Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Telepathic Dream of a Song from Saturn

Someone I know had a very strange telepathic dream concerning a song from Saturn.  In the dream, this person approaches a door in a house, and from behind the door hears a haunting melody, similar to classical music, playing. This person opens the door, and sees a room that had been kept secret for a long, long time - forgotten so that no one knew that it existed. However the music was playing, but it was not known who had started playing the music, or where it was from - coming from the closet in the room. The room was elegant, but dusty from age, and needed to be cleaned. A window facing to the west was open, and wind was blowing into the room from the open window. 

On the southern wall there were three full length elegant oval mirrors, framed in gold:

All of this had been kept secret. In the room was a couch and a carpet that had a strange light blue color. The room...was to now belong to this person.

I asked about the light blue color of the room. I showed the following graphic:

I asked the question: Was the color of the couch and carpet of this secret room the same as this light blue color?
Answer: Yes. What is it?
Me: The cover album of the music I was listening to the day before.
At this point, I started to play the music.
Me: Was the music of your dream similar to this music?
Answer (surprised): Yes, that sounds like the music of the dream.

At this point I had to explain the origin of the album of the music.  The song is entitled A Song from Saturn, from the album Authentic Music from Another Planet by Howard Menger.  And this is where it gets weird. Howard Menger was one of the well known UFO contactees of the 1950s, who was harassed by government agents.  Howard Menger could not play the piano, until he was immediately taught by a man who claimed to be from Saturn. I was doubtful about Howard Menger's claims, so I decided to hunt down the song and listen to it. It is beautiful. Sort of like classical music, but meandering about in a sort of dreamy way (see video below). And how did Howard Menger discover the music? Almost exactly as described in the dream. I will quote from his book, From Outer Space to You:

The car, whatever was controlling it, had led me off the main road, and I had ridden for miles through the countryside on little-used roads, not knowing just where I was. When the car came to a stop I looked off through the woods, and there to my left was the old cabin, dilapidated and apparently unused for years.
Whomever or whatever was in the cabin, I knew I had been brought there and that I must enter the old dwelling. 
I walked nearer. Very low at first, and then louder, the strains of the most inspiring, soul-tingling music ever to fall upon my ears emanated from the cabin. I paused outside the door, stood there entranced, letting the music flow through me. I seemed to be absorbing the music into my entire body, and my heart almost beat in time to its pulsating rhythm. 
The music seemed to soothe and excite me at the same time. Yet I found a bewilderment developing within me, something that disturbed me deeply. What was it? Then I knew the reason. Somehow the music was familiar, but only vaguely so. Had I heard it somewhere—on the radio, on a television show, in the movies? Certainly not this kind of music? ... 
I pushed timidly on the door, partly ajar. At my touch it swung open, and there, sitting at a piano-like instrument in the middle of the main room was a man, playing the unusual melody. 
Little about the man appeared strange. He wore a rough woolen shirt, just as any camper might wear, and trousers tucked into heavy boots. He was ordinary enough, excepting, perhaps, for his long brown hair, which curled under and fell to his shoulders, reminding me of pic­tures of page boys. His skin was smooth and white, and his eyes, which I first saw when he looked at me and smiled, were hazel. His entire demeanor was one of serenity mixed with good humor. 
My eyes went from the man to the surroundings. The floor of the rustic cabin was wood, partly covered by a rug. At one end was a huge fireplace, and at the other end I saw a series of instruments which I realized certainly didn't originate on Earth. From the instruments my eyes went to the wall on which I saw a clock, but a most unusual time­piece. Instead of numbers I saw 12 fluorescent spheres; nor were there hands on the clock: instead I noticed a very bright light on the face of the clock where the hour hand should be. I glanced at my watch, which said 10 minutes to four, then back at the clock and noted the bright light appeared very near the fourth sphere. Where the minute hand should be I saw another light, of lesser intensity.  
On the floor were more instruments, one of them a box-like instru­ment with a view screen, something like a portable television set. An­other instrument was shaped similar to a console set, with a coil-like aerial revolving on top of it. 
Just then two blonde-headed men stepped from another room, as one of them greeted me, "Hi, Howard, we have been expecting you." Then he introduced the other blonde man and told me both of them were from Venus. 
"And our own private 'Liberace' here (as the pianist scowled at them, then grinned) is from Saturn." 
The Saturnian broke off playing with a good-natured, theatrical flourish on the keys, rose and extended his hand. I complimented him on his playing, and told him the music sounded familiar. Then I halted in the middle of a sentence, for I remembered where I had heard the melody. Why, it was the little tune I had so often hummed, and even tried to pick out, unsuccessfully, on the piano. I had never given the melody much thought. 
"Sit down and play it, the melody," he offered, gesturing toward the instrument, but I stammered the only thing I could play was a phono­graph. He put his hand on my shoulder and spoke reassuringly. 
"This music you can play, Howard," and he guided me gently to­ward the chair in front of the "piano." I sat, protestingly. 
"From this time on you will be able to play a piano whenever you are moved to do so, and not only this tune, but any melody you wish." 
I looked down at the keyboard. It was entirely different from a con­ventional piano keyboard. This one was much longer and contained many more keys, which were narrower and had strange symbols on them which I did not understand. The entire instrument was much lower and closer to the floor. 
I almost automatically reached down to touch the keys, suddenly knowing which to strike to correspond with the sounds of the melody running through my mind. Although I had never been able to play be­fore, it all seemed natural and delightfully simple. 
Although I could not master the subtle nuances I had heard in his playing, I believe I could have played it otherwise as perfectly as he, had my fingers not often struck two of the keys instead of the intended one, probably because of the narrowness. 
As I played, the men looked at each other and nodded; then they applauded politely when I finished. I was thrilled and happy, because I knew I had suddenly found a beautiful, haunting melody that had always stirred my imagination, and found myself playing a musical instrument for the first time. 
The Saturnian spoke. "You're wondering why we brought you here for a musical exercise, and it probably seems foolish to you. But it isn't. You're going to play this melody on the piano, Howard, and thousands of people of Earth will hear it." 
I visited with them all that night, which we spent talking of many things which would be taking place in the months to follow. Early in the morning we parted, as one of the blonde men saw me to the door and jokingly dismissed me with, "Farewell, Maestro."

The dream of course is quite similar to the story, which I had just read about the day earlier. The person who had the dream had no idea I was reading this story. Instead of an old secret room that had been shut off for years, there is an old dilapidated cabin. Similarly, Howard began to hear the music as he approached the door. What of the three oval mirrors on the wall in the dream? Howard Menger sees an odd looking clock similar to our modern digital clocks, where time is indicated by spheres - at that point the hour was still at three o'clock. The three oval mirrors are of course in the shape of flying saucers, and there were three men in the cabin - two from Venus, one from Saturn. So why bring Howard Menger out to a deserted cabin in New Jersey to play an odd piece of music? Howard explains:

I had been told that anyone hearing the music the Saturnian and my soul had taught me would get a feeling, or reach an awareness, which would act as a mental assist to release something from the sub­conscious. People hearing the theme would react in their conscious state with increased understanding and brotherly love toward one an­other. 
Every musical note, they had explained, has its specific density and frequency which causes a sympathetic vibration, when created at the correct frequency and in certain combinations (witness a glass break­ing in the presence of a high-pitched musical note). This, of course, is an oversimplified example of what happens to the subconscious when certain music is heard—but its principle is similar; in short, sound causes a corresponding effect in one's innermost mind.

Oddly, somehow this person probably began to pick up on my thoughts in the dream...perhaps from listening to the music?  I do not know. Was Howard Menger telling the truth? I do not know, but he certainly suffered a lot of ridicule and adversity for it. But I do know I was reading the story and listening to the music, and someone happened to have a telepathic dream about it which matched what I was thinking. But there is one other item I have not explained about the dream...what about the open window in the secret room? From the dream, the room was a room known to exist, and the window of that room faces west.  The room is in a house in New Jersey, and if one goes in a straight line west for several miles, one reaches a place known as High Bridge New Jersey. High Bridge New Jersey is allegedly where many of the contacts took place...and probably near the location of that secret cabin. After many years of silence, Howard Menger would publish another book entitled The High Bridge Incident:

Admittedly, all very strange. A bit too strange for me to make up, that is for sure. So who is lying here? Venus may have been able to support life in its distant past, and may be able to still do so but only underground. Saturn is less likely to support life, but life may exist on its moons. NASA has been shown multiple times to have released doctored photos to the public. I just updated the blog post Swedenborg and the Extraterrestrial UFO Phenomenon, where I found positive proof that NASA tampered with a photo of Victoria Rupes on Mercury, as they have done in so many other cases. Whether one believes it or not, one can still sit back and enjoy the mysterious music of The Song from Saturn....



  1. Quote: "Saturn is less likely to support life..."
    The Lord through Bertha Dudde:
    and a whole book about nature and determination of Saturn through Jakob Lorber:

    Kind regards,
    G√ľnni D :-)

    1. Thanks Gunni, I will read up on that. As for Saturn and Jupiter, they are less likely to support life on their surface. However check The Cylindrical UFOs of Saturn, and Emanuel Swedenborg, where the Cassini spacecraft has caught images of cylindrical UFOs travelling in the vicinity of Saturn. Some of these are huge, and were the subject of the book "The Ringmakers of Saturn." So its possible some advance societies have become self-sufficient from their planet and are in close orbit with these planets. Also see Stephen Hawking and the Extraterrestrial Janos Affair in which some ETs described this exact situation, where they built a huge mother-ship to leave their destroyed planet. It is perhaps these intelligences living in space that Swedenborg encountered in his visions. On some other blog posts I have shown evidence of UFOs in the vicinity of the Moon and Mars.

    2. Hello Gunni - interesting, Jakob Lorber, states that Saturn was inhabited, just started to read this book. Do we have anything that he wrote that has been validated later by science? With Swedenborg, we have several accounts of clairvoyance that have been verified by multiple witnesses, plus I have been able to verify his account concerning the book of Jasher. For Jakob Lorber, found this study which analyzes some of his predictions "K. Eggelstein - The Prophet Jakob Lorber Predicts Coming Catastrophies and the True Christianity" - - the description is "The only large study known about the New Revelation - presenting it in with great accuracy the context of actual science, religion and society."

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