Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Suffering of Palestinians under Apartheid Israel, and Armageddon

On Sunday I just happened to encounter a march in Clifton New Jersey supporting Palestinians and trying to make the public aware of the discriminatory policies of apartheid Zionist Israel. I could not believe it, just happened to stop there for lunch, found a place to park as the road was closed off, rounded the corner and the marchers were coming towards us. Here is a picture I took, one sign states "Authentic Rabbis always opposed Zionism and the State of Israel" and another is "State of Israel does not represent world Jewry":

This could hardly be a coincidence. I had earlier posted Letter to Obama from Gaza by a Norwegian Doctor which details the suffering of the Palestinians in the hospital. The American public have been brainwashed into thinking Israel is "defending its borders" - when actually they are ignoring the borders agreed upon in 1967 - and that Israel is fighting against "terrorists" - when in fact their own military is practicing terrorism on the entire civilian population with U.S. made weapons. Palestinians are subject to arbitrary arrest, can have their home and land taken from them at any time, do not possess the same rights for education and work, and can basically be killed with impunity. Gaza strip is like a large concentration camp. Their own government has been subverted by the Israelis, and they are collectively punished. There is very little difference between what Israel is doing to the Palestinians and what Hitler did with the Jews of Europe - they both follow a philosophy based on racism. In the meantime, Christian ministers are utterly ignorant of what is happening - see Ignorance of Christian Ministers on Prophecies of Zionist Israel.

Jews and Muslims lived together in peace for centuries. That changed when Jewish terrorist organization began executing native Palestinians in 1947 to cause a mass exodus - and many still live in exile. As I was about to cross the street, I was interviewed by a reporter Minjae Park for The Record, where I explained to him some history behind this, and my own experiences while I was in Israel. He had asked what I thought of the march and I had replied, "I am against what is happening." He thought I meant I was against the march but I corrected him, and explained how I was against what Israel was doing to the Palestinians. When I was in Israel one Israeli freely admitted what they were doing, and justified it by saying "But you did the same to the native American Indians."

You can see Minjae Park's story from The Record here: Demonstrators in Passaic County call for an end to hate in Middle East. One Clifton resident was upset about the march as it had closed off the street for about a couple of hours and they were spending U.S. tax dollars. Apparently he is unaware that $3 billion U.S. dollars of taxpayer money goes to Israel each year, and U.S. made weapons are used to attack civilians in Gaza. From The United States is Not Just a Bystander in Israel-Gaza Violence, here is a picture of a U.S. made hellfire missile linked to the killing of a child and three medics in Gaza:

So, should we be concerned about tax payer dollars used to close off a street for 2 hours for people to express their freedom of speech, or is anyone concerned about the U.S. taxpayer dollars that are used to give Israel weapons to kill innocent civilians? If there is one militant in a group of civilians, does Israel have the right to kill the civilians as well as the militant? No.

As I walked across the street. Some Jewish protesters were protesting against Zionist Israel:

The web sites are here: Judaism Rejects the State of Israel and Jews United against Zionism.

Solution here is to restrict the delivery of weapons to Israel, and spend more money to help the civilians in Palestine who are now living in abject poverty.  Israel will not listen to the U.S. or the U.N. as long as they freely obtain $3 billion U.S. taxpayer money each year. If Zionist Israel did not practice racism, there would be no need for two states.

I helped the marchers hold out a Palestinian flag in the park:

As I was holding the flag, I met a couple of Palestinians. One of them was a a Palestinian-American professor at a college, who was there in Gaza on vacation visiting family when the war broke out. He was trapped in the Gaza strip, and he had to escape using contacts at the American U.S. Embassy. He travelled to Jordan, then to Egypt, and had just arrived back the day before. He confirmed how the Israeli IDF is targetting civilians. The only safe away to get around in Gaza strip is by ambulance or U.N. marked vehicles, but the IDF is targeting those vehicles anyway. A friend of his, along with his brother, were killed while he was there - he had just stepped out of U.N. marked vehicle when IDF forces hit it, killing both him and his brother.

There is a disturbing pattern emerging here - IDF seems to be targeting civilians on purpose. The evidence for this is incontrovertible - the IDF had bombed a beach killing children that were playing there in front of a hotel of journalists, and they had hit two U.N. schools twice that had been marked as safe shelters. There were reports of them hitting school shelters before that, but these incidents are hard to deny. Then the professor mentioned something else that took me by surprise - that certain Jewish Rabbis in Israel are actually recommending that Israelis should kill Palestinian civilians. This took me by surprise. I mentioned this elsewhere and a Jewish lawyer accused me of "blood libel." So is this a fact, or is it libel? It actually happens to be true: certain Jewish Rabbis in Israel are making evil use of religion to justify the killing of innocent civilians. I found this report from Israeli rabbi says killing civilians in Gaza is allowed:
An Israeli rabbi has issued a ruling that allows the killing of innocent civilians in the besieged Gaza Strip.Dov Lior, an Israeli rabbi from the illegal settlement of Kiryat Arba in the occupied West Bank, said in the ruling that it is “okay” to kill innocent civilians and destroy Gaza.
The ruling also says that it is not necessary to check if the people targeted are civilians or non-civilians.
The rabbi’s ruling authorizes all means of targeting the people, such as “denying supplies or electricity.” He further says military forces are allowed “to bomb the whole area according to the discretion of the army...”
“In the case of Gaza,” the rabbi said, the Israeli military officials “will be allowed to instruct even the destruction of Gaza.”
He also said that, as the Israeli army is at war with the people in the blockaded enclave, “any kind of talk about humanism and consideration are moot.”


A friend of mine had a clairvoyant dream, and saw many children and men wounded in a hospital. One of the men turned and asked, "Why are you not helping us?"  I had meant to put this up on the blog earlier but had been delayed.

There is perhaps a curious reference to the west and Zionist Israel in prophecy, which I briefly covered in Ignorance of Christian Ministers on Prophecies of Zionist Israel and A Prophecy of September 11, Islamic Terrorism (ISIS), Russia and America Here is perhaps a related prophecy:
The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up, to prepare the way for the kings from the east.
And I saw, coming out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits like frogs.
For they are demonic spirits, performing signs, who go abroad to the kings of the whole world, to assemble them for battle on the great day of God the Almighty.
(“Behold, I am coming like a thief! Blessed is the one who stays awake, keeping his garments on, that he may not go about naked and be seen exposed!”)
And they assembled them at the place that in Hebrew is called Armageddon
. (Rev. 16:12-16)
In the visions of Emanuel Swedenborg, which he spelled our in Apocalypse Revealed and Apocalypse Explained, the dragon, the beast and the false prophet is a symbolic reference to the false Protestant doctrine of justification by faith alone - which in current times makes Christianity one of belief only with the mouth, not of life. Armageddon in a spiritual sense refers to a spiritual battle between this old church of a trinity of three beings with the New Church, which follows God in one person Jesus Christ. But there is a literal fulfillment to this as well. I had pointed out that it was the U.S. which falsely invaded Iraq, and Turkey has built a dam which has the potential to dry up the river Euphrates. Moreover, Armageddon means hill of Megiddo, and is an actual place in Israel near the border with the West Bank. And guess what? There was actually a battle at Megiddo in 1918 in which the British drove the Ottoman Empire out of the Middle East and took control over Palestine:

Battle of Megiddo - Background:

After holding at Romani in August 1916, British troops began advancing across the Sinai Peninsula. Winning minor victories at Magdhaba and Rafa, their campaign was finally halted in front of Gaza by Ottoman forces in March 1917. After a second attempt against the city failed, command of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force passed to General Sir Edmund Allenby. Renewing the Allied offensive in late October, Allenby shattered the enemy defenses at the Third Battle of Gaza. Rapidly advancing, he entered Jerusalem in December. Though Allenby intended to crush the Ottomans in the spring of 1918, he was quickly forced on the defensive when the bulk of his troops were reassigned to aid in defeating the German Spring Offensives on the Western Front. Holding along a line running from the Mediterranean east to the Jordan River, Allenby was slowly reinforced during the summer.

Battle of Megiddo - Aftermath:

Working in conjunction with Arab forces, Allenby's troops won several minor actions as they closed on Damascus. The city fell to the Arabs on October 1. Along the coast, British forces captured Beirut seven days later. Meeting light to no resistance, Allenby directed his units north and Aleppo fell to the 5th Mounted Division and the Arabs on October 25. With their forces in complete disarray, the Ottomans made peace on October 30 when they signed the Armistice of Mudros.
The Battle of Megiddo was a key victory for the British. It allowed them to follow up on the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which helped lead to the current Zionist state of Israel.  The inhumane suffering of the Palestinians is what is causing the rise of terrorism in the Middle East, but the U.S. does nothing as it has been supporting Israel with financial aid and veto power at the U.N. AIPAC is constantly lobbying the U.S. government to give one sided support to Israel. Make a difference: write to your senators and congressmen.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Prophecy of September 11, Islamic Terrorism (ISIS), Russia and America

I was going through some Near Death Experiences, and found one that contained a prophecy for events that are happening right now. This concerns the rise of religious radicals - including Al Qaeda and ISIS, the attack of September 11, events in Russia and China, and the eventual destruction of New York City. Maybe doctors feel they can explain away NDEs (which they cannot without ignoring evidence - see Proof of the Afterlife...from a brain dead neurosurgeon), but what do you do about a Near Death Experience that contains explicit prophecies and warnings, some of which have come to pass? I think this is important to explore - for once one acknowledges that there is an afterlife, that there is such a phenomenon as prophecy, the end conclusion of that is that there must be a God whom we should all acknowledge. This afterlife realm, which is beyond the dimensions of time and space, was described in most detail in the 18th century by Emanuel Swedenborg, whose experiences have recently been confirmed by the NDE of Richard Sigmund - for a summary comparison see A Journey to Heaven by Richard Sigmund and Emanuel Swedenborg.

This is also timely, for the rise of religious radicalism is the exact result of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Churches are also blind to what apartheid Israel is doing, which is much worse than what happened in South Africa (see Ignorance of Christian Ministers on Prophecies of Zionist Israel). Not only did the U.S. invade Iraq on a false pretense, but also it was the U.S. policy of insisting that Assad should step down which stopped any peaceful resolution to the civil war in Syria. ISIS has been trained and supported with the help of the CIA, intelligence agencies of Turkey and Saudi Arabia (see United States arming Al Qaeda to overthrow Syria - despite internal warnings in the CIA itself). This led to the creation of ISIS in northern Iraq. They did not do this on their own - Iraqi forces in Mosul were told to stand down. ISIS has received financing and training, and is part of a long term goal to partition Iraq into three regions: Kurdistan in the north (see The Kurds and the Lost Tribes of Israel), a Sunni portion to the north-west, and a Shiite portion in the south.And since the U.S. bears responsibility for the creation of ISIS, this is why one sees such a limited military response at the moment. Public awareness can change this. Also terrorist organizations really do help certain military agendas of the west, who always need an enemy. We are also seeing a conflict in Ukraine - a coup of the government by mysterious snipers, followed by the downing of flight MH17 by a fighter jet, contrary to the propaganda in western media (see A Prophetic Dream of Flight MH17: Another False Flag?).

Here is an interview with Ned Dougherty, who in 1984 was given a warning from the archangel Michael - how the United States of America has fallen from its mission, and has turned away from following God, and turned its interest toward money and power:

All problems begin with small gossip, jealousy and hatred towards a fellow person. This needs to be replaced with love and understanding. One should seek guidance through prayer and meditation.


Ned Dougherty, was a rich real estate broker and owned popular night clubs in Palm Beach Florida and Long Island New York. He pursued money and women and had no interest in spirituality, until he suffered from a heart attack after getting into a heated fight with a business associate in 1984. He had an amazing Near Death Experience, after which his attitude towards life changed. He sold his night clubs, became involved in his Catholic Church, and would later become involved in the International Association for Near-Death Studies. Following the NDE he had interior locutions, similar perhaps to Ian McCormack (see The Near Death Experience of an Atheist: Ian McCormack).

During the heart attack while the ambulance is rushing him to the hospital, as is typical with NDEs he has an out of body experience and his consciousness leaves his body. He looks up in the sky and sees a tunnel of light coming towards him. He sees a luminescent blue energy descend towards him through the tunnel, which then forms into a human being. He then recognizes the person: Dan McCampbell, an old friend, who had died during the Vietnam War, whom he never expected to see again. They exchange thoughts telepathically. Dan then tells him:
"You are on the threshold of an important journey. Each of these places and events that are before you are for you to absorb as much as you can. It is important that you remember everything that you see before you. You will be going back, and you must go back with what you experience. You have a mission ahead of you in your life, and this experience will guide you on that mission."
Next, Ned is enveloped in the light, brighter than anything he had ever seen, and is in the presence of God, and feels a tremendous amount of love emanating towards him from the light. He feels he is imbued with universal knowledge: whatever question he could ask, an answer was readily available. He is next taken to a heavenly amphitheater filled with spiritual beings. They looked at him and conveyed thoughts of love and support:
"You are doing wonderfully. We are here to support you. Continue to do good work, and we will help you. You are part of us, and we are part of you. We stand ready to come to your aid when you need us, and you will. Call us. Beckon us. We will flock to you when the time comes!"
Ned begins to wonder - how could he be doing a wonderful job? He had just nearly killed someone before his heart attack. Dan then intercedes:
"You were spiritually rescued from a negative event that was taking place in your life. You just tried to communicate a negative thought concerning this event. You cannot speak of such things here. There are no negative thoughts here, only positive affirmations. They cannot hear you; they will not hear you when you speak or think in negativity. You must be positive to perform your mission."
After this, Ned experiences a life review. He reviews all of his actions clearly, and he is the sole judge of what he has done. He is next taken to another building called "The Hall of Records," and encounters a Lady of Light. The lady then shows Ned some future events to befall planet earth:
"The Lady of Light appeared in the room before me. She stood next to a large globe of Earth, which was suspended in a large circular frame attached to the marble floor. The Lady of Light began to speak to me about the future of the world as she pointed to the globe. I watched as she pointed to the Middle East, and I saw a flashpoint of light. She then pointed to Italy, and I saw another flashpoint. Then flashpoints broke out rapidly throughout the Middle East and Europe representing major incidents, world events caused by mankind: acts of aggression, terrorism, and war. Fanatical, self-proclaimed religious groups supposedly acting in the name of God performed many of these acts, but I was told that acts of war and aggression were not part of God's plan. 
"I was shown a vision of a large plateau in the Middle East. The plateau was surrounded by a dusty, dry, and barren region that seemed to be deserted and devoid of any life. I was told that future events at this location in the Middle East would start a chain reaction of man-made catastrophic events, first in the Middle East, then in Africa and Europe, followed by events in Russia and China. 
"The Lady of Light showed me another scene of Earth suspended in space. I watched as the axis of Earth's rotation began to shift significantly. I could not tell how much time the shift took, nor was I shown a time or date when it would take place. I could tell that significant geophysical changes to the Earth's surface would take place as a result of the shifting of Earth's axis. Great earthquakes erupted throughout the world, significantly changing the major continents. There were volcanic eruptions of great magnitude spewing clouds of billowing smoke and ash throughout the atmosphere, sending the Earth into a period of darkness. Great floods resulted from melting and shifting polar ice caps. Many low-lying land areas were engulfed by huge tidal waves. I watched scenes of these events taking place, depicted like black and white movies. I watched one scene from a hilltop location on the coastline of Long Island, New York, as rows of massive tidal waves descended on the coastline, burying the land under the water. I saw another scene from a street corner in New York City. A wall of water rushed down the wide street as surrounding office buildings began to collapse. In another scene, I watched as a massive wall of water hit the coastline of Miami Beach. In its wake, I watched as an entirely new land mass rose up out of the ocean. 
"The Lady of Light told me that none of these future events would have to take place if mankind began to recognize and work with God's plan. The Lady of Light told me:
"The way to understand and work with God's plan is through prayer and meditation, through prayer to call to God, and through meditation to receive His message."
The way to save the word, Ned was told, was not through political leaders, but through small prayer groups. Small groups of prayer could save an entire nation from going to war. He next sees a being with white robes, whom he calls "The Magnificent Man," who fits the description of Jesus Christ who was interested in little children. As he reflects on what the Lady of Light has shown him, Ned realizes that there is no such thing as an "End of the World":
"I was being shown an earthly landscape that would exist following the End Times. I recognized that the End Times did not mean the end of the world. It meant the end of the world as we know it, but it also meant the beginning of a new world. I perceived that the earthly landscape in the distance was part of the new world, but it seemed so far away - barely discernible, almost mystical, like a dream world."
How valid is Ned Dougherty's vision of the future?  In March of 2001 he published his book, Fast Lane to Heaven: Celestial Encounters that Changed My Life in which he said this:
"A major terrorist attack may befall New York City or Washington, DC, severely impacting the way we live in the United States."
A few months later, America was attacked on September 11, 2001, in both New York and the Pentagon. It led to the passing of the Patriot Act, the founding of Homeland Security, and the War on Terror. But nothing is ever set in the stone: the purpose of prophecy is to change the future, not predict it. Events in the Middle East have been taking place as predicted. The "flashpoint in Italy" has not yet occurred, but may involve the Catholic Papacy. We are seeing events take place in Ukraine - for that see also Future Prophecies concerning Russia, Turkey and the Papacy.

What about the major tsunami hitting the eastern seaboard of the United States? A similar prophecy was given to Hildegard von Bingen of the 12th century - see An Extraterrestrial Prophecy. Also a similar prophecy was given by an apparition of the Virgin Mary at Turzovka in former Czechoslovakia. From The Apparitions at Turzovka:
I saw a picture of the globe, or better yet a plane representing the map of the world. Below the map I noticed a black board. Whenever I did not understand something an explanation would appear on it similar to movie subtitles... I saw a total of seven different clips: 1st clip: The map was three coloured- blue, green and yellow. The symbolic meaning of the green colour was "goodness", of the yellow "evil"... Afterwards a Demand appeared on the board: Repent! Pray for priests and the religious! Pray the Rosary! 2nd clip: I saw on the map that the yellow colour was spreading and the green was retreating, evil gaining and goodness losing ground. 3rd clip: The yellow colour has already flooded the entire world. A yellow and fiery rain was falling from the sky, as if yellow glistening pieces of tin were falling. The picture represented the sins of the entire world, multiplying of evil and its consequences. A warning appeared on the board: If people do not amend, terrible disasters will come - separately and grouped - and people will die in many different ways. 4th clip: I saw explosions in the sea near the coast. Gigantic explosions hurled great masses of matter from its depths which flooded the earth. Wherever they fell, life ceased to exist. A warning appeared on the board: If people do not amend, they will die! 5th & 6th clips: These parts of the revelation I judged that I ought to leave for myself as a personal secret: the knowledge of them would not benefit people. 7th clip: It showed what the earth would look like if people converted and lived according to God's commandments. The earth was illuminated by the sun rays. It was covered in brilliant greenery and many beautiful flowers. Happiness, harmony and peace could be seen everywhere. The appearance of the Immaculate Conception with a magnificent Rosary in Her hand and with Her right hand outstretched as if protecting nations, radiated above the earth. 
Another portion of the prophecy given to Ned Dougherty is significant which I will repeat here:
I was told that future events at this location in the Middle East would start a chain reaction of man-made catastrophic events, first in the Middle East, then in Africa and Europe, followed by events in Russia and China.
The changes in Africa could perhaps be the Arab Spring, which affected Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. We can see how Russia's involvement in Syria prevented the western-backed overthrow of Assad. The West seems to have countered this move with certain actions in Ukraine, leading to sanctions against Russia. Russia in turn has now turned its eyes on agreements with both China and Iran.


Howard Storm also had an NDE, and was shown a future vision for America that dovetails with what Ned Dougherty had seen, which he describes in his book, My Descent Into Death: A Second Chance at Life.  He was shown the way things would change by the year 2185. He asked these beings of light the question, "Will the United States be the leader of the world in this change?" The beings replied as follows:
"The United States has been given the opportunity to be the teacher for the world, but much is expected of those to whom much has been given. The United States has been given more of everything than any country in the history of the world and it has failed to be generous with the gifts. If the United States continues to exploit the rest of the world by greedily consuming the world's resources, the United States will have God's blessing withdrawn. Your country will collapse economically which will result in civil chaos. Because of the greedy nature of the people, you will have people killing people for a cup of gasoline. The world will watch in horror as your country is obliterated by strife. The rest of the world will not intervene because they have been victims of your exploitation. They will welcome the annihilation of such selfish people. The United States must change immediately and become the teachers of goodness and generosity to the rest of the world. Today the United States is the primary merchant of war and the culture of violence that you export to the world. This will come to an end because you have the seeds of your own destruction within you. Either you will destroy yourselves or God will bring it to an end if there isn't a change." 
In another interview, he describes in more detail the problem the United States of America would experience:
"I asked how [America's purification] would come about, and they said it would be simple, that our society is very dependent on a lot of very fragile things -- energy grid, transportation. In each geographical area of the United States people used to be relatively self-sufficient as far as agricultural products. Now, how long would any state survive without the transport of food and energy?

"What would happen is these very complex and delicate grids of our economic system would begin to break down. We've created a society of such cruel and self-centered people that the very nature of civilization would begin to break down. The angels showed me that what would happen is that people would begin robbing the grocery stores, hording goods, and killing one another for gasoline and tires, and as a consequence everything would break down and would end up in chaos." 

Small acts, however small, have a ripple effect.  It starts with amending one's own life and heart, and prayer and meditation. This is the second NDE I have seen which recommended forming prayer and meditation groups - this is the same message given in the NDE of Dannion Brinkley. For it is not only our actions which have a ripple effect, it is our thoughts as well: for we are all spiritual beings, and everything we do or think has an effect, however unseen, in the spiritual world.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Near Death Experience of an Atheist: Ian McCormack

God did not put us on earth to suffer. He put us here to make a difference, and to have eternal happiness in heaven. Here is an interview with Ian McCormack, who had an NDE after he was stung by a Box Jellyfish five times during a night dive in the Maldive islands. The tentacles of a Box Jellyfish has one of the most deadliest poisons known on this planet - this poison can kill a human being within 4 minutes, after first inducing paralysis and a coma. This Near Death Experience is somewhat similar to that of another atheist, which I covered earlier in Swedenborg on the Near Death Experience of Howard Storm. For those of you who think NDEs is a product of a hallucination I would recommend reading Proof of the Afterlife...from a brain dead neurosurgeon. Ian was given just one small glimpse - he has a web site called A Glimpse of Eternity, and currently gives talks at a church in London. Here is a portion of an interview on CBN, and one can see that even now he is quite affected by the experience.

Below it is a more detailed account I extracted from another interview:

After he is stung his right side starts to become paralyzed, and he is helped to the nearest roadway from the shore, but the person who was carrying him runs back to the shore to see if his brothers are fine. He is on the side of the road, and he feels like falling asleep. He decides that he needs to rest from the ordeal, and is about to close his eyes and rest on the side of the road. Suddenly he hears a voice:
"Son, if you close your eyes, you will never awake again."
He is shocked, looks around, there is no one near him. He next encounters some Indian taxi drivers and asks them to drive him to the hospital. However they haggle over money, and he has no money with him. All three taxi  drivers start to walk away. Again he hears a voice:
"Son, are you willing to beg for your life?"
He is utterly upset with these Indian taxi drivers, and he encountered many Indian beggars in his travels.  He never once begged.  As they walk away, he falls to his knees, grabs his right hand (his right arm was paralyzed), and holds out his arms and starts begging. They all have a good laugh, and two walk away. However one stops, looks at him, and changes his mind. He gives him a ride, but once he realizes he is not staying at a hotel where he can get his wallet, he stops the taxi and pushes him out of the taxi. However his right leg is paralyzed and his foot is stuck in the door, and he pushes his foot out and leaves, leaving him there to die.

He is outside a hotel, finds a bar, and argues with a Chinese man to take him to the hospital. This Chinese man happens to have the only available car in the parking lot. They don't understand, they think he is on drugs or is a cocaine addict, and begin laughing at him. The poison now creeps up into his jaw and he starts chattering, and he can't talk. At this point, out of utter frustration, as the Chinese man is arguing about how stupid he is, he thinks about raising his hand and popping him on the head, or doing a head butt. As he is about to do that, he hears that odd voice again coming from nowhere:
"Son, if you do that, the adrenal rush will kill you, the toxin is too close to your heart."
Finally, a security guard at the hotel recognizes Ian, and calls for an ambulance. The ambulance almost misses them entirely. They put him in the ambulance, which has to climb a hill to reach the hospital. Unfortunately they put him in the ambulance in the wrong way, and the poison that was in his feet now starts to ascend from his lower legs and reach his upper body and head. At this points he starts seeing visions of a young blonde boy flash in front of his eyes, and he realizes that little boy is him. He is starting to have flashbacks, reviewing his entire life in an instant. He starts to wonder - is this death? Am I dying? Is there life after death? Is it really worth the gamble, to assume that their is no life after death? He realizes that to assume that if there is no life after death is sort of like playing Russian Roulette.

At this point Ian starts to see something else weird: he sees his mother in front of him, who begins to pray. He now thinks, "What is my  mother doing here in the ambulance?" Little did Ian know, half way around the world, his mother had a premonition. She had a habit of praying for her children, and she was the only Christian in the family. A voice spoke to her and said:
"You elder son Ian is nearly dead, pray for him now."
Ian at this time sees his mother praying, and hears her say:
"Ian, no matter what you have done in your life son, no matter how far from God you may be, if you call out to God from your heart, God will hear you, and God will forgive son."
Ian then thinks, forgive me, is there a God? If there is a God, who can he possibly be? He then says to himself, "I have no idea what to pray, please help me to pray." He then sees these words flash in front of his eyes:
Ian then thinks, "How could God forgive me? Its too late. No, God could not forgive me, I have done too many things wrong. I would feel like a hypocrite to even ask that." He then sees his mother, who says, "Son, pray from your heart." Ian then says to himself, "God, I don't know if you can forgive me. I dont know if there is any soft tissue in my heart. But if you can, I sincerely ask you to forgive me of all my sins. Please forgive me." The moment he says this, he sees new words flash up in front of him:
Ian then says to himself. "I am not a vindictive person, I can forgive those who have sinned against me." Then right in front of him flashes the face of the Indian taxi driver who shoved him out of the taxi. He then hears a voice:
"Will you forgive this man, for pushing you out of his taxi tonight, and leaving you for dead on the side of the road?"
Ian then thought, "NO - you must be joking, I am not forgiving him."  Then the image in front of him changes, and he now sees the image of the Chinese man who had laughed at him:
"Will you forgive this man, for not taking you to his car tonight, and leaving you to die in the hotel?"
Ian again thought to himself, absolutely not. Then he began to think, "Who on earth is this voice? Who am I speaking to? Who is talking to me?" Part of him still wanted to take vengeance on these two men. Ian then decides to say this prayer:
"God I don't want to forgive these two men. But if you can forgive me of all the stuff I have done in my life, and I don't know how you do it, but if you forgive me, I will forgive these men. I will never touch them or lay my hands upon them."
When Ian finishes that prayer, the faces of the two men disappear. Now new words flash in front of his eyes:
Ian read this, and realizes that is God's will. He has done his own will for twenty-four years. He then prays:
"God, I don't know your will. But it appears only a miracle will spare my life at this point."
He then adds:
"God if you are real, and you can hear me, I give my will to you. I surrender my life to you. I will try to follow you all the days of my life."
At that moment, he sees the entire Lord's prayer appear in front of his eyes. He then repeats the Lord's prayer. An amazing peace falls upon him. At that point the ambulance arrives at the hospital, and is rushed to the emergency room, after a few delays from the nurse. They can't get a pulse, and now realize how serious it is. They try to find a vein in his right arm, in the other arm they start to pump in anti-toxins. He is trying to keep his eyes open, but the poison then starts to come into his eyelids, and sweat is pouring off his forehead into his eyes.

And then, at that moment, Ian closes his eyes. He then hears the machine flatlines, and he is pronounced dead. And then something strange happens.

He opens his eyes, and finds himself in a standing upright position, fully awake. But it is pitch black. He can't see anything around him. He then thinks, "Why on earth did those doctors turn off the lights in here?" He tries to grope around for the wall, can't find it.  He then comes back to his bed, and realizes he can't find that either. He then thinks great, he has lost his bed, now what?

As it is pitch black, Ian decides to get a look at his hand. He brings his hand up to his face. His hand passes through his face to the backside of his head.  He then touches other parts of his body, but his hand passes through where his body should be. There was nothing physically present where his body should be. He is confused.

Now, as he looks into the darkness, he sees that the darkness has an evil presence. Cold, encroaching evil, pervaded the atmosphere. He then feels invisible eyes checking him out. Ian then senses something move towards him, and he starts to move back.

A man to the right then screams out, "SHUT UP!"

Ian responds, "Shut up? I have said nothing. What are you talking about?" Ian holds up his arm bracing himself for a hit.

Then another voice off to his left then yells out, "YOU DESERVE TO BE HERE."

Ian then thinks, "Deserve to be where? Where am I?"

Another man in front of him then shouts, "YOU ARE IN HELL. NOW SHUT UP!"

Ian was an atheist, and did not believe in hell. He thought it was a lie to scare people in religion. He realizes that these men could read his thoughts, as he said nothing, and his thoughts were really annoying them. As he wonders about it, he thinks of the prayer he uttered in the ambulance before he came into the hospital.

At that point a radiant beam of light comes through the darkness and touches him. His body lifts up off the ground and ascends upward. He feels like a speck of dust drawn toward the light. He looks around and sees he is travelling through a tunnel.

A wave of light comes toward him and passes through him: COMFORT. His fear disappears.

Another wave of radiant light comes toward him: PEACE.

He can see his arm: it is transparent, but full of light.

Another wave of radiant light comes toward him: JOY.

He pops out of the tunnel, and he is now surrounded by light. In front of him is a brilliant light, with phenomenal radiance and power. Ian then asks himself, "Is there someone in there, or that just an energy source for the cosmos?" A voice then comes from the light:
"Ian, do you wish to return?"
Ian then realizes this was the same voice that spoke to him before. He then begins to wonder if this is real, or is he just comatose from the poison, and this is just a dream? He looks back, and sees the tunnel closing behind him. Ian then says, "I don't even know where I am. If I am out of my physical body, I wish to return. I have no idea where I am." The voice from the light then says:
"Ian, if you wish to return, you must see in a new light."
Ian then thinks what does that mean? He looks around and sees he is surrounded by light. Ian then asks, "Are you the true light?" He then sees these words:
Ian then remembers he read that somewhere, but does not know what "1 John 1:5" means, thinking they are Roman hieroglyphics. This was foreign to him, for every other philosophy he heard was that God was Yin and Yang, encompassing both opposites: light and dark, good and evil. As Ian stands there, he wonders, "Could that be God?" Whoever it is, he knows his name, and seems to be able to read his thoughts. He reasons only God could do that, God must be able to see every sin he ever committed in his life. He knew that the light could pierce through everything and could see everything.

He then feels he does not belong there, and wanted to hide under a rock. He starts to move back to the darkness. As he moves back, he then sees another wave of radiance come from the light towards him. He fully expected it to catapult him back into the darkness. To his surprise, all he got was one thing: LOVE. He then said "God can't love me, I have cursed him." Another wave came, more love, this time stronger. He then asks, "Why are you loving me God? Don't you know what I have done?" He remembers his sins: he has slept around, did drugs... more love came towards him, tingling his whole being. All he felt was love, forgiveness and acceptance. He began to weep, as he felt the love move through him. He then looks around, he is surrounded by radiance, and his body is now full of light.

The waves of light cease, and Ian then wonders if he could step through that core of light, and see God. He is so close. He then asks him, "God, may I come in?" He thought if he can love and accept me for who I am, surely He won't mind. He steps through the radiance, the light was very dense. He sees shimmering veils of radiance, sparkling. He then feels healing touching his broken heart. As he moves in he wonders if he could see God. The light begins to open up, he first sees a man's feet, and then a white garment or robe of light. His eyes move up and sees his chest, and his arm are outstretched. As he comes to his face, he had to turn - the radiance was so pure, so bright - many times brighter than all the light he had just seen. He then comes closer, he thinks if he gets closer he could see God's face and know who he is. He is now a few feet away, and puts his face into the light. As he gets close, he suddenly moves to the side. He wonders, "Why did he do that, I was so close."

He looks ahead, and sees an opening into a realm - a green meadow, fields opened up before him, it looked like a new planet. There was a crystal clear stream working its way through the field. He felt this is home, he belonged here. He wondered why wasn't he born here? The thought came that one must be born again to enter here - he then realized that God had heard his prayer in the ambulance, and he was born again, and had been spiritually washed of his sins. Everything he saw there was giving off life. As he starts to move in, God's presence came back, and blocked the way. He then asked,
"Ian, now that you have seen, do you wish to go in, or do you wish to return?"
He thought, return? What for? He wanted to go in, but God was in front of him. He had nothing to return back to - he was a single man, and had no family. He then thinks no one in his life ever loved him, he has nothing to go back to. The love he was experiencing was greater than he had ever felt. He asks, "Can I stay here, I have no desire to go back." He was about to look back and say "Goodbye, cruel world." As he looks back, he sees a clear vision of one person who loved him: his mother, who had prayed for him every day of his life. If he were to go now, his mother would have no idea that God had heard her prayer. He then says to God, "God I wish to return for my mum. I have lived such a selfish life, I want to return and tell her that what she believes is real." God then says,
"Son, if you wish to return, you must see things in a new light."
From this he thought he must begin to see things from God's eternal perspective, not his own selfish perspective. He needs to love people in a different larger way. He wonders how he could go back. He looks, but now he not only sees his mother, but his father, his siblings, and behind them, thousands upon thousands of other people. There was a sea of humanity. Ian asks, "God, who are all these people?" God answers:
"Ian, if you do not return, most of these people will not step inside a church any longer to hear My name."
Ian says, "Church? Well neither would I. I don't even know these people. I know my mum, I wish to return for her, I love her." God responds,
"Ian, I love all of these people. I desire for all of them to come to know Me."
He thinks, "What?" This was not something he expected. He feels the heart of God reaching out to all of these people Ian does not even know. Ian responds, "God I don't know about them, but how do I return, back through the tunnel, back through the darkness, and back to my physical body?" God responds,
"Son, tilt your head." Ian tilts his head. "Now feel the liquid drain from your eye. Now open your eye, and see."
He opens his right eye, he is looking down the length of his body, which is on a slab in a morgue. His leg is held up by a doctor with a scalpal, prodding his foot like a dead piece of meat. The doctor gets spooked turns around and sees Ian's eye looking at him, and his face goes white as a sheet and yells in surprise. Ian then hears God's voice:
"Ian, I have just given your life back."
Ian thinks, "If that is true, could you help me tilt my head to the left and look out my other eye. I am getting sick of looking at this doctor." His head tilts, now his left eye opens, and through the doorway he sees nurses and orderlies staring at him. They jump up and collide with each other. He looks, no one was giving him CPR or electric shock - the doctor is holding the scalpel, shaking. Eventually he is told that he has been dead for 15 minutes. Ian realizes, if he has just seen God, he now has to change his life.

He then thinks, "God, if you have given my life back, can you please heal me, and allow me to walk out of this hospital and live a normal life? If not, I would rather be dead, please take me back into your presence." He then feels this warmth and power course through his body in successive waves, healing his body. Within 3-4 hours, he got total movement and feeling back. He walked out of the hospital the next day on his own, completely healed. When the fishermen of the island saw them, they thought they were seeing a ghost and ran and yelled. He could look at people, and see what was going on their life - what was oppressing them, what was making them sad. He asked God, "Why is that?" He heard God's voice say,
"Ian, you are now seeing people in a new light. Don't judge people, I want to heal them. Set them free from the oppression of the darkness that is tormenting them. I want to see them set free, out of the darkness, and into My light."
Ian sees that his life has changed - he does not want to party, does not want to do drugs, or chase after women - he wants to live a pure life. He asks God, "What has happened to me?" God then responded,
"Ian, you are a reborn Christian. That prayer in the ambulance saved your soul, son." 
He then asked God, "What must I do then?" God responded:
"Read a Bible."
Ian did not know what a reborn Christian was, and had never read a Bible. For the first time in his life, he asked his father to give him his Bible. He read it in six weeks. As he read, he began to see the stuff he had seen in the other life mentioned in the scriptures. He wept, thinking to himself, "You arrogant pig. You have mocked this from a distance, and foully cursed God. You never took the time to read this book. You fool." He then realized why he had to forgive others before God could forgive him - without forgiveness, the hate we hold in our heart will grow like a cancer, and keep us in darkness. When we forgive, we release ourselves from darkness, and God can then enter in, and cleanse our heart from sin. God then becomes our Lord, and we are given a new will in life.

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