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The Cylindrical UFOs of Saturn, and Emanuel Swedenborg

I am finding that there is just no end to the amount of information we have on extraterrestrial UFOs. In a previous blog entitled Emanuel Swedenborg was right, and NASA is hiding it, there is an excellent presentation on UFOs by Bob Dean, who had a long career in the U.S. military. Towards the end, he briefly discussed some huge UFOs in the rings of Saturn which were caught in Voyager pictures. This caused the scientist Norman R. Bergrun to publish a book entitled The Ringmakers of Saturn, in which he theorized that these huge cylindrical ships were making the rings of Saturn. Bob Dean says the opposite is more likely: they are mining the rings of Saturn.  Voyager 2 passed by Saturn in 1981. So I was wondering, are there any more recent sightings of cylindrical UFOs in the vicinity of Saturn? In previous articles I had discussed evidence of extraterrestrial UFOs near the Moon and Mars - plus an anomaly on Mercury.  As it turns out, we now have the Cassini-Huygens probe orbiting Saturn. Launched in 1997, it began orbiting Saturn in 2004. Its mission was supposed to end in 2008. Then, instead of ending it, NASA decided to extend it for another 2 years. Then in 2010, it was decided to extend its mission until 2017. So the question is, why does NASA keep extending the mission of Cassini-Huygens?  Well, take a look:

Here is another, called "Cylinder UFOs of Saturn - Cassini Photographs":

Here is another video, dedicated to the book, The Ringmakers of Saturn:

I have filtered the above videos - you will find plenty of disinformation on the internet, especially on Youtube, where ridiculous claims will be made about the Saturn moons themselves being UFOs. So instead of making the news, you have disinformants and hoaxers spreading false information to hide this.

So what of these cylindrical UFOs? Apparently not only do they seem to appear a lot around Saturn, but have been seen on earth. I showed a previous video of Soviet mig jets trying to intercept one of these things but it was too fast, and another one was seen around the moon Phobos.  Here is a shot of a cylindrical UFO over New York city from 1950, and appeared in Project Blue Book:

Now, we jump to the year 2011. Here is a video of a cylindrical UFO jumping into a thunderstorm cloud over Tulsa Oklahoma in May 2011:

Now for a video of one of these things from Brazil this year:

Here is another where the object is tracked, I cannot find the original, but looks genuine:

Another sighting over Somerset England:

Here is another one, where a cylindrical object is passing the ISS space station. Not sure where the original footage is, looks like it may be Russian footage:

I showed this before, declassified video of Soviet migs attempting to intercept a cigar shaped UFO:

And here are some shots of a cylindrical UFO that decided to fly right next to an aircraft, where the pilot and passengers were able to take pictures of it:

Here is another, passing next to the Sun:


The question now is, do these cylindrical UFOs come from Saturn?  From the random sampling above, other than earth the most common sighting of these objects seems to be in the vicinity of Saturn. Compared to the flying saucers, these things can be huge. In ancient mythology, the Roman Saturnus and the Greek Cronus carried a sickle.  Here is a depiction of Saturnus, where we can see the rod of the sickle:

Now, take a look at the following picture of Norman R. Bergrun, author of The Ringmakers of Saturn - behind him is a model he made of one of these thing he spotted off the coast of California. In this case, it had appendages coming out from it, looking like...a sickle!

So how long have these things been around?  Quite possibly a long time. There is a report of these cylindrical objects appearing in the sky over Nuremberg Germany in 1561, which was described as a battle taking place in the sky.  Here is a drawing of the scene, where it was reported that disks and spheres were coming from the cylinders:

Sound far fetched?  Here is a video taken over Mexico City, where spheres appear coming out from a cylindrical UFO:

If these UFOs appeared in more ancient times, it is possible they would have been described in myths. These cylindrical UFOs at times hide in clouds. According to myth, Cronus castrated Uranus (meaning "heaven") with his sickle, and threw the testicles (spheres from these cylinders?) into the sea.  The testicles formed a "white foam" (clouds?) from which emerged Aphrodite. It is an odd myth, but perhaps these UFOs appearing in the sky would explain it. If so, it would be an indication that they are possibly from the planet Saturn.


According to our current knowledge of Saturn, Saturn is not inhabitable.  But the problem is it is hard to determine, as the surface is constantly covered by a thick layer of gases in the atmosphere.  According to Wikipedia:
Saturn's interior is probably composed of a core of iron, nickel and rock (silicon and oxygen compounds), surrounded by a deep layer of metallic hydrogen, an intermediate layer of liquid hydrogen and liquid helium and an outer gaseous layer.
So the surface, it would seem is one big liquid ocean. Is it possible that the surface is not liquid hydrogen and helium?  I am not sure.  There is even doubt expressed as to whether or not it has a solid core:
Saturn is classified as a gas giant planet because the exterior is predominantly composed of gas and it lacks a definite surface, although it may have a solid core.
So it sounds like according to our knowledge, the surface of Saturn is uncertain - but most currently assume it does not have a solid surface. Look at how our perception of the Moon and Mars have changed - both have abundant water. A few years ago they were assumed to be dry and desolate, without any water.  What about the atmosphere of Saturn?
The outer atmosphere of Saturn contains 96.3% molecular hydrogen and 3.25% helium. The proportion of helium is significantly deficient compared to the abundance of this element in the Sun. The quantity of elements heavier than helium are not known precisely, but the proportions are assumed to match the primordial abundances from the formation of the Solar System. The total mass of these heavier elements is estimated to be 19–31 times the mass of the Earth, with a significant fraction located in Saturn's core region. Trace amounts of ammonia, acetylene, ethane, propane, phosphine and methane have been detected in Saturn's atmosphere. The upper clouds are composed of ammonia crystals, while the lower level clouds appear to consist of either ammonium hydrosulfide or water.
So the question I have, if Saturn is not inhabitable, then why do these cylindrical UFOs appear several times in the vicinity of Saturn? Perhaps just mining it for minerals? Or clearing the rings of large debris, so as not to interfere with travel? In a previous blog entry on a mass UFO contact in Italy, I discussed Voltaire's ideas on extraterrestrial life.  He had written a story where extraterrestrials from the Sirius star system and Saturn came to visit earth, and its one of the earliest "science fiction" stories ever written - although it is more of a satirical philosophical story.  This was long before Robert Temple uncovered evidence of an ancient extraterrestrial contact with the Sirius star system, which he describes in his book, The Sirius Mystery.  So if Voltaire was right about Sirius, was he right about Saturn?  Did he have inside knowledge of "terrible secrets" from the Count of Saint Germain?
I had written a previous blog entry on The Confirmed Clairvoyance of Emanuel Swedenborg.  So I find his opinion hard to ignore. I had initially put aside his opinions where he thought the planets of a solar system were inhabited, as that goes against everything we had been taught. But now NASA is starting to reverse that - Mars has water, and may have been able to support life in its distant past. There has been a cover-up of evidence of the presence of UFOs and "luminous phenomenon" (going back centuries) on the Moon.  Swedenborg said that was inhabited as well. The Disclosure Project found a witness with top secret clearance who stated that NASA had discovered artificial structures on the surface of the Moon. This has been covered up as well. Moreover, there is indisputable evidence that NASA has tampered with photos to hide the existence of UFOs.  So if they hide the existence of UFOs, the inevitable conclusion is that if any planets could support life, it is possible that will be hidden as well. Especially if they just happen to be more advanced than us. Not everyone who works for NASA would know this. There would be publicly available data for all scientists to examine, and then there would be private data that would be held back.

Sound hard to believe? Richard Hoagland was present at NASA when the Viking probe landed there.  And when the pictures were returned back from Mars, the sky of Mars was blue.  And at that moment, people came into the room and added redness to the monitors, to hide the fact that the sky of Mars was blue.

So contrary to our current scientific knowledge, Swedenborg stated that in his visions he saw that Saturn is (or once was) inhabited, and thus has a solid surface. If he was right about the Moon, and right about Mars, perhaps it is also possible he is right about Saturn?  Or perhaps he confused Saturn with one of its moons? But now, we have this odd phenomenon where these UFOs are popping up around Saturn.  Despite this, I am still in doubt, and lean toward disbelieving what Swedenborg had to say. Swedenborg is very explicit about the inhabitability of Saturn:
There are some also on that earth who call their light at night, which is great, the Lord; but these are separated from the rest, and are not tolerated among them. This light at night proceeds from the great belt which encompasses that earth at a distance, and from the moons which are called the satellites of Saturn. They were asked concerning that great belt, which appears from our earth to be elevated above the horizon of that planet and to vary its positions. They said that it does not appear to them as a belt, but only as a snowy light in the heaven in various directions.(Heavenly Arcana, n. 8951-2)
Are there any clues, as with Mercury, that they are capable of interplanetary travel?  Yes:
...those spirits seem to themselves often to be carried away or caught up into heaven, and afterward let back, thus alternately. (Heavenly Arcana, n. 8953)
Going back and forth...between earth and Saturn?  That seems to be what is happening now from the photographic and video evidence.  Swedenborg later speaks of intermittent association between those of the planet earth with the planet Saturn.  There also seems to be an association between those of Mercury, who have a habit of travelling between solar systems, which I had earlier tentatively associated with the alien greys The reason for that theory is that Swedenborg associates them with memory, and the greys have a habit of wiping out portions of the memory of reported abductees. Here is what Swedenborg says concerning contact between those of Mercury with the inhabitants of Saturn:
They said further that another kind of spirits who go in troops frequently come to them, desiring to know how things are with them, and that by various methods they get out of them what they know. Concerning these they said that they are not insane except in this, that they want so much to know, for no other use than just to know. They were afterward instructed that these spirits are from the planet Mercury, that knowledge and intelligence derived therefrom alone delight them, and not so much uses resulting from these, unless knowledge indeed be of use to them (Heavenly Arcana, n. 9106)
There is not much more that Swedenborg said, except that they were peaceful, worshiped one God, and it was revealed to them that this God was our Lord born on our earth.  But at the moment, this goes against our scientific knowledge - or at least the data that has been publicly made available. If there is any extraterrestrial life, scientific opinion currently favors the moons of Jupiter and Saturn rather than those planets themselves, as they are considered to be gaseous giants without a solid surface.

Here is the song from the first video, Gary Jules "Mad World".  Indeed, from anyone coming from another world viewing ours, earth would indeed appear (and often is) a mad world.


  1. I read through some of Bergof's Ringmakers this morning. The stupefying detailed analysis of the photos leads up to some philosophical observations. Among these is that these craft that appear to have electromagnetic drives and are tens of thousands of kilometers long! obviously speak of a technology waaay in advance of ours - and yet - they aren't attacking us - or stealing resources from us - at least that we know of - and if they are secretly doing it then it's still somewhat a peaceful activity. They seem to be like Gods . . .

    1. Yes they are huge. Gary McKinnon hacked into NASA and found one of our satellites took a highly detailed photo of one of them. Which of course infuriated the Pentagon who then wanted to extradite him. In the early 1950s some contactees - Orfeo Angelucci and I think Adamski - claim to have been taken on board a cylindrical ship. The cylinders seem to be the motherships, and the disks the scouts. I have come across some other good videos (with multiple witnesses) of cylinder ships from 2012-13. Their appearance were quite human. The danger of open contact is that (a) it would lead to panic, or (b) some people would treat them as gods and just follow them blindly, which probably happened in our ancient past and was the origin of star worship. The ones I have read about seem to be more highly spiritually evolved and had similar clairvoyant abilities to Emanuel Swedenborg. In one case of contact they said "the principles of good and evil are universal". If I were ever to get in touch with one I would be more interested in their spiritual philosophy than the technology.

      Originally I thought the UFO contactees of the 1950s were frauds (and there were a few of those as well) and that Swedenborg was wrong as well, but I was forced to reassess that opinion when the NSA released an extraterrerestrial radio signal that I could date to 1952 (you can see a detailed analysis of that by looking up the tag "NSA" in this blog). It is a bit problematic: UFOs and extraterrestrials are a socially taboo subject, which creates a problem when trying to introduce people to the spiritual revelations of Emanuel Swedenborg who came into touch with them as well. So that is the sole reason I started to gather evidence and present it in this blog.

    2. If you happen to be interested in cylindrical UFOs, the year 2012, and elves, you may want to check out a more recent blog post: Mayan Year of 2012: UFOs enter Popocatepetl Volcano


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