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The Orion Messages of Stan Romanek

One of the most documented and amazing cases for extraterrestrial alien abduction is the case of Stan Romanek. As far as I know, it may be continuing to this day. Stan Romanek has been subjected to harrassment by black ops groups of the U.S. Government as well as a disinformation campaign in the media. Most people have dismissed the Stan Romanek case as a hoax as he supposedly failed a lie detector test on Coast to Coast with George Noory. What many people do not know is that the lie detector test was a setup: see UFO contactee Romanek 'set-up' by polygraph examiner to fail. This setup on the lie detector test immediately caught my attention, as there is evidence of a concerted effort at lie detector tampering by a disinformant in the Travis Walton case - see the previous blog post Physical Evidence for UFO Abductions.

As with anything related to UFOs or extraterrestrials, follow the facts and the evidence. And if there is an obvious disinformation campaign from the government or media on a contactee, the more likely it is true. Al one has to do is to learn to question authority, and do the research yourself. Regardless, the evidence for the case of Stan Romanek is overwhelming: there is photographic, video and witness evidence. This is one of the most bizarre cases I have ever seen. Some of it is creepy, especially some supposed extraterrestrial voice recordings. I include this as I want to stress three main theories:
1. There is overwhelming witness testimony concerning alien abductions. The evidence points to a genetic program of the alien greys. They extract semen and ovum from their subjects to either create human clones, or human alien hybrids.
2. The cattle mutilations also point to a genetic program, where they may be using the biological material to artificially grow human hybrids. See the blog post Extraterrestrial Cattle Mutilations - and Secret Intelligence
3. From multiple witnesses of alien abductions, the alien greys have indicated that they come from the star system Zeta Reticuli as well as star systems in the constellation of Orion. 
Admittedly, very far fetched, but when you have thousands of witnesses to this phenomenon along with physical evidence, it gets harder to deny. Harvard psychiatrist John Mack M.D. first thought it was hallucinatory imagination, then he realized he had to change his world paradigm when this kept coming up from independent witnesses. John Mack was an expert at helping patients recover and heal from memories of sexual molestation, and it was in helping these people that he inadvertantly came across these cases of alien abduction. For an interview on how he moved from skepticism to belief, see Interview with John Mack Psychiatrist, Harvard University. Also see this interview with John Mack on how this phenomenon shatters the western world view:

Of all the alien abductions, there is no case that has more evidence than that of Stan Romanek. For the facts and evidence see this presentation by Stan Romanek himself, called "The Stan Romanek Story - Messages" below. I recommend seeing the entire presentation given by Stan Romanek so you can judge the evidence for yourself - it starts off slow, but gets better at the end. However I will summarize some of the evidence below - not all of it - and tie it in with some corroborating information.


Stan Romanek's involvement with UFOs began when he was 5 years old. On June 6, 1968 his father, who served in the United States Air Force, came home and reported a UFO hovering over missile silos. His father worked at Grand Forks North Dakota. It was at this time a UFO hovered over the missile silos in Minot ND, at which time the missile "spontaneously" was switched to launch mode and the warhead was armed - perhaps remotely by the UFO. For a report on this case, see UFO Incidents over Minot AFB, ND, 1967, 1968. From The UFOs That Spooked Minot Air Force Base I found this picture of a UFO over Minot AFB:

Stan Romanek continues and states that a similar UFO was seen by the water tower in their town of Northwood ND. There have been reliable reports from military sources with top secret clearances concerning how UFOs hover over missile silos to tamper with our nuclear weapons. For this, see the following video "UFOs Shutting Down Nuclear Missles" -

For an in depth look at the interest of UFOs in nuclear missile sites, see the book "UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites" by Robert Hastings. Here is an interview on Larry King with Captain Robert Salas who reported a UFO which disarmed nuclear weapons at a missile silo site at Malstron AFB in Montana:

I previously discussed their interest in our nuclear power plants in the blog post UFOs over Chernobyl and Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants - I recently updated that post with another video from a nuclear power plant in Slovenia.


UFOs and extraterrestrials seem to follow Stan Romanek throughout his life following the incident of the UFO at the Minot AFB. As a child, several times he encountered a strange blue eyed woman who had spoken to him telepathically. He states that her face was very similar to a blue eyed extraterrestrial who was photographed by Maurizio Cavallo in Italy, who said she was from "Clarion":

Much later Stan Romanek started to have some UFO sightings:

On Dec. 27, 2000 Stan Romanek had his first UFO sighting at Red Rocks Colorado of an object hovering over some power lines. Here are a couple of photographs of it:

This thing morphed and changed shape. Whatever it is, it sounds almost exactly like the UFOs my sister saw over the power lines behind our house during our childhood - they also were able to morph and change shape. For some reason, they seem to be drawn to power lines. Here is a recording of 9-1-1 calls in Centerville Ohio concerning a UFO that collided with the power lines:

As for the object Stan Romanek saw, it started to pace his van along the road, and he got some video of it. It then shot up into the sky at incredible speed, creating a sonic boom. Two F-16 jet fighters then flew overhead. Romanek's video of the object later appeared on FOX News (see video at 12:45). He was then contacted by someone at Nellis AFB and they said they were able to track a similar object hovering over their test ranges in 1994 (this military video can be seen at 13:30).

On Sept. 1, 2001 Stan Romanek and his girlfriend were followed by a UFO through three states: Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. Every time they stopped the car to catch a video of the disk shaped object it would then duck into a cloud. Here is one of the photographs of it:

On Sept. 20, 2001, customers saw a UFO hovering over the workplace of Stan Romanek. It was a big red blinking sphere, which followed him home. There is a photograph of this in the presentation. That night, some strangers knocked on the apartment door in the middle of the night - it was three aliens, which Stan thought were three people wearing masks. They looked like they were a cross between the greys and humans. This was his first abduction, which occurred while he was WIDE AWAKE. He woke up with hole marks on his back, and hair missing on his wrists. According to those who study UFOs, these wounds fluoresce in black light, and SO DO WOUNDS ON CATTLE MUTILATIONS - see Extraterrestrial Cattle Mutilations - and Secret Intelligence He then took photographs, and indeed, they did fluoresce:

On Sept. 22, 2001 Stan Romanek was invite to an astronomy party nn Denver Colorado - a UFO followed his van on the way to the party, and this was seen by several witnesses at the party who are interviewed in the presentation (see video at about 23:30).

On Sept. 30, 2001 a UFO again followed his van which beamed it with light. This was again seen by many witnesses (with video shots), and it was reported in the news. See the pictures and video of this UFO in Romanek's presentation starting at about 27:50.


Starting on June 25, 2002 Stan Romanek began to have hypnotic regressions. It is under hypnosis that he began to produce a lot of strange drawings and mathematical equations. Some of these are quite complex - and Stan Romanek is dyslexic - he is poor at math and can't spell. First equation is shown in the presentation at 34:00, and went sent to a physicist at the University of Nebraska the equation seemed to represent element 115 of the periodic table. The problem is element 115 was not discovered until the year 2004. Anothere interesting thing about element 115: Bob Lazar, who worked at area 51 and S-4 in Groom Lake, claimed that element 115 was used as fuel in UFO propulsion systems. See Element 115: Does this Prove Bob Lazar’s Claims which also discusses evidence that he indeed worked in those areas.

Also shown in the drawing was a planetary alignment showing their origin - which turned out to be somewhere in the belt of Orion. Also written down under hypnosis was the formula for Drake's equation times 100. According to wikipedia:
The Drake equation is a probabilistic argument used to estimate the number of active, communicative extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy. The equation was written in 1961 by Frank Drake not for purposes of quantifying the number of civilizations, but intended as a way to stimulate scientific dialogue at the world's first SETI meeting, in Green Bank, West Virginia. The equation summarizes the main factors which scientists must contemplate when considering the question of other radio-communicative life. The Drake equation has proved controversial since several of its factors are currently unknown, and estimates of their values span a very wide range. This has led critics to label the equation a guesstimate, or even meaningless.
For Drake's equation to be multiplied by 100 implies that current science is making some very wrong assumptions concerning the probability of extraterrestrial life in our galaxy. Life is perhaps more numerous than we think - and the "Goldilock's zone" may be wider than we currently believe. This is important. Emanuel Swedenborg had this to say about other extraterrestial life - extraterrestrial human life - in the universe:
That there are many earths, and men upon them, and spirits and angels thence, is very well known in the other life, for there every one who desires it from a love of truth and thence of use, is allowed to speak with spirits of other earths, and thereby to be confirmed concerning the plurality of worlds, and to be informed that the human race is not from one earth merely, but from innumerable earths; and also to be informed what is their genius, their manner of life, and their Divine worship. (Earths in the Universe, n. 2, found in The Final Judgment as well as The Divine Revelation of the New Jerusalem - see books to the left in this blog). 
Under hypnosis, Stan Romanek has written down other complex mathematical formulas - some very long and backwards in pitch darkness - which can only be read in a mirror (see it at 1:24:28 in the presentation, after which an analysis is given by Jack Kasher, Ph. D. - a Professor of Physics at Nebraska, who says it is about bending space and time. Another analysis is given by Claude Swanson, Ph. D. on some equations concerning electro-magnetism). The evidence presented here for Stan Romanek is just the tip of the iceberg. Another equation is shown which he had written in his sleep at 39:30 in the presentation. Some of the equations are known, others scientists are still trying to figure out. Another equation he wrote in his sleep had a word written in Aramaic meaning "zero point propulsion" (see presentation at 1:32).


Stan Romanek begins to get abducted repeatedly, and lots of strange things begin to happen which he has meticulously documented. One morning he woke up and he had been left outside in the backyard, completely naked, and all the doors to the house were still bolted from the inside. He found a strange lump in his hip which could have been an implant - these were discussed earlier in the blog entry Physical Evidence for UFO Abductions. The implant is later removed, and scientists who analyzed it stated it was some kind of bio nanotechnology which had microscopic gears (see presentation at 1:06). He also held some material in his hand - they had it analyzed, and it was elemental Bismuth - which is in the same group of the periodic table as element 115. Bismuth is often used for electromagnetic experiments. The next morning they discovered a circle burned into the grass in their backyard (see photograph at 41:23 in presentation). This circle was analyzed, and they found microscopic meteor dust inside of it (another circle with meteorite dust appears at 1:26:33 in the presentation). An EMF meter and compass indicted there were EMF traces in the circle that affected both instruments.

So many strange things were happening in Stan Romanek's house that they decided to wire the entire place with web security cameras. At 43:47 in the presentation, there is web cam video which captures a floating light - which seems to be a remote probe monitoring each room of the house. Also see the presentation at 1:08:15 where he got other video of this point of light moving about in his house. For something really bizarre, see the surveillance video of the point of light from outside the house at 1:09 in the presentation (also see it again at 1:16:19 - after which there is an independent video analysis of the orb).

These "points of light" that seem to be remotely controlled have actually been caught in NASA videos, with dialogue from astronauts wondering what they are - and NASA cannot explain them away as "space debris" as they typically do for the other UFOs. There are literally hours of videotape of these remote light probes monitoring the astronauts. For this, see the video analysis of these NASA transmissions - these are known as one of the most popular "underground tapes" among the astronauts:

Another strange event that Stan Romanek recounts is that he thought they had a peeping Tom, which concerned him as he has two step-daughters. He sets up the web cam at the window, and lo and behold, he catches an alien grey peeping in the window - see the presentation at 46:33. Or watch the clip below:

Another still of a video of an alien grey appears in the presentation at 1:10:47 and 1:21.

From surveillance cameras, they captured some strange beeping sounds (see presentation at 49:46). The audio recording was analyzed by a scientist (at 51:14) - he compared it with sound recordings of UFOs obtained from two police officers as well as four other sources. The frequency on Romanek's audio matched exactly the frequency of the other six sound recordings.

The next morning after they had the sound recording they noticed that the side panels of their house were discolored from a flash of light that came before the sound, which had blew out the camera (see 52:05). It removed all dust and mildew from the siding, and it had become warped from the heat. He was going to get a sample of the siding and send it off to a lab, and strangely enough - some contractors showed up at the house to replace the siding. Neither Romanek nor the landlord had called these supposed contractors. Someone knew of the activity, and wanted to clean up the physical evidence. See the presentation at 52:42. Stan Romanek managed to still get a sample, and got video of these contractors replacing it who are very careful not to show their faces to him - he even got video of them (see at 53:18). He called the number on their truck - no such company. He did manage to get a piece of the siding to have it analyzed, and the analysis showed that it was discolored due to heat, but they could not figure out what the cause was. Here is a shot of the siding was replaced - they only replaced the section of siding that had apparently been beamed by a UFO to fry the surveillance camera:

[P.S.: I believe a UFO has been landing on the lawn near where I live and burned the grass, as well as planting alien weeds. Can you guys reseed that area and mow the lawn? Your phone number is not working.]

On Feb. 13, 2004, Stan Romanek woke up in someone else's clothing. He turned on the light, he was in the woman's one piece night gown. It had some liquid on the back of it, which they sent to have analyzed: it was blood plasma expander (similar to polyvinylpyrrolidone) in a protein they could not identify. It is a chemical that is apparently used for in vitro fertilization, used to suspend the egg when they introduce the sperm. Now here is where things get strange: this nightgown was plaid with a Mickey Mouse character on the front. Stan Romanek received a call from Betty Hill's neice, from the Betty and Barney Hill alien abduction case of the 1960s. She explained to Stan Romanek that in one last extraterrestrial encounter before Betty died is that one of her favorite nightgowns went missing. When Romanek asked her what it looked like, she said it was a plaid nightgown with a Disney character on it. After Stan Romanek woke up in that nightgown he noted that he was missing a shirt which said, "I was abducted by aliens and all I got was this lousy T-shirt." Betty Hill's neice told Stan Romanek she had found the exact same t-shirt among Betty Hill's clothings after she died, but had assumed she got it from a UFO conference.

In other instances, Stan Romanek has been able to capture shadows moving about in his house on video as well as in photographs which he shows throughout the presentation. I will show one of them here:

This shadow phenomenon really took me by surprise. I don't think it is a ghost or demonic, my personal theory is that it is some ability of theirs to teleport in and out at will. Analysis shows that light is bending slightly around the shadow. As I said before, this should not be confused with other paranormal phenomenon. I have another story concerning these shadow figures, not sure if I should share it at this point as I want to concentrate on the case of Stan Romanek for now.


Things get stranger with this case. After a while, Romanek discovered his phone was tapped. Black helicopters would appear near their house. After they moved to Colorado Springs, they received a strange mechanical voice recording on their phone warning about their move back to Colorado (see presentation at 1:02). They traced this mechanical voice to a text-to-speech device, but Stan at times would have two hour conversations with this "device" over the phone during which the voice tone would morph. This mechanical voice calls Stan a "star seed." That this was not a prank is indicated by the discovery of EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) by ghost hunters on a tape recorder in their house - when sped up, the same voice appeared on the tape (see presentation at 1:18:14). Their house would be broken into and surveillance cameras would contantly be cut off. In Dec. 2004 Stan Romanek was attacked and beaten up by four guys who had jumped out of a black unmarked SUV, telling him to "keep his mouth shut."

At 1:13 in the presentation Stan Romanek indicates he received an anonymous letter concerning the department of U.S. Air Force intelligence, concerning a group who had been monitoring his household hoping to catch any evidence of certain "visitors." From this letter there is an indication that they hit his van with an "HPM" - standing for a high powered microwave. Earlier in the presentation he shows the service record for his van which indicates that the electronics of his van had been fried. And not only did they use it on his van, there is video evidence that high powered microwaves were directed at his residence as it caused all the speakers in his house to start buzzing.


During one of Stan Romanek's abductions, he remembers seeing little children - children who seemed to look like him. And periodically, he began to see this little girl who would periodically show up - one time picking flowers in his backyard. One time he managed to catch her in a picture staring through the fence:

One time she left a bouquet of flowers on their doorstep. Periodically, Stan would receive phone calls from these children, calling him daddy. There are nine daughters - apparently from three different women. Another time they caught another one of these daughters peering through the window:

He tried to chase her, she left a footprint in the backyard...a few months later, in freezin weather with snow, the flowers in the area of that footprint were still alive and would not die. On Sept. 22, 2009 while talking to a friend on a phone a little girl cut into the phone call and said this (see presentation at 1:43:57 for the audio):
"Daddy don't worry we are fine. It's too dangerous for us there right now, you couldn't protect us even if you wanted to. We didn't mean to interrupt your call but we thought you should know, that there are nine of us: seven of the same, and two, each one with different. I am the oldest! I am named Quoma. It means Trinity. And Heidi...for you my sisters name is Trilly, it means to shine. Daddy we know you are excited about your talk this weekend but please be careful! There are some that don't want you to talk at all! Sorry for the bad connection, it's all we have for such long distances. If we get disconnected it means that we have...(strange slowed own voice)"
This case then brings us back full circle: the agenda of the alien greys is some sort of hybrid breeding program. How wide scale is this? No one knows, as abductee's memories are wiped concerning the events.

There is more info in the presentation that I did not cover, but for more details on this case, Stan Romanek has written three books: Messages: The World’s Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story, The Orion Regressions and Answers. Despite the overwhelming evidence in this case, I see a lot of flak on the internet where people repeatedly say its a hoax, which is why I have concentrated on the evidence. I don't think so. In addition to the evidence here, I have personal information that indicates that this is genuine.


I was wondering why this particular blog post was getting so many hits. As it turns out, apparently Stan Romanek was recently arrested on what may be trumped up charges from files that was put on his computer from a possible virus. Found this out from Lisa Romanek's Twitter account. Regardless of the outcome of that charge, the evidence in this case is overwhelming. The timing of it is suspicious: it comes right when independent film maker J3 Films was in the middle of getting a film about Stan Romanek distributed. From the web site J3 Films:
Based on responses we’ve received over the past few weeks, we assume quite a few of you are unaware of the recent developments with Stan Romanek. He has been arrested and released; and, since then, beaten up and in the hospital twice. The arc of his personal story has changed dramatically, and it is creating an obvious division among the ranks due to the circumstances.
We want to remind everyone that j3FIILMS purchased the rights to tell Stan’s story. We are filmmakers who are documenting his story. We are not business partners with Stan — he is simply the subject of the film. Decisions about the release of the film have nothing to do with Stan, they are completely ours. Like most independent films produced through the generous funding of supporters, the first priority is to pay back those who loaned money, which is why we had the film entered into film festivals. The hope was we would find an interested distribution partner to reach a wide audience. After being accepted at one and rejected by two more in January, we moved into direct discussions with distribution channels. While we were in those discussions last month, the news about Stan was brought to our attention.
With that said, we have been directly impacted by these developments and have since been deciding how to move forward — scrap the film completely, release the film as is and not address the issue, or address the issue by recutting the film. Please understand that these choices are not being taken lightly, nor should they be given what has been shared with us.


  1. Hi there, I enjoy reading through your article post.
    I wanted to write a little comment to support you.

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    1. Thanks for the reference. You may want to also check out some of the symbolism contained in Lord of the Rings, which is essentially a modern Christian myth. See The Hidden Prophecy of the Lord of the Rings (part 2).

  2. Excellently written blog, friend! I totally agree with everything you say, and your conclusions. I am an engineer, mathematician, educator, computer scientist, musician and ufo researcher for the past few years. My father worked for Nasa during Apollo (and knew Neil and Buzz), and I share this to let you know I am a serious individual. I have always been interested in extra terrestrial phenomenon, and had been a skeptic up until a decade ago, when the EVIDENCE started to be corroborated. We know the government is corrupt and capable of criminal mendacities - look at the 9-11 False Flag/ Operation Northwoods crime (Bush and Cheney are likely co-conspirators and should be hung for treason - alas, the Sheeple had largely abdicated their intellect, their morals and their freedom before long) but I digress - look at Lazar, Derek Hennessy, Phil Schneider, Bill Cooper, etc. - people who have been discredited or killed to keep the ET presence covert. So thank you for this blog and keep up the good work. I say Stan is innocent (clearly until proven guilty, and even if they prove him guilty, I wouldn't believe our government unless they paid me to!) - Stan has too much EVIDENCE to deny, and I wish these covert psychopaths would get the fuck off my planet if they are going to keep this kind of crap up. They are traitors to not only America, these debunkers are traitors to the human race.

    1. Speaking of false flag operations, the chemical attack in Syria was likely a false flag operation from Saudi intelligence, and Turkey was just caught trying to plan a false flag operation as an excuse to invade Syria. The amount of human suffering in Syria is just horrendous. The war continues because of Turkey and Saudi Arabia, and both of these are strong U.S. Allies. If the U.S. wants to end it, they can end it. Just because some policy makers want to see Assad go away is no excuse.

      As for the astronauts you mentioned, those are the ones the public knows about. There are apparently another set of astronauts that the public never gets to hear about, who are in the "real" space program kept secret from the public. Some of them speak, as if they know something, but yet can't talk. All of the Moon missions were tailed by a UFO of one sort or another.

      As for the secrecy, its not just our government who wants it to be secret, so do they. I have seen reports where they are under some strict law not to reveal themselves. They have seen how we act, and they really see us as a big problem, and one of them said they fear the day we get beyond the boundary of our planet. The problem is we are advancing too quickly technologically, and going backward morally and spiritually. We think about now and the past, and do not think about the future.

      As for the greys, and the evidence that they are creating a hybrid race, that can only mean one thing: they want to live here. Which I suspect they plan to do after some disaster or war takes place.

  3. maybe they are trying to preserve our genetic material in case a global catastrophe happens and wipes out life/humanity from earth?

    1. That is apparently the view they present to the abductees. Or, once we developed nuclear weapons, they see the outcome is inevitable. You can see this view expressed in a significant abduction case in Puerto Rico (Amaury Rivera) in An Extraterrestrial Prophecy. If you look at the video, from the abductions of Romanek they are interested in breeding more females.

      Now, turn back the clock to 1952. There is another case of extraterrestrial contact that occurred then - see Extraterrestrial Contacts by HAM Radio. And what happened then? They gave a very specific warning about those coming from Orion:

      "We must tell you about Orion. Many there wish to conquer Universe. We are here to warn you of this also. However, we find few receptive persons on Saras (earth). You are helping us now by what you are doing."

      This of course long before the Stan Romanek encounter. There have been other warnings as well.

  4. I was very intrigued with this guy and I am very much a believer of paranormal phenomenon. However my views of Stan changed after I discovered this video today. I let you make your own minds up.


    1. Thanks for the comment - however I looked at that video, and that is by no means conclusive one way or the other. Moreover there is a host of other evidence - physical evidence, as well as witnesses, showing something is going on. That light that wanders about in the room, as well as the secret NASA transmissions, is hard to explain away. I heard another interview where it was interrupted by a strange voice ("You are talking too much"), and in the video above there is a recording of a phone call where a noise is emitted and as a result of that Stan faints and collapses on the floor. So there is definitely a lot of weirdness. The poor guy probably has had his memory erased on multiple occasions. From the youtube video, the poster also said this:

      "I am assured by someone who I trust implicitly that Stan Romanek is a 'for real' experiencer. My witness has been with him on several occasions when strange things, they regard as impossible to hoax, have occurred. They have been with him when black helicopters have circled his home and when strange entities turned up at conferences and on other occasions."

      Besides this case, there are many other cases, but this particular blog post of Stan Romanek is constantly getting hit and is quite popular. The sad thing here is despite the evidence of multiple witnesses, these abductees - many of them women - have no one to turn to, no one to confide in, concerning the genetic experimentation that is going on. I wish I had found more positive experiences of extraterrestrial contact when researching this.

  5. There was a video of the Red Rocks sighting that I saw on the internet in 2000, it was probably the best ever taken and it had a very loud electrical :"skree' type noise. I'm assuming it was Stan that took it. He also said that it was the exact same craft that was spotted over Nellis AFB

    1. I am not aware of that, but there was a sighting made by someone else at a Red Rocks concert in January 2015: UFO videotaped over Red Rocks Amphitheater concert. Looking at this blog post, it now seems that the youtube video of Stan Romanek's last sighting was taken down.

      For UFO photos and videos, found the best photographic analysis of one here: Reanalysis of the 1965 Heflin UFO photos. It does not get better than that. Unfortunately, this area of study is under constant attack by skeptics, and disinformation agents who put forth false and misleading information to control public opinion on the matter. So most ignore the topic entirely.

      So while most are wondering whether they exist or not, the evidence is conclusive: they are here. I think there would be a dramatic improvement in the world if open contact could be made,

  6. Maurizio Cavallo is the real deal! However, Romanek is not! He's a fraud and he revealed himself to be a fraud in a more recent video on YouTube where we can clearly see his is faking some "supernatural" events.

    1. I was not so sure about Stan Romanek until I saw the video "The Stan Romanek Story" (see in this blog) and researched some of the evidence. There is too much evidence to back it up. Someone else had left a comment on that video and I find it inconclusive compared to the other evidence, and from the information at times Romanek was clearly not in control of his body due to perhaps post hypnotic suggestions. There was clearly an effort to shut him down, and it looks like it succeeded before the documentary was released to the general public.

      It it clear there are frauds out there, I wont mention them here, I avoid any testimony that does not have evidence to back it up. Further muddling the issue is that disinformation folks will plant false evidence in order to discredit the good witnesses, and at times I tip my hat off to them for how clever they are. But when they goof up its obvious, which led me to change my mind on this whole UFO issue.

  7. ello and i like your blog so much as it is packed with information - i am wondering what your view is now that the covid injections have been shown to have nanotech wiring in them and bluetooth connections - obviously not of this earth - also what your view is on how these aliens like to lie and deceive - personally i dont believe in other universes etc - i believe this earth is unique and made for us only as the image of gods creatures - i also think they are after our souls and want to know how the soul works and is incorporated into our human bodies - i believe todd said they are in places of power as humanoids this is coming true ie: DNA changing injections - Dew weaponry to obliterate towns and cities [ hawaii] prisons being secretly built - videos coming out of shapeshifting humanoids - lizard slit eyes being seen amongst people who are in power - if you answer this i will endeavour to continue the conversation - thanks

    1. Hello, COVID inoculations have nothing to do with nanotech or bluetooth. Science shows that it saves lives by countering the COVID-19 virus. Strong evidence points to COVID-19 having been developed by that Wuhan lab in China, after development on it in the U.S. was blocked by Obama in the U.S. U.S. labs unfortunately shared this information with Chinese scientists who continued its development, presumably for population control and to reduce health care costs for the elderly. As for the grays, from anecdotal evidence their intent here seems to be biological experimentation involving humans, so yes of course they are going to lie and deceive and keep their presence a secret. I think I saw somewhere that they might be artificial biological entities that went rogue and do want to live a normal life as a human, but who knows.


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