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Extraterrestrial Contact in 1952: the Case of Orfeo Angelucci

Weep, Orfeo. Let tears unblind your eyes. For at this moment we weep with you for Earth and her Children.

In the blog post The Origin of the NSA Extraterrestrial Radio Signal, I determined that a strange NSA extraterrestrial signal that shows advanced knowledge of the periodic table of the elements was probably received in 1952 or 1953. When we look back at the historic context of that time period, there was a flood of UFO sightings from 1952-1954, with reports of artificial satellites orbiting the earth. This was at a time when we had no satellites orbiting earth yet. Not only that, there were more than just sightings: many reported that they had been directly contacted. When looking for the origin of the NSA extraterrestrial radio signal, I discovered that in 1952 many HAM radio operators reported that they had been receiving radio signals from the flying saucers (see Extraterrestrial Contacts by HAM Radio). One of these was reported by George Hunt Williamson in his book, The Saucers Speak. There is some credibility to the extraterrestrial origin of these radio signals as the messages described the location of saucer sightings which were reported in the newspaper days later, and they contain some information that was only verified by science years later.

From the radio messages recorded by George Hunt Williamson, the saucers were attempting to land and make direct contact. Did that happen? It reportedly did on November 20, 1952. George Hunt Williamson writes:
Mr. and Mrs. Williamson with Mr. and Mrs. Bailey were in company with three other people in the desert near Desert Centre, California, when a cigar-shaped mother ship was observed by all present and a personal contact was made with one of the occupants of a scout-type saucer. [Flying Saucers Have Landed by Desmond Leslie and George Adamski.]
The person who approached the flying saucer was George Adamski, who was not a participant to the HAM radio messages described by George Hunt Williamson. He described his contacts as having been with other human extraterrestrials who originated from other planets in this solar system - confirming what was described by Emanuel Swedenborg in his visions as reported in his books Heavenly Arcana and Earths in the Universe. The contacts of George Adamski is backed up by photographs, videos, and multiple witnesses. I do not think that actual members of Swedenborgian churches realize that Swedenborg's accounts are backed up by evidence from other extraterrestrial contactees who have no knowledge of Swedenborg.


Although George Adamski is perhaps the most famous of the contactees, I want to concentrate on yet another extraterrestrial contact. As with George Hunt Williamson and George Adamski, this contact occurred in 1952 in California, and it again was with human extraterrestrials who possibly originate from other planets in this solar system. This contact was with Orfeo Angelucci, and although he is virtually unknown I consider his contact case more important that the others. Those who knew him relate that he was a sincere person, and coming forward about his contact experiences caused a lot of ridicule for his family. The surprise here is that he independently confirms some of the information as related by George Hunt Williamson (see Extraterrestrial Contacts by HAM Radio). His account is more detailed than others, and it shows our potential development as spiritual beings in our future development. For these humans, the reality of the spiritual world is treated as matter of fact, and they can communicate telepathically. The other surprise is that since they have contact with the spiritual world, they know the true identity of Jesus Christ. In addition to having a Christian spirituality, there are two items that many may find a bit strange: one is they believe in a form of reincarnation. For an analysis of what is truly happening in the spiritual world in regards to the phenomenon of reincarnation, see the blog post Christianity, Reincarnation and Emanuel Swedenborg. The other strange phenomenon that appears in this contactee account is an out of body experience. For that, see Astral Projection and Out of the Body Experiences (OOBE). I have been wanting to cover this extraterrestrial contact in detail for some time, but I realized I would have to cover the topics of reincarnation and astral projection. So that's why I posted those two blog posts first: otherwise most readers would consider this contact so strange they would reject if offhand. Why do I consider Orfeo's account valid? He published his account in 1955, which includes a prophecy that was fulfilled over 30 years later. For this reason I will be quoting extensively from his book The Secret of the Saucers in this blog post.

Orfeo's contact began in 1946 when he launched a culture of molds by air balloon in New Jersey. The balloons broke away too early, and he completely lost his science experiment. The launch of the balloons was accompanied by family and friends, as well as a reporter. Right after the disappointment, people began to notice a craft near the balloons. At first they thought it was an aircraft, but it was moving in such a way that they began to think it was a flying saucer, perhaps curious about the balloons. It caught the interest of everyone present, but as weeks went by Orfeo and his family soon forgot about it. They later moved to California, but little did Orfeo know was that the flying saucers were silently observing him, until they made contact with him in southern California. The date: May 23, 1952. Here is how he describes a glowing orb in the night sky:
As I watched it in bewilderment it pulsated violently; then shot off into the sky at a 30- or 40-degree angle and at very great speed. High in the sky to the west it decelerated abruptly, hung for a moment; then accelerated and disappeared like a meteor.
But just before the glowing red orb vanished, two smaller objects came from it. These objects were definitely circular in shape and of a soft, fluorescent green color. They streaked down directly in front of my car and hovered only a few feet away. I judged each to be about three feet in diameter. Hanging silently in the air like iridescent bubbles their green light fluctuated rhythmically in intensity.
Then, apparently coming from between those two eerie balls of green fire, I heard a masculine voice in strong, well-modulated tones and speaking perfect English.
Next, a holographic image then appears from between the two green orbs:
At that moment another incredible phenomenon began to occur. The twin disks were spaced about three feet apart. Now the area between them began to glow with a soft green light which gradually formed into a luminous three-dimensional screen as the disks themselves faded perceptibly.
Within the luminous screen there appeared images of the heads and shoulders of two persons, as though in a cinema close-up. One was the image of a man and the other of a woman. I say man and woman only because their outlines and features were generally similar to men and women. But those two figures struck me as being the ultimate of perfection. There was an impressive nobility about them; their eyes were larger and much more expressive and they emanated a seeming radiance that filled me with wonder. Even more confusing was the troubling thought somewhere in the back of my mind that they were oddly familiar. Strangely enough, the projected images of the two beings appeared to be observing me. For they looked directly at me and smiled; then their eyes looked about as though taking in the entire scene.
After the shock of this visit, the first question that comes to Orfeo's mind is why did they even to bother to contact him:
...the thought flashed through my mind: "Why have they contacted me; a humble aircraft worker-a nobody?"
The voice replied: "We see the individuals of Earth as each one really is, Orfeo, and not as perceived by the limited senses of man. The people of your planet have been under observation for centuries, but have only recently been re-surveyed. Every point of progress in your society is registered with us. We know you as you do not know yourselves. Every man, woman and child is recorded in vital statistics by means of our recording crystal disks. Each of you is infinitely more important to us than to your fellow Earthlings because you are not aware of the true mystery of your being."
"From among you we singled out three individuals who, from the standpoint of our higher vibrational perception, are best fitted for establishing contact. All three are simple, humble and presently unknown persons. Of the other two, one is living in Rome and the other in India. But for our first contact with the people of Earth, Orfeo, we have chosen you."
"We feel a deep sense of brotherhood toward Earth's inhabitants because of an ancient kinship of our planet with Earth. In you we can look far back in time and recreate certain aspects of our former world. With deep compassion and understanding we have watched your world going through its 'growing pains'. We ask that you look upon us simply as older brothers."
The voice continued, speaking rather rapidly. It stated that they were well aware that the flying saucers had been treated humorously by most people - as it was meant they should be. In this way they wanted the people of Earth to become only gradually aware of them and grow accustomed to the idea of space visitors. It was best that we receive them lightly at first for the sake of our own stability!
For them to call themselves our "older brothers" means that we share an ancient ancestry from them in our distant history. For some reason they advanced further spiritually (and technologically), and we are still at a lower stage in our spiritual evolution. Orfeo continues:
I distinctly remember the voice making some such statement as this: "Interplanetary ships and saucers of various material densities can approximate the speed of light. This seems impossible to you only because of a natural principle which has not yet been discovered by your scientists. Also, the Speed of Light is the Speed of Truth. This statement is presently unintelligible to Earth's peoples, but is a basic cosmic axiom.
"Approaching the speed of light, the Time dimension, as known upon Earth, becomes non-existent; hence in this comparatively new dimension there are incredibly rapid means of space travel which are beyond man's comprehension. Also, within the Records of Light are to be found a complete history of Earth and of every entity which has incarnated upon it."
The statement "the Speed of Light is the Speed of Truth" is interesting. It is by light that we become aware of events surrounding us. Not only that, but in spiritual symbolic correspondence the physical form of light is symbolic of truth. The voice continued:
"We wish to tell Earth's people that visitors from other planets occasionally visit Earth's dense, heavy, gaseous atmosphere. All are of kindly intent and none will harm man. All intelligence's capable of space travel can read thoughts and see emotions.
Man believes himself civilized, but often his thoughts are barbaric and his emotions lethal. We do not say this as criticism, but state it only as fact. Thus it is best to approach all planetary visitors with friendly, welcoming thoughts!"
As I listened to his words I wondered why these incredible beings hadn't landed several space ships at one of our large airports and thus convinced the world simply and quickly of their reality.
In answer, I heard these words: "That would be the way of the entities of your Earth, Orfeo, but it is not our way. Primarily because we function in dimensions unknown to man and hence interpret all things differently. Also, because there are planetary and cosmic laws as implacable as the natural laws of Earth.
"Cosmic law actively prevents one planet from interfering with the evolution of any other planet. In other words, Orfeo, Earth must work out its own destiny! We will do everything in our power to aid the people of Earth, but we are definitely and greatly limited by cosmic law. It is because the life evolution in its present stage of material advancement upon Earth is endangered that we have made our re-appearance in the atmosphere of your planet. The danger is far greater that Earth's people realize. The 'enemy' prepares in vast numbers and in secret."
For a moment the voice was still and then it said gently: "Among the countless other worlds in the cosmos, Orfeo, the children of Earth are as babes, ultimate of knowledge. Among the worlds of the universe are many types of spiritual and physical evolutions. Each form of intelligent life adapts itself to the physical conditions prevalent upon its home planet. Most of these evolutions exist in more highly attenuated forms of matter than upon Earth. But the majority are rather similar to man in appearance. There is a definite reason for this being so. In reality, we are Earth's older brothers and thus we will aid Earth's people insofar as they, through free will, will permit us to do so."
The reason for contact was made clear multiple times: science had advanced to the point where mankind discovered how to make the atomic bomb. The U.S. and Russia were about to explode a hydrogen bomb, many times more powerful than the ones that had been dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Similar to the HAM radio messages of 1952 (see Extraterrestrial Contacts by HAM Radio), these extraterrestrials were again warning of an approaching 'enemy'. These are probably the alien greys from Orion. Following the 1950s, the contactee movement died out and extraterrestrial visitations were replaced by abductions by alien greys, often accompanied by memory loss of the event.


On July 23, 1952 Orfeo Angelucci had his second contact. He sees a flying saucer with an open door, and walks into it. There were no occupants, but it seemed to be remotely controlled. He entered a circular chamber and sits in a chair. He then sees a view of earth from outer space through a circular opening that appeared in the wall.
Now I heard that voice I remembered so well. "Orfeo, you are looking upon Earth - your home! From here, over a thousand miles away in space, it appears as the most beautiful planet in the heavens and a haven of peace and tranquillity. But you and your Earthly brothers know the true conditions there."
As I listened to the tender, gentle intonations of that wonderful voice and overwhelming sense of sadness came over me. I felt tears in my eyes - I who had not know the relief of tears since I was a small boy. My heart was so full of emotion that tears were the only possible expression. They flowed unheeded down my cheeks. I was not ashamed for the tears seemed somehow to cleanse and purify me and to break down the hard, unfeeling, crystalized shell of The Reasoner that I had come to pride myself upon being.
The voice said softly: "Weep, Orfeo. Let tears unblind your eyes. For at this moment we weep with you for Earth and her Children. For all of its apparent beauty Earth is a purgatorial world among the plants evolving intelligent life. Hate, selfishness and cruelty rise from many parts of it like a dark mist."
The words brought fresh tears to my eyes as I thought of conditions on Earth and how they must appear to these perfected, compassionate beings who had extra-dimensional sight.
Next Orfeo sees a larger craft which he describes as similar to a dirigible. These are the cigar shaped UFOs that have been seen by other witnesses. It was huge - at least 1000 ft long and 90 ft thick.
The voice spoke again: "Brother of Earth, each entity of your planet is divinely created and immortal. Upon your world the mortal shadows of those entities are working out their salvation from the plane of darkness. Every person upon Earth and its adjoining planes of manifestation are definitely arrayed upon either the positive side of progression toward good, or on the negative side of regression toward greater evil. We know where you stand, Orfeo; but are you going to be content to drift as you have been?"
"No....oh, no!" I replied impulsively. "I want to work constructively. Only grant me strong physical health and there isn't anything I shan't be able to accomplish."
The voice replied gently. "That wish we cannot grant you, Orfeo, as much as we might like to. It is only because your physical body is weakened and your spiritual perceptions thereby keener that we have been able to contact you. Had you been physically in robust health with your mortal body and mind perfectly attuned to the sluggish lowered vibrations of Earth, we could not have manifested to you."
"Sickness, ill-health and all mortal afflictions are transient and unreal. They, along with pain, sorrow, suffering and conflict make up mankind's lessons in the school of the world where wisdom and spiritual evolution are gained primarily through suffering. An explanation of this terrible enigma will be given to you later. But tonight we tell you that you can rise above the inadequacies of your physical body, Orfeo, as may all other Earthlings. Remember always that we love you and your brothers of Earth. We will do everything within our power for the children of Earth that they will permit us to do, through free will."
The view shifts away from the ship towards earth, sees some flying saucers zip towards various geographic points on the earth. Next, they state that they consider it dangerous to share further scientific knowledge since we are so spiritually undeveloped:
"Tonight, Orfeo," the voice continued, "you have explored a minute distance into the limitless highways of the universe. Through your own efforts the road may later be widened for you. Tonight you, an entity of Earth, have come close to the Infinite Entities. For the present you are our emissary, Orfeo, and you must act! Even though people of Earth laugh derisively and mock you as a lunatic, tell them about us!"
"I will....I will..." I whispered haltingly knowing that everything I said was heard by them even as all my thoughts were known to them.
"We know you will, Orfeo," the voice replied. "Thus tonight a special privilege has been yours. We love the Children of Earth and it is our desire to help them as the hour of crisis approaches. But only through such harmless ones as you can we work.
"The aggressive men of Earth want our scientific advancements. For these they would shoot our crafts from the skies - if they could. But additional scientific knowledge we cannot give to Earth except as we are now doing in a manner perfectly in accord and harmony with cosmic law. Already man's material knowledge has far outstripped the growth of brotherly love and spiritual understanding in his heart. Therein lies the present danger. To add to the destructive phase of man's scientific knowledge is not permitted. We are working now to turn that knowledge to constructive purposes upon Earth. Also we hope to give men a deeper knowledge and understanding of their own true nature and a greater awareness of the evolutionary crisis facing them. At present we are working along all constructive lines of human endeavor and especially in the fields of medicine and healing. Surely you cannot fail to see the tremendous advances which have been made in this direction within the last few years. Even greater 'discoveries' are at hand including success in the fight against cancer. Thus shall we continue to work with and through men."
Next comes an interesting point in the conversation. They read Orfeo's mind, and then tell them their opinion of Jesus Christ, whom they recognized as different from all the other world teachers:
I listened to the compassionate voice, trying to imprint every word on my consciousness. But I have forgotten much and these words are only a poor attempt to recall all that I heard. The voice continued speaking:
"We know your mind is filled with questions. One question in particular troubles you an it concerns the entity the world knows as Jesus Christ. May we set your mind at rest. In allegorical language Christ is indeed the Son of God. The star that burned over Bethlehem is a cosmic fact. It announced the birth on your planet of an entity not of Earth's evolution. He is Lord of the Flame - an infinite entity of the sun. Out of compassion for mankind's suffering He became flesh and blood and entered the hell of ignorance, woe and evil. As the Sun Spirit who sacrificed Himself for the children of woe he has become a part of the oversoul of mankind and the world spirit. In this He differs from all other world teachers.
"Each person upon Eart has a spiritual, or unknown, self which transcends the material world and consciousness and dwells eternally out of the Time dimension in spiritual perfection within the unity of the oversoul.
"In the illusion of Time is written man's choice through free will whereby he set in motion the cause of error which inevitably resulted in effect, in which mankind entered mortal consciousness or the living death of his present existence. Thus was he separated from his eternal and perfect self. His one purpose upon Earth now is to attain reunion with is immortal consciousness. When this is accomplished he is resurrected from the kingdom of death and becomes his real immortal self made in the image and likeness of God Your Teacher has told you, God is love, and in these simple words may be found the secrets of all the mysteries of Earth and the worlds beyond."
Jesus is "Lord of the Flame," an "infinite entity of the sun," and the "Sun Spirit." What are they talking about? In the Near Death Experience - discovered later by medical scientists - those who approach death often experience going down a tunnel at the end of which is a beautiful light full of love. In that light's presence, they then go through a life review of all their actions in an instant. In the 18th century, in his visions Swedenborg described this light as the central Sun of heaven, by which all things were created. But Swedenborg went further: inside the Sun of heaven resides the God-Man. The God-Man chose to become incarnate on earth as Jesus Christ. Nor is Jesus another being different from the God-Man, He is the God-Man Himself, but in incarnate form:
The Sun of heaven is the Lord, the light there is Divine truth, and the heat is Divine good, which proceed from the Lord as a Sun. From this origin are all things that exist and are seen in the heavens. But of the light and heat and things existing from them in heaven, we shall speak in the following chapters — in this chapter only of the Sun. That in heaven the Lord is seen as the Sun, is because He is Divine Love, from which all spiritual things exist, and by means of the sun of the world all natural things. This Love is what shines as the Sun. That the Lord is actually seen in heaven as the Sun, has not only been told me by angels, but has also been given me at times to see. (Heaven and Hell, n. 117-118)
Another term used by Swedenborg for the God-Man is the Divine Human:
The heavenly kingdom presents the form of one man, because all the things therein correspond to the Only Lord — that is, to His Divine Human — Who alone is Man (see n. 49, 288, 565, 1894). From correspondence with Him, and by being an image and likeness of Him, heaven is called the Greatest Man. From the Divine of the Lord are all the celestial things which are of good, and all the spiritual things which are of truth, in heaven. All the angels there are forms, or substances formed according to the reception of the Divine things which are from the Lord. (Heavenly Arcana, n. 3741)
Most imagine God as an amorphous Being, without shape or form, or as just an abstract concept, such as Love. But something without shape or form cannot be held in our thought. Thus in order for there to be communion between God and mankind, He appears in human form: not only in His incarnate form on earth, but also to those in heaven. That "God is Love" is true, and yet He is not abstract, because in heaven all forms of love and truth have a human form. The human form is the smallest microcosm of heaven. Lesser aspects of love and truth are shown as animals and plants, and opposite forms approach that of monstrous entities of hell.

Orfeo, in the presence of these spiritual humans, then became aware of his own sinful fallen state. Not as how we appear to others, but in our inward being. He then has a very spritual experience of self-realization, an awakening:
Tears coursed down my cheeks. Under the spiritual scrutiny of that great, compassionate consciousness I felt like a crawling worm - unclean, filled with error and sin. Yes, I say sin, but not in the ordinary sense men use that word. Rather sin as sin really is. And basically sin is hypocrisy, falsity, the living lie! It is looking at your fellow man with a friendly smile upon your face with treacherous, malicious, or mocking thoughts in your heart. Sin is any and all deviations from absolute truth, perfect love, absolute honesty and righteous motives. Thus actual sin has little to do with Earthly standards of sin.
As these realizations filled my consciousness I wanted to fling myself down upon the floor and hide my head in shame for humanity. And of all men I at that moment felt the lowliest, the least worthy to be where I was. I wondered how those great beings could love such a one as I or any of mankind. We with our bloody wars, our intense hatreds, our cheap, shoddy intolerances, our greed and avarice and our cruel inhumanity to our fellowmen. I hid my head in my hands and wept bitter tears for a creature so full of error and hypocrisy and yet so puffed up with egotistical pride over our little material knowledge.
At that moment, as in a dream, I heard the strains of the "Lord's Prayer", played as though by thousands of violins. As I crouched in the chair fresh tears poured from my eyes. My heart was filled with humility, contrition and with gratitude - gratitude that these Great Ones had even considered our miserable selfish existence.
Above the exquisite strains of melody, the voice said: "Beloved friend of Earth, we baptize you now in the true light of the worlds eternal."
A blinding white beam flashed from the dome of the craft. Momentarily I seemed partially to lose consciousness. Everything expanded into a great shimmering white light. I seemed to be projected beyond Time and Space and was conscious only of light, Light, LIGHT! Orfeo, Earth, the past were as nothing, a dark dream of a moment. And that dream unfolded before my eyes in swift panorama. Every event of my life upon Earth was crystal clear to me - and then memory of all of my previous lives upon Earth returned. IN THAT SUBLIME MOMENT I KNEW THE MYSTERY OF LIFE! Also, I realized with a terrible certainty that we are all - each one of us - TRAPPED IN ETERNITY and ALLOTTED ONLY ONE BRIEF AWARENESS AT A TIME!
I am dying, I thought. I have been through this death before in other earthly lives. This is death! Only now I am in ETERNITY, WITHOUT BEGINNING AND WITHOUT END. Then slowly everything resolved into radiant light, peace and indescribable beauty. Free of all falsity of mortality I drifted in a timeless sea of bliss.

The third contact Orfeo had with these extraterrestrials was on August 2, 1952. This time it was with a holographic projection of one of the human extraterrestrials. He was a few inches taller and well built, whom he calls Neptune. That it was probably a projected hologram is due to the fact that he saw his outline ripple or go out of focus, and at times would notice a shimmering ripple like waves of water between himself and the projected image. They met in silence, and then Neptune spoke:
At last he said: "You sense and understand intuitively many things I cannot say directly to you, Orfeo. you have just fully realized that we are not like earthmen in that we function in dimensions unknown to your world. Earth is a three-dimensional world and because of this it is preponderantly false. I may tell you that to the entities of certain other worlds Earth is regarded as 'the accursed planet', the 'home of the reprobate, fallen ones'. Others call your Earth 'the home of sorrows'. For Earth's evolution is evolution through pain, sorrow, sin, suffering and the illusion of physical death. Believe me, all evolutions are not similar to Earth's, despite the present beliefs of your scientists."
As I heard these strange words, my heart and mind cried out: "But why must it be so? Why should Earth's people know pain, suffering and death?"
He looked up into the heavens and in the soft light I saw deep compassion in his face as he said slowly: "The answer to that question is one of the mysteries of the illusion of Time. But I can tell you this: such conditions did not always prevail among the entities who now inhabit Earth. Once there was another planet in your solar system, the fairest and most radiant of all the planets. That planet was the original home of Earthlings. In their native home they knew no pain, sorrow, suffering, sickness or death. But in the glory and wonder of their world they grew proud and arrogant. They made war among themselves and finally turned against the Great Giver of Life. Ultimately they destroyed their own planet which today exists only as a sterile and barren ring of asteroids and debris in the solar system. In order that those entities might gain understanding, compassion and brotherly love they were born into the animalistic, material evolution of a lesser planet, Earth. Suffering, sorrow, frustration and death became their teacher. Their symbol became the Man-Beast. Each man must work out his own destiny and salvation. In the illusion of Time and through repeated births and deaths each entity slowly and painfully evolves spiritually toward its former glorified state of divinity. Eventually all the entities of Earth will again attain their lost heritage. They will have learned understanding, compassion and true love for God and their fellows."
In the above discourse which occurred on August 2, 1952, Neptune speaks of a former planet of our solar system which was the origin of the human race that later settled on earth. What is interesting is that a HAM radio message from August 17, 1952 also speaks of a former planet that once dwelled between Mars and Jupiter, which is now occupied by an asteroid belt (see Extraterrestrial Contacts by HAM Radio):
Your Hydrogen Bomb could make an asteroid belt out of you. This happened many years ago to planet of the fifth orbit. We knew what they were doing but we didn't interfere. We cannot stand by and see another waste.
Two separate contacts, two independent witnesses. Both containing the same message. Coincidentally Orfeo then asked Neptune about the dangers posed to earth: the Hydrogen bomb and Communism. Neptune responded:
"Communism, Earth's present fundamental enemy, masks beneath its banner the spearhead of the united forces of evil. Along with good all men have evil in their hearts to a degree. But some are much more evil than others. Communism is a necessary evil and now exists upon Earth as do venomous creatures, famines, blights, tyrannies, cataclysms - all are negative forces which awaken the positive forces of good in man and cause them to act. Thus are they combatted, understood and ultimately their unreality becomes apparent. For evil is always eventually self-destroyed."
He paused and once more I noticed his "uniform" darkening and lightening in spots, as though it were made of restless pale bluish clouds and patches of moonlight. Then I held my breath as he continued: "Yes, war will come again to your Earth. We are powerless to prevent it. Millions in your land will fight to the end for their cherished ideals and freedom of the human mind, with only a minimum on their side for victory. The hour of travail which in future history shall be known as 'The Great Accident' is nearer than any man dreams. And already the clouds of war are on the horizon, dark and ominous; but overhead beams the rainbow, infinite and eternal. Mankind will survive Armageddon and awake to a new more glorious day of fellowship and honest brotherly love. In the dawning great New Age of Earth all will forget their bitter hurts and build constructively together upon the solid foundation of the Brotherhood of Man."
As predicted, Communism in Russia eventually collapsed in on itself. As for "the Great Accident" that will be explained later. Neptune continues as to why they have not made a more visible public contact:
"There is not much more I can tell you now, Orfeo," he said. "Since the first publicized modern sighting of our disks in the year 1947, thousands upon Earth have come to believe in us. Many have actually seen our disks. Some have seen us clairvoyantly. Others have communicated with us clairaudiently. Still others recognize the truth of our existence and greater scope of our being, through intuitive perception. But as far as official proof of ourselves, for which so many clamor, we cannot offer that. Official proof of the existence of our disks will come. But for us to attempt physically to contact mankind through any so-called authoritative source would be only useless and possibly disastrous for them. Nearly all three-dimensional beings have no concept of, nor could they possibly understand, extra-dimensional beings. Tonight in visiting you I have broken a code - the code of 'hands off', as regards any interference in the affairs of Earth. Active cosmic law will see the necessary amends made.
He looked at me; his strange eyes suddenly saddened. For a moment I had the uncanny feeling that in his greater vision I appeared to him only as a fleeting, insubstantial shadow, utterly without reality as he knew it. In that revealing instant I knew that we of Earth are as far removed from their nature as Earth is from the Sun.
After a while he said: "I would shake your hand in token of our momentous meeting here tonight. But I cannot. I have gone too far already. For my transgression we must now recede an equal degree from you. The immutable law of cause and effect upon Earth will govern accordingly. As a result, but few will believe or even hear your account of our meeting. In the over-all picture your story will in no way change conditions upon Earth. Neither will any actual Earthly event be either hastened or retarded because of our meeting. At most your story will give only greater faith and inner conviction to the few - but it is an important few! The ways of God are immutable and apparent only to those who have spiritual discernment. In the illusion of Time all things will be fulfilled in their proper hour."
I found that I was trembling and my nerves fairly quivering. Whether from sheer emotion or actually from being within the vibratory range of Neptune, I don't know. I longed to thank him, to express the great feeling of gratitude in my heart; but I didn't know quite how. I said: "From the bottom of my heart I thank you, Neptune. I pledge my very life to you and the beings of your world, that greater understandings may come to mankind."
"We know you will not fail us, Orfeo," he replied. "No other contact may be made at this time. But have no further doubts about the reality of your experiences. The road is open now; walk it as you will. Your failure will be my own. But I smile upon you for the increased numbers who will come to know us in a truer aspect and to believe in us because of you. Strength and encouragement will be given to the millions who will rise courageously to meet the fiery trials ahead. I tell you this: the 'Great Accident' is very close and the fury of the next war will break when it is least expected; when men are talking of peace. I cannot say more."

The fourth contact with Orfeo occurred on October, 1952. This time, Orfeo happened to see Neptune at a bus depot where he had come to pick up his in-laws. He appeared in the crowd like anyone else, dressed in a business suit and hat carrying a brief case. Orfeo was about to approach but was warned telepathically not to do so. Orfeo writes:
His intent gaze never left me. Stalling for time I walked over to the newsstand and picked up a magazine and thumbed through it. I had received the definite telepathic impression not to approach him; thus I waited for him to speak to me. But he did not. Staring blankly at a page in the magazine I waited for further telepathic communication. It came! The gist of the message was: "The last time you saw me, Orfeo, I was in a less objectified projection in your three-dimensional world. The purpose being to give you some idea of our true aspect. But now tonight you see me fully objectified. If you did not know who I am, you could not tell me from one of your fellows. Tonight I am no half-phantom, but can move among men as an Earthman. It is not necessary for you to speak to me; you have gained the understanding. You know now that we can appear and function as human beings."
That the U.S. military is aware of human extraterrestrials that occasionally blend in with our society, see Human Extraterrestrials Hidden Among Us.


The fifth extraterrestrial contact occurred in January of 1953. However this contact had been erased from his memory. Orfeo only began to remember it six months later:
It was in the late summer of 1953 that the most beautiful and revealing of all of my experiences with the etheric beings developed. My life had been a kaleidoscope of new understandings and changing patterns since the night of my trip in the saucer, but apparently the most profound of all had to be revealed to my conscious mind in gradual steps of understanding, because the experience itself actually occurred in January of 1953 while I was still on the job at Lockheed, but it was not until six months later that I had any idea of the tremendous experience that had been mine. During those bewildering intervening six months I honestly believed that for seven days of my life in January, 1953 I had been a victim of complete amnesia. I told no one about it, not even Mabel, for so many confounding things had happened in the recent months of my life that I feared further complicating matters by relating an experience for which there seemed to be no explanation.
Orfeo had fallen asleep on the couch, and when he woke up he was standing at his work place at Lockheed. He was a bit bewildered, and only realized a week had passed when he saw the date on a newspaper. What is interesting is that the exact same thing had happened to Lyman Streeter in 1950, who was the HAM radio operator for the radio messages that were recorded in the book The Saucers Speak by George Hunt Williamson. He also had experienced a period of amnesia for about a week, and barely remembered anything about it. Another point of similarity between Lyman Streeter and Orfeo Angelucci: in both instances they were called by a different name, the name they once held in a past life. Orfeo was more lucky than Lyman Streeter, six months later he began to remember - during those seven days of amnesia, he apparently had an induced out of body experience (see Astral Projection and Out of the Body Experiences (OOBE)). Orfeo wakes up from his sleep, and finds himself in a strange setting on another world:
Only now I could remember waking from that sleep! My awakening was in a strange and wonderful world! I was no longer upon Earth; some fantastic transition had taken place. I awoke in a huge, fabulously beautiful room; a room the substance of which glowed ethereally with soft, exquisite colors. I was lying upon a luxurious couch, or lounge. Half awake, I glanced down at my body - but it was not familiar! My body was never so perfectly proportioned or of so fine coloring and texture.
He later meets an extraterrestrial female known as Lyra, who explains that they are in a higher dimension from the physical material world:
"It's all a matter of the scale of vibration in which you are functioning," she explained. "The vibratory rate of dense matter which makes up the planet Earth is extremely low, hence Earthly bodies are sluggish, dense and cumbersome. Vibratory rates here are quite high and matter so tenuous that it would seem non-existent were you in a dense physical body. Because you are now in a body of a corresponding vibratory rate, the phenomena of this world is as real to you as your Earth world."
Another extraterrestrial named Orion then explains that his true name in a past life was Neptune. The extraterrestrial he had met whom he had named Neptune was actually called "Astra." Orion explains that this experience was somewhat of a "stage-show" - a manufactured dream world:
"With us names are of little significance. The brother of whom you speak was in the illusion of the past known as Astra, but in the higher octaves of light, individualized aspects such as you know upon Earth are non-existent. Even now as we manifest in this most tenuous of material states of being, you are not aware of us in our true eternal aspect. We are, you might say in terms of Earth, staging a dress-show reception for you, our lost brother. Before the Destruction our existence was much as you see it now; that is why you seem to remember all of this. In that phase of the time dimension you were known as Neptune."
In other words, Orfeo's mind was induced to have a shared out of body experience. That it was taking place in a spiritual plane is obvious from the detailed description of it as described by Orfeo in his book: in many cases it is similar to what Swedenborg saw in the heavenly planes, where the surrounding would change according to one's internal thoughts and state of being. Orfeo had apparently had a past life on this world that was destroyed where he was known as Neptune:
"Do you remember it, Neptune? Lyra asked gently.
I hesitated, then replied: "Much is familiar, but other things are not. I can't recall the lightning and the constant thunder. And the horizon appears to be only about a mile distant and it should be - I seem to remember it was almost limitless!"
For a moment there was deep silence. Lyra glanced questioningly at Orion and a look of deep pain crossed their faces as the golden waves of iridescent light about them changed to misty purple. I realized immediately I had said the wrong thing.
What these human extraterrestrials created was a world, the world as it looked before it was destroyed, so they could experience a shared memory. Somewhat similar to the shared dreaming of the movie Inception, is it not?

Orion then explains that they are in a plane of existence outside of time. Swedenborg in his visions also explained that the spiritual realms exist outside of the dimensions of space and time. The planet of our solar system that was destroyed, which once existed between Mars and Jupiter, is a planet that they call Lucifer. And here is where we hear their concept of Lucifer or the devil, and why there is so much suffering in this life on Earth:
Then Orion spoke, saying: "Time is a dimension as your scientists now correctly surmise. But it is only a dimension when applied to the various densities of matter. In the absolute, or non-material states of consciousness, Time is non-existent. So let us say that in one of the time frames or dimensions, there was once a planet in the solar system of Earth, called Lucifer. It was of the least material density of any of the planets. Its orbit lay between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Among the etheric beings, or heavenly hosts, it was called the Morning Star. Among all planets it was the most radiant planet in the universe.
"The name of the prince of this shining planet was also Lucifer, a beloved Son of God." Orion paused and the sadness deepened in his eyes. Then he continued: "Earth's legends about Lucifer and his hosts are true. Pride and arrogance grew in the heart of Lucifer and in the hearts of many Luciferians. They discovered all of the secrets of matter and also the great secret of the Creative Word. Eventually they sought to turn this omnipotent force against their brothers who were less selfish. Also against the etheric beings and the Father, or Source, for it became their desire to rule the universe. You know the rest of the legend: how Lucifer and his followers were cast down from their high estate. In simpler words, the Luciferians who were embodied then in the most attenuated manifestation of matter "fell" into embodiments in one of the most dense material evolutions, which is the animalistic evolution of Earth."
I dared not look at him as his frightening words struck dark chords of memory in my heart. "Then you mean that I...was one of them?" Shamed tears of realization blinded my eyes.
"Yes, Neptune," he said gently, as both he and Lyra put their arms around me.
Waves of bitter shame and sorrow flooded over me as I realized the terrible truth of Orion's words. At last I said haltingly: "But Orion, you and Lyra and these others walking here in the garden; who are they"
"We were among those who did not join the Luciferians in their revolt against the etheric hosts," he explained gently. "Thus although the Luciferians shattered our radiant planet in the holocaust of their war, we entered the etheric, non-material worlds in the higher octaves of light as liberated Sons of God, while the Luciferian hosts fell into the dream of mind in matter upon the dark planet of sorrows."
"But this world?" I asked in bewilderment. "Isn't it the world I half remember?"
"Yes, Neptune," Lyra said compassionately. "This is a tiny part of what is left of that world. You mentioned that many things were unfamiliar, such as the thunder and lightning and the nearness of the horizon. These conditions are new to you. For we are on one of the larger planetoids of the shattered planet Lucifer. It is only a few hundred miles in diameter, hence the nearness of the horizon. The thunder, lightning and constant play of color phenomena in the atmosphere are the result of magnetic disturbances because of the vicinity of other asteroids. The clouds you see above are not clouds as you know them upon Earth, but they serve to obscure the debris of our wrecked planet. Only rarely do we leave our etheric state of being and enter our former time frame in individualized manifestations as you see us now."
The remnants of the planet Lucifer which was only a few hundred miles in diameter is most likely the dwarf planet Ceres which orbits within the asteroid belt.
I was stunned into utter silence and the deepest sorrow. I bowed my head as I thought of the magnificent world I had lost, the great heritage I had cast away to become a bondsman chained in a steel like dungeon of dense matter with its erroneous manifestations of sin, sickness, corruption, evil, decay and repeated deaths. Sobs wracked my body as I thought of my blinded, lost fellows of Earth. At last I murmured hesitantly: "Then all of the peoples of Earth have fallen from this former high estate?"
Orion shook his head. "No, not all, Neptune, but vast numbers of Earthlings are former Luciferians. About the others we will explain to you later. The revelation when it comes will explain many of the enigmas of your planet."
Suddenly, a terrible thought came to me, almost causing me to collapse in horror as I recoiled from it. Stark terror was in my eyes as I looked first at Lyra and then at Orion. I dared not voice what was in my mind.
Orion, discerning my thought, shook his head and his wonderful eyes radiated sympathy and understanding as he said: "No, Neptune, have no fear, you are not in reality Lucifer. In fact you are one of the Luciferians who least wanted to join the others."
Relief flooded over me leaving me weak and shaken as I heard Orion's voice continuing: "Lucifer is presently incarnated upon Earth, but we may not disclose to you his present identity. He had incarnated many times upon Earth and every name is familiar even to grade school children. But some of those names would surprise you, for they are not what you might expect."
I sighed heavily, trying to comprehend all the shattering things which had been revealed to me by Lyra and Orion. Rather incongruously I remembered the phenomena of the flying saucers upon Earth, which caused me to ask: "But if we destroyed your great planet, why are your disks visiting Earth now? Why did Astra contact me? Why don't you leave us to the fate we deserve, each one of us buried in his individual grave of living death?"
Lyra's hand gripped mine and Orion's arm tightened around my shoulders. "Love is stronger than life and deeper than the boundless depths of time and space," he said softly. "While our brothers are lost in the hell of unreality and turn their blinded, imploring eyes to the mute heavens, we can never forget them. We intercede unceasingly for your peoples' liberation. Thus today every bondsman upon Earth has within himself the power through the mystery of the Etheric Christ Spirit to cancel his captivity.
"Eventually all of mankind deep-drowned in Time and Matter, will surface to reality when they recognize their basic unity of being. When man is for man honestly and sincerely and not selfishly arrayed against himself, the hour of deliverance from the underworld will be close at hand. We wait now beyond the great, sad river of Time and Sorrows with open arms and hearts to receive among us our lost and prodigal brothers in that great day when they rejoin us as liberated Sons of God.
"Our disks, or saucers as Earthmen term them, are in your space-time frame as harbingers of mankind's coming resurrection from the living death. Although our disks are essentially etheric; that is, non-material, they are controlled in such a way that they can almost instantaneously attract substance to take on any degree of material density necessary. Various other types of space craft are now permitted to visit Earth for certain purposes. These are from other worlds and also space islands of various densities of matter. Some are on the borderline between materiality and non-materiality. But all are operated by intelligences highly spiritual in nature. All are on a mission of love to their brothers of the Dark World, but mankind's understanding of their ultimate intent and purpose will only become fully apparent further along in Earth's Time Dimension. We do not say that there are no negatives in the universe who have not attained primitive modes of space travel, but at present Earth is fully protected from these by both cosmic law and the etheric host."
When Orion finished speaking there was silence. I sat with bowed head and contrite heart as realization of the full import of his words came to me. As Neptune, fleetingly restored to my lost immortal state, I saw that we of Earth are in reality in an underworld of illusion where we mistake false shadows for reality and dream selfish dreams of separateness from our brothers.
So the above is an interesting point of view. As to reincarnation, whether it is true or not, see Christianity, Reincarnation and Emanuel Swedenborg. But what of Lucifer and the devil, that he was once a leader who led a planet in rebellion, leading to its destruction? Most of the Christian Church believes that angels and demons existed before man was created. According to Swedenborg, this is not so: all men after death will eventually become an angel or demon, depending on their choice. He is quite clear in stating that all angels originated from the human race, that is why they have human form. On this topic, see the older blog post The Origin of Angels, where I quote the passage from Emanuel Swedenborg at length conerning how all angels were once human. But what of the devil? Swedenborg states this:
Hitherto it has been believed in the world that there is one devil who presides over the hells; and that he was created an angel of light, but after he became rebellious, was cast down with his crew into hell. That this belief has prevailed, is because in the Word mention is made of the devil and Satan, and also of Lucifer, and the Word in those passages has been understood according to the sense of the letter; when yet by the devil and Satan in them is meant hell — by the devil that hell which is behind and where the worst dwell, who are called evil genii, and by Satan that hell which is in front, the inhabitants of which are not so malignant and are called evil spirits; by Lucifer are meant those who are of Babel or Babylon, being those who extend their dominions even into heaven. That there is not any one devil to whom the hells are subject, is plain also from this, that all who are in the hells, like all who are in the heavens, are from the human race (see n. 311-317), and that those who are there amount in number, from the beginning of creation to this time, to myriads of myriads, and that every one of them is a devil according as in the world he had been opposed to the Divine (Heaven and Hell, n. 544).
According to the extraterrestrials encountered by Orfeo, Lucifer was once a man who had led a rebellion on a former planet of the solar system, leading to its destruction. Although they say he has incarnated in various lives on earth, in reality that means that this particular spirit was likely conjoined with powerful tyrants and dictators that sought to rule over the earth. The view of Lucifer expressed by these extraterrestrials is a bit different and specific, yet not in disagreement with what Swedenborg had stated. It could be very well be true. Tyrants and dictators will attract spirits to them who had likewise desired to rule over others in their lifetime.

Another thing that happened to Orfeo during this induced out of body experience: he was shown events of the past, and an event of the future, which would take place in 1986:
After awhile Orion and Lyra seated themselves near the strange crystal control panel and I rested upon the lounge. Orion touched a crystal disk and immediately an entire wall of the room opened up into a huge three-dimensional void. The room darkened and I saw the void a magnificent view into outer space. But all of space was shining with light; the stars and suns glowed with a deep reddish glow and only the planets appeared of varying degrees of darkness. The scene was focussing upon an unfamiliar part of the heavens. A sun and a number of encircling planets came into view.
Then the scene centered upon a single planet in this unknown solar system. It was a smug, sleek planet and apparently as efficient as a billiard ball. But it was exceedingly dark in tone and surrounded with concentric waves of deep gray. A tangible vibration or emanation came from it; evil, unpleasant and utterly without inspiration or hope. Approaching this world I saw a glowing red dot with a long, misty tail. The fiery dot seemed irresistible attracted to the dark world. The two collided in a spectacular fiery display. I felt Lyra's hand upon mine as she whispered. "It is an immutable law of the cosmos that too great a preponderance of evil inevitably results in self-destruction and a new beginning."
The scene shifted to a different part of the universe. Another dark misty world came into view, although it was not as dark as the first world. About this world there was a vibrant feeling of life and hope. But again I saw a fatalistic fiery red dot approaching and it was evident that this world too was doomed. I shuddered to think of conditions upon that planet at the moment of doom. But then I held my breath as I beheld two tiny dots coming forth from that world apparently to intercept the fiery comet. Intuitively I realized that the dots were remotely controlled by intelligence beings upon the planet who were concentrating the magnetic impulses of the dots upon the comet. Suddenly the comet exploded leaving the world unscathed. I breathed a sign of relief.
Once more the scene shifted and focused upon a third world. Obviously, this was an "in-between" world, neither as dark and hopeless as the first, nor yet as light and inspired as the second. To the left to this planet appeared another smaller body -- I recognized it as our moon and the planet as Earth. From the planet several tiny space ships went out to the moon and did not return. Then a tiny fleet of space craft went to the moon, but some of these returned to Earth.
Suddenly, terrifyingly, to the right of the planet Earth, appeared the red, dot of cosmic doom. Rapidly it increased in size leaving behind it a fiery tail of flame. It was evident that the comet was being drawn irresistibly toward Earth. Neither Lyra nor Orion spoke, but a strange voice said: "In the Time Dimension of Earth it is now the year 1986."
I shuddered and waited anxiously, but the portentous scene slowly faded from the screen. I turned excitedly to Orion. "But what happens to Earth?"
Orion and Lyra both looked compassionately at me as Orion gently replied. "That depends entirely upon your brothers of Earth and their progress in unity, understanding and brotherly love during the time period left them between the so-called now and the year 1986. All spiritual help possible will be given them, not only by ourselves but by others from all parts of the universe. We believe that they and their world will be saved, but in no time frame, or dimension, is the future ever written irrevocably. If they bring upon themselves self-destruction of their planet through a preponderance of evil there, it will mean another fall for the entities of Earth into even denser meshes of materiality and unreality. As you love your brothers of Earth, Orfeo, fight to your dying breath to help them toward a world of love, light and unity."
So what happened in 1986? As it turns out, the year 1986 was the year in which Halley's comet made one of its periodic appearances in our night skies. And why was the year 1986 so critical? The year 1986 was the year of the nuclear accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Russia. This is clearly the "Great Accident" that was spoken about earlier, in the same discourse which warned about the danger of Communism. The radioactivity from the nuclear accident from Chernobyl could have been much worse, and many more people could have died. So what happened? According to eye witnesses, a UFO appeared over the Chernobyl at the time of the nuclear accident, and rays came out of it which brought the radiation levels down. This may have prevented a nuclear blast, which would have spread radiation over much of Russia and Europe, causing birth deformities over many generations. See UFOs over Chernobyl and Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants. So in this case, it looks like they decided to intervene. And soon after this, the Soviet Union collapsed, bringing an end to the Cold War in which many feared they would be destroyed in a nuclear war.


Orfeo's experience during those seven days on another planet - or in a shared out of body experience on that planet that was destroyed - awakened him somewhat to his true identity. What is interesting is that during those seven days in which he was in another place his body operated normally in its everyday tasks - similar to what Emanuel Swedenborg had experienced on a few occasions, but in shorter duration. Orfeo and his family went back to New Jersey to visit his in laws for Christmas vacation, and while outside he had one last visitation:
As I sat in the car for a moment breathing the clean, freah air and looking out over the twinkling lights of the countryside, I heard a familiar voice call my name. Surprised, I glanced around to see a tall, well-built figure approaching from a shadowed corner of the yard. Because I was so completely unprepared for such a meeting, it took me a moment to collect my thoughts and realize that the familiar voice could be none other than that of Neptune. As he came nearer to the car I could see him fairly well in the soft light. He appeared just has he that night down by the Los Angeles River. His closely-fitted "uniform" wavered like restless clouds of light and shadow.
But somehow I felt altogether different meeting him now; there was none of the eerie feeling I had experienced upon the occasion of our first meeting.
He seemed he seemed to feel much as I did, for he said cheerfully: "A merry Christmas to you, Orfeo." His warm, radiant smile was still the same, as was his noble bearing and everything else about him; yet I was able to comprend and understand him so much more easily now. I wondered, has he desended closer to my level, or had I, since my strange "awakening" in that other world, risen nearer to his?
He answered the question for me . "You are indeed a dweller in two worlds now, Orfeo. Sometimes it is difficult for you to determine which world is subtance and which is shadow, or if both are not merely differing degrees of subtance. But you have done well, considering all that you have been through these last two years. In reality you are now liberated from your planet, Earth and are a citizen of the cosmos. For seven Earth days you were conscious in our world as it existed in Time, while I kept watch over your physical body its normal duties here on Earth. Thus in a way I am a part of you even as you are a part of me. There now exist eternal bonds of understanding between us"
As he spoke, I thought of a puzzling statement he had made to me during our first meeting. It was that memorable night down by the Los Angeles River. I distinctly remembered that he had said: "We shall return, dear friend, but not to you." I remembered the words so well because I had been so saddened to hear them. Thus I looked at him now I was thinking that his very presence there seemed to belie those words.
He smiled again and said gently: "In reality we have not returned to you, Orfeo. You came to us. When you awakened as one of us, you had come home. Don't you understand? We are not returning to the shadow, Orfeo; our lost brother has returned to us. And from our first contact with you we never in reality ever left you."
I grasped the meaning of his words, for I well knew I was no longer the same person who, confused and bewildered, had stepped half-fearfully into the saucer that night under the Hyperion Avenue Bridge. "Yes," I replied thoughtfully. "What you say is true. Earth to me now often seems like strange land where I have been a prisoner who has forgotten his native home."
"But you are no longer a prisoner, Orfeo. You have broken the chains of matter. Thus can you realize that you were a prisoner--and that realization is all important. The vast majority of Earth's people never dream of their true status."
It would seem that these human extraterrestrials are interested in our spiritual evolution, that we would each seek to awaken ourselves spiritually. Perhaps the meaning of the music in the movie Inception can now be realized:


  1. strange lights on ceres...

    1. The lights are most likely caused by ice. Orfeo wrote a subsequent work, "Son of the Sun" in which it was explained that Orfeo's experience on the planet was actually a sort of hologram on a ship orbiting Venus. I briefly reference that work here: The Venusians of Proxima Centauri. You can find PDF of the book here:


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