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Extraterrestrial Contact with Koldas

I just read an interesting work called UFO Contact from Planet Koldas, describing a series of contacts with human extraterrestrials.  This took place over a 20 year period, with recordings and thousand of hours of transcripts, by an electrician in South Africa. This case has multiple witnesses who observed and witnessed the communication, and like other cases, it has interference from government officials - who took the radio and said that communication with aliens was "not allowed." More so then any other contact, these transmissions reveal their purpose and intent, why they keep hidden, what the government knows, and why they have a policy of non-interference. This account contains several answers to questions brought up in previous posts on the topic.


Throughout the book I was looking for something that was a verifiable fact - knowledge that was given that could not have possibly been faked, for anyone who does not want to depend on multiple witness accounts.  In Extraterrestrial Contacts by HAM Radio (from 1952), the transmission showed knowledge of the (dwarf) planet Eris discovered in 2005, which they called Patras:
"You have more than nine planets in your Solar System. Patras is next beyond Pluto, and there are twelve all told.'"
This is impressive, but nothing compares to the knowledge that was revealed in the UMMO documents: not only did they know of the planet Eris beyond Pluto, but gave its approximate (if not exact) distance from the Sun - which is explained in detail in the post The Extraterrestrial Christianity of UMMO (which is admittedly the weirdest blog post I have ever written).  In UFO Contact from Planet Koldas, the transmissions make the bizarre claim that the the moon Triton which orbits Neptune is an "artificial" moon which is inhabitable under its surface. Indeed, the odd thing about Triton is that it has a retrograde orbit, which have led scientists to speculate that it was captured by Neptune from the Kuiper belt. But the account makes the following statements (published in 1986):
"Triton resembles an enormous transparent globe. The conditions inside are as near as possible a copy of the ones on Earth, but more pure. ...The upper half of Triton is enclosed by a transparent dome which allows the sun to penetrate into the interior. These rays are amplified 1020 times to give them the same intensity as on Earth and one would see the sky as one does down here. Air is generated, and so is water but there is no pollution. This makes for a very pure atmosphere. The lower half of the planet is filled with soil."
Other than its orbit, practically nothing was known about the moon Triton until Voyager 2 made a flyby of it in 1989.  And here is what Triton looks like:

So what is the surface topology of the moon Triton? Well, very interesting indeed. The above shot shows Triton's south pole, below a smoother region of dirty ice known as "cantaloupe terrain." According to wikipedia, the "dark streaks across Triton's south polar cap surface, [are] thought to be dust deposits left by eruptions of nitrogen geysers." Here is a close up shot of the south pole of Triton:

These dust deposits in the southern hemisphere are caused by erupting geysers:
"Each eruption of a Triton geyser may last up to a year, driven by the sublimation of about 100 million cubic metres (3.5×10^9 cu ft) of nitrogen ice over this interval; dust entrained may be deposited up to 150 km downwind in visible streaks, and perhaps much farther in more diffuse deposits. Voyager's images of Triton's southern hemisphere show many such streaks of dark material. ...The southern polar region of Triton is covered by a highly reflective cap of frozen nitrogen and methane sprinkled by impact craters and openings of geysers. Little is known about the north pole because it was on the night side during the Voyager 2 encounter."
We don't know much about the northern hemisphere, but compare what we know of Triton from Voyager 2 in 1989, compared to what was published in 1986: "The lower half of the planet is filled with soil."

And what of Triton's transparency? Wikipedia states: "Triton has a considerably high albedo, reflecting 60–95% of the sunlight that reaches it. By comparison, the Moon reflects only 11%."

What of Triton's interior? It may actually harbour life:
"Because Triton's surface indicates a long history of melting, models of its interior posit that Triton is differentiated, like Earth, into a solid core, a mantle and a crust. Water, the most abundant volatile in the Solar System, comprises Triton's mantle, which lies over a core of rock and metal. There is enough rock in Triton's interior for radioactive decay to power convection in the mantle. The heat may even be sufficient to maintain a subterranean ocean similar to that which is hypothesized to exist underneath the surface of Europa. If present, a layer of liquid water would suggest the possibility of life."
Moreover, the transmission said this about Triton:
"...clouds float in the Tritonian sky and even gentle  thunderstorms..."
So, is this true, what did Voyager 2 find about Triton? As it turns out, Voyager 2 confirmed that: Nitrogen ice particles form clouds in the troposphere a few kilometers above the surface of Triton. Here is a shot of some of the clouds of Triton:


One of the transmissions contains a prediction, which at the time was just speculation (or just denied by the government at the time):

"Another warning of impending change came from Novak an inhabitant of Epicot. "We have never said that the end is near, but now we are saying it."
"He  then  outlined  some  of  the  changes  that may be expected on Earth. There is a possibility of another flood as previously recorded in the Bible. He said this more than two years ago and yet the predictions have, so far, not taken place. 
""Earth will get warmer," Novak said, "Upper layers of  the atmosphere are getting thinner due to man-made conditions, and the layer shielding the earth will deteriorate and cause slow melting of the polar ice-caps. A few degrees rise in temperature will raise the level of the oceans on a global scale.""

Is this prediction coming true? Yes. From Scientists Warn of Rising Oceans From Polar Melt:
The rise of the sea is likely to continue to be relatively slow for the rest of the 21st century, the scientists added, but in the more distant future it may accelerate markedly, potentially throwing society into crisis.
“This is really happening,” Thomas P. Wagner, who runs NASA’s programs on polar ice and helped oversee some of the research, said in an interview. “There’s nothing to stop it now. But you are still limited by the physics of how fast the ice can flow.”


This contact bears similarities to other cases of contact in separate areas of the world, where many had kept these contacts private. The method of contact by radio is similar to that described in  Extraterrestrial Contacts by HAM Radio from 1954. Moreover there is also a kind of mental contact that is almost exactly the same as Extraterrestrial Contact in 1952: the Case of Orfeo Angelucci. In fact, the content is so similar it looks like it is the same group of human extraterrestrials. The material explains why they have withdrawn, and why contacts are so few. In fact, they explain a withdrawal from underground earth bases that occurred in the late 70s, which is exactly what happened at exactly the same time to another group of human extraterrestrials as described in UFO Secret: The Friendship Case, Voltaire, and Germain - who also used a modified radio. The contact group in Italy kept this secret until recently (2005).

Another parallel is with the UMMO case, which is mentioned in the post The Extraterrestrial Christianity of UMMO.  Many of their statements have been scientifically confirmed years later, but one has not: they speak of a parallel universe, which may explain theories regarding anti-matter and dark matter. The contacts from Koldas also speak of a parallel universe.

For those who look, there is plenty of proof, we have multiple accounts from independent witnesses that confirm each other. But my biggest surprise came when I realized information may have been provided here concerning another case, The Janos People, published in 1980:

That book was published in 1980. As far as I can tell, UFO Contact from Planet Koldas was published in 1986. However much of the book was finished before 1983, and material was drawn from transcripts that preceded the year 1980. So they are truly independent. I discussed the Janos case in Stephen Hawking and the Extraterrestrial Janos Affair and again in The Extraterrestrial Janos Affair and a HUGE UFO near the Sun. The part that puzzled me most was that these extraterrestrial humans stated that they come from our distant past: they had left our solar system many ages ago, and settled on a far away planet they called JANOS. The planet JANOS was orbited by a moon called SATON. There they lived until the moon SATON decayed and broke up falling onto the planet's surface, causing a nuclear disaster on the surface. The story is implausible: how could an advanced race originate from our solar system in the distant past?

As it turns out, the transmissions in UFO Contact from Planet Koldas may contain the answer to this mystery, where the Janos people may again be mentioned. However they are not called the Janos people; instead, they are called the SITONIANS.  This, of course, is very close to the name of the moon SATON. So what was said about the Sitonians? They were strong allies with those of Koldas, and were helping them patrol the area around earth. One Sitonian they spoke with was Zybo. He revealed that the Sitonians first originated not from earth, but the planet Mars:
"Zybo had just arrived in time at the relay posi­tion. He spoke briefly about their new planet Siton and how different it was from Mars, their old home planet in our solar system."
Why did they leave Mars? These quotes explain:
"According to the Koldasians, our Mars, in the past, had a technologically advanced civilization which destroyed itself in a nuclear holocaust that left it a lifeless hulk. The remnant of the Martian race, according to them, is now on Siton, a planet of the Confederation..."
According to the Janos people, they had to leave their planet Janos after the moon Saton broke up. So perhaps the moon Saton had been named after another planet they settled, Siton? There is further information on the ancient history of Mars:

"...Even in ancient times Mars was called the  'god of war' and rightly so for it was indeed a warlike planet. Its present desolate appearance is the result of nuclear warfare which brought life on the surface to an end. Our scientists are of the opinion that Mars is now slowly recovering its balance or equilibrium and one day it will again be able to support life as it did in the past."
"Atra then briefly sketched the early history of the race that once inhabited Mars. Where the Martians came from  was  only  later  explained.  He  described  Mars as a thriving planet in spite of its meager water resources. It never had the seas and oceans of Earth, but almost waterless encircling deserts with the inevitable dust-storms,  which  divided Mars  into two  inhabitable regions. These were centered around the two poles... The Martian civilization was therefore divided into two sections,  the  North  and  the  South,  each  with  its own cities, industry and agriculture however there were distinct differences between them. The North had more abundant water and more fertile soil yielding better  harvests. The South was rich in minerals and metals, and their industry and technology outstripped these developments in the North. The South also developed space travel  earlier,  and although  they did not travel deeply into space, they did travel to the two moons. Eventually intense rivalry and friction developed between these two regions. The South, the more aggressive, developed atom­ic power before the North, and a struggle for control of the whole planet developed. The Northemers feared their opponents' superior weapons and an arms race was the result which turned into an explosive situation when the South gained complete control of the two moons from where guided missiles were trained on the North."
"Then  one  terrible night," continued Atra,  "the South nation struck!" A giant warhead containing missiles, each of which was capable of destroying an area of at least 160 kilometers in diameter, was launched from one of the moons. More missiles were launched from the other moon. It was almost total destruction for the North and the  South  thought  they had  triumphed.  But somehow an unexpected chain reaction exploded large stocks of such weapons  which  the  South  had  stored.  As  the  giant arsenals exploded, shock after shock rocked the planet. Fires started by the devastation raged for weeks. When these died down the greater ordeal began for those who survived the initial blasts. Radiation killed many, and more died from starvation as the food and water supplies were contaminated. Then intense radiation storms scarred the planet, searing its surface.
  "The handful of survivors,  shocked and stunned by the ghastly ordeal, then began 'Operation Survival'. All they could do at  the  time was  to go underground -beneath the surface to escape the poisons of destructive radiation. Settlements, and later cities, were built below the surface and power was generated to illuminate the underground cities. Food was grown underground in sealed transparent  containers  to prevent  contamination. The entire underground world was sealed off from the surface of the planet."
"Atra said that due to these new conditions the Mar­tian race changed and a new subterranean civilization emerged. What had been the surface was left to the elements and the harsh atmospheric conditions which changed the face of Mars to that which man on earth sees today. The devastating dust-storms which now rage there have long since erased all traces of the ancient Martian civilizations. In the polar regions, the large icecaps disappeared  although  there  is  still  a certain amount of frost. After many generations of subterranean existence, it seemed that human beings could adapt to the dire en­vironmental conditions with scant food and water supp­lies.  But the pressure of increasing population forced their leaders to look for a new planet.
"New space vehicles, capable of entering deep space, had  been  developed  and  exploratory  expeditions  were launched  in all  directions.  Atra said  that Earth too was considered. They marvelled at our planet, the green plains  and  hills  and  the  mountains  and... all  that water!  But  they decided  to continue  their search and after seven years, with the help of the Confederation, a virgin planet was found. It was named Siton, the plan­et of hope."

Remember, this book was published in 1986.  Back in that day scientists were of the opinion that there was no water on Mars. Now that changed: not only is there water on Mars, but used to have a lot more. It used to have a heavier atmosphere, and was once more inhabitable than it is today. But what about nuclear weapons and radioactivity? As it turns out, scientists have confirmed that there is radioactivity on the surface of Mars. And they don't know where it comes from. This was discussed in Extraterrestrial Contacts by HAM Radio. Moreover, a Russian satellite found evidence of a heat signature of a city under the surface of Mars, and captured an image of a UFO as it approached the moon Phobos orbiting Mars.

Another point to be considered here: in the account of the Janos people, it may be in fact that under hypnosis the witnesses may have gotten the story wrong. The planet JANOS may in fact be the planet Mars itself. The destruction of the planet JANOS described is very similar to this account of the destruction of Mars. In the Janos affair, a moon breaks up, falls to the planet, causes a nuclear chain reaction which pollutes the entire planet, and the population then goes underground. It is almost the exact same story as presented for the Sitonians. In the account given by the Koldasians, they gave it from what they knew of their records, and as it happened many millenia ago that may also explain the difference in the account.

Two independent accounts, similar name (Saton and Siton), similar story. Perhaps the speculations of a former civilization on Mars are in fact true? One wonders, just how far ahead is the Mars One program to settle Mars?

Note that, someone tipped off Disney concerning this - the exact same story shows up at the end of the movie Mission to Mars. See the following trailer for Mission to Mars:

Note, at the end of the trailer, there is what looks like a nuclear explosion. That the CEO of Disney was let in on some secret, see The Censored Disney Documentary on Extraterrestrials.


We here less and less of these friend extraterrestrial contacts beginning in the 1950s, until nowadays its all about missing time, abductions, and cattle mutilations.  These transmissions from Koldas explain why there are less reports of these friendly contacts, for they had to make a withdrawal. In Extraterrestrial Contacts by HAM Radio, they warned about another extraterrestrial race from Orion who had come to conquer. That this is the race that abduct people against their will, can be seen from The Orion Messages of Stan Romanek. This leads to apparent psychological issues in the victims, which Harvard professor John Mack had uncovered in a few of his cases. In UFO Contact from Planet Koldas, they do not mention Orion, but they do mention a similar adversary which they call the "Outer Worlds" which is outside their Confederation. According to the transmissions they are very active and have infiltrated our society:
""You must realize by now that your planet is very important to us. If the Outer Worlds have their way and destroy your planet physically,  it would have serious consequences in both Universes! But they will avoid committing this act themselves. They will not come here in force for this would be violating one of the most cherished laws of the Confederation-- the attack of another planet. But unfortunately, they have found a way of getting around this. You, men of Earth, will destroy your own planet for them!  It will seem as though the Outer Worlds had nothing to do with it."(They patiently wait) "But," Zyloo continued, "if Earth were to suffer such a fate,  indeed,  it would mean a great deal to the anti-world. For the one Universe keeps the other in balance. The two Universes rotate in opposite directions and the masses comprising systems are in delicate balance.""
This idea of two parallel Universes that are linked to each other may in fact explain dark matter - in fact most of the mass in our Universe may be dark matter - about 4.5% of our Universe is ordinary matter from our periodic table, 23% is dark matter, and the rest is dark energy. Dark matter cannot be seen, but interacts with our universe through gravitation. Dark matter theories began to appear in the early 1980s but were not so well known to the public, and these transmissions date from before that time.

Returning to these extraterrestrials from the "Outer Worlds" - the transmissions confirm that they are the ones responsible for not only cattle mutilations, but also human abductions and human mutilations:
"There is the grisly account of the interception of some  Outer World craft while returning from a journey to earth... Investigation revealed human-beings  Men and women  had been used in medical experiments. Some were still alive; others were dead, their bodies dismembered and dissected. There were collections of human and ani­mal  organs;  limbs,  feet,  tongues,  genital  organs and other parts of the anatomy. Human prisoners of different races were found alive in cages so small that there was room for standing only."
This was hardly known at the time of the transmissions. Cattle mutiliations began to come out in the public in the U.S. in the 1970s (see Extraterrestrial Cattle Mutilations - and Secret Intelligence). There is a leak about a human mutilation from the U.S. military in the 1950s. Bill Cooper, in a MUFON speech from the 1980s, mentions a report of downed saucers that contained human body parts. There are a couple of reports of them collecting human bodies during the war in Vietnam. Moreover, we actually have an autopsy report from Brazil - it is quite horrific, using surgical methods unknown to an ordinary murderer or even our doctors at the time. There is a public case that took place in Pennsylvania that was investigated by a retired police officer - and the government will not release the autopsy report. Moreover, there is another case of this having occurred in Britain - again suppressed by the authorities. See Extraterrestrial Cattle Mutilations - and Secret Intelligence for more details on this. And the government knows - the U.S. military tries to keep track of these matters. For this I can recommend the following book, which keeps to the facts: Above Black: Project Preserve Destiny Insider Account of Alien Contact & Government Cover-Up:

Here is an interview with the author, Dan Sherman, who had served in the U.S. military:

He began losing his "motivation" for the project when he discovered that the U.S. military was not only tracking abductions but also "residual pain levels" that were on a "scale of 1 to 10." Professor Karla Turner had also mentioned U.S. military involvement in some early abduction cases. There were some doubts from certain personnel within the military who were beginning to think that the program had "gone too far."

It is this aspect which greatly complicates how the U.S. Government (or military) should be public about everything they know about extraterrestrial contacts:
"The aliens [that came] from the Outer Worlds has penetra­ted the society of man since the early history of his ascent.  Lately,  they have taken a special interest in the United States of America. But today, no country on Earth is free from their contamination."

Like the "Friendship Case" in Italy, these human extraterrestrials began a withdrawal from earth in the late 1970s. They had been interacting with certain governments of the earth, and it just did not work out. It would seem that our interest was solely to take scientific knowledge from them. But in particular, they mention an incident which took place in Nevada - U.S. military forces had discovered one of their bases their and issued an ultimatum for their surrender.  There are several other reports of this from other witnesses who had worked in area 51 and S-4 in Nevada, who again state that this took place in the late 70s, and from what I have read it seems to have stemmed from a misunderstanding between the U.S. military and those of the "Outer Worlds."  But this is speculation on my part - but the interesting aspect in these transmissions mentioned this incident completely independent from these other witness accounts.

Following this, Ronald Reagan was elected, and in public speeches started the SDI program and mentioned a hostile extraterrestrial threat in his public speeches, which can be seen in The Extraterrestrial Janos Affair and a HUGE UFO near the Sun.


The transmissions state they withdrew, where did they go?  They moved back to a base on the Moon:

"Many years ago we had great hopes and expectations for  the  planet  Earth,  as  you  well  know.  We  tried many different ideas. We tried to bring peace and make peace on your planet. Fleets of craft were used, underground bases were established in various countries with the permission of the governments involved. Various representatives, including myself, visited Earth for periods of time, to try to establish friendly links between the people and ourselves. It worked for a little while, I must say. But then, unfortunately, all communications were severed and this link between us broke down. Simply because of a misunderstanding of our intentions on the part  of  your  governments...  and  it  seems  that  we came too soon in time. It now seems that we have very little hope of ever bringing peace - total peace to your planet. 
"My Superiors on Koldas and the other Superiors of the Confederation, persevered for a great deal of time until  eventually they had  to admit that there was little hope. So, as you all know, the land bases were withdrawn and we moved back further in space. But we are still keeping a very watchful eye on you.
"Eventually,  moving  even  further  afield  in your Universe we established ourselves on a young, uninhab­ited planet which we called Epicot. From Epicot and from your Moon, where we have a base in the Sea of Tranquil­ity,  very close observations are made and recorded of events on earth.
"No longer are we active on the surface of Earth but our craft are still patrolling the magnetic fields, just beyond your atmosphere: this is our limit.
"We will not - dare not - intervene, nor shall we in any way interfere in matters on Earth. That is,  physic­ally. When I say physically, I mean by our personal presence on your planet. Nor shall any of our craft enter your atmosphere to participate or intervene in any sit­uation whatsoever.

There is actually quite a bit of anomalies to look at on the Moon. So, has anyone seen anything unusual on the Moon? Yes, and there happens to be a few anomalies around the Sea of Tranquility on the Moon. There are whole books on this, but I would like to point out just a few things here. First, from Alien Structure Of UFO Discovered In Moon Crater we have this from crater Tarantius F in the Sea of Tranquility from the NASA Apollo 8 mission (Dec. 21-27, 1968):

Here is a closer shot:

This particular shot is very similar to a triangular craft, with a glowing globe above it, that was caught by the Grail satellite orbiting the Moon, which I mentioned in Extraterrestrial Contact from Epsilon Eridani and Emanuel Swedenborg. Again, the author of the video said a later photo put out by NASA had brushed out the triangular object as well as the glowing globe in the shadow of the crater. Later, the account was deleted by Google for "multiple copyright infringements." Which probably means NASA brought the copyright infringement charge against the user.

But that's not all, Guess what? NASA brushed up the photo above and edited it out. You can see the edited out version from NASA's web site here: NASA photo AS08-13-2344. Just in case they take it down, here is a copy:

Perhaps an image glitch, so they edited it out? No, because you can see the original high resolution picture here at as08-13-2344 (HIGH RESOLUTION), which I will again copy here:

Well NASA, what shall we say? Looks like someone found the unedited high resolution image, which was swapped out for a low resolution edited image. Actually former employees have come forth out of NASA complaining how NASA constantly brushes these things out. From Who else could be on the moon?:
A recent revelation that tends to verify George Leonard’s book along with his theories about the bizarre circumstances taking place on the lunar surface is the testimony of NASA employee, Ken Johnston, a Photo Data and Control Mgr. was forced to resign for revealing the truth uncovered during tenure for the Lunar Receiving Laboratory. Johnston charged that NASA has been removing images of artificial structures and objects that were of manufactured origin not of this earth for the last 40 years. He along with another NASA, contractor, Donna Hare, an award winning photo slide specialist, and illustrator. She accused NASA of doctoring and expunging thousands of anomalies in photos taken by NASA astronauts for decades! Johnston’s allegations that there is a moon base that is not being acknowledged by JPL or NASA though they are aware of it cost him his job. For years NASA has indirectly  recognized the existence of unexplained activity under the acronym (TLP) transient lunar phenomena, but that was as far as they would go. We are grateful for the contributions of such pioneers into the release of the truth such as George Leonard for exposing a reality that few of us would ever know of but for his efforts. 
What did George Leonard find? From The Unsolved Enigma of Operation Moon:
Civilian writers also entered the fray with bold new suggestions, perhaps none quite as stunning as author George Leonard's Somebody Else Is On the Moon, the result of an exhaustive analysis of thousands of NASA photographs taken of the lunar surface. Leonard's theory, simply stated, was that the Moon was indeed inhabited by an extra-solar sentient race whose tell-tale signs are readily visible, and which in fact were the reason for the "race to the Moon" of the Sixties. The photos, according to this author, showed fuzzy depictions of colossal alien excavation devices up to five miles in diameter, and other mechanical devices that were allegedly engaged in altering the lunar surface. When interviewed by the defunct SAGA UFO REPORT, Dr. Farouk El-Baz stated that a number of curious, unexplainable objects had indeed been sighted. Foremost among these were the gigantic "spires" which appeared to cast shadows, often miles in length. These strange structures, which were also identified in George Leonard's photographic analysis, are composed of a material entirely different from the lunar rock surrounding them.
So there is plenty to pick from here. But for the Sea of Tranquility on the Moon, a casual search led to this from Aliens found in old photographs NASA. There is something odd going on in crater Bessell in the northern portion of the Sea of Tranquility.  Here is a closeup shot:

Not sure which part of the Moon this is from, but this Apollo 15 photo shows something cylindrical flying over the surface (from 3 Moon Structures Found In Apollo 15 Photos, Dome-Mothership-Tower):


Late in the 18th century, Emanuel Swedenborg not only explored heaven and hell in his visions, but had a few confirmed detailed clairvoyant experiences, for which see The Confirmed Clairvoyance of Emanuel Swedenborg. But in his work Heavenly Arcana, extracted in Earths in the Universe (found in the work The Final Judgment, as well as The Divine Revelation of the New Jerusalem), he describes extraterrestrials inhabiting other planets of the solar system. Like these modern reports of extraterrestrial contacts, he stated that many of them communicated non-verbally, or telepathically. Moreover, he described how some of them held to the belief in reincarnation - which was also believed by these extraterrestrial contacts from Koldas. Swedenborg states that these past life memories originate from shared memories of spirits that are psychologically interacting with our brain at a spiritual level. These extraterrestrials describe how they can "map" the thought patterns of the brain, and easily uncover these memories, and its probably from that technology they developed such a belief (for a strong case regarding these memories, see The Reincarnation Case of Anne Frank). In past life regressions these memory influences can help uncover the source of one's psychological make-up.

Although he encountered them in the spiritual world, he could not actually see the physical surface of the planet, but there are many accounts which describe them living on the surface, with vegetation and atmosphere. Underground bases - as reported on the Mars and the Moon - or past history where the planet was once inhabited, may explain this.  However these contacts from Koldas have another explanation, where they originate from a parallel Universe, one that interacts with ours. They have stated that parallel with some of the planets of our solar system, there are other planets which are in fact inhabited:

"The Outer Worlds know that by destroying Earth here, they could also deastroy Earth's twin in the anti-world. By destroying Venus here,  they would be destroying Salamia. But Salamia is populated! They do not have the courage to attack Koldas or Salamia in the anti-world; they attack your Venus, your earth and Epicot in your Universe in a sly and underhanded way.
"These are the facts! It may sound far-fetched, but this is why we are here; to look after our interests as well as yours. The strategy of the Outer Worlds is dear. They started with Mars many thousands of years ago. We Martians could have had a peaceful planet.
"The seeds of destruction sown by the Outer Worlds resulted  in  an  all out  nuclear  war,  leaving  only a lifeless hulk! That is how it started in this solar system. Now they are planning the next phase."

This idea, that UFOs that we are seeing today, are originating from another dimension, is a theory proposed by prominent UFO researchers, including Jacques Vallee.  UFOS seem to pop in and out of another dimension. For this see Interdimensional Hypothesis. In the spiritual realm it is hard to actually obtain factual knowledge concerning localities in space and time, so when Swedenborg mentions a particular planet, it is not necessarily the one in our solar system, but one that closely corresponds to it.


They find us very aggressive, violent and cannot understand the wars on our planet. They have some hope for the good elements of our society. They do not know our complete history - it goes back longer than our current history books tell us.  But when they arrived, they were puzzled at the racial diversity on our planet.  One theory they have is that long ago earth was a "prison planet" - where unwanted elements of their society were exiled to dwell on earth, which may explain the wars on our planet.  They have expressed their disappointment with us - they describe how they shared information with government scientists, who subsequently turned their backs on them. But still they express hope:
""The  readers of your book should not despair and think that this might be the end. By no means! If anything, a stronger bond has been formed between us and the  people  of  Earth.  Although  we  have  now  almost vanished  from your  skies  and our mighty craft are no longer seen, we are still very much present--even more than before! Because our spiritual presence is felt more acutely now than the effect of sighting our craft ever was in the past. Of course, we can only hope that our presence will be felt by more and more people."
"Your readers may marvel and wonder at your writing and many may feel that it is entirely fantasy. But readers should note that we are very much more advanced in time and that the many things we claim in the pages of this book may be attributed to our evolvement to a different  level than that reached by mankind on Earth. If readers ask for proof... there is an abundance of proof. One just has to go looking and one will find evidence.
"There is enough evidence already without adding to it anymore. The fact that your governments reject outright that we exist is one of the greatest proofs!
"We are real and we are what we say we are. We do exist! My friends, what I have been trying to say in so many words is that the Confederation is working whole-heartedly  towards  the  inclusion  of  Earth  within her fold. But it is up to the whole population of the planet to accept us as we are. And we are peace."
They are willing to share knowledge with us, but that needs to wait until we learn to live together in peace:
""There are many miracles of the Universe we would reveal to you and which we could bring to your doorstep in an instant. We would only be too willing and overjoyed  to  share  them with  you.  But  this  can only come when peace enters  the hearts of all mankind.  In the meantime,  we will  stay in the background, shadows of your past... with a promise for the future, if you will accept us. It is up to you. We have been an influence in the distant  past of your planet and we still try and guide earth along the path to peace; an unseen force in your skies.
"Ghosts of the past; yes, that is what we are now. But in future, we may well be come shining knights in armour coming out of a bright sunlit dawn that will herald a new day, the dawn of a new era on your planet."
They have an agreement with the governments not to intervene. On multiple occasions they have said that acknowledging that they exist would "upset the balance of things":
""We have reached the time now, where we must decide on what is to be done. The Superiors of our planets have carefully examined the planet Earth on many occasions. It was decided that Earth should decide its own future. We do not have the right to intervene in any way whatever. We have kept in contact with our friends on Earth, as they are our followers.
"We do not wish in any way at all to undermine the governments and superiors of your planet. They are your superiors and they make rules and regulations to govern your land and your planet.  It is their right to do so for they know what is best.
"In the past we have negotiated with and contacted them many times, and we have an agreement - not to interfere in any way at all with their policies on your planet.  That  is why,  reading the manuscript of your book, I realise that much misunderstanding will be brought to many people on your planet. If these are presented in the way I assume they shall be - then a better understanding of us will be achieved."
How would they upset the "balance of things"? For one, they can bring a way of life or a society that is not dependent on money - and this just goes against the ingrained value of capitalism in the West. But time is running out: fossil fuels will not last forever. They have said they can provide an alternative form of energy, and once that happens all the wars over energy resources will be unnecessary. Although they have withdrawn, they seem to give hints of an agreement that was reached - that they would cooperate and meet with our governments in space. Perhaps they are helping with a secret space program? Colonization of Mars? This would make sense - continued contact, outside of the public eye for now. Gary McKinnon had hacked into Pentagon computer systems and found evidence of such things, for which the U.S. Government tried to have him extradited.


As I said, they believe in reincarnation. There is a curious reference to the time when "the Divine one walked among their worlds."  Among their worlds there are different ways of worship, but they regard these as different external ways of worship for the same one Divine Being who created all things. Moreover, found this reference which is very similar to New Church theology, where they mention Divine Love and Truth, two principles Swedenborg repeated over and over again throughout his writings:

"The message that I would like to leave with you this evening is, be patient, trust in us, for indeed you will realize that we can see a little further into the future than it is possible for you to do at this present moment. Trust in us and a new way of life, a new path, will be revealed to you, as the ancient prophets did in the past. Their monuments are still there today to  be seen on your planet--the pyramids and the Sphinx.
"Today,  teaching comes  differently. A new method has been found. Continuously, new methods of condition­ing will be used, but those who are prepared to accept this new conditioning of their own free will, will benefit and reap a rich harvest, A harvest -- not of riches in money or goods -- but of understanding, light, truth, and a nearness to the Divine One. This will be a great uplifting for all of you.
"I do hope that I shall see this come about during the  rest  of  my  life...  I hope  that  earth will  one day  join us of her own free will. "This  is  a dream of mine.  Other  Superiors have governed Koldas, who have lived to the age of an equivalent of 250 Earth years. They enjoyed the full benefits of life as I do. I have no ailments and that is as it should be,  and  that is how it will be for those who share our life philosophy. We are the instruments for the Divine Love and Truth to manifest through. We are not Gods. Never think of us as such! There is one Divine Creator of all the heavens that you can see, and that we can see, and what lies beyond that again..."

For an online version of the book, see UFO Contact from Planet Koldas. Here is an excerpt from the book:


  1. A great adjunct to this well written article is the outstanding documentary titled, "The Human Mutilation Cover-UP" by Richard D. Hall, which can be found here:

    1. Yes, I actually watched it, but did not post it due to the graphic content. Some people just don't want to look at the reality of UFO visitation because "there is no proof." Of course there is proof. We have dead bodies. This was mentioned in the transcript of this contact before the general public was aware of it.


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