Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Extraterrestrial Contacts by HAM Radio

In the 18th century, Emanuel Swedenborg received information that extraterrestrials inhabited other planets in our solar system, which he originally published in his work Heavenly Arcana (aka Arcana Coelestia, meaning "Heavenly Secrets"). To support these claims, in this blog I have been showing NASA footage of extraterrestrial UFOs in our solar system. In the course of this research I found evidence that a youtube video was tampered with to remove the UFO from the footage - and the only organization that has the capability (and motive) to hack in and do that is the NSA. To my surprise, I discovered that the NSA has disclosed on their web site that we have intercepted an extraterrestrial radio signal - see the blog post NSA Discloses We have made Extraterrestrial Contact. I then decided to decode it to doublecheck and correct the original NSA analysis - see A Decoded NSA Extraterrestrial Radio Signal from Outer Space. There were two surprises with this decoding:
1. The extraterrestrial radio signal contains information concerning the periodic table of the elements that shows scientific knowledge that was AHEAD OF ITS TIME, even for the year 1969 when the NSA article was published internally.
2. From the periodic table of the elements of the radio signal, we can date the original radio signal to much earlier - some time between the year 1950 and 1952, possibly the year 1953.
In the early 1950s there was a large number of sightings of UFOs in 1952 - they even flew around the Washington D.C. capital. Large artificial satellites were detected in orbit around the earth in 1953 and 1954. Later, William Cooper stated in a speech to MUFON in 1989 that the U.S. Military had made radio contact with extraterrestrials in 1953 in a project known as "Project Sigma" - this I discussed in The Origin of the NSA Extraterrestrial Radio Signal.


A hit a dead end on this, until I started to research the claims of the early UFO contactees of the 1950s. One of the early contactees was George Hunt Williamson who had witnessed a contact between George Adamski and a flying saucer from Venus. On June 21, 1954 George Hunt Williamson gave a lecture in Detroit Michigan (see A Message From Our Space Brothers) in which he said this:
In the book Flying Saucers Have Landed, Mr. Adamski has several good pictures of saucers. The great astronomical observatories of the world also have pictures of saucers. I have a friend who went to school with one of the astronomers who is now working at the "Big Eye" (telescope) at Mount Palomar. Many times the students of various universities are allowed to spend time at the Big Observatory to work on certain projects. This friend of mine was at Mount Palomar and asked his former classmate, the astronomer, how it was that an amateur photographer like George Adamski could get pictures of saucers and Mount Palomar could not, and if Adamski's pictures were fake. The astronomer replied that Mr. Adamski's pictures were NOT fake and if he thought Adamski's pictures were good, he should see the ones they have at Mount Palomar.
The government has the story. They also have made radio contact with saucers. Whether they will ever give out this information or not we do not know. They may wait until we all know about it and then confirm it. There is a project known as MQ707 at Edwards Air Force Base which is a project for telecommunication with saucers. They contact these craft and attempt to get them to land.
This provides another confirmation that we made radio contact with extraterrestrials, perhaps in 1952 or 1953. Different witnesses have come forward and stated we indeed made contact with aliens who landed at Edwards AFB in February of 1954. It was there that President Eisenhower is said to have been at the meeting (see Eisenhower and His Alien Contacts : Part 1 and Eisenhower and His Alien Contacts: Part 2).


Now comes the big surprise - George Hunt Williamson is known as a contactee because he and a group of people claims they made extraterrestrial radio contact via short wave Ham Radio in 1952. The signal of communication was very strong, and originated in the atmosphere overhead from the saucers themselves. He published the experience of the group of people in his book The Saucers Speak! in 1954, as well as the messages of what the flying saucers were telling them. I would have said a month or so ago that this was just a bunch of quackery. But now I am reassessing that opinion for the following reasons:
1. Portions of NASA have been lying to the public about the true physical nature of the planets in our solar system to hide the extraterrestrial presence. They have tampered with photos and videos, and have fed false information to scientists.
2. The NSA claims we made radio contact with extraterrestrials, which probably was about the same time as George Hunt Williamson did in 1952.
3. Many of the radio messages that this group received in 1952 provided information that was later verified and could have only come from extraterrestrials. A message would indicate their saucer was flying in a certain area, which would be confirmed later in newspaper reports.
4. This contact by ham radio was not just from a single individual. It was witnessed by a group of people, who all signed a notarized affidavit:


I have selected portions of the radio transmissions as published in The Saucers Speak by George Hunt Williamson. In these radio transmissions, there is a sense of urgency for contact by these extraterrestrials. From these transmissions it will become apparent why they have kept their presence secret for thousands of years and did not wish to have direct contact with planet Earth. Certain events took place in 1952 which did not bode well for the future of our planet, and after internal debate they decided to reveal their presence.

In these transmissions, "Masar" is the name for Mars. This word is similar to the Hebrew name for Egypt. The name of the Sphinx is the same as the Egyptian name for Mars, and the Arabic name for Cairo is also a name for Mars. After these transmissions exploration of Mars revealed pyramid like structures as well as a human face on its surface, which was well publicized by Richard Hoagland. The name for our planet Earth is "Saras" - I believe this originates from the Sumerian/Babylonian word "sar" which is a unit the number 3600. The number 360 was used in ancient times to approximate the solar year of about 365.25 days.


In this message, they reveal they are flying overhead in southern California - which of course is near Edwards Air Force Base:
'You are a dead civilization. We want your cooperation. Time is limited. I am Nah-9 of Solar X Group. I am the leader of a contact group. We were seen over Southern California last night and early today.' (Sunday, 3 August, newspapers carried stories of Air Force jet fighter bases being alerted for instant pursuit of saucer objects. They had been seen over the Mojave Desert at 11:45 p.m., Friday night, 1 August, and Saturday morning at 12:14 a.m., 2 August. Our contact had told us this information before we knew they had been observed.)
Why have they not made contact before? Because humans on planet Earth tend to be selfish and materialistic, and completely ignore their spiritual side:
'We are friends of those interested, but we are not interested in those of the carnal mind. By that we mean the stupid preservation of self; disregarding the will of the Creative Spirit and His Sons.'
'Your world has been observed for over 75,000 years. A survey was begun long ago of this planet Earth. How can we deny the eternal verities; Life, God, the Creator's place in the divine scheme? How can we sit by and watch the progress of evil men on this blob, the Earth? Come now, if you wish the answers that all mankind has been searching for since time began. You are wishing for these answers.'
These extraterrestrials are human in appearance:
'Our group will be a duplicate of yours. We represent the people of outer space, you represent your world Saras. Cycles are computed by a group for this known as "Timekeepers."
'We have not wanted to interfere with men of Saras before. All men must make their progress wherever they are. But we cannot stand by and see another waste.
'We are all of the same Creation! Warning! There will soon be a destructive blast to be felt on Saras. This is of your own manufacture. Evil planetary men, who abound, will attempt contact with evil men of Saras for destruction! The good men of Saras must unite with the good men of Universe. Great destruction can be caused by your H-bomb. It could all come too soon. Some destruction will come for sure! We have been alerted. We repeat, it is most important that you organize.'
Note that the above message says, "Evil planetary men, who abound, will attempt contact with evil men of Saras for destruction." A hostile extraterrestrial race was about to make contact with the United States government. The other reason for disclosure of their presence and direct intervention was the development of the atomic bomb. The United States was about to conduct a hydrogen bomb test. This occurred later on Nov. 1, 1952 in a project known as Ivy Mike:

This was followed by a hydrogen bomb test by the Soviets in 1953:

Another test by the United States known as Castle Bravo followed, in which a hydrogen bomb was detonated at Bikini Atoll in the Marshall islands in 1954. Due to a miscalculation, the blast was 250% more powerful leading to much radioactive contamination - the Bikini Atoll remains uninhabited to this day:

The danger of nuclear warfare is very real and still present. The conflict in Syria may spill over into Iran, and with Iran there is a danger of conflict between the U.S., Russia and China. And as a side note, here is a video of multiple UFOs that have been sighted over Syria, dated to September and October of 2012:

And another UFO over Syria during a gun battle from November of 2012:

The radio messages claimed not to be just from Mars, but from Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Andromeda and possibly Sirius (the dog star, or wolf):
'Jupiter-9999, Ankar-22 speaking: Bell Flight from Jupiter joining Masar. Jupiter now leading group. Mercury, Morning Star (Venus), Andromeda-26470 and Wolf-359 are also in group. There are all he (males) in our group. Yon must have a group for contact. Band yourselves together.'
In these messages the word "bell" is used to describe a flying saucer. The following message predicts that a landing would be made by 1956:
'By 1956 Bell Flight-9 will come to Saras. We have chosen you as you have chosen us and we know what your purpose is. It has been known since the very beginning. You all have a job to do for this Earth. Some chosen ones will be removed from Saras. Separate black from white (races are not meant here) and only a few will be saved. This is to preserve Earthian thought beginnings. Changes can take place, however. Yes, there will be a new Earth! There is much we must cope with. Your actions and plans will be guided by the powers of the Universe with the Creative Spirit's guidance. The evil forces of darkness will tell you that you can die for all of the research you are doing. They will say you can be destroyed, so the good can never accomplish a plan.'
The above message states that there is a certain level of danger for direct contact, as it can lead to government interference. This shows up repeatedly with valid contact cases. The next message is strange. It states that volcanic eruptions on Mars were caused by atomic explosions on earth:
'Ankar-22 speaking of outer space contact: You have read about the recent explosions on Masar. These were not of our doing but were caused by your atomic experimentation. This caused extreme volcanic eruptions on Masar. Our bells are saucers. Crystal bells. Mankind must awaken or there will be an end to your civilization. More sincere ones will be added to your group as time goes on.'
An atomic or volcanic explosion on Mars? I have never heard of that. From the book The Giza Death Star Destroyed: The Ancient War for Future Science by Joseph P. Farrell, p. 81:
Japanese astronomer Tsuneo Saheki, professional observer of Mars since 1933, witnessed a [luminous] display accompanied by intermittent radiation bursts that he took to be signals; on January 15, 1950, he reported seeing what he thought could be "An atomic explosion on Mars." It was a brilliant flare attaining the brightness of a sixth-magnitude star, lasting for five minutes. Thirteen years later, author V.A. Firsoff agreed with Saheki's assessment in his Life Beyond Earth: "No terrestrial volcano could produce a light of such brilliance; a megaton hydrogen bomb could."
I am trying to get the date right - every time I look this up I am seeing a different date for what Japanese astronomer Tsuneo Saheki saw (some references say 1949, others 1950, and the next 1951). Why is there such a mix up on the date? From Solving the Martian Flares Mystery:
On the night of December 8, 1951, one of Japan’s leading planetary observers, Tsuneo Saheki of the Osaka Planetarium, was examining the tiny 5.3 arc-second disk of Mars through his 8-inch Newtonian reflector at a magnification of 400X in fairly good seeing. At 21:00 U.T. a “very small but extremely brilliant spot” suddenly appeared at the eastern end of a feature in the Martian tropics known as Tithonius Lacus, which had rotated over the morning limb but was still almost 50 degrees from the central meridian.
"It was very white and brilliant but extremely tiny. Its diameter was quite inappreciable for my 8-inch telescope, being perhaps less than 0.5 arc-second. At first I could not believe my sight because the appearance was so completely unexpected, and I thought that it must be an illusion caused by motes in my eye. More careful examination revealed that it was not such an illusion but was a true phenomenon on Mars! I continued to observe it carefully for half an hour.
During the next five minutes it remained present and always twinkled like a fixed star Its brightness surpassed that of the north polar cap, then rather brilliant late in the northern spring of Mars. The stellar magnitude of the spot was perhaps five or six.
At 21:05 the brightness of the spot now decreased, and it gradually became a small, dull, cloud-like spot about equal in diameter to Tithonius Lacus. By 21:10 the spot was only a common white cloud near the limb. After 21:40 it very rapidly faded out until I could see no trace of the white spot
The article continues on this phenomenon and entitles the section as "NUKES AND KOOKS." Tsuneo Saheki's observation created quite a stir in the public media at the time. He dismissed the explanation that a nuclear weapon had exploded on Mars as "unreasonable." So what is it? Its not a volcano. Its not a meteorite either. In the year 1962 in the peer reviewed journal of Science, this event was included in a list of Martian features "most easily understood on the assumption that they are the product of intelligent beings." So is this evidence of a war between two extraterrestrial groups? Who would drop a nuclear bomb on Mars in 1951? This event is unexplained to this very day.


This story of a nuclear blast on Mars is just something that stretches the limits of belief.  As bizarre as it sounds, there is scientific evidence to support it.  In an article called Was There a Natural Nuclear Blast on Mars?, Dr. John Brandenburg, a senior propulsion scientist at Orbital Technologies Corp had this to say:
"The Martian surface is covered with a thin layer of radioactive substances including uranium, thorium and radioactive potassium -- and this pattern radiates from a hot spot [on Mars],” Brandenburg told FoxNews.com.
“A nuclear explosion could have sent debris all around the planet," he said. "Maps of gamma rays on Mars show a big red spot that seems like a radiating debris pattern ... on the opposite side of the planet there is another red spot."
According to Brandenburg, the natural explosion, the equivalent of 1 million one-megaton hydrogen bombs, occurred in the northern Mare Acidalium region of Mars where there is a heavy concentration of radioactivity.
This explosion filled the Martian atmosphere with radio-isotopes as well, which are seen in recent gamma ray spectrometry data taken by NASA, he said.
The radioactivity also explains why the planet looks red.
Brandenburg said gamma ray spectrometry taken over the past few years shows spiking radiation from Xenon 129 -- an increase also seen on Earth after a nuclear reaction or a nuclear meltdown, including the one at Chernobyl in 1986 and the disaster in Japan earlier this month.
Other scientists disagree, saying this radioactivity is part of a natural geological process. Another possibility is that it was the result of a meteor that exploded in mid-air, similar to the Tunguska event in Russia.
Brandenburg -- who once worked at Livermore himself -- defended his research, arguing that defense experts he talked to off the record said they agreed there are signs of a nuclear reaction.

In the following message, not only is an extraterrestrial from Mars present but one from Saturn as well:
'I am Regga of Masar, Council Circle meets. You were assembled tonight. Oara is here. He is the planetary representative of Saturn. I must tell you a few things of interest. These true facts may even surprise you, but they are so. Many of your people on Earth know them to be true. Your Sun, which is our Sun also, is not a hot flaming body. It is a cool body. One of our great astronomers believed this and stated it. The so-called solar prominences are as cool as your aurora borealis (northern lights). You do not necessarily have to have heat just because you have light. Look at your firefly. You think your Sun gives off great heat because you can "feel" it. Certain forces come from the Sun and when they enter the earth's magnetic field this resonating field causes friction. And from friction you get heat. There are other facts about the Sun I cannot tell you now. In outer space the Sun does not appear as bright as it does to you on Earth.'
This seems to be absolutely false. The Sun is cool and not hot??? The surface temperature is 5778 Kelvin. However if you think about it, empty space between the planets is extremely cold. We might be missing something here: perhaps if there is a vacuum not much heat would be created from the radiation. For this I could not find any scientific verification, so I will leave it at that for now. I did find the following web sites: The Sun is Cold Part 1 and The Sun is Cold Part 2. If someone can explain this better on a scientific basis, do drop me a note and I will update this section of the blog.


The following message is important, as it states that all planets of our solar system are inhabited. In the 18th century Emanuel Swedenborg said the exact same thing: all planets in our solar system are inhabited, and were created to sustain the human race (see below):
'Nah-9 here and also Zrs. Zrs is from Uranus. All planets are inhabited. Many moons are inhabited also. Planets were created to sustain the life of the human race. Your scientists are planning on going into space in rocket ships. You may get to your Moon, but not beyond that. Both of your Moons (yes, you have two; one is the `dark moon' of Earth. You never see it because of certain conditions) are within your own magnetic field. If you try to leave field with rocket power or atomic power you will be torn to pieces. Your first Moon is not as far away as you think. Your scientists say that the mean distance between the centres of the Earth and Moon is 238,857 miles. Distortion is present, they are wrong. Your first Moon has an atmosphere and water. Some of your scientists have observed snowstorms on the Moon. They have even seen meteors plunge through the Moon's atmosphere. There must be an atmosphere if they see them burn up. There are even inhabitants on the Moon! We have many bases of interplanetary nature there, also.'
Keep in mind the book was written in 1954. Apollo 11 landed on the Moon in the year 1969. Earth's magnetosphere was first observed in 1958, which extends about 40,000 miles towards the Sun and as far out as 3,900,000 miles away from the Sun. Beyond that, space travel is hard for humans as we are not protected against solar and cosmic radiation. On May 31, 2013 NASA announced that manned mission to Mars could face significant health risks based on energetic particle radiation detected on the Mars Science Laboratory while travelling from Earth to Mars in 2011-12. As for inhabitants on the Moon, NASA has uncovered alien structures on the Moon and this has been covered up - see Swedenborg and Life on Other Planets: Mars, and the Moon as well as Emanuel Swedenborg was right, and NASA is hiding it and Swedenborg and the Extraterrestrial UFO Phenomenon.  Moreover, clouds and luminescent lights have been photographed on the Moon, and flying saucers have been observed travelling across its surface and descending into craters. John Lear, the son of the inventor of the Lear Jet, has provided evidence that NASA is lying about the Moon - it has 64% of the gravity of the earth (not 1/6) and holds a thin atmosphere. Not only that - but NASA just recently verified that the Moon has plenty of water! The only part in the above radio message that has not been verified yet is Earth's second "dark moon." Before dismissing this, see the research of John P. Bagpy who thought Earth had periodically captured some other natural earth satellites in Mysterious UFO Satellites Orbiting Earth.


The following message seems to relate to the nature of the heat from the Sun, and due to this the temperatures of the planets of the Solar System are similar. There is again a reference to the danger of nuclear weapons, plus a lot of new information concerning Mars:
`I am Zo. I am head of a Masar contact group, but my home is Neptune. I am going to Pluto soon. Pluto is not the cold, dreary world your astronomers picture it to be. Mercury is not a hot, dry world, either. If you understood magnetism you would then see why all planets have almost the same temperatures regardless of distance from great Sun body. Sister rites are Universal rites. They are rotting. Earth is backward, too many wars. Peace to all men everywhere.'
'Zo again. "To apples we salt, we return." You may not understand this strange saying now, but someday you will. It is from one of our old prophecy legends. Rites will save your people. We are here to warn you. If there is dissension amongst you we will not contact you. Be calm and quiet! We have only love for all men. We hold certain councils on Uranus. We must now decide what to do about your planet Earth. Your bombs will destroy Universal balance. Your Hydrogen Bomb could make an asteroid belt out of you. This happened many years ago to planet of the fifth orbit. We knew what they were doing but we didn't interfere. We cannot stand by and see another waste. After their destruction there were terrible disasters on Masar. Great volcanic eruptions took place. Many of our people perished. We would have been thrown out of the Solar System and lost if we had not quickly constructed two artificial satellites. Some of your scientists have noticed that Phobos and Deimos reflect too much light to be made of earthy substance. They are right. They are metallic in nature. They readjusted our unstable condition and saved a planet.'
For life on Mars, I did find some strange stuff from the Curiosity rover. One, in successive photographs a rock disappears, and then reappears in a completely different location. In another series of shots, there is a flying saucer just hovering over the ground observing Curiosity rover. See Evidence of Extraterrestrial Life on Mars. Also, NASA is now saying that Mars once had rivers and oceans which could sustain life, and once had an atmosphere. One theory is that an asteroid hit Mars or passed closed by which caused the atmosphere to dissipate - this I discussed previously on Swedenborg and Life on other Planets. According to this radio message, this was due to the destruction on a planet that used to orbit the Sun between Mars and Jupiter. This is now occupied by an asteroid belt. There are not enough asteroids there to make up a planet, but if a planet was destroyed the other material may have become the moons and comets of this solar system. According to Bode's law, the area of the asteroid belt should have once been occupied by a planet.

Mars has two moons - Phobos and Deimos. Are they artificial? If so, that would show that Mars is still inhabited to this very day. From the web site Is Phobos an Artifical Structure?:
"Soviet Air Force Colonel Marina Popovich has gone on record stating that Phobos, one of the two Martian moons, is an artificial structure. She gave this information to CSETI’s International Director, Dr. Steven Greer. Her sources also advised that it is hollow. The credentials of Marina Popovich are second to none. A Ph.D. from the University of Leningrad, and graduate of the Military Flight school. At the peak of her career she set over 100 aviation records, of which 90 still stand unbroken. Her contacts on the subject stem from her former husband being the first man to rendezvous with another spacecraft in orbit, during the Vostok 4 flight, in August 1962."
This is not exactly news - this information has been suppressed and denied to the general public. One of the Phobos probes actually caught a picture of a UFO - see Swedenborg and Life on Other Planets: Mars, and the Moon. President Eisenhower was advised that the moon Phobos may be an orbiting space station - see Eisenhower White House On Mars' Moon Phobos Being Artificial. And if that's not enough, see European Space Agency Indicates Mars’ Moon Phobos is Hollow and Artificial!. Phobos may have been the subject of a Star Trek episode - see For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky! which also contains more evidence, and had inside knowledge from the ESA concerning Phobos. The blog The Secret Sun contains some good analysis of other Star Trek episodes.


In this radio transmission someone named "Affa" from the planet Uranus appears:
'This is Zo. It wasn't altogether our fault that we didn't make a good contact last night. Affa was talking to me last night. He helps us in many ways. Soon there will be another contact. You have already had good contact with us. Be patient! Affa is from the planet Uranus.'
More on Affa later. What is important here is that this particular message contains a warning -  a hostile extraterrestrial race was approaching earth from the constellation of Orion:
'We must tell you about Orion. Many there wish to conquer Universe. We are here to warn you of this also. However, we find few receptive persons on Saras. You are helping us now by what you are doing.'
'Nah-9 speaking: The Orion Solar Systems are much like Saras. The principles of good and evil are universal. Saras is the lowest in progression in your Solar System, but there are planets in the Creation that are above you and below you in state of progression. There is no beginning or end; no big nor small; no low nor high estate. We are all on the road to All Perfection. We must tell you that Orion is coming soon to Saras in a square star body. The year of decision is soon to come to you! We will be seen by more and more people in 1953, We want to land and you can be of help to us. Will you? We are happy. Be patient, for you were lucky you even heard us on the radio the other night. Affa is afraid Saras is too evil. You wonder how long our space flights take us. It takes only a few minutes to go from Masar to Saras. We do not fly as you think of flying, but we drift or glide on magnetic lines of force. We need no fuel. We operate in a Resonating Electromagnetic Field just like planetary bodies do...'
So, who are the ones from Orion? The alien greys. The ones abducting people for a possible genetic hybrid breeding program. See the previous blog post The Orion Messages of Stan Romanek, in which the greys declare that they come from the planet Orion. Others have also reported that they originate from Orion. Are they hostile? Some are - there are indication that some are abducted to never be returned, and there have been some human mutilations. For that see Extraterrestrial Cattle Mutilations - and Secret Intelligence.

The same day the group received another warning about the extraterrestrial race from Orion, plus some additional information about our solar system:
`This is a member of Masar Flight speaking. Saturn Tribunal has given permission for a possible landing. Uranus has to be won over in Universal Tribunal. Saturn is the seat of justice, but not "justice" as you know it. Orion systems want to destroy. You have more than nine planets in your Solar System. Patras is next beyond Pluto, and there are twelve all told.'
There are ancient myths which declared that our solar system has twelve planets. Up until the year 2002, scientists declared we only had nine planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Then in 2003, another planet was discovered beyond Pluto, which was named Haumea. Beyond Haumea, Makemake was discovered in 2005. Beyond Makemake, Eris was discovered also in the year 2003. That makes 12 planets in our solar system.  In 2006 these three new planets along with Pluto were declared by astronomers to be "dwarf planets". Ceres is also a dwarf planet, but as it resides in the asteroid belt, it is probably not included as it may be a remnant of the planet that was destroyed.

The next message describes the various different UFOs that have been reported. Another interesting point concerns their religion: they fear not death. Death is the next step in the progression of the soul:
'Zo again. I will be staying at base on first Moon tonight. We usually take no women on our survey or scientific trips. There are several types of space craft. One is a Scout Craft holding one or two men that appears to fly upside down and has an antenna-like projection on the bottom; another is an arrow-shaped or crescent-shaped craft, it is a Master-Craft for it will guide many crystal bells in mass flight formation; then there is the Mother-Ship that you call a cigar-shaped craft. These latter can be many miles in length and send out the green 'fireballs' to explode, then photographs of the magnetic fault lines can be taken. You would be astonished if you knew what these fireballs really were. They are not the same as your remote-controlled devices. Most bells do not travel between planets, for they are carried within the Mother-Ships. There are ships that look like tubes; craft that are round with an opening in the centre; and triangular-shaped craft. Some of these ships have a high intensity field and others have a low intensity field. The flatter the form, the more intense the field of the craft. The small discs a few inches in diameter are in the fireball class although they are not all used for the same purposes. Saras is like a space ship. We operate the same way. Look and listen. We know what life is. There is no death, for all life is eternal. Peoples of Saras are afraid of death. But it should be a time of rejoicing for a soul has gone on to greater progressions. Pray for the salvation of Creation. Good night, my beloved friends.'


More of their spiritual beliefs come out in this message. Concerning the religions of our planet Earth, their comment is that many people read and hear, but do not live according to the principles of their religion:
'Regga of Masar. We wish to clear up certain things. These are things you have been wondering about. You wonder if we have advanced in medical science. We have not. We have no disease! Disease-ridden bodies are caused by man's wrong living. We are ahead of you in development. You Earth people are always thinking in terms of years. But in your years we are many thousands of years ahead of you. Venus is farther ahead yet, and other planets even more so. We of Masar are next to you in progression. We have slight change in seasons, the other worlds have perfect weather at all times. We have great powers, but we have not destroyed each other because we have followed the Infinite Father. You have not. Yes, you have many churches and seem to worship what you call God. But you worship by word, not by deed. You say, "Peace is for the strong." Your Holy Book tells you, "The meek shall inherit the earth." "Thou shalt not kill," yet you kill. One came and said to you, "Turn the other cheek." But you do not. Your government contacted us a few years ago. They would like to know our secrets, but they never will no matter how hard they try.'
The above message is interesting. The U.S. Government - or U.S. military - made contact with those of Mars "several years ago." And these radio transmissions came in 50 years ago. If true, what has been happening all that time? Is the U.S. military in secret contact with Mars? Believe it or not, some unusual witnesses have come out of the woodwork and said yes - but that is another topic for another time.


An alternate, semi-telepathic means was used for the following message. It again contains a warning concerning the extraterrestrial race from Orion. Another interesting point is that they reference a fictional movie in order to communicate certain messages to the public:
'This is Zo. Our worlds have the same atmosphere as yours. Some men of Saras will make visits someday to our worlds. There are certain men trying hard to contact us, but we will not pay any attention to them. Mr. R was sceptical at first. Remember, Orion is evil. The movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still was for a purpose and was more fact than fiction. Watch all nature for signs of catastrophe. The signs, such as tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, and so on will come to Saras soon and will get worse as time goes on. USSR is aware of us, too. Earth's last mile, we sad. It is impossible to reason with the peoples of Earth. Soon all could end here. Some will not see it, except from elsewhere, from outside.'
In addition to the United States, contact had been made with Russia. Which makes sense, considering they were about to explode an atomic bomb in 1953.


The following message was from one Ponnar who claimed to be from Andromeda, again repeating a warning about nuclear weaponry:
'Ponnar again, we are very strong now. Magritonic waves at pitch of 999887 and micomitronic vibrations can tear a radio receiver to pieces if not used correctly. Mr. R wonders why we have not contacted well-known scientists. We have contacted them, but many will not listen. They think Universal laws are insane. Garr of Pluto is here, also Oara of Saturn and Zo, he is on Moon. More detonations soon, more disasters on Saras. Quickly, not too much time left. Worlds can end. Many scientists will refuse to continue work on bombs.' 
'Kadar Lacu. Too many people last night. Much confusion. Fewer the better for mind concentration. Otherwise conflicting thoughts. We have not traveled all the way to Saras to give misinformation. Many receptive people of Saras have been living with those who are doltish for too long. Seeds may be planted but they can rot and never reach maturity.'
`Ponnar speaking. Do not think of us as Gods. We are men like yourselves. We are only far ahead of you in progression. What we are today you can be tomorrow. The Creative Spirit is greater than man. At mention of His name, all worlds should bow. Do not speak of Him lightly. When it is safe we shall come in on radio. If you knew how soon destruction could come to Saras you would go screaming through the streets! We have saved your world several times already. The United Nations would believe certain men, if catastrophes were foretold before they happened. Maybe certain men will be raised for this duty. It is later than you think! You must at all times try to be in harmony with each other. Love one another, my friends.'
`This is Zo. We will soon be at our meeting place on Fowser, the "dark" moon of your Earth. You are wondering about the Cosmic Dust cloud that you have heard shall soon come to Saras. Yes, this is true. It will come. And it will darken the Sun and Moon. Strange things will happen in your world. Great meteors shall be seen in the skies. I hope we might have a landing soon. Try radio again soon. USSR has been doing research in magnetic science. Recently many scientists were destroyed in Baltic area when a terrific explosion took place there. You will always notice a drop in temperature after these explosions. Oara of Saturn is here. You must know that Saras is a Masar name for your planet. Others call your world Chan. (Chan is very similar to certain ancient words meaning, 'afflicted'.) If we can arrange a landing do not fear impostors. You can be sure it will be us. On Hatonn your records can be seen. All thoughts are recorded there. Crystals are valuable to us. With a crystal miracles can be performed. Do not forget that there are evil forces. They will try to break you up, but stay together now, for the time is close. Do not get sidetracked. End soon, time short.'
`Zo again. As time goes by, the way will be made harder and harder to make contact with us for evil will be pushed closer and closer to Saras. Therefore, we must make landing contact soon. Be very careful. You may go your own way if you wish, but you know what we have told you. If you believe us you will act accordingly. What you do with this knowledge is up to you. What we have told you will all come to pass. No man knows the hour, but it will come. Others have been told, but they went the way of all flesh on Saras. That is why we have been around for so long. Evil forces are always strong. Human nature has always fought this forbidden knowledge. Forces play on human frailties. Many have known in centuries past, but they either go insane because they could not live Universal Law or because they could not meet change. All changes but change itself. Few have been receptive, but you have been. Therefore, we have been interested in you. You know what must be done, so do it. We will do our part if you do yours. If there is disharmony amongst you, we are confused and cannot make definite plans. We must know what you intend to do. We told you over the radio to show us when you are ready to venture. The blind of Saras are more blind now. People cannot see the handwriting on the wall.'
`Ponnar. Look to Him for strength in this hour of universal doom. Without Him, all is lost. The Creative Spirit watches.'
`Regga. You must decide now. Council waits. Worlds hang in balance. We can't wait much longer. Our time is short. If some of us must be sacrificed, then His will be done. We have come to Saras over millions of miles at a terrible cost. This has been because of our love for all men, everywhere. We are here to help those who wish to be helped. You have done nothing to displease us. But certain forces will try to discourage you in this undertaking that lies just ahead of you. Remember that weeks ago we told you to organize, be careful, and to be of one mind. The Universe awaits. Do you understand? We cannot do anything but good. Law of Universe. If we do anything but good, then we are evil. You want to do good, we know that.'
`This is Adu of Hatonn. You are given impressions on what to do. There are those on Saras who contact us this way. But you have not yet learned to separate your own thoughts from ours. Action speaks louder than words. That is an old Saras saying. We act, you act. Push-pull. Do whatever you think is right and necessary. We will guide you with the help of the Infinite Father.'

The following message is interesting, as it mentions the four fundamental forces of the universe:
`Zo again. Ro from the Toresoton Solar System is here with me and wishes to greet you. We walk the streets, but cannot come to visit with you in your home just yet. We cannot say why. We have friends on Elala, Planet 15 in Solar System 22. The Four Great Primary Forces are: Static Magnetic Field; Electro-Static Field; Electro-Magnetic Wave; Resonating Electro-Magnetic Field. Your scientists do not understand the last one mentioned. We have a symbol for this in the Solex Mal. It is similar to your so-called swastika. The Four Forces coming out of the Creator. It is one of the most ancient of Saras symbols. That is not strange. It is because the ancient people of your world understood nature and this knowledge has since been lost to you.'
The swastika was indeed an ancient symbol before it was used by Nazi Germany: it also appears as a symbol of the rotating heavens around the pole star. In current science, the four fundamental forces of the universe are called gravitational, electro-magnetic, weak force, and the strong force. For the weak nuclear force, it was a theory first proposed in 1933. It was unified with electro-magnetism in 1968. The existence of the W and Z bosons were not confirmed until 1983. Scientific knowledge concerning the strong nuclear force developed much later after this message was received. From Nuclear Force:
"Historically, it was a formidable task to describe the nuclear force phenomenologically, and the first semi-empirical quantitative models came in the mid-1950s. There has been substantial progress in experiment and theory related to the nuclear force. Most basic questions were settled in the 1960s and 1970s."
The message describes the four forces as different manifestations of electro-magnetism, which seems to be incorrect. But is it? The weak force is now known as a manifestation of electro-magnetic force. More on that later in another blog post. From what I have been able to gather, in 1952 when this message was received the four fundamental forces of the universe were still unknown. See The Spiritual Symbolism of the Four Forces for some thought on the symbolism of these forces.

`Regga speaking. Men of Saras have sought only the ways of the flesh. They have a form of spirituality, but deny the power and majesty of the Creator. The so-called educated man is a fool, the nations are bathed in the blood of myriads of young men, women and children. What will Saras do with her new powers' You are as children with a dangerous toy. We are out in the vastness, and we watch your industries where greed is born; your capitals where wars are born; your laboratories where discoveries are made. We see the birth cradle and we see the early death shroud. There is something far more beautiful, more satisfying, than you have attained. We have been observing you for a long time now. We are your brothers. Have we not shown this to be true over and over again? If there is violence, it will be of your making, not ours! We know that among you there are those who desire and seek the love and knowledge which alone makes man free. We have tasted of it, and it is good, it is sweet. Look up, people of Saras. Be of one mind and purpose. We are not unattainable, for we are here with you! We wait, we watch, we listen!'

Most skeptics will say this is all a joke from another Ham radio operator. However I have only included portions of the contact - many radio messages would come in and state one of the flying saucers was in such and such a location, and this would be confirmed later in the news as I said earlier. The year 1952 saw a large influx of UFOs. Moreover, some of these radio messages include scientific information or predictions which were confirmed later. How did they know in 1954 we would land on the Moon? However, it gets better: there is independent confirmation from others that this was a valid extraterrestrial contact.

After these radio transmissions were received, George Hunt Williamson started to prepare to publish the group's experience in the book The Saucers Speak! It was at this point that a government official (probably CIA or FBI) - contacted Mr. Streeter, the ham radio operator. He confirmed - to Mr. Streeter's surprise - that the government had been monitoring the radio transmissions and even corrected some of the transcriptions. This official confirmed that they indeed had been in contact with flying saucers, which he freely admitted as there was no way to prove that the government made such an admission. The purpose of his visit? He told Mr. Streeter to convince George Hunt Williamson to not publish his book in the interests of "national security." They had already silenced about 15 other ham radio operators who had made contact with the flying saucers during the same time period. Needless to say, he was unable to convince Williamson to not publish the book as he could not reveal he had been contacted by the government, and had already given his permission for him to publish the book. This is detailed in the book The Saucers Speak!

So, did George Hunt Williamson make this up? I do no think so. In 1954, a house wife named Francis Swan began claiming she had started to receive telepathic messages from extraterrestrials that were orbiting the earth. For these unusual satellites that were observed at the time, see Mysterious UFO Satellites Orbiting Earth. Some of the names she received called themselves "Affa" and "Ponnar" - the exact same names that popped up in the radio transmissions for The Saucers Speak! She could have derived this information from the book itself perhaps, but what lends credence to Williamson's account is that Francis Swan was then visited by the CIA, the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, and Naval Intelligence. Why so? Because perhaps of the radio transmissions of George Hunt Williamson. But it gets even better: Francis Swan lived in the same vicinity as Betty and Barney Hill, who were abducted by alien greys in the 1960s. From "Good" versus "Bad" Alien:
In his work with Betty Hill, Knowles suggested that he put the two women together for a meeting. He felt that the experienced Mrs. Swan could comfort Mrs. Hill, and explain to her why that the aliens were here, and that there was nothing to fear from the encounter she had experienced.
To everyone’s surprise, when Knowles approached Mrs. Hill with the idea, Mrs. Swan flat out refused any meeting in any form. "Mrs. Hill," Mrs. Swan told Knowles was in contact with the "evil ones," and not the "good ones" that she had been involved with. She would have nothing to do with Hill and her little grey aliens.
Thus, just as the greys were making their appearance on the UFO stage, Mrs. Swan had already pointed them out as evil entities that were here to cause trouble. It appears that as the stories of the greys has developed, many researchers would agree with Mrs. Swan’s early assessment.
In an effort to try and explore this transition from the blonds of the 50's to the greys of the 60's, this author questioned Mrs. Swan in the late 1980s to explain the difference between the "good" aliens and the "evil" aliens. It was hoped Mrs. Swan might elaborate on just why the space brothers had disappeared and how and why the grays emerged on the UFO scene.
Mrs. Swan, however, would add nothing to my new theory about how the alien types had developed. Her advice was simple and biblical. "The ‘good ones’ work for God," she told me, and the ‘evil ones’ work for the devil. Read your Bible."

So, after these radio contacts were made, did they land? There are many reports that they did. This was the period of the UFO contactees. As the years progressed, the contacts diminished and were replaced with the UFO abduction phenomenon by the alien greys. I have seen one report of an abduction that occurred in the year 1954. And this brings me back to the blog post The Strange World of Milton William Cooper. Before the alien greys made contact with the Eisenhower administration at Edwards AFB in 1954, they were previously contacted by another extraterrestrial race who warned the government and military about this race from Orion. Cooper had no idea when or where this warning came from. I believe this warning came from the same group that made contact with the group of George Hunt Williamson. They would not share any technological knowledge with the government, but offered to share spiritual knowledge with them if they gave up the development of atomic weapons. This the government refused. Instead the military accepted the offer from the alien greys who agreed to exchange technology with us, as long as they were allowed to perform "medical tests" on the population. This the government apparently agreed to. I suspect they may have had little choice, and as part of the agreement for a technological exchange, the government agreed to help keep their presence secret. Thus we have the secrecy and non disclosure to this day.

So is the agenda of the alien greys peaceful? These extraterrestrial radio transmission indicate the overall intent is hostile. Their agenda is long term, and it is a very subtle and influential method of infiltration. It is a more advanced and intelligent type of warfare, which surpasses the older kind of warfare that takes place on the battlefield with guns and bombs. One witness, who claims to have read a top secret MJ-12 document, had this to say:
"The document covered the period from 1947 to 1977 when they were produced. They indicated that over this period we had two distinct treaties. There have been more since, I have been told. One [treaty] in 1947, initially with President Truman. One in 1953, with President Eisenhower... The 1953 treaty with President Eisenhower was an agreement, a coercive agreement against the USA on behalf of a hostile alien power that wished to be able to kidnap a number of citizens from the United States, which means of course that they had agreements with other nations as well."
"The numbers were unusually high. (The number mentioned later is 230,000) These were not people that were going to be detained, and probed, and returned. These were people that were going to be detained and butchered. They were very clear about that!"
The transcript was from Eisenhower and His Alien Contacts : Part 1. Whether the number given above is true or not, I do not know, but there have been some human mutilations. See Extraterrestrial Cattle Mutilations - and Secret Intelligence, where it was also discussed that 30,000 people go missing in the United States alone. If we put this together with the warnings from the radio transmissions witnessed by George Hunt Williamson, things start to add up.

Discovery of George Hunt Williamson's account in his book The Saucers Speak! was something more than I ever expected. It sheds a bit more light on the NSA extraterrestrial signal (see The Origin of the NSA Extraterrestrial Radio Signal) , which can be dated to around the same time period - the year 1952 perhaps. We can tentatively guess that this radio signal may have been received by Edwards AFB, in order to eventually arrange a landing. At about this time, the NSA was created. As the NSA is mandated to monitor all foreign communications, this would also include all extraterrestrial contacts. This part of the NSA would be hidden from most employees who work at the NSA, and knowlege given only to those on a need to know basis.

If the extraterrestrial radio contacts reported by Williamson are true, then that is an indication that Mercury, the Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all inhabited in one form or another, by an advanced race that may be thousands of years ahead of us. Long before any of these events, in the 18th century Emanuel Swedenborg said all the planets of our solar system were inhabited - he had made contact with them in a manner similar to remote viewing. Emanuel Swedenborg is not easy to dismiss: see The Confirmed Clairvoyance of Emanuel Swedenborg. The CIA makes use of remote viewing techniques similar to the abilities that Emanuel Swedenborg experienced.

The New Church - founded on scripture and the revelations given to Emanuel Swedenborg - has been expecting and looking for these extraterrestrials within our solar system for over 250 years. Perhaps we have now found them? As Swedenborg said in the 18th century, they use a form of telepathy and tend to avoid contact with those of Earth who exhibit selfishness and materialism. Many, who are not spiritually well grounded, are not ready for telepathic contact - thus there are many hoaxes. This one seems to be an exception. This group of extraterrestrials emphasize that we are all children of the Creator, that love is important, that we should be together of one mind and band together as a group, that we should expel the lower thoughts of the carnal self. And they have a high opinion of Jesus Christ. They will be interested in contacting us if we are interested in contacting them. When their presence is finally revealed, it may lead to a new spirituality here on earth. For now, perhaps safer for them to stay in the background...

Before publishing this blog post, a friend of mine had a dream about me where I played this golden musical instrument, and each time I used my hand to play it these golden strands of light would then begin to float in the air...


After posting this I later came across another case of extraterrestrial contact by HAM radio dating from the 1960s, this is the case of Robert P. Renaud:

Here is another photo:

For those of you who wish to investigate this further, after about 40 years of silence Robert P. Renaud decided to put up some material of his contacts on his own personal web site here: The Terrakor Files. These extraterrestrials are again human in appearance, claiming to originate from a star system 411 light years from our solar system, located about 3 degrees from Arcturus in the constellation of Bootes.  They identify themselves as part of the "Alliance," while another group of human extraterrestrials with an underground base on Mars are called the "Confederation."  The contacts warn of another hostile group of extraterrestrials interfering with matters on earth who are simply called the "Omegans."  Unlike the HAM radio contacts of George Hunt Williamson, I have been unable to find any factual evidence as independent confirmation, but this may change in the future. However I found this from Phone Calls From Korendor:
One skeptic, though, ufologist Allan Grise, came to the Berkshires to visit Bob at his home, and was intrigued by what he found. A professional engineer and ham-radio buff, Grise looked at Bob’s equipment and found that “everything seemed to make sense. The circuits were all appropriate to extend the receiving range.” He also listened to some tapes purported to be of conversations with Lin-Erri, whose voice he describes as having “a singsong, melodious quality,” and whose halting speech patterns suggested someone foreign managing well in English.
Another contactee Charles Hall had contact with some tall human looking extraterrestrials in Nevada, and reported this dialogue with them (from Charles Hall and the Tall White ETs):
A ripple of emotion passed through the crowd when I mentioned the star Arcturus, some 36 light years away. After a short pause, the older lady asked with some surprise, "Teacher, does Charlie know where we come from?"The Teacher replied, "No, not quite, but he is close."
However this group may be different, as the physical appearance of the Tall Whites reported by Charles Hall are different than those reported by Robert Renaud.


  1. The nuclear experimentation they blame for volcanic events on Mars isn't referenced as being on Earth.

    The nuclear experiment might have been the rumoured "attack" on Mars made after WW2 when supposedly the USA launched an interplanetary rocket at Mars with a nuclear warhead- much as they've now bombed Jupiter and the Moon.

  2. Yes, at first it reads like a nuclear explosion on earth caused a volcanic eruption on Mars which makes no sense. In fact it was a nuclear explosion on Mars. They state it was from our atomic experimentation.

    So, as unbelievable as it sounds, lets assume it was a nuclear explosion on Mars and it was from our atomic weaponry. We had no capability or motive to launch an interplanetary nuclear weapon to hit Mars. So, how did it get there?

    I found this article: "8 Nuclear Weapons the U.S. has Lost" at http://mentalfloss.com/article/17483/8-nuclear-weapons-us-has-lost. Here is the first atomic bomb we lost:

    "February 13, 1950. An American B-36 bomber en route from Alaska to Texas during a training exercise lost power in three engines and began losing altitude. To lighten the aircraft the crew jettisoned its cargo, a 30-kiloton Mark 4 (Fat Man) nuclear bomb, into the Pacific Ocean. The conventional explosives detonated on impact, producing a flash and a shockwave. The bomb's uranium components were lost and never recovered. According to the USAF, the plutonium core wasn't present."

    So, if UFOs monitor nuclear missile silos they might monitor nuclear shipments as well. If they saw this event, they might have decided to pick up the atomic components of this bomb - which the USAF said went "missing." The ETs then said, "Hey, lets see what this does." They go drop it on Mars. Unknown to them, the underground Martians get really upset. The ETs on Mars are forced to intervene, and thus in the radio messages of 1952 they warn against the ETs that come from Orion.

    I did not hear about bombing Jupiter, but NASA did bomb the Moon. As to why they did that, I have no idea - probably to test the efficiency of a new weapon.

  3. From a 40 year military intelligence and civilian defense contractor POV, absolute hogwash!

    Why is it that those of inferior intelligence or real-world scientific background always publish what is presumed to be the "word?"

    First, the broadcasts from the atmosphere could never be DF'd at that time by those claiming to have done so based on their location and antennas - fact check before writing little boy fantasy stuff, please.

    Second, no nuclear blast at that time would have done anything unless all were detonated, and then mankind would perish, not the Earth.

    Third, like Global Warming, the Earth has been through many cycles that explain its instability at times as all stable systems must have iterative chaotic periods at time.

    Fourth, we will self-destruct as a organized form of biological entities as we only know one form of this structure, civilization and the current moronic mob following Obama have proven to be zombies for a coming dictatorship or ruling oligarchy of new World socialist. That will be the end of free thought in the name of some higher ordered society peaceful to the extent that you do and say and think what you are told i a flat organization at the bottom that this current leadership has proven to be above.

    Fifth and sadly, American youth has doomed this nation and hence the free world as they are a lot of whiny self-serving instant gratification types; meaning in real-world warfare they are useless where brain and muscle and courage are required to defeat an advanced race that some claim are here to help us when ancient history has proven they were demanding and often violent gods. One cannot count on the same 26% of our youth that do serve America to defeat an invasion by a race from space. Thinking they are here to serve man is naive and hopeful. If you had a neighbor bent on war due to a few egotistical and immoral individuals every 10 years or so, and their technology was advancing so fast, why would you save them and waste the energy and time to do so? For what end?

    Any advanced race would preserve itself with a defense based on an offense. None have ever survived returning to some pacifist cultural vein, but collapsed or faded under the weight of its people grown fat, complacent and immoral as Rome did.

    Too bad that this all is not true - but lessons here on earth often teach us when some claim to be superior there is a price mankind pays for their claim, and often in blood, death and destruction.

    The only bomb in this article is the author, poor journalism and the fact he assumes superior knowledge of when even in my work from a distance all this is easily misproven with facts, and real-time investigation that any imbecile with a 12" telescope or better can visually see...and from Geospatial background, those features on Mars maybe factual but show no advanced civilization still exists in numbers to affect us as a planet - only affecting those of sub-human intellect or the loss of rational thinking and sound scientific methodology in writing this repetitive wishful material.

    If you want to join an advanced civilization, then quit wasting your time with this endeavor and garbage and make somethin of yourself in the real world of men and women doing reality, not fantasy from Ur-anus!

    1. If you think this is hogwash, then that tells me your security clearance was not high enough during the time you were a contractor. Or, you simply have not looked at the evidence, where multiple high level military sources have come forward to state that not only is this phenomenon real, but there is physical evidence to back it up. I encourage you to take a look at the "Disclosure Project" by Dr. Steven Greer. And if you think these witnesses are unreliable concerning this particular case, then I would recommend that you examine the blog articles concerning the NSA extraterrestrial radio signal that the NSA has published on their site, after they lost a lawsuit.

      So first, on the HAM radio contacts, if you examined UFO contacts at length you would understand that they possess a certain technology where they can affect electrical instruments at a distance, and not necessarily by waves travelling through space. Witnesses have come forward who have stated that they have the ability to turn on and off nuclear missiles remotely. We are just beginning to understand this through quantum entanglement.

      Second, this was the beginning of the McCarthy era, so the fear was very real. It is always best to address a problem before it becomes worse.

      Fourth, its a bit simplistic to call capitalism "good" and socialism "evil." Both have to be balanced. With capitalism, wealth and power become concentrated into the hands of the few. With just socialism, the economy will fall apart. As for Obama, look at what Bush has done. That administration completely destroyed the state of Iraq, and now it is splintering along religious lines. Whereas before it was under the rule of socialist dictator, we now have something worse: it becomes a safe haven for terrorism. But that, of course, also has to do with the policies of the CIA, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia in their attempt to overthrow Assad. Another topic. The potential future I see for America is a potential military-police state following a disaster that disables the republican government. The Patriot Act and Homeland security are a step in that direction.

      Your fifth point is due to a society based on materialism and individualism, not socialism. And the U.S. does not put enough emphasis on education, but basically has to import brain power from abroad though the H-1 Visa program. If you travel abroad you will have a better understanding of what I am talking about. Why is there not enough education? We pour in tons of money into the military and black budget programs.

      As for the extraterrestrial agenda, there are friendlies and hostiles, most are probably neutral. Unfortunately a certain group has made a deal with the hostile sort in exchange for technology. They won't have to invade, they will infiltrate from within. Sort of like what the CIA does with third world governments.

      The Vatican knows about the extraterrestrial presence which is why they purchased their own telescope, and they have observed UFOs through their telescope where the data cannot be filtered by NASA. Although there are plenty of videos that slipped through the censors from NASA itself.

      As for Mars, and possibly Venus, those planets probably had inhabitable environments many millions of years ago. If there is anything there now, it would be underground.

      If you are looking for stronger evidence, there is plenty out there. Probably one of the strongest cases is this one: Largest Mass Sighting of a HUGE UFO: the Phoenix Lights. There are many internal government documents that have been declassified that shows this is of high interest to the military. The evidence and facts are on my side.

    2. For those interested in how the U.S. Government, including the military, CIA and NSA is involved in UFOs, see a summary at UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry. It also covers the large influx of UFOs in the year 1952. I will quote from it:

      The CIA gets involved and concludes a study:
      - Flying saucers are not a threat to national security but reports of flying saucers are.
      - Military personnel should be trained in proper observation of flying saucers.

      Programs should be created to debunk flying saucers to the citizenry

      Also, against anyone who reaches the obvious conclusion that UFOs are here and starts to publicize it, the CIA adopted a particular policy. I will quote from Hynek:

      "The public was, in fact, placed in the role of 'the
      enemy,' against whom 'counterespionage' tactics must
      be employed. From my personal experience, I
      frequently felt that those in charge did consider people
      who reported UFOs or who took a serious interest in
      them and wanted information about them, as
      enemies." (UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry,
      p. 243)

  4. I was squirming while reading the illogical rant by "Anonymous". Most certainly I represent the majority of readers who are exceedingly grateful for your throughly researched and intelligent articles. Please do not listen to this person who obviously has a political axe to grind. Thanks for your outstanding reporting and please continue with the great work.

    1. It was certainly an interesting comment, not sure where he was coming from. I must say I am surprised with all the information that is just sitting out there in the open and no one seems to be looking at it - 50 years later some of our science is beginning to catch up to confirm some of these strange accounts. At the beginning I thought Swedenborg's 18th century account of extraterrestrials in "Earths in the Universe" was wrong, but now I am finding good evidence for the Moon, Mars, and even a bit on Venus and Mercury. I cannot yet explain his account for Jupiter or Saturn. The biggest surprise is perhaps what I have written concerning Epsilon Eridani. Many of these ETs are a bit circumspect about where they originate.

      If I were to do more I would like to concentrate more on actual contactees, which unfortunately are few and far between. For them, hard to get the information out without ridicule and misunderstanding. We are very far behind in terms of societal, moral, and spiritual standards, that is the biggest roadblock at this point.

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  6. The Paranormal Epicenter of the USA, if not the World:

    1. Read another book about the Dulce base but this is a new one, thank you for sharing. While there is a lot we cannot verify, there are many anecdotal witnesses that corroborate each other.


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