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The Extraterrestrial Christianity of UMMO

In what is perhaps the most strangest case of extraterrestrial contact ever, unlike most reports of UFO sightings and abductions, this is a case where the extraterrestrials have just dumped a load of information in the form of phone calls and letters. There are over hundreds of letters containing information on their society, science, religion, and even they reference words of their own language system which has its own grammar. The case has caught the attention of a variety of scientists and university professors, including Stephen Hawking (see also Stephen Hawking and the Extraterrestrial Janos Affair). The letters contain so much information it can take years of analysis, but what is interesting is that many of these letters contain scientific information that is ahead of its time.  A French scientist Jean-Pierre Petit shocked his colleagues when he publicly revealed that many of his scientific published papers originated from ideas in these UMMO letters. Its hard for me to summarize here, see the following documentary for an introduction, as this is a very complicated case:

The Ummites are apparently north European looking humans, and in their letters they describe events which led to their first contact on earth in 1950, from a star system 14.5 light years from our Sun. The contacts have been on and off throughout the years, but I believe most of the letters date from the 1960s and 1970s, and the contacts are perhaps continuing to the present day.  A landing was seen by several witnesses in Spain in the 1960s. One of the proponents [Spanish psychologists Jose Luis Jordan Pena] apparently declared that the entire thing was a hoax, which have caused many of the public to ignore it. But privately he said he was pressured to do so. If its a hoax, its a very elaborate one, and immediately problems arise with this theory. For a view that it is a hoax, see THE UMMO EXPERIENCE: ARE YOU EXPERIENCED?. The author passes it off as a hoax, but there is one problem with the explanation:
"adding to the confusion [he availed] himself of a few sheets of polyvinyl fluoride which were unknown in Spain at the time (a material known as TEDLAR, manufactured by E. duPont de Nemours for the U.S. space program)."
Under the heading of "loose ends" the author is a bit puzzled as to how a Spanish psychologist got hold of military grade material, but presumes someone just gave it to him:
"...where did Jordan Pena obtain access to the strips of TEDLAR, a material destined to a highly sensitive military use? Where did the psychiatrist secure the ninety-nine percent pure nickel tubes containing the TEDLAR strips? Wouldn't it be more logical to suppose that somebody gave him these items?"
And what of his confession that he made it all up? Some of his friends approached him to argue with him, and Pena stated the Ummites told him to publicly declare it a hoax. This is in line with their mentality - they stress that there is no need for anyone to believe what they say:
"[UFO Journalist] Huneeus is careful to point out that the content of the UMMO material is different from that of most contactee cases because they don’t contain messianic messages of doom and salvation. The method used is always by mail and not direct or telepathic contact. Unlike George Adamski and countless other “cosmic souls” trying to convert our confused human species, the authors of the UMMO papers write things like, “In no way do we wish – and we sternly warn you about this – to see you fall into the temptation of switching your religious, scientific and politico-economical ideas for ours. It would be a mistake for you to adopt our ideas, concepts and statements at face value.”"
This mentality shows up in their letters - they are careful not to completely reveal things directly. However, there is enough there to show that this could hardly have been made up  by a mere hoaxer:
"Huneeus says we must rule out the possibility that it is a simple hoax in view of the duration and complexity of the material involved. A secret conspiracy or experiment is perhaps more believable, but again we must consider the length of time, international resources and the sophistication of the material itself. What could be the motive for such a group, given that it exists, to go to such trouble? One must remember that some of the papers on advanced physics, cosmology, biology, and space propulsion actually baffled a number of respected Spanish and French scientists and engineers.
As the well-known computer expert and UFO researcher, Dr. Jacques Vallee, put it, “If these concepts were not of extraterrestrial origin, then they must have originated with people who knew perfectly the ultimate advances of modern physics and had extrapolated beyond them.”"
The case persists because though one may doubt the existence of UFOs and visiting extraterrestrials, no one can deny the existence of the letters.  The information tends to be implicit, but contain enough information to show that the source is quite intelligent and knowledgeable on a variety of subjects. In several cases there are typos as this was before the age of computers and typists were hired for these letters. From the content of the letters, there are quite a few "loose ends" - for this I will summarize (and correct) some of the findings of another French researcher into this, Denis Roger Denocla, which he published in Presence 2: The Language and the Mystery of the UMMO Planet Disclosed.


Here is a statement from Letter 116 (French) (many are online for study), which was written on May 23, 1979 (rough translation here):
"Our mission on Earth is really analysis and study. We arrived in Spain (Our first landing was made in a place of France), as in other countries, with the desire to know the geological structure, orogenic movements, the biosphere, the social structure of humans, their history and trends, weather conditions and structures of the main star and other cold stars, including another planet situated 7898 kilometers beyond Pluto (average distance to your Sun)."
In 1979, there were no known planets beyond Pluto. However by 2005, that began to change, with the discovery of three large trans-Neptunian objects: Quaoar, Sedna, and Eris.  In 2006, people began calling Eris the tenth planet, and as a result of these new discoveries the IAU invented the new term "dwarf planet" and in the process Pluto was demote to a "dwarf planet" instead of being considered a planet. Eris was first discovered in 2005, from images first taken in 2003:

Eris has a highly elliptical and eccentric orbit:

So lets take the statement from letter 116 again:
"...including another planet situated 7898 kilometers beyond Pluto (average distance to your Sun)."
As with the nature of other information in the letters, there is intentional information left out and one has to be familiar with the subject in order to interpret them. 7898 km is too short of a distance between two planets, so what is implied here is "7898 [millions of] kilometers," as average distance to the Sun is either measured in astronomical units (AU) or millions of kilometers (M Km). So, where was the dwarf planet Eris on May, 23, 1979 when the letter was written?  Unfortunately my old astronomy program was written before Eris was discovered, so I turned to a nice freeware planetarium known as Stellarium. I set the date, and found that on that date Eris had the following distance from the Sun:
14706.181 M km
Pluto also has an elliptical orbit - but the letter states to take the average distance of Pluto to the Sun, for which we use Kepler's Third Law. The exact average distance of Pluto to the Sun is as follows:
5,906,376,272 km
Subtracting the two, we get the following distance between the location of Eris in 1979 and the average distance of Pluto to the Sun:
8799.805 M km
Which is, of course, different from 7898 M km.  However, as with the case of other information in these UMMO letters, things are not as they seem. There seems to be a typo - intentional or not - where first two digits are swapped. Thus the value in letter 116 should in fact be as follows:
8798 M km
Which of course is very highly accurate information, something that researcher Denocla missed. This indicates the survey of Eris was taken a bit before May 23, 1979 when Eris was slightly closer to the Sun. But why the inaccuracy? The letters explain the nature of the information:
"We have deliberately omitted some information that you need to deduct yourself."
The researcher Denocla has pointed out several errors - some where items are swapped - that seem to be "deliberate." Presumably this is to hide the information except for the few who are persistent.

Could a hoaxer have known in 1979 that there was a planet beyond Pluto?  And come very close to its actual position in relation to the average distance of Pluto?  I think not.


The UMMO documents describe a parallel universe, and that they themselves have discovered at least 10 dimensions which they make use of for interstellar travel. This they described back in 1966. This has not been verified, but certain aspects of String theory of modern physicists require that there be 10 dimensions. From SuperString Theory:
"Our physical space is observed to have only three large dimensions and—taken together with duration as the fourth dimension—a physical theory must take this into account. However, nothing prevents a theory from including more than 4 dimensions. In the case of string theory, consistency requires spacetime to have 10 (3+1+6) dimensions."
This is still, however, a subject matter of research among physicists, with variant theories. There are no less than 5 types of String theories that require 10 dimensions (see String theory for a detailed description.) Not exactly confirmed, but it is interesting how the number of dimensions does match many of the current theories that physicists are investigating.


This is another example of how highly technical and advanced the knowledge is. In one letter the Ummites describe an engine making use of the chemical xenon tetrafluoride. Denocla writes:
"Another argument for authenticity is that all of the topics covered in the UMMO documents are more advanced than their time. For example, in 1966 the description of an environmentally friendly engine which operates by using a chemical reaction of xenon tetrafluoride (see reference D41-6) would have required that its writer be part of a small crew of research chemists who had followed Neil Bartlett’s 1963 discovery of this chemical reaction at the University of British Columbia. If the letter describing such an engine in the year 1966 came from Planet Earth, it could only have been written by a select person from a very elite group. If that is not enough, to be consistent with the rest of the text, the writer would also have had to have huge skills in many other areas…"
For information related to this, see A Decoded NSA Extraterrestrial Radio Signal from Outer Space which describes a document on the NSA web site where they intercepted a signal from outer space describing the chemical periodic table that contained concepts that were well ahead of our science at the time. For further analysis see The Origin of the NSA Extraterrestrial Radio Signal. I suspect they are different as the message uses base-8 mathematics. The UMMO documents describe a system using base-12 mathematics.


A UMMO letter from 1967 predicts that there is life on Mars:
"...not only forms protein and amino acids, but also of unicellular and multicellular plants simple."
This is still under research, but this was partially confirmed by scientists in 1996. From Scientists discover evidence that life existed on Mars Single-cell organisms, not 'little green men,' says NASA director:
Scientists studying a meteorite that fell to Earth from Mars have identified organic compounds and certain minerals that they conclude "are evidence for primitive life on early Mars."
The discovery of the first organic molecules ever seen in a Martian rock is being hailed as startling and compelling evidence that at least microbial life existed on Mars long ago, when the planet was warmer and wetter.


This piece of information contains very practical knowledge for the medical community. In 1967 the UMMO documents warned against the use of antibiotics:
"We caution you that the whole series of antibiotics that you have made are now helping to create in the future of new strains of viruses and pathogens much more resistant and immunized against your pharmacological, and therefore, in a future of 180 years + or - 10%, 72% of species you cataloged will be as virulent as before the onset of these drugs."
This warning has now been confirmed - there is a real danger of antibiotic resistant viruses and microbes. Doctors are well aware of this and for that reason they have started a policy of refusing antiobiotics to sick children (antiobiotics are not useful against the cold or flu). From The Danger of Antibiotic Resistance:

"Hundreds of years ago, a simple bacterial infection was often deadly because there were no antibiotics to treat it. These infections may once again become a threat if the bacteria become resistant to our antibiotics due to overuse."
Pharmaceutical companies are now finding it harder and harder to find new antibiotics to fight against the diseases of the future. It is a real threat, perhaps more so than nuclear war. This problem also happens to be compounded by research by certain nations into biological warfare.


Back in 1966, the UMMO documents describe a form of stem cell research, which was entirely unknown to our scientists at the time (see Key Research Events for Stem Cells):
"We can transform the nucleus cell of any tissue in various ways. That is to say that we can generate real ARTIFICIAL ATYPICAL CELL [...]. What is actually achieved in practice is to change the nature of a cell. Imagine for example an area overrun by FIBROIDS, connective tissue cells. Well: acting on the chromosomes of the nucleus it is possible to convert one or thousands of such cells into cells such as nerve cells, that is to say NEURONS whose structure is completely different."

The UMMO documents claim that the Ummites are doing research in viruses here on earth.  For this, I will just quote Denocla:
The following letter D108 was received on 21/04/1973, and it presents a biological experiment:
"A few months ago (the project had been launched in an old cottage near Marseilles, France) my brothers had developed a research program related to an unknown viral entity on the planet Earth
but familiar (although limited) of UMMO brothers biologists. The structure of these viral specimens has a certain similarity with chain corresponding to circular DNA virus known on EARTH like «rat poliomavirus» due to its spatial arrangement but this entity was provided with a capsule much more complex.»
This is all very interesting because according virology experts the virus SV40 has been widely used since the 1970s. However the «rat polyomavirus» is a pathogen that has hardly been studied to date, and was not studied at all in 1973…

Again, for this one I will quote Denocla:
The D41-3 in 1966 letter indicates that Oomomen use compounds of , which have physicochemical properties of light transmittance on UMMO. This is to say pretty much the same as on Earth from red to purple.
«It is 196 UIW all the XAABI is silent. That night, the panels sound insulation built with a compound of germanium totally transparent and that we use roof were closed. Not a single window communicates with the outside. Only a trained ear can hear the whistle that produces very low air properly assayed for temperature, humidity, ionization and ozonation, air is expelled through the nozzles of each IAXAABI (home).»
On Earth, this knowledge of the physico-chemical properties of transparency to visible light of compounds based on Germanium is known by a few experts whose communications are very limited and confidential. Ge oxide (GeO2) will be used later for military equipment infrared detection for wide-angle lenses or optical microscopy, but also as an element of optical fibers. « The crucial attenuation limit of 20 dB/km was first achieved in 1970, by researchers Robert D. Maurer, Donald Keck, Peter C. Schultz, and Frank Zimar working for American glass maker Corning Glass Works,
now Corning Incorporated. They demonstrated a fiber with 17 dB/km attenuation by doping silica glass with titanium. A few years later they produced a fiber with only 4 dB/km attenuation using germanium dioxide as the core dopant. Such low attenuation ushered in optical fiber telecommunication. In 1981, General Electric produced fused quartz ingots that could be drawn into fiber optic strands 25 miles (40 km) long.»
At this point, I will stop. Some have spent years studying this material, and as I said before, one scientist published scientific papers based on some of this knowledge. One obviously sees that this extraterrestrial contact is very different from most others: much of it is highly technical, requiring review from subject matter experts. And like other extraterrestrial contacts with good evidence, I would not be surprised at efforts of certain intelligence agencies to tamper with the witnesses or data in order for people to reject it as a hoax. This is merely a preface to eliminate skepticism for what follows - and it will become apparent how knowledge of extraterrestrial visitation may affect certain views in regards to religious beliefs.


One of the primary interests of these extraterrestrials from Ummo was research into Jesus Christ and Christianity. Thus they first focused their contact on western Europe.  Why such interest in Jesus Christ? Apparently back in their history, their planet had experienced a very troublesome time under an evil (and mentally disturbed) female dictator, who obtained worldwide control over their planet, during which time many of their people died. During this time, a slave worker began teaching the people a spiritual philosophy, which helped turn the people against their dictator. He however was captured - or he offered himself in exchange for the lives of others - and they put him in a cell where it was ordered that he should be slowly tortured to death. However, in the middle of the torture, his body was transformed and he simply disappeared, to the shock of the government at the time. Thus their interest in Jesus Christ, whose body was also transformed and ascended into heaven. This they accept as fact; moreover, their prophet teacher may have made predictions concerning Jesus Christ who would appear on another star system (see Rev. 22:16 - I am the root and the offspring of David, the bright and morning star).

Their way of thinking is not a matter of religion, but more so as a religious philosophy. One researcher put it this way (the following quotes are from Ummo Sciences web site:
The Ummite religion is closer to a religious philosophy than of a religion itself. If it had to be compared with "a terrestrial" religion, the example which comes immediately to mind is Buddhism (by excluding the concept of reincarnation).The most fundamental difference compared to our religions seems to be the quasi total absence of collective ritual and religious hierarchy. No ritual collectives; no, but a family life which seems to be turned towards the meditation and the desire for acting in the community, for the good of this community. ...The Ummites, ...integrated the discoveries of science in this religious philosophy. 
Many of their spiritual concepts I have found to be similar to the New Church theology as revealed to Emanuel Swedenborg (e.g., they have a concept of a "God-man," the devil or hell is a state of being, God does not get angry, there is an eternal soul, free will, living by the moral code, etc). But it is hard to summarize here, like their science it is well-developed and combined with their knowledge of science and extra-dimensions. This quote may sum up some of their philosophy which they have combined with a mode of agnosticism:
"WE CREATE DOCTRINES, BUT WE ARE NOT SILLY ENOUGH TO BELIEVE THEM. Such an attitude appears to contain a contradiction. It seems stupid to develop an assumption to then scorn it. Actually, this is not what we want to express: we know that such assumptions can approach the truth and in fact, some times, they reach it."
They have expressed, on multiple occasions, their disappointment with humans on earth:
"We believed moreover than the scientists of the Earth could bring elements to our research and we found you preoccupied by sterile wars and senseless polemic lacking any scientific objectivity; and you EACH believe you have the truth without respecting those who do not think like you."
Such was the interest in Christianity, the letters state that upon their arrival one of their goals was to find original documents concerning the life of Jesus Christ. I will translate some of the terms of their language in brackets:
"Naturally, when we arrived on OYAGAA [planet earth]; my brothers, once they had passed the linguistic hurdle and as soon as they began to better understand the society by learning about the culture, immediately focused their attention on the strange figure of Jesus of Galilee. It goes without saying that the other creating entities from other religions also drew their attention, some having a greater philosophico-doctrinal richness for us than the Christian religion (Socrates, Buddha, Confucius, Mahomet). The similarities between UMMOWOA [God-man, or their prophet teacher] and Jesus were impressive, after a first reading of the New Testament."
For the moment, the part that interests me is this statement:
"We also quickly discovered that the cursory reference made to Christ by the historian Joseph is a bold interpolation carried out in later copies, by these same fanatic Christians. Joseph was unaware of or scorned this Jewish man. Three of my brothers, OAEOO 4, YU 1 and ADAA 66, travelled to Israel, Egypt and then to Jordan to collect information. Using the techniques of UWOOLOO, they were able to locate and unearth very important documents made of metal rolls, and inscriptions on stone and clay, which, along with the archaeological information collected by you, enabled us to reconstitute part of this enthralling period of your History (the archaeological documents taken from OYAGAA [planet earth] are on UMMO. We will return them to OYOGAA [planet earth] in a future stages of your cultural evolution)."
This comes from letter D791, dated at Dec. 27, 1987. It is at this point we begin to see some errors in their research - they are not infallible, and there are accounts of some silly goof-ups they have done due to misunderstandings. The statement concerning Jesus in the account of Josephus is not exactly an interpolation; it is more accurate that it has been modified. The Arabic copy of the works of Josephus contains a more accurate quote concerning Jesus that is closer to the original. Throughout their research they found conflicting documents concerning the life of Jesus, but for now I would like to focus attention on the following statements:
"The members of the Sanhedrin were anxious. A few of their own were with and for Jesus. Pontius Pilate's spies warned him of possible revolts if Jesus continued to address to the natives of the Capital. The legend of Judas has a true basis in history. The Romans had introduced agents among the disciples of Jesus who related the Master's words to them. It was they who indicated to the Romans the most favourable opportunity to seize him."
Later, a bit more on Judas:
"...among the acolytes, tensions arose over the different interpretations of the Master's words. The crucifixion and false news of his death caused a division into four groups, including one led by Peter, James son of Zebediah and John, who were three of the seven minor leaders chosen by Jesus to organize his armies. 
"The Jerusalem group also started the myth of the betrayal by Judas Iscariote. Along with Peter and five other disciples, he was one of the most active of Jesus' followers, but with different criteria than Pierre. In the writings of the time, Judas is not only portrayed as free of any fault, but along with many of its partisans he organized revolts in the streets of Jerusalem against the Jewish hierarchs and mobs unfriendly to Jesus, while the Master's other disciples, among them Peter, fled and hid. The blackening of his name begun in the caves of Jerusalem became accepted when it could later be verified that agents paid by Rome and the head Priest had indeed inflitrated into the ranks of the Master's followers. Judas Iscariote (his name is correct), was a humble man of the people; an enemy of Jesus' rich disciples, among whom were the Sanhedrin hierarchs. When Jesus and his partisans entered Jerusalem, his group camped in the garden of Gethsemani. The evening of Jesus' capture he (Judas Iscariote) was not in the house where the last meal took place. Successive accounts of what happened during those hours have mixed together and progressively deformed over centuries, until the legend of Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemami was created. An emissary arrived at Judas' tent with the news of the Master's arrest. Judas reprimanded his hosts and left abruptly, running through the city's narrow streets while Jesus was being brutally tortured. Judas was arrested, beaten and his corpse hanged."
A very interesting account of the disciple Judas. So, where did they get such information? And if any reader thinks this story is weird, it is now about to get weirder.


If I were to take a guess, the account of the UMMO document concerning the life of Jesus and his disciple Judas comes from the recently discovered Gnostic Gospel of Judas. From Wikipedia:
"The Gospel of Judas is a Gnostic gospel whose content consists of conversations between the Apostle Judas Iscariot and Jesus Christ. It is believed to have been written by Gnostic followers of Jesus, not by Judas himself, and, since it contains late 2nd century theology, probably dates from no earlier than the 2nd century. In 180 AD, Irenaeus, the Bishop of Lyons, wrote a document in which he railed against this gospel, indicating the book was already in circulation. The only copy of the Gospel of Judas known to exist is a Coptic language text that has been carbon dated to AD 280, plus or minus 60 years. Joseph Barabe presented the behind-the-scenes story of the role, an analysis of the ink played in authenticating the book at an American Chemical Society meeting. It has been suggested that the text derives from an earlier Greek version. A translation of the text was first published in early 2006 by the National Geographic Society."
Note, the text is in Coptic, and was only translated in the year 2006. So, where did the manuscript of the Gospel of Judas come from? Here is the background for the manuscript:
"A leather-bound Coptic language papyrus document that surfaced during the 1970s, near Beni Masar, Egypt, was named the Codex Tchacos after an antiquities dealer, Frieda Nussberger-Tchacos, who became concerned about the deteriorating condition of the manuscript. First translated in the early 2000s, the codex contains text that appears to be from the late 2nd [sic - actually 3rd] century AD, and includes the self-titled "Gospel of Judas" (Euangelion Ioudas) which claims to be the story of Jesus's death from the viewpoint of Judas. ...Today the manuscript is in over a thousand pieces, with many sections missing due to poor handling and storage. Some passages are only scattered words; others contain many lines. According to Rodolphe Kasser, the codex originally contained 31 pages, with writing on both sides; however, when it came to the market in 1999, only 13 pages remained. It is speculated that individual pages had been removed and sold."
So it came onto the market in 1999. Where was it before that?  The article continues with more details:
"The content of the gospel had been unknown until a Coptic Gospel of Judas turned up on the antiquities "grey market," in Geneva in May 1983, when it was found among a mixed group of Greek and Coptic manuscripts offered to Stephen Emmel, a Yale Ph.D. candidate commissioned by Southern Methodist University to inspect the manuscripts. How this manuscript, Codex Tchacos, was found, maybe in the late 1970s, has not been clearly documented. However, it is believed that a now-deceased Egyptian "treasure-hunter" or prospector discovered the codex near El Minya, Egypt, in the neighbourhood of the village Beni Masar, and sold it to one Hanna, a dealer in antiquities resident in Cairo.
In the 1970s, the manuscript and most of the dealer's other artifacts were stolen by a Greek trader named Nikolas Koutoulakis, and smuggled into Geneva. Hanna, along with Swiss antiquity traders, paid Koutoulakis a sum rumoured to be between $3 million to $10 million, recovered the manuscript and introduced it to experts who recognized its significance. During the following two decades the manuscript was quietly offered to prospective buyers, but no major library or Egypt felt ready to purchase a manuscript that had such questionable provenance. In 2003 Michel van Rijn started to publish material about these dubious negotiations, and eventually the 62-page leather-bound codex was purchased by the Maecenas Foundation in Basel. The existence of the text was made public by Rodolphe Kasser at a conference of Coptic specialists in Paris, July 2004."
And then it is translated in 2006. And what does the Gospel of Judas say? It says this:
"In contrast to the canonical gospels which paint Judas as a betrayer of Christ who delivered him up to the authorities for crucifixion in exchange for money, the Gospel of Judas portrays Judas's actions as done in obedience to instructions given by Christ. The Gospel of Judas does not claim that the other disciples knew about Jesus's true teachings. On the contrary, it asserts that they had not learned the true Gospel, which Jesus taught only to Judas Iscariot, the sole follower belonging to the "holy generation" among the disciples."
So, lets back up and summarize what we have here. Beginning in the 1960s, and continuing for 40 years (or more) after that, a select group of people start to receive mysterious letters from claimed human looking extraterrestrials. There are accusations of a hoax, but yet these letters contain scientific information that was well ahead of its time, much of which has been validated by later scientific discoveries. This alone shows that there is no way this can be a hoax. To top it off, around the same time period the manuscript of the Gospel of Judas emerges in Egypt in the 1970s, is stolen, and makes its way to France and Geneva in the vicinity where these extraterrestrials claim to be operating in secret. And before this manuscript is known to the public, and before it is translated, in 1987 a UMMO letter emerges in which these extraterrestrials claim to have gone on an "archeaological" expedition in the Middle East to recover documents concerning Jesus and the origin of Christianity. And they say they are in possession of documents which they will return to the people of earth at the proper time. Later, the Gospel of Judas is sold on the market, and lo and behold, it tells a story similar to the UMMO document published over 10 years earlier.

So, are we to believe that a hoaxer not only had astronomical knowledge of Eris beyond Pluto, and chose to keep it a secret, but a knowledge of genetics (stem cell research), chemistry, virus research, life on Mars - and oh wait - happens to be an expert in Coptic and somehow got access to some manuscripts on the black market?  And took this information, and invents his own UMMO language, and spreads this across hundreds of different letters? Or are we to believe that extraterrestrial humans really are paying us a visit, and have an interest in Jesus and the origins of Christianity?


Certain government agencies don't like it when extraterrestrials go around talking to people other than them, spilling secrets that they could use for their own national affairs. Government interest, and their efforts to silence witnesses, comes up invariably in case after case. Most of them have nothing to do and just watch UFO researchers all day, and its documented that the CIA infiltrated early UFO organizations. The technology and knowledge at stake, they want to keep it in their own secret labs, and use it for power and control.

In the UMMO case, the extraterrestrials describe themselves as having dwelt underground much of the time on their planet, and found it strange that we were living on the surface. They are nocturnal, and their fingers are sensitive, and don't have the power to push buttons on typewriters. Thus they hired typists for their letters. Moreover, they would often "sign" their letters with a signature fingerprint with an UMMO symbol on it. Here is one letter, showing a purple image of their finger tip with the UMMO symbol on it:

Why do I bring this up? In the blog post Tony Dodd, Human Extraterrestrials, and a Stranger in the Pentagon, British UFO researcher and police officer was given the following information from certain inside sources, who told him the information was somewhat "sensitive":
The aliens are highly intelligent and have possibly obtained positions at a very high level and this is of great concern to senior authorities. My information is that the only way they can be recognized is by a deformed finger on one of their hands. To hide this they usually wear gloves or a bandage on the finger as if they have had an injury.The fact that they look like us and mingle amongst us secretly begs the questions: Why are they here and what are their intentions? Why are they so secretive? There are people in very high places who consider them a threat and have squads out looking for them with intent to kill. This is no doubt why they stay secret. The truth is that we fear what we don't understand. 

A drawing of a labryrinth, or fingerprint, from the movie Dark City, where everyone is nocturnal.

Very sad news, if it is related to the UMMO affair. Allegedly another UMMO letter surfaced in 1985, in which they said the following which I think sums up the current state of affairs:
“The recognition of the UFO phenomenon refutes the authority of the State as the ultimate power on this planet. The ignorant masses are being sent to fight senseless and needless wars to sacrifice their own lives in the name of Nationalism, an outmoded concept based upon arbitrary and imaginary lines which represent artificial boundaries that do not exist in Nature. Nationalism is the modern-day extension of primate mammalian territorialism.”
This sort of thing does turn the mind upside down, doesn't it? Sort of like the movie Inception:


  1. I strongly recommend the lengthy and throughly researched documentary titled, "The Human Mutilation Cover-Up" by Richard D. Hall. Here is a link to Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdJXAGrcN-E

  2. Sooo,why billy meier and theses pleiadians Extraterrestrials said that the Ummo case is false!

    1. The Billy Meier case is odd. There is physical and witness evidence of contact, and strong evidence of forgery. Case in point: the manuscript Talmud Jmmanuel is an absolute forgery. One of his contact reports it is an exact plagiarism from the prophecies of Anton Johansson, and one of his photographs of dinosaurs was taken from a known textbook. Which he said was due to disinformation. So perhaps a hoaxer who has had one or more contacts? Or he let his contact experience get to his head. Or these Pleiadeans have an agenda of their own, or a belief system that I do not completely agree with.

      So, just because someone is extraterrestrial does not make them an infallible source of truth. Many are human just like you and I.

      Most extraterrestrials prefer to be anonymous. In the UMMO case, they had one of their contactees declare it a "psychological experiment", so people would ignore it.

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    1. You are welcome. The UMMO contact case is perhaps the most interesting contactee case I have encountered, but to understand it one does need to do a lot of research, while keeping an open mind.


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