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The Strange World of Milton William Cooper

Milton William Cooper (May 6, 1943 – November 5, 2001)

In the previous blog, The Origin of the NSA Extraterrestrial Radio Signal, I traced the probable origin of the NSA extraterrestrial radio signal to some orbiting "ephemeral" satellites that were first detected in orbit in 1953, and reappeared several times later until 1965. The radio signal itself can be dated to the year 1953. Concerning this NSA extraterrestrial radio signal, which was partially decoded by U.S. army cryptologist Howard Campaigne, there are two false stories circulating on the internet: one is that it is merely an NSA "hypothetical cryptological exercise" (disproven) and the other is that it was received from the Russian satellite Sputnik in 1957 (also disproven). Nowhere in the NSA document does it say it came from Sputnik. The NSA did declassify another document where they talk about the signal coming from Sputnik, but it is completely unrelated. It looks like someone, somewhere, convuluted the two together, possibly hoping to hide the origin of this NSA extraterrestrial radio signal.

Why so? Because when one searches for any information concerning an intercepted extraterrestrial radio signal in the year 1953, one finds this interesting reference in a transcript of a speech made by one Milton William Cooper (or Bill Cooper) to MUFON in 1989:
In 1953 astronomers discovered large objects in space which were tracked moving toward the Earth. It was first believed that they were asteroids. Later evidence proved that the objects could only be spaceships. Project SIGMA intercepted alien radio communications. When the objects reached the Earth they took up very high geosynchronous orbit(s) around the equator. There were several huge ships, and their actual intent was unknown. Project SIGMA and a new project, PLATO, through radio communications using the computer binary language, were able to arrange a landing that resulted in face-to-face contact with alien beings from another planet. The landing took place in the desert.
So who is Milton William Cooper? According to wikipedia,
Milton William "Bill" Cooper (May 6, 1943 – November 5, 2001) was an American conspiracy theorist, radio broadcaster, and author best known for his 1991 book Behold a Pale Horse, in which he warned of multiple global conspiracies, some involving extraterrestrial aliens. Cooper was also described as an HIV/AIDS denialist, and a "militia theoretician". Cooper claimed to have served in the US Air Force and the US Navy as well as Naval Intelligence, until 1975. ...Cooper caused a sensation in UFOlogy circles in 1988 when he claimed to have seen secret documents while in the Navy describing governmental dealings with extraterrestrial aliens, a topic he expanded on in Behold a Pale Horse. (By one account he served as a "low level clerk" in the Navy, and as such would not have had the security clearance needed to access classified documents.) UFOlogists later asserted that some of the material that Cooper claimed to have seen in naval intelligence documents was actually plagiarized verbatim from their research—including several items that the UFOlogists had fabricated as pranks. Don Ecker of UFO Magazine ran a series of exposés on Cooper in 1990.
What catches my attention in the above biography of William Cooper is that some of the material seems to be related to what other UFOlogists was taken from material that they had "fabricated as pranks." This is interesting - for this is a well documented technique in psychological warfare to hide a leak. When there is a leak of sensitive information out into the public, the way to hide it is to also talk about the leak, but combine it with false information or very outlandish claims. When I discovered the quote from William Cooper, the first full transcript I could find was from a dubious web site that has either been hacked, or is a "disinformation" web site - which combines Cooper's transcript with some very obvious hoaxes. The end result is an intended result of psychological warfare: a rejection of Cooper's claims and that he was a conspiracy nut. Leak is out in the public, but now leak is contained as people reject the leak along with the hoax. This is called "throwing out the baby with the bathwater." The above biography of William Cooper exposes something else: disinformation is quite active in UFOlogical circles. So when it comes to UFOs, follow not only the facts, but also follow the disinformation. Keep your mind critical to distinguish truth from falsehood.

Probably if someone asked me about two weeks ago if I considered Cooper to be a conspiracy nutcase I would have said yes. But now I have a doubt. The problem I have now is, we have this official NSA document of an extraterrestrial radio signal intercept which can be internally dated to 1953. And that is exactly what William Cooper said in 1989: back in 1953 we managed to intercept an extraterrestrial radio signal. The NSA document was not released into the public until 2004. Now, when it comes to Cooper's conspiracy theories, they are very extravagant, and I am strongly opposed to the anti-U.S. government stance he seemed to have taken towards his later years. There are certain secrets that need to be kept secret from the public, or it will cause harm to national security. But with secrecy, comes lack of oversight. With secrecy, information becomes compartmentalized, until we now get to the point where the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. I have this other doubt: on June 28, 2001, Cooper predicted on his radio show that there will be soon be a "major attack" on America, and that it will be blamed on Osama bin Laden, when in fact it will have been an inside job. Regardless of what you believe, the Bush administration did make use of the September 11 tragedy to falsely link it to Saddam Hussein, in order to help provide an excuse for the Second Gulf War. But that is another subject.  Soon after the September 11 incident, William Cooper was killed in a shootout after the sheriff's office lured him away from his home on a report of an aggravated assault involving a handgun.

The full text of Cooper's research can be found here, after I tried to find a more reliable web site (which I have also since updated in my previous blog post): The Origin, Identity and Purpose of MJ-12.  It should be noted, Cooper could not properly verify everything, and considered the research to be somewhat of a working hypothesis:
"Since some of this information was derived from sources that I cannot divulge for obvious reasons, and from published sources which I cannot vouch for, this chapter must be termed a hypothesis. I firmly believe that if aliens are real, this is the true nature of the Beast. It is the only scenario that has been able to bind all the diverse elements. It is the only scenario that answers all the questions and places the various fundamental mysteries in an arena that makes sense."
I have not read everything yet in the speech, but there is much to research here. Cooper also exposed some people in UFO circles for spreading disinformation. For those who would like to see a recording of his speech to MUFON (which varies with the transcript which has been updated), you can see it here, it gives a lot of details of how the U.S. Government sought to handle the problem:


One does not have to take the research of William Cooper at face value.  There is much corroborating evidence from other sources. Pieces of the puzzle have to be put together until we reach a conclusion that is "beyond reasonable doubt" as in a court of law. If one witness says one thing, it is doubtful. But if you have more than one witness, the evidence is stronger, and if you have over a hundred witnesses saying the same thing, it is your own paradigm or way of looking at things that will keep you blind. Sometimes there are not enough witnesses, but there is information given which will lead people where to look as more information is released in the future. As one can easily see, it is almost impossible to summarize the information that Cooper discussed in this MUFON lecture.

I have already mentioned the NSA extraterrestrial signal that was probably from 1953, which provides confirmation on one of the points that Cooper makes in his speech.  I would be curious what was his source for Project Sigma. But lets go through some other items, there is a lot of information here, with some of my notes (obviously, much of this is the tip of the iceberg):

* In the late 1940s, there were a number of flying saucer crash retrievals.  Much of this has been confirmed in the research concerning the Roswell crashes in New Mexico, and in Project Disclosure witnesses who have come forward and said they were part of elite crash retrieval teams.
* Eisenhower was responsible for delegating the UFO problem to a group known as MJ-12, which eventually became an ulta-secret shadow government. Since then, the U.S. President has not been in control of the UFO matter. The group MJ-12 is mentioned in a number of valid, declassified documents. Nelson Rockefeller under Eisenhower apparently played a key role in its formation. Others have said that the name of this group has since changed.
* The CIA was directed to start a program of "psychological warfare" so that UFOs would not be seriously considered by the American public. This can be verified from other research. So when you see a "stupid" story that is obviously a lie (e.g., most recent one was that Obama teleported to Mars), ask yourself, what information is that lie trying to hide?
* Policies were put in place so that not even the U.S. President would have knowledge of the UFO and/or extraterrestrial operations. This gives the U.S. administration "plausible deniability" when asked about UFOs by the public. Even if the President is "briefed", they are unlikely to be briefed about everything.
* He mentions the Roswell crash but incorrectly places it in 1949 instead of 1947. One live alien was captured known as "EBE" ("extraterrestrial biological entity"), and this is mentioned by other witnesses.
* First EBE would lie or evade giving answers. Eventually EBE started opening up and this information was collected into something called the "yellow book".  I have seen this "yellow book" mentioned by an anonymous leak concerning another classified project known as "Project Serpo".
* EBE was kept in a Faraday shielded environment as these aliens had a habit of "disappearing" (teleporting). A case of teleportation was caught on video in Mexico, which can be seen in a previous blog post. The site left some detectable unexplained radiation.
* An attempt to contact extraterrestrials began in earnest in 1952. The NSA was formed not only to collect intelligence on foreign communications, but also to establish and decipher extraterrestrial radio signals. This was known as "Project Sigma". This is why the declassified NSA document is important, as it provides corroborating evidence of this effort. Cooper states Project Sigma was successful.
* The NSA maintains communication with a "Luna Base". According to Project Disclosure witness Karl Wolff, this apparently was not discovered until the 1960s. Corso in his book The Day After Roswell also states that there is some kind of alien base on the Moon. There is also evidence of this from NASA photographs, which I discussed earlier. This is where some of my research began, as back in the 18th century Emanuel Swedenborg saw in his visions that the Moon was inhabited (see also The Confirmed Clairvoyance of Emanuel Swedenborg). Honestly, before I did the research I thought Swedenborg was wrong on this point.
* Crashes of flying saucers increased in the 1950s as the U.S. Military discovered that our radar systems somehow interfered with their guidance and/or propulsion systems. They would lock the radar onto the target and boost the signal, causing the saucer to crash. Corso later confirmed this story.
* A disturbing fact, something I was not aware of: there are occasional reports of UFO abductions involving human mutilations. One of these is also described in the Grudge 13 report.  This would be another reason for the extreme secrecy. It is not clear if this was in retaliation as the U.S. Military purposely downed some of these using radar and perhaps other methods. I talked a bit about this earlier in The Secret UFO War. But I suspect that is the case, as the mutilations I have read about were with U.S. military, and done in such a way to "send a message." In light of the supposed treaty made in 1954 (see below), this theory would make sense.
* Objects which were first thought to be asteroids took an orbit surrounding the earth beginning in 1953. From their orbital pattern they were discovered that they could not be asteroids but extraterrestrial spacecraft. Radio contact was established under Project Sigma. Cooper mentions that the aliens could understand it very well as they were "very mathematically minded." (see around 27:10 in the video) Note that the NSA extraterrestrial radio signal is based on the universal language of math.
* Oddly, Cooper states that before contact was made with those extraterrestrials orbiting earth, another race of extraterrestrials that looked human just like us made contact and warned us about them.  This race wanted us to dismantle our nuclear weapons in exchange for spiritual knowledge. We refused. They were also concerned about how we were destroying the earth's environment. There is strong evidence of multiple UFO sightings that occur around nuclear tests and nuclear launch faciilities. Project Disclosure witnesses have come forward and also describe human-like extraterrestrials, who can't be distinguished from us except they tend to be more telepathic and/or psychic. A U.S. Air Force manual on extraterrestrial UFOs entitled Introductory Space Science mentions that one race does look human like us. As they can blend in, it would be very hard to prove this point.
* In 1954 the alien greys landed at Holloman Air Force base and we made contact. For this Cooper mentions one "Bob Emeneggar" who mentioned a landing in a later year. According to wikipedia Jerome Clark reported the following in his book The Ufo Book: Encyclopedia of the Extraterrestrial:
Clark cites a 1973 encounter as perhaps the earliest suggestion that the U.S. government was involved with ETs. That year, Robert Emenegger and Allan Sandler of Los Angeles, California were in contact with officials at Norton Air Force Base in order to make a documentary film. Emenegger and Sandler report that Air Force Officials (including Paul Shartle) suggested incorporating UFO information in the documentary, including as its centerpiece genuine footage of a 1971 UFO landing at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. Furthermore, says Emenegger, he was given a tour of Holloman AFB and was shown where officials conferred with EBEs. This was supposedly not the first time the U.S. had met these aliens, as Emenegger reported that his U.S. military sources had "been monitoring signals from an alien group with which they were unfamiliar, and did their ET guests know anything about them? The ETs said no" (Clark 1998, 144). No film was ever presented, however, and the documentary was released in 1974 as UFO's: Past, Present and Future (narrated by Rod Serling). The alleged Holloman UFO landing was discussed in the documentary and was depicted with illustrations.
The above report is interesting, as it states that the alien greys were not the source of the radio signals from the satellites orbiting earth (as Cooper implies), but another group. But it is another confirmation that the military was monitoring extraterrestrial radio signals.  At the time of the 1954 extraterrestrial satellites, one Francis Swan claimed to be in telepathic communication with them and notified the Navy, and she was interviewed by various military and government officials. From what I have read concerning Francis Swan is that she felt that these extraterrestrial satellites were not operated by the alien greys. So if this was the case, how was contact initiated with the greys? According to an anonymous leak concerning Project Serpo, it was from a communication device recovered from a crashed spacecraft, if indeed this refers to the same kind of contact.
* According to Cooper, the alien greys claimed to be from the star Betelguese in the constellation of Orion, but for some reason he felt they may be lying on that point and were in fact from the planet Mars (both may be true). The constellation of Orion comes up in another alien abduction case.
* Cooper mentions the trilateral alien insignia that was on the ship and their uniforms, which apparently looks like this:

Compare that symbol with the "point of origin" seventh symbol which appears in the movie Stargate, which I discussed in relation to decoding the NSA extraterrestrial radio signal:

With the seventh symbol, the Stargate was opened to another world which looks similar to ancient Egypt. Note that in the ancient Great Pyramid of Egypt, some of the air shafts are aligned to the stars of Orion:

* The treaty made is interesting: in exchange for technology we would allow the aliens to occasionally abduct humans for "medical examinations".  We would not interfere with them and they would not interfere with us. We both agreed to keep their presence secret: this was beneficial for both sides.  Abductions would only become known to the public many years later through post hypnotic regressions, pioneered by Budd Hopkins - up until then it was a "taboo subject". Dan Sherman's book Above Black seems to indicate that our government is aware of these abductions and we may be trying to keep a close eye on such abductions (when possible). This Cooper also confirms: the agreement stipulated that the greys would submit a list of all abductees to MJ-12 on a regular basis.
* Another part of the agreement is that there would be an "exchange program" between the greys and U.S. military personnel. This is confirmed in some anonymous leaks concerning Project Serpo (although they are called "Ebens" and not "greys"). Like that leak, Cooper states that the script for the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind is based on this event.
* Cooper's statement that underground bases would be built for use by the aliens has been confirmed by other leaks and witnesses. It is an understatement that this is a bit of a sensitive area.
* The extraterrestrial programs are under the control and supervision of the U.S. Navy. Gary Mckinnon mentioned seeing "ship to ship" or fleet transfers that involved names of ships that he cannot find publicly.
* Cooper mentions several projects designed to reverse engineer technology, with some apparent assistance from extraterrestrials. Corso confirms this somewhat in The Day After Roswell, although his task was to inject the technological findings in privately held companies without their knowledge of the true source.
* There is a team at Fort Carson, Colorado which was trained to keep these projects secure. This is an important point: it comes up in reference to a particular abduction case I will blog about later.
* Back then, it was believed that if the public were told, there would be mass panic leading to economic collapse, possible government collapse, and doubt in religious faith.  This has probably been mitigated since then through a gradual public acclimation program - thus there are leaks of information in the form of fiction and in movies.
* The aliens stated that they are a dying race, and have lost their capability to reproduce. They are desperate for survival and are in need of genetic material from the human race.  This explanation was looked upon with much suspicion. An agreement was entered as at the time it was very clear we did not have any weapons to challenge them on a military basis. In this context, the purpose of the human abductions becomes clear. Thus they became involved when they saw we developed the atomic bomb, which had the capacity to wipe out the planet and alter the genetic structure of life on this planet.
* One point Cooper makes, which is important: extraterrestrials have been manipulating humans through secret societies, cults and religion.  This may have been going on for a long time, and may have led to the ancient religion which worshiped the heavens before the time of Abraham. So I would be skeptical of any religious "revelation" from a supposed extraterrestrial source, unless it can be rationally verified or seen to provide new insights.  Emanuel Swedenborg reveals they are human like us, and as with all human societies, there will be false as well as true beliefs. Cooper's statements concerning the miracle of Fatima looks like disinformation - showing we can't trust everything he is saying.
* Cooper states that President Kennedy delivered some sort of ultimatum to the MJ-12 group, which led to his assassination by MJ-12 operatives. Now this seems like a very outlandish conspiracy theory. However I happened to already encounter the evidence for this in a very strange lecture by Peter Levenda in a previous blog post called Origin of the Secret Space Program.  Levenda mentions Hoover, as does Cooper in a different context in his lecture.
* Cooper mentions a CIA program in which then V.P. Bush was involved in to smuggle drugs into the United States as another source for income for black projects.  This is a whole other topic, for this see Allegations of CIA drug trafficking.
* Cooper mentions an early program to colonize the Moon and Mars, apparently the subject of a film called Alternative 3. It makes me wonder, why in the world do we have this "Mars One" volunteer program if we have no means of getting there?  Doesn't this strike anyone as strange?
* Cooper mentions that many U.S. astronauts encountered these UFOs during missions to the Moon, and were ordered to keep silent about it. Previous blog posts already covered this topic, although some astronauts have publicly spoken about their sightings.

The above is not a complete summary of everything Cooper has to say...he talks about the inner workings of how all of this is managed, as there is a lot of money involved in this.  And all of this from a simple decoding of an NSA extraterrestrial radio signal on the NSA web site.  Until then I would have never thought to pay any attention to William Cooper. Unfortunately Cooper got a bit extreme in some of his conspiracy theories, which is why most would not pay attention to him. That NSA document has led things in a very weird direction, if you ask me.  So the good news is at least there are people out there finally letting this out into the public.  And I think much of it can be released, without releasing any technological details which would compromise national security.


  1. Hi! I found your blog through The Secret Sun-- your posts about NSA signals, ET, Swedenborg and Voltaire are simply mind-blowing. There is so much I didn't know!

    It seems obvious now that in the Fifties "they" were trying to initiate a contact with us, in a variety of ways. Like this one:
    The general reaction was of denial (with the usual "experts" claiming it was just military crafts and... spiders O_O), which explains why the ET never manifested themselves more openly (like, landing in a stadium, instead of just flying over it).

    I still don't buy the idea of a treaty between the "grays" and the US government... It sounds way too fishy. Even Bill Cooper, at some point, realized he had been given some misinformation.

    By the way, it's interesting that the "trilateral alien insignia" looks a bit like one of the signs on the Utsurobune craft ( ).

    The mystery is far from being unraveled. I suspect we're not the only "humanoid" presence on this earth. What if we're just the tip of the iceberg? What if there are Intra-Terrestrials who also travel to other planets?
    For some reason this seems more likely than Eisenhower dealing with the grays :D

  2. Hello Sayoko,
    Emanuel Swedenborg of the 18th century is the first to speak explicitly of the extraterrestrial presence, and some of what he says explains their lack of interest in talking with us. That all changed with the explosion of the atomic bomb. I started this recent research when I saw that people reject Swedenborg offhand when they realize he speaks of extraterrestrial life in our solar system - and this is partly due to some cover-up from government agencies. He also stated that one particular race had the habit of traveling between solar systems. I consider the writings of Swedenborg to be more important than the fact that we are being visited, because he describes a new spirituality that exposes the faults in many religions.

    Contact attempts did not end in the 50s, but that is when it escalated from previous centuries. I have found evidence that some have initiated closer contact, and one case in particular starts to get very strange, and it has strong physical evidence and testimony. I will be blogging about that in a future post.

    As for the "treaty" story I think that is probably valid, due to the fact that there are other witnesses who have seen U.S. military cooperate closely with them in underground bases. There are certain things that cannot be explained unless there was some sort of agreement. Independent of that there is another witness who describes another agreement entered between the U.S. Military and another extraterrestrial group he calls the "Tall Whites", which look more human.

    As for that trilateral alien insignia, that Japanese account with those symbols is very interesting! I had never heard of that one, I will have to look at those symbols in more detail.

  3. I just came across this: a possible MJ-12 directive authorizing the assassination of President Kennedy:

    What a mysterious trail this is fits in with the earlier blog post "Origin of the Secret Space Program" which discusses the research of Peter Levenda.

  4. Hello Sayoko -
    Not sure if you are following this blog, but are you aware that there were mass sightings of UFOs over the Fukushima nuclear reactor before and after the tsunami hit in 2011? I collected some interesting videos on this in the blog post

    I just updated the post. There was a complete media blackout on this in Japan apparently.

  5. And of course this ties in with the experiencer of communication with the mystery "Black Knight" satellite(s)- Philip K. Dick.

  6. I discuss the Black Knight satellite a bit in "Mysterious UFO Satellites Orbiting Earth" - see

    The "Black Knight" satellite seems to be several different stories tied together. One thing I would like to revisit is that radio signal received in the 1920s which was interpreted by Duncan Lunan. I have not read that exegesis by Philip K. Dick.

  7. theres no such thing as aliens, you are perverting william cooper research early in life he did believe in e.b.e. existence however later he believed he was lied to so that he would unknowingly deceive people about believing in "aliens" , the real message he had was that legally our country is not america , and that we are in danger ... ....

    1. William Cooper was all over the map, I do not agree with everything he is saying. I think later in life he concentrated on how nationalism is beginning to disappear and replaced by international organizations. But in order to coordinate things properly you have to have these international organizations. But how did he move into this area? He discovered there is a large organization in charge of the extraterrestrial affairs, and keeping it secret. And the way they keep it secret is to feed leakers disinformation, to mislead them in a different direction. Such may have happened with William Cooper. This agenda, as well as the agenda to keep the economy based on oil, has taken priority over democratic and republican principles. There is no easy way to move us off of oil, but we better start thinking of it, and it should be planned globally.

      Independent of William Cooper, however, I have found enough independent information that confirms much of what he was saying. Such as mathematical radio signals in order to make contact in 1952-54 - just look up the tag "NSA" where I examine the NSA extraterrestrial radio signal. This information the NSA fought in court to keep out of the public view. Why? It reveals that the UFO contactee movement of the 1950s was based on actual contacts. The other strange thing that William Cooper mentions is that in some of the downed saucers they found human body parts. This was initially too wild to be true. I have found independent confirmation of that as well, in cattle mutilations and police autopsy reports. See "Extraterrestrial Cattle Mutilations - and Secret Intelligence" ( There is such a large body of evidence, the phenomenon of extraterrestrials and UFOs is not being ignored due to lack of any day, it is being ignored because it is a taboo subject. There are specific departments in the military and government that wage psychological warfare in order to control people's opinions on the matter.

      There is other information I have I have not written in this blog, and if I chose, I could probably blog about it for several years. But I have collected enough evidence to show that not only do extraterrestrials exist, but we have made contact. My goal was to find evidence to show that Emanuel Swedenborg was correct (or wrong) on extraterrestrials, which I have found in Extraterrestrial Contact from Epsilon Eridani and Emanuel Swedenborg For now I have moved on to spiritual topics, which I think is more important.


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