Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Secret UFO War

U.S. President Ronald Reagan strived to obtain peace with the Soviet Union by building up the nation's nuclear arsenal.  But here, Reagan makes an interesting speech: he had discussed with Gorbachav that if there was some extraterrestrial "threat" from outer space, it would then be easier to resolve their differences to end the Cold War.  Why is the U.S. President speaking of a threat from extraterrestrial UFOs in a speech to the nation?  He mentions "some other species from another planet." See the following clip:

What is Reagan talking about?  What was he told when he became President, that he thought there was a threat from outer space?  From the observed behavior of UFOs, they do not seem to pose any threat, but just seem very curious watching us, and who knows how long they have been doing that.  Now look at the next clip, from 1983, where Reagan announces the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), which he fondly called "Star Wars":

Supposedly, billions of dollars was spent on the SDI program to shoot down intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles (ICBMs) to deter a nuclear attack.  And it just sat there, a complete waste of taxpayer money, some say a complete failure.  But did it just sit there?  Was it a complete waste of money?  Now take a look at the following documentary, which shows video taken from the U.S. Space Shuttle, which shows an apparent attempt to shoot down a UFO in space using what looks like a particle beam weapon:

The above video was the last live feed given to the public from the Space Shuttle.  When Reagan called the program "Star Wars", was he revealing the true intent of the program?  Here is a scene from The Empire Strikes Back, from which Reagan probably drew a parallel with the SDI program. Coincidentally, tt was released in 1980, right before Reagan began his presidency:

And this brings us to another subject. There are special units in the U.S. military that specialize in the retrieval of downed UFO spacecraft.  Here is witness testimony from Lance Corporal John Weygandt from the U.S. Marine Corps, who speaks of an incident of a UFO shot down over Peru.  Its followed by testimony from Mark McCandlish, a U.S. Air Force contractor:

There are about 500 witnesses testifying to the existence of UFOs and what the military knows in Project Disclosure.  Here is another witness, Sergeant Clifford Stone, who was also involved in these kinds of retrievals, where he discusses the background of a UFO program "Operation Blue Fly" (later "Project MoonDust") to recover downed UFOs.  Another witness, Chief Master Sergeant Daniel Salter (U.S. Air Force), confirms some of the testimony of Sergeant Clifford Stone in which he said that radar somehow interfered with the UFO guidance systems, causing them to crash (this subject is only discussed up until 5:35, after which is discussed the secrecy surrounding certain of these programs):

Its now not just about sightings of UFOs any more -- there is a lot of information out there that has leaked where we know much more about the UFO phenomenon.  Perhaps they are interstellar visitors - but with the frequency of such sightings - perhaps they are closer, maybe interplanetary from our own solar system.  Of the witnesses above, Sergeant Clifford Stone is the most interesting, as he has other testimony which confirms some of the observations Emanuel Swedenborg made concerning extraterrestrial humans in the 18th century. According to Sergeant Clifford Stone, one thing that has puzzled scientists is that these extraterrestrials are all humanoid or human in form. The scientific expectation was that life would evolve in different ways on different planets - so why does life tend to evolve towards the human form?  It is not something they were able to answer.  Swedenborg stated that the purpose of the universe was to establish the human race - and not just on our planets, but on many planets throughout the universe.  And the reason why life evolves towards the human form throughout the universe?  Because life originates from God, which Swedenborg saw in his visions is a Divine Human, the God-Man. God is not amorphous: in order to communicate with all of humanity, He has a human form so that we may understand and commune with Him. All of us have truly been made in the image of God.

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