Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Origin of the Secret Space Program

My research in this blog - which is supposed to be on spiritual topics and Swedenborg - has taken an interesting twist in direction.  Remember my previous blogs on Arthur M. Young?  He is the scientist who invented the Bell Helicopter.  My interest in him is in his book, The Reflexive Universe, where he seems to have uncovered the hidden symbolic meaning of the seven days of creation.  And the ideas contained in there -- well you cannot understand what is going on with the symbolism he encountered without understanding the doctrine of correspondences and degrees as shown in the visions of Emanuel Swedenborg.  Young never mentions Swedenborg, but maybe he never knew of him. Or maybe he did.  You can see my previous blogs on Arthur M. Young and the Reflexive Universe by looking up the Label "Universal Order."  All of creation has a symbolic pattern of seven degrees of order, and this is no accident. As Arthur M. Young began developing this in the 70s and earlier, much of his scientific information was out of date.  So I began to update it with current scientific information - and the pattern he discovered keeps unfolding.  But I have left the plane of gravitation, and the plane of the spiritual world, untouched. And in those blogs there were a series of lectures given by Arthur M. Young from Youtube. And after being up on Youtube all those years, they have now been taken down. Apparently, by multiple take down requests.  I was thinking of going back and revising those blogs but I just don't have the time. One thing that Young discusses in those videos is that he and his wife took a "vacation" of sorts to study Yoga, eastern mysticism...and the paranormal. Which I at first thought was just an innocuous remark.

Lately I have also been blogging about some of the critiques of Swedenborg's thought. Quite naturally, some of it involves his statements concerning extraterrestrials. And now with the internet, and Youtube, it is very easy to pull up corroborating information and you have to be absolutely blind to the evidence that the government is trying to keep things hushed up, and runs an active disinformation campaign. Bring in a quack here, and a fraud there, and that way the public will ignore all the overwhelming evidence - which includes days of daylight video tape, military witnesses, scientific witnesses, NASA videos - you name it. Despite that, surveys show that the more intelligent people are, the more likely they are to believe that we are being visited by UFOs. There was just a recent conference in Washington D.C. earlier this month where they brought out a "Witness X" to testify on what he knows about Roswell. Here is the interview, which confirms some of what Corso revealed in his book, The Day After Roswell:

So what does that have to do with Arthur M. Young and the Reflexive Universe?  Absolutely nothing.  Absolutely everything.

I was browsing around on UFOs and flying saucers, and it is astounding to see the mountain of evidence that has kept rising over the last few decades. It has been a long time since I read up on this. But lets forget UFOs and extraterrestrials for the moment. Instead, lets turn our attention to --- the organization that wants to keep it hidden.  I just came across this Youtube video called "Secret Space Program: Peter Levenda [Full Length]."  And believe me, this has got to be one of the most strangest accounts on the origin of the secret U.S. Space Program I have ever seen - and its backed up by research this man has dug up.  If you wrote a book on fiction, you could not have thought of something stranger.  So what does the origin of NASA, the scientists of Nazi Germany, the American Orthodox Catholic Church, the CIA, Arthur M. Young and his wife, and the assassination of John F. Kennedy all have in common?  It is so bizarre I had trouble following it. I really was not looking for this, but when I saw Arthur M. Young pop up in this story this really took me by surprise.  He was involved with a group of people that were researching how to make use of the paranormal abilities of the human mind as a weapon for the U.S. Military. Not only that, but they were investigating ESP and the paranormal in order to make contact with extraterrestrials in a meeting known as the "Council of Nine".  I just could not believe it. Anyway, drop that book of fiction and check this out:

So what do you think?  Did Arthur M. Young know of Swedenborg?  I now find it hard to believe that he didn't. I found the above lecture more entertaining than many movies I have been seeing -- including Mission to Mars.

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