimes they interbreed. So, one of these angels (Number Fieva) becomes disgruntled with the boredom of his eternal chore and gets the naughty idea to interfere in an evil way, and that is where all the evil aliens (Roswell, UFOs, greys and Reticulans) come from. It is convoluted, weird, and could have been fun or scary or compelling. Unfortunately, it is just boring.
Another review:
Wow! Sounds right up my alley! A new voice in the espionage/thriller genre! Very cool! Maybe the next Vince Flynn; who knows?
But then I started reading the thing, and lo and behold! A whole bunch of metaphysical babble about immortality and some kind of spirits or ETs or something rescuing the hero from being gassed in the trenches of World War 1, and how the world is part of some space/time continuum or something that had absolutely nothing in THIS planetary existence with a normal person's idea of espionage or "conspiracy thrillers". All wrapped up in an absolutely turgid and overwrought writing style.
From the excerpts I have read, I don't think its boring. Just the readers were not expecting this. Thus another review says,
Please be sure to read between the lines. The between the lines information is more important and revealing than the story itself. It's like, "For Your Eyes Only".
Ok, fine, lets read between the lines. Even Charles Brandon says if you read between the lines, you can figure out what really happened at Roswell. The 12 angelic beings are...MJ-12??  The secret organization in charge of the UFO problem?  Or, is it simply refering to the odd religious beliefs of extraterrestrials, who have a habit of communicating telepathically? So an inner circle is in telepathic communication with these alien or inter-dimensional beings? And the extraterrestrials, perhaps, are interested in earth for its genetic material to perhaps seed other worlds. Most researchers already know the CIA is involved in the UFO phenomenon, from the way the CIA give UFOlogists the run around. Or, how the CIA infiltrates UFO organizations. So yes, we already know there is something there just from the way the CIA wastes its time covering this all up and planting false stories and hoaxes. "Where there is smoke, there is a fire."

Alright, lets back up a bit. The hidden information here concerns the research of medical doctor Andrija Puharich, who in 1948 setup a laboratory to research the paranormal, and studied some well known psychics, such as the Irish medium Eileen Garrett, the Dutch clairvoyant Peter Hirkos (Pieter van de Hirk), and the Israeli psychic Uri Geller. This started a New Age channeling cult, and they eventually came into contact with a set of inter-dimensional beings known as "The Council of Nine." Later, they encountered another UFO contactee movement which also had channelled messages from "The Nine Principles", seemingly offering proof of their existence. Like The Cryptos Conundrum, these beings had names similar to the ancient names of some Egyptian gods.

The government was interested in this study as they were interested in the paranormal abilities of the mind for intelligence gathering. I had earlier discovered (to my complete surprise) that the philosopher and inventor Arthur M. Young was involved in this group - which I discussed briefly in an earlier blog post The Origin of the Secret Space Program, which covers the research of Peter Levenda. And what is so odd about this is that the people involved in this group also helped start America's space program. Why is that? Apparently this "Council of Nine" claimed to be extraterrestrials from some space ship. And get this: in 1978 Puharich fled to Mexico, claiming that he was being persecuted by the CIA. Apparently he was involved in a CIA mind control project called MKULTRA.

There were seminars of the Nine given at the Esalen institute in California. Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, was once involved in the group in the 70s. And he may have filled the Star Trek movies with some hidden references. As Chase Brandon is a CIA Entertainment Liaison Officer who helps work on the scripts for movies, this would be an obvious point of interest for him. Thus the Council of Nine material is a major source for his book, The Cryptos Conundrum. I am only scratching the surface here. So, if the CIA were to give disclosure on UFOs, Chase Brandon would be it as he was involved in dropping hints to the public media in the first place.


There are some obvious details given here. The name "Jonathan Chalmers" is obviously Chalmers Johnson, a former naval officer and consultant to the CIA who served in the Korean War. He is a specialist on China and Japan. I believe in the book The Cryptos Conundrum "Jonathan Chalmers" is involved with speculation concerning a future war with China.

Chalmers Johnson lived from 1931 to 2010.  Who is he? Here is what wikipedia says:
He wrote numerous books including, most recently, three examinations of the consequences of American Empire: Blowback, The Sorrows of Empire, and Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic. A former cold warrior, his fears for the US changed: 
"A nation can be one or the other, a democracy or an imperialist, but it can’t be both. If it sticks to imperialism, it will, like the old Roman Republic, on which so much of our system was modeled, like the old Roman Republic, it will lose its democracy to a domestic dictatorship."
And so, we have a cultural problem. America is brought up on free speech, freedom of thought, and believes the mainstream media is a valid source of information. But intelligence agencies are built up on secrecy and foreign intelligence gathering, and mainstream media has endless propaganda in its major news stories. And these two cultures are now clashing with each other. Thus there is evidence of NSA spying on Americans without a warrant (that has actually been going on for many years). More disturbing, the Patriot Act, passed quickly after September 11, allows the government to hold a person indefinitely without a trial on the mere suspicion that they are declared a terrorist. History repeats itself, thus many see the U.S. going through the pattern of the old Roman Republic. I don't see it going that way, the ingrained culture of freedom (and individualism) will lead to internal disputes. But I do agree with the assessment that China will eventually become a global super power, and will eventually surpass the United States. Some of these future assessments are related to the prophecies in the second half of my book The Decoded Prophecies of Nostradamus, which I have not published yet. Those future events will require the United States to enter into a strong alliance with Russia. And that will require a paradigm shift at the CIA, which is probably still stuck in its Cold War mentality.

On another level, "Jonathan Chalmers" is Chase Brandon himself. At one point, "Jonathan Chalmers" discusses how President John F. Kennedy was shot in the front, not from the back. There was at least one other assassin. And there was a cover-up of this fact. Then he puts in a "stupid" story as to the motive, probably to get this past the vetting process. Chase Brandon has publicly said that he himself spoke with the coroner of President Kennedy, who said that he was shot from the front. The other way he got this past the vetting process is that he threw in several other conspiracies as false leads. It is significant that this is mentioned in a book concerning UFOs and extraterrestrials.

So, here we have The Cryptos Conundrum, which contains a veiled reference to The Council of Nine, which is related to a group of operatives who were also in charge of investigating UFOs. And these same operatives pop up all over the place related to the Kennedy Assassination. This is the subject of the strange research of Peter Levenda which I discussed in  The Origin of the Secret Space Program. Peter Levenda mention that strange "Council of Nine" group, and also discusses how government investigators into UFO sightings pop up all over the place in investigations concerning the Kennedy assassination. And Peter Levenda is not the only researcher to have stumbled on this, there is another presentation by one Michael Salla as well. Lieutenant Colonel Corso, who wrote the book The Day After Roswell, was apparently working on a follow up book called The Day After Dallas concerning the Kennedy assassination but died before he was able to publish it. Why was he assassinated? According to this theory, just weeks before, Kennedy was working on a joint U.S. Russian space program. All information would be shared. He was directing the CIA to share their information on "Unknowns" (UFOs) with NASA, who would then share it with the Soviet Union. So that is the theory. And its completely safe to talk about it, as the general public does not believe in UFOs due to disinformation. This theory is rather new to me, and honestly, it is quite strange. Jim Garrison, who unsuccessfully prosecuted a CIA agent for the assassination, encountered some of this material, and quite frankly he did not know what to do with it. And now it has popped up in a book on UFOs from the CIA - combined, of course, with a lot of other outlandish conspiracies to discredit it. Another popular theory for the assassination is that it had something to do with the Vietnam War. Regardless of what one believes, after the Bay of Pigs fiasco Kennedy and the CIA were not exactly the best of buddies.


At one point in the book, "Jonathan Chalmers" is rather "annoyed" with one "Robert Graham", an investigative journalist for the New York Times. This refers to Robbie Graham, who has reported on Chase Brandon in the past. From ‘The Cryptos Conundrum’ review: spies, lies, and veiled threats, Shepherd Johnson writes:

Note from Silver Screen Saucers Editor Robbie Graham:

Brandon's fictional book -- which he has repeatedly insisted should be read “between the lines” because, he says, it contains a great deal of “truth” -- features a fleeting but intriguing sub-plot about a nosey journalist who begins investigating the activities of the book's protagonist, Chalmers (clearly modelled on Chase Brandon himself). The journalist is intent on blowing the lid off a conspiracy involving Chalmers. In his book, Brandon writes that the journalist “had run across the name of Jonathan Chalmers, a ‘senior government official’ who seemed to be a thread of continuity throughout whatever mysterious activity the federal government and the CIA seemed to be up to.”

Chalmers doesn't take kindly to the journalist's snooping and duly arranges to have him assassinated.

The name of the journalist... "Robert Graham".

Humor is not one of Chase Brandon's strong points. Robbie Graham along with Matthew Alford reported their surprise at the ignorance of the mainstream media of this astrounding disclosure.  From Senior CIA Officer Claims Knowledge of Roswell-Alien Cover-up:
We were unable to find a mainstream outlet for our report, despite its conspicuous newsworthiness in light of this week’s 65th anniversary of the Roswell incident. ...Regardless of the exact nature of the UFO phenomenon, it is a great shame for those of us interested in either UFOs or government propaganda that Chase Brandon's statements have been unchallenged and, indeed, unreported outside of the UFO community and that the CIA itself has yet to respond to them, despite our enquiries. Brandon’s statements beg explanation for several reasons, not least because they indicate that the concerns of the powerful are very distant from those of ordinary citizens in a participatory democracy.
This should not be a surprise. The corporate mainstream media in many cases is a parrot for whatever the government and special interests wants it to say. And the CIA is responsible for this. It was called Operation Mockingbird:
Operation Mockingbird was a secret Central Intelligence Agency campaign to influence media beginning in the 1950s. Organized by Cord Meyer and Allen W. Dulles in the 1950s, it was later led by Frank Wisner after Dulles became head of CIA. The organization recruited leading American journalists into a network to help present the CIA's views, and funded some student and cultural organizations, and magazines as fronts. As it developed, it also worked to influence foreign media and political campaigns, in addition to activities by other operating units of the CIA.
Here is an example of how disinformation works, and plays a part in psychological warfare. Robbie Graham and Silver Screen Saucers reviews multiple Hollywood UFO movies and how the CIA is involved in molding the scripts. Here is one important movie that they missed, which contains a lot of hidden messages. It exposes how Einstein's theory of relativity is not complete.  If you look at the video at 1:40, the origin of the extraterrestrials is revealed. At 17:47, you can see an obvious geometric alignment that only Richard Hoagland will be able to point out. At around 8:00, you can see the evil reptilians finally reveal themselves - unfortunately, the climactic ending is cut off at the end (after the credits in the DVD) which reveals their true identity:

And that is why it is perfectly safe to reveal secrets in works of fiction. You always have the audience wondering what was true, and what was false.


The book supposedly references the Kryptos sculpture in front of the CIA headquarters, which contains a hidden message in "plain sight" with the full text available to "anyone who has an internet connection."  Part of the message in Kryptos says, "Who knows the exact location? Only WW"  WW is supposedly William Webster, head of the CIA at the time.  There is this following quote in the book:
"He certainly knows about Cryptos, Black Spade, and the final phase of Citation readiness, but the Committee hasn't granted him a clearance fro the Conundrum file."
"Why not?"
"Probably because he doesn't have a W in his name."
And then we have this odd "Author's End Note" at the end of the book:
"A long-held rumor at Langley is that Wayne W. Wondelman, the deceased CIA cryptographer who provided guidance to the sculptor of Langley's Cryptos artwork, was also an expert on the Maya calendar. Some say he claimed to have found a computational errors in the so-called expert's translation of the calendar date for the "End of Times" prophecy. Always insistent that the translation was off by two millennia, Wondelman maintained that instead of the year 2012, the Mayas believed that time on Earth would end in the year 4012."
Who is Wondelman?  In one layer of meaning, "Wondelman" is an anagram for "Wonderman".  In the 18th century, the mysterious Count of St. Germain was known as the "Wonderman".  He appears mysteriously on the scene, no one knows where he comes from, and he becomes a trusted advisor in the court of France.  From The Count of Saint-Germain:
Voltaire mockingly called him ‘a man who never dies and who knows everything’. Although Saint-Germain has often been labelled a charlatan, adventurer, swindler and spy, there is no convincing evidence to back this up.
Actually Voltaire had admiration for him. In a private letter, he speaks of his "mechanized flying machine" and his "talking pictures", as well as his prophecy of the 20th century.  And like "Jonathan Chalmers", he does not age.  I translated this letter from French into English in a previous blog post, UFO Secret: The Friendship Case, Voltaire, and Germain.

But what about this Kryptos or Cryptos sculpture?  Is it really the Kryptos sculpture in front of the CIA building? Notice how in the book description it states that there is a hidden message ready to be decoded, in "plain sight" for anyone "who has an internet connection."  Could it be that Chase Brandon is trying to point people Howard Campaigne's Key to Extraterrestrial Messages, which is publicly exposed on NSA's web site? For any encryption (Kryptos), one needs a "key".  Some are saying LOOK, ITS RIGHT THERE. RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. This was decoded in the blog post, A Decoded NSA Extraterrestrial Radio Signal from Outer Space. Several web sites falsely state that it is just an "NSA cryptographic exercise."  Really? Why did it take a lawsuit for the NSA to reveal it? Why is there still sections blacked out?  If there is any "NSA cryptographic exercise", it is Kryptos:
The first person to publicly announce solving the first three sections, in 1999, was Jim Gillogly, a computer scientist from southern California. After Gillogly's announcement, the CIA revealed that their analyst David Stein had also solved the same sections in 1998, using pencil and paper techniques, though at the time of his solution the information was only disseminated within the intelligence community, and no public announcement was made. The NSA also claimed at that time that they had solvers, but would not reveal names or dates until 2000, when it was learned that an NSA team led by Ken Miller, along with Dennis McDaniels and two other unnamed individuals, had solved parts 1–3 in late 1992.
Of course, The Cryptos Conundrum states that only a person with a W in their name has access to the secret. Since the secret is exposed in public view to "anyone who has an internet connection", the identity of Wayne W. Wondelman is obvious. It is not William Webster, head of the CIA, it is obvious: WORLD WIDE WEB. Those three letters are obvious. Simple, mystery solved. Chase Brandon would probably say this is all a "convergence of coincidence."


After I posted The Strange World of Milton William Cooper, I had an interesting dream. In the dream, I was to have a debate with Presient Barack Obama. But the focus of the attention was not on the debate, the focus that everyone was arguing about was, "Who is going to wear the black suit?"  One of us - either myself, or President Obama, was going to wear the black suit.  The person wearing the black suit was supposed to represent the extraterrestrials. I walk away, I see Henry Kissinger, but much younger.  There is a big burden on his shoulders, and he is forced to keep a heavy secret. Cooper said that in those early years, while he was keeping those secrets, during those long hours he would talk to no one, and even shut his wife out, which led to his divorce. I don't know if that is true or not, but I saw him seated down, and he sat down with Lucille Ball, the late actress. They hit it off right away, there was some connection there between them. I walk back into the Presidential office, and Obama asks me, "So who is going to wear the black suit, myself or you?"  I told him, "Why are you listening to your advisors? You need to make the decision.  You need to take action. Stop listening to them." The dream ended.

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