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The Extraterrestrial Janos Affair and a HUGE UFO near the Sun

In June of 1978, an English family was abducted by a flying saucer piloted by Nordic humans who claimed to have originated from a faraway planet that they called JANOS.  The planet itself was destroyed by a moon that had a decayed orbit. Before the disaster, they had begun searching the universe for an alternative home, and began building a huge mother spaceship in which to evacuate the population. Unfortunately not all the population could be evacuated before the moon started to break up, and many of their people were killed. They claimed that long ago they had originated from our own earth. This I described earlier in the blog post Stephen Hawking and the Extraterrestrial Janos Affair.

One thing they stressed, is that they came in friendship and peace, and had no intention of making war. They said, quote:
'There must be no war: we do not want to cause any trouble.' 
'We have suffered too much sadness and sorrow; we cannot fight more wars. We would rather die in space.'
They were seeking a home to live, as they could not live in space forever. Soon after this, Ronald Reagan was elected as President of the United States. Reagan, who was intent on ending the threat of nuclear war with the Soviet Union, began giving public speeches in which he mentioned an "extraterretrial threat" which threatened the entire planet:

Was Reagan making up this "extraterrestrial threat"?  Or did the U.S. military become aware of something that scared the living daylights out of them?  UFOs had been seen and were investigated by the military (despite their public denials) since the explosion of the atomic bomb in 1945. What had changed? In addition to this, Reagan then also began to push to have billions of dollars spent on a "Star Wars" defense initiative, which ostensibly was designed to protect the U.S. from a nuclear attack from the Soviet Union. However, others have said that the "Star Wars" defense initiative had nothing to do with intercepting nuclear weapons, but rather it was designed to protect earth from an extraterrestrial threat. From Reagan UFO Story which discusses this in detail:
In the UFO community, the SDI system was viewed as a system set up to destroy not Soviet missiles as Reagan was claiming, but to protect earth from a perceived alien invasion. The "alien invasion" remarks that Reagan made after his 1983 announcement of the SDI program, was heralded as further proof that the alien/SDI hypothesis was correct....The alien/SDI speculation has also augmented by a group of witnesses who declared that SDI type weapon systems, both land and space based, were being used to track and target extraterrestrial vehicles as the approach earth. These witnesses include:
  • In a June 1995 Bay Area Lecture Dr. Steven Greer announces information leaked to him from the North American Air Defense Command in Colorado shows that the Air Force tracks an average of 500 "fastwalkers" (term used for UFOs) entering the earth atmosphere every year.
  • New York Times Pulitzer prize winning author Howard Blum reports that NORAD deep-space radars track many UFOs.
  • Two Aerospace engineers working on the AeroJet’s DSP spy satellite claim UFOs are detected coming from deep space two or three times a month.
  • Author Whitley Strieber, in his book Breakthrough, stated that he had seen part of a document which revealed that the EG&G Corporation is involved in developing defense weapons against extraterrestrials.
  • Two further sources have told Greer that rogue units within Unacknowledged Special Access Programs, have directed black budget funds to develop SDI weapons to down UFOs. Further the sources have stated that they have been successful in shoot downs.
...Dr. Steve Greer, as part of his Project Starlight, came across a top level former aerospace executive who claimed that the design of "Star Wars" was to fight aliens rather than Russians. Dr. Greer mentioned him, as one of the 100+ witnesses who would be testifying as part of his proposed disclosure video.
This international team working intensely on the disclosure process has been recently joined by a former senior aerospace executive - a person who has been aware since the 1970's that the Ballistic Missile Defense Program would be used to target extraterrestrial objects in space - even though there is no evidence of any credible threat from these craft.
See also The Secret UFO War. So why are they coming and going?  The former Canadian Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer, has recently come out in the public and given multiple speeches and interviews to say that they are here.  From Canada's ex-defense minister: Aliens would give us more tech if we'd stop wars:
In an interview with Russia Today, Hellyer explained (as if it was obvious): "Of course, there's been a lot more activity in the last few decades."
The reason for this, he said, was that man was stupid enough to invent the atomic bomb. Aliens are frightened that we're going to use it again (and again) and that this will affect the whole balance of the cosmos.
Ergo, each visit seems to have symbolized: "What the hell are they doing in that insane asylum today?"
Hellyer suggested that there are Edward Snowden-style whistleblowers who have already revealed government knowledge of alien visits. "It doesn't take long to get your hands on it," he said.
And why are they so secretive? Hellyer continued:
In previous pronouncements , Hellyer has insisted that aliens know how to make us greener.
The aliens would, it seems, like to teach us better ways to live. Hellyer believes, though, that they are waiting for our consent. Moreover, they're scared that if they revealed themselves we'd throw a conniption.
In light of the U.S. military (and CIA, and NSA...) in dealing with this situation, especially under Reagan, their fears are well founded. Is it a coincidence that the Janos people spoke of not coming to make war in 1978, long before Reagan was elected and started to speak of an "extraterrestrial threat"? Or is it possible that the "Star Wars" defense initiative was in response to the U.S. Military becoming aware of the Janos people? Is this why contact was made in 1978 before Reagan was elected, to tell people that they did not come to make war?


One interesting aspect of the Janos people is that earlier contacts may be described in Greek and Roman myths, specifically concerning the two faced Roman god Janus, which has a name close to their planet name Janos. The Roman god Janus has similarities to the god Mercury, which corresponds to the Greek God Hermes. And statues of Hermes have been found that are two faced similar to the Roman god Janus. When I did the research for that, it reminded me of something: in the 18th century, a scientist known as Emanuel Swedenborg encountered an extraterrestrial human race which he thought inhabited the planet Mercury. Anyone who reads this will think that it is highly unlikely: the surface of Mercury is just too hot. Was Swedenborg wrong? And yet he seems quite accurate in his other visions: see The Confirmed Clairvoyance of Emanuel Swedenborg. All I could find unusual on the surface of Mercury was this odd rectangular shape which others have noted, but to me it looks like something that was "blacked out" by NASA on the photograph (by someone who was forced to do it and decided to be obvious about it) - see Swedenborg and the Extraterrestrial UFO Phenomenon.

Like the Janos people, Swedenborg stated that the extraterrestrials of Mercury, more than any other race, like to travel from solar system to solar system, to gather knowledge:
The spirits of Mercury, above all others, possess knowledge both of this solar system, and of the earths beyond this in the starry heaven; and what they have once acquired they retain, and also recall, as often as any like thing occurs. (Heavenly Arcana, n. 6812) 
The spirits of the earth Mercury do not tarry long in one place, or in the sphere of the spirits of one world, but wander through the universe. ...Hence it is given them to wander, and everywhere to acquire to themselves knowledge. During this journeying if they meet with spirits who love material, that is, corporeal and earthly things, they shun them, and betake themselves where such things are not heard. (Heavenly Arcana, n. 6925)
Like the Janos people, they know that there are many other planets that are inhabited:
They said that in the universe there are very many earths inhabited by men, and that they wondered that it should be supposed by any, whom they called men of little judgment, that the heaven of the omnipotent God consists only of the spirits and angels who come from one earth, when yet these are so few that in respect to the omnipotence of God they are scarce anything, even if there were myriads of worlds and myriads of earths. They further said that they knew of earths existing in the universe numbering more than hundreds of thousands; yet what is this to the Divine, Which is infinite? (Heavenly Arcana, n. 6927)
Although Swedenborg encountered them in the spiritual world, what people do in the spiritual world will mirror what they did in their earthly life. Whereas Swedenborg attributed their wandering from solar system to solar system to gather knowledge, for a long time the Janos people were forced into exploring the cosmos due to the impending disaster on their home world.

The nomadic nature of the extraterrestrials of Mercury and the Janos people is one thing, but what about their appearance? Swedenborg was shown what the extraterrestrials of Mercury looked like:
Some time after there was shown me a woman of the inhabitants of the earth Mercury; she had a beautiful face, but it was smaller than that of a woman of our earth; her shape also was more slender, but her height was the same; she wore on her head a linen cap, put on without art, yet becomingly. A man also was seen from that earth, who likewise was more slender in body than the men of our earth; he was clad in a garment of dark blue, closely fitted to his body, without any puffs or folds. (Heavenly Arcana, n. 7175)
So, what did the Janos people look like on the flying saucer according to the witnesses who were abducted? Here is a description from the book, The Janos People:
All the people seen in the spaceship, and all those seen in films of the planet, were without exception of the Nordic European type - very fair-skinned, with light blue eyes and yellow-blond hair. The men averaged around six feet in height, and were of slim build. The women were smaller, about five foot four to five foot six, and of slight build, with a light slender body, small breasts and slim hips; it is possible that a majority of the women seen were quite young, and this is the impression they made on our witnesses, though they may not have been as young as they appeared...
Although the adults had trouble with their memories of the event, one of the daughters, Natasha, had a clear memory and spoke about what they looked like:
Although at that stage Natasha found these dreams worrying, she later became clearer and much happier about the whole experience; by the time I questioned her, she was entirely normal in her reactions to the spaceship people, and was not in the least 'put off' by her recollections of them. On one later occasion, when she happened to enter the bathroom where her mother was shampooing her hair, and (upon advice) had covered her hair with aluminium kitchen foil to prevent it drying too quickly, Natasha laughed and said:"Mummy, you look just like one of the spaceship people" (many of them wore a close-fitting silver helmet, continuous with the suit, which covered the head entirely, coming up under the chin, showing only the face - the kind known as a 'balaclava' helmet).
The close fitting garment is also described later:
In the spaceship, the fifty-odd crew members seen were all in uniform, which was the same for men and women. Basically, this consisted of a one-piece close-fitting garment covering the whole body, in a fabric faced with gleaming metallic silver, but quite supple and flexible. 
Note how Swedenborg stated that those of Mercury wore tight fitting clothing, and the women wore a "linen cap." Here is the clothing someone made based on the descriptions of the book The Janos People: - showing the tight fitting clothing, with the cap that goes over the head:


Let us suppose for a moment, that when Swedenborg encountered extraterrestrials from the planet Mercury, that they were not from Mercury, but from something else close to the Sun. That they were definitely originating from somewhere close to the Sun he saw in his visions:
They were asked also concerning the sun of our world, how it appears from their earth. They said that it appears large, larger there than when seen from other earths, and that they know this from the idea of other spirits concerning the sun. (Heavenly Arcana, n. 7177)
The accounts of extraterrestrials Swedenborg initially published in Heavenly Arcana he later republished in a smaller volume entitled, Earths in the Universe. When he rewrote the account for Mercury, he changed the wording slightly. Here is the wording from Heavenly Arcana:
Once they came to me and inquired into what was in my memory — as spirits can do with the utmost skill; for when they come to man, they see in his memory every thing which the man knows.  (Heavenly Arcana, n. 6809)
In the case of the Janos affair, as with other extraterrestrial abductions, they showed a technological skill of not only selectively erasing memories, but planting false memories as well. Now here is the same passage, rewritten in Earths of the Universe:
Some spirits came to me, and I was told from heaven that they were from the earth nearest the sun, which in our earth is called the planet Mercury. They began as soon as they came to explore my memory in search of all that I knew — which spirits can do most dexterously, as when they come to a man, they see in his memory everything there is in it. (Earths in the Universe, n. 11)
In other words, Swedenborg was shown that they come from the "earth" closest to our Sun, and concluded it was what we call the planet Mercury. Now, was it actually an "earth" - or was it something else? Swedenborg saw that when they travel between solar systems, they do so by forming a large "globe":
The spirits of that earth go in companies and bands, and when assembled together, form as it were a globe; they are thus joined together by the Lord in order that they may act as one, and that the knowledges of each may be communicated to all, and of all to each. That those spirits wander through the universe to acquire knowledges of things, was made evident to me also from this, that once when they appeared very remote from me, they talked with me thence, and said that they were then gathered together and were journeying out of the sphere of this solar world into the starry heaven, where they knew there were spirits who had no concern about what is earthly and corporeal, but about what is abstracted therefrom, and that they wished to be with them. (Heavenly Arcana, n. 6926)
The spirits of Mercury appeared at the left in the form of a globe, and next in a mass extending in length; and I wondered whither they would go, whether to this earth or elsewhere (Heavenly Arcana, n. 7170)
The witnesses involved in the Janos affair were shown a video showing the destruction of their home world Janos by the Moon which had begun to gradually fall towards the planet in a decaying orbit. As they had known about this in advance, they planned ahead - a plan was put in place to evacuate the population of the entire planet. And of course, if you are going to evacuate the population of an entire planet, you are going to need something very, very big to hold them all. And indeed, that is what was shown in a video to the abductees:
They saw the immense ring-shaped ship, which was built in space, with many lesser saucer ships, to evacuate the population and take them to another world.
...Like everyone else with long warning of the need for action, they ran it a little too long; and the rain of great rocks began before they quite expected it. They were almost ready: out in orbit, above the fragmenting moon, the great fleet lay in its gravitational anchorage, a host of mighty ships, clustered about one really stupendous ring-shaped flagship, a veritable city in space, capable between them of taking in the entire population of Janos, many millions in number, and provisioned and ready for a long interstellar voyage. They had already picked out their destination.
A drawing of the huge flag ship of the Janos people is given in the book,

The shape of it was not exactly clear:
It is of really stupendous size, and appeared to be in the form of a ring; but because Frances saw the ring edge on, she could not tell whether it was filled in as a disc, or whether it was just an open annulus. Set around the outer rim, in a circular pattern, were many huge entry ports for spaceships to come and go.
Their destination? Earth. Anything like that seen by our astronomers in our solar system? Yes. In the 19th century, reliable astronomers had made accurate sightings of a body in a closer orbit to the Sun than Mercury, which was dubbed "Planet Vulcan." But it would occasionally appear, only to disappear later, until the whole idea was discounted when the perturbations of Mercury's orbit was explained by other factors. Perhaps this was the origin of Gene Roddenberry's Vulcan race in his series Star Trek.


And now we come to the point which probably shook up the U.S. military, and why they scrambled to spend billions to create a defensive shield around the planet during the administration of Ronald Reagan. In March of 2012, a giant UFO was caught on video sucking material from the Sun, which was there for several days. Note that as the Sun rotates, the object stays STATIONARY.  The mainstream media is calling this a "solar flare", which it is not. What is it? I don't know, but it is huge, it has a cooler temperature signature, and strong enough to resist the gravitational pull of the Sun. Other nice time lapse videos can be seen on NASA Video of UFO Near Sun -

Here is another with alternative views on the video with commentary:

So what is the current scientific theory for all of this?  Scientists speculate that it is a "solar prominence." From Solar prominence:
prominence is a large, bright, gaseous feature extending outward from the Sun's surface, often in a loop shape. Prominences are anchored to the Sun's surface in the photosphere, and extend outwards into the Sun's corona. While the corona consists of extremely hot ionized gases, known as plasma, which do not emit much visible light, prominences contain much cooler plasma, similar in composition to that of the chromosphere. The prominence plasma is typically a hundred times cooler and denser than the coronal plasma. A prominence forms over timescales of about a day, and prominences may persist in the corona for several weeks or months. Some prominences break apart and may then give rise to coronal mass ejections. Scientists are currently researching how and why prominences are formed.
However this explanation falls short to explain away the videos, and is merely a cover story. Here is an assessment of the solar prominence theory from NASA Video of UFO Near Sun:
Yet there are questions about this explanation. If you look at the hundreds of images of solar prominences available here, you will find exceedingly few that look anything like this phenomenon (other than images of this particular event). And a funnel retaining its shape for days is far outside of normal for a solar prominence, though some claim it might be what's called a "filament channel." Yet look at these images and videos of filament channels. Not very convincing.
Is it a solar flare phenomenon? No, that does not work either. Solar flares are short bursts, and this vortex around the Sun lasts for a long time:
If you research Sun activity, you will see that this cannot possibly be a solar flare, as they generally last only a few seconds to an hour. The longest solar flare ever recorded was 22 hours and 48 minutes. Yet the funnel-looking object in these videos lasts well over 48 hours.
Now check out this video where a globe appears next to sun, reflecting light off off its surface, showing concentric rings in its structure - similar to what was described concerning the mothership of Janos. It was caught by SOHO in June of 2013:

Not sure if this is the same thing, but a large UFO is seen moving rapidly away from the Sun in June of 2013, again from SOHO (starting after 30 seconds):

And this from 2007 - a large sphere moves in towards the Sun, which then experiences a solar eruption, and then moves away. Its not a comet, there is no tail, and its moving a lot faster. Again, this spherical object is HUGE...


There are hints that the extraterrestrial Janos people that were encountered in 1978 may be the same as a certain group of extraterrestrials that Emanuel Swedenborg encountered in his visions in the 18th century, which he associated with the planet Mercury. We have reliable sightings of a large object that occasionally comes in very close to the Sun, which is obviously not a planet or comet. Soon after the Janos encounter, in which they stressed they did not want to cause a war, Ronald Reagan announces the "Star Wars" defense initiative and starts to talk about an "extraterrestrial threat." We see a large globe periodically appearing close to the Sun; and of course in Star Wars we have this large artificial spaceship serving as a planet named the "Death Star"...to think that this is not science fiction just boggles the mind. This is perhaps another confirmation of Swedenborg's visions concerning extraterretrials, for another see Extraterrestrial Contact from Epsilon Eridani and Emanuel Swedenborg.

Here is a song called Running to the Sea by Röyksopp featuring Susanne Sundfør, which reminds me of the Janos people:


  1. Thanks, Doug, for a fascinating and thought-provoking article. Fortunately you recognize that the main purpose of science is to investigate the unexplained, not to explain the un-investigated. Job well done!

    1. Exploring UFOs and contactees has certainly been an eye opener. I initially was skeptical of a few contactee cases until I examined the evidence. There are certainly frauds out there, but one just has to look at the evidence first before passing judgment.

      I think the most significant case is the one described in Extraterrestrial Contact from Tau Ceti, Venus and Mars. If there was an advanced human race who came here from a dying planet, who would not have resistance to the virus and bacteria on our earth, who are capable of living underground, this would explain some of Swedenborg's visions concerning extraterrestrial life in this solar system.

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    1. So we should blindly believe what the media and government tells us? Always investigate the truth for yourself.


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