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The complete works of Emanuel Swedenborg - on your tablet or smartphone!

After months of work, I have finally finished editing and publishing the complete works of Emanuel Swedenborg, and published them on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes. I discovered the works of Emanuel Swedenborg after reading Life After Life by Raymond Moody, which describes the Near Death Experience. Long before evidence of life after death began to be discovered by the medical community, Swedenborg described the afterlife in terms similar to those who have survived a Near Death Experience. Not only that, Swedenborg solves all the important questions of Christianity: the true nature of the Supreme Being of God is one person in Jesus Christ, the nature of the afterlife, how one should spiritually develop and grow, and he methodically proves how and why the Bible is Divinely Inspired by showing that the literal sense of the words have an internal, symbolic spiritual meaning, making it applicable to everyday life.  He explains how and why Jesus saved all of humanity.  Mysteries of faith no longer have to be mysteries, faith is not blind belief but living by the truth, and Christianity becomes a rational religion for those seeking an explanation.  And this comes by way of revelation and heavenly visions - in many instances he demonstrated remarkable clairvoyant abilities. However it is better to read and assess the truth for yourself to see if it is true or not.

I used the 1907 Rotch Edition, and updated it to modern English and formatted it for easy reading: all of the paragraph references and topical indexes have been hyperlinked: there is no other work that does this. All of the footnotes have been pushed to the end and are hyperlinked as well, and references between the books are hyperlinked.  Swedenborg always backed up his statements with notes from his other works. Simply load his works on your reading device, and enjoy.

The night I finally published these, I fell into a deep sleep, and that morning, between waking and sleeping, I felt an angelic presence in the room.  And then something strange happened: that presence then proceeded to blow air on my head, around me in the shape of a halo. Emanuel Swedenborg had many encounters with angels which he recounts throughout his works in detail.

The complete works (32 volumes in print!) have been published as The Divine Revelation of the New Jerusalem (there is also an expanded edition which also includes 6 additional volumes from Apocalypse Explained):

The Divine Revelation of the New Jerusalem is the complete set of all the published theological works of Emanuel Swedenborg, containing accounts of his visions of the heavenly world which he experienced over a period of 25 years. Included in this digital version are works that were originally published in 32 separate volumes: Heavenly Arcana (or Arcana Coelestia), Arcana Index, Heaven and Hell, The Final Judgment, The White Horse, Earths in the Universe, Summary Exposition, The Doctrine of the Lord, The Doctrine of Sacred Scripture, The Doctrine of Life, The Doctrine of Faith, New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrines, Divine Love and Wisdom, Divine Providence, Apocalypse Revealed, Marriage Love, and True Christian Religion. His major work, Heavenly Arcana, was published over a period of 8 years, in which he provides proof for the Divine inspiration of the Bible, examining the hidden spiritual meaning behind each and every word. Included in the analysis is a complete exposition of Genesis, Exodus and the book of Revelation, with numerous scriptural references provided for support. Many of the works explain the true doctrines of Christianity: one which is truly monotheistic where God is one in person in Jesus Christ, and one that does not separate charity from faith. Interspersed among the spiritual allegorical explanations of scripture are accounts of his visions of heaven and hell, in which it is shown how the human soul is truly eternal and survives after death. Also included in this publication is the book of Jasher, a lost book of scripture translated from the original Hebrew, which Swedenborg had described in his visions.

Here are links to the above bundled work:

Original Edition of the Divine Revelation of the New Jerusalem
Expanded Edition - includes 6 volumes of Apocalypse Explained (see below)

And, if you don't want all of his works, individual works have also been published separately, listed below. I still recommend the one above, which takes full advantage of all the hyperlinked references between the different volumes. You can find all of them on Amazon or Barnes & Noble by looking up "Swedenborg Webber" (Webber is my last name):

List of all Swedenborg books on Amazon

Heavenly Arcana, otherwise known as Arcana Coelestia, is the magnum opus of the author Emanuel Swedenborg. Published over a period of 8 years, with many more years of research behind it, Heavenly Arcana reveals how the Bible is Divinely inspired, as it contains a hidden spiritual sense behind the literal meaning. In this way scripture becomes applicable to daily life. In the internal or spiritual sense of scripture various psychological states of the development of the human soul are described, which outlines the process by which a mere human grows and develops into a spiritual being or angel. Word by word the spiritual sense of scripture is described from Genesis to Exodus, with many passages being drawn from other areas of scripture to support each interpretation. All of scripture is revealed to have been composed based on a system of correspondences or representations, otherwise known as archetypes. The symbolism revealed can be useful for dream interpretation. Interspersed among the scripture analysis are accounts of the author's visions of heaven and hell in the spiritual world, explanations concerning the nature of the soul and angels, interpretations concerning the end of the age or last judgment, and doctrines concerning charity and faith. Students and scholars will find this to be an indispensible reference. Originally published in twenty separate volumes, this digital version combines all volumes into one edition, and over 10,000 separate paragraphs and references have been hyperlinked with an extensive topic index. The table of contents includes additional headings so that certain chapters have been arranged by topic for easy access. For those questioning how the Bible can be Divinely Inspired, Heavenly Arcana provides an answer that is more systematic and comprehensive than can be found in any other work.

Heaven and Hell is perhaps the most famous work of Emanuel Swedenborg, where he reveals in detail his visions concerning heaven, hell, and the world of spirits in between. In this work the author explains how each person will survive after death to enter the spiritual world, and describes details concerning the process of dying which were later confirmed in the twentieth century with the discovery of the Near Death Experience by the medical community. Most notably the author describes God as the Lord from Whom emanates a spiritual Sun, by which heaven receives its light, and by which all are judged after death. Heaven is a realm in which there is no space and no time, where societies are formed according to one's ruling love, and everyone's internal thoughts are revealed in a moment. Various degrees and societies of heaven are described, including the different functions of angels, the punishments of hell, and the purpose of the world of spirits between the realms of heaven and hell. God's desire for each person is to have them grow and develop as an angel in the kingdom of heaven, where each spiritual being is perfected and made happier to eternity.

The Final Judgment provides a better spiritual understanding of the Second Coming, the resurrection, and the last judgment mentioned in scripture. In this work the author states that his spiritual insight was opened to the heavenly world, and reveals that the last judgment is an event that takes place in the spiritual world, where all come after death, and not here on earth. This last judgment took place so that a new revelation could be made concerning the spiritual sense of scripture, so that a new church could be established on earth whose doctrines have been revealed from heaven. For those seeking an answer to those predicting the "end of the world" or an alternative explanation for the renewal of the Mayan Calendar in 2012, this book provides a rational answer to those who seek meaning for the dawn of a new age. Also included in this publication are three other works by the same author: "The White Horse", which explains the spiritual meaning of the white horse mentioned in the Apocalypse, "Earths in the Universe", which reveals that other planets are inhabited by the human race, and "Summary Exposition", which contains a summary of beliefs of the Catholic and Protestant churches: how they are similar, how they have fallen into error, and how they differ with the doctrines of the New Church which will be formed after them in the future.

The Doctrines of the New Jerusalem is a combination of five volumes, originally published as: "The Doctrine of the Lord", "The Doctrine of Sacred Scripture", "The Doctrine of Life", "The Doctrine of Faith", and "New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrines". Herein are revealed the central tenets and doctrines of the New Church, or New Jerusalem, which will succeed the older Christian churches, which was revealed to the author in heavenly visions. "The Doctrine of the Lord" reveals that God is one person in Jesus Christ, that He is Jehovah in human form. The mystery of the Trinity is explained in a manner that is easy to understand. "The Doctrine of Sacred Scripture" shows how the Bible is Divinely Inspired, and how when read with enlightenment, it provides a conjunction between the mind and the angels of heaven. "The Doctrine of Life" is the doctrine of charity: religion is life, and that life is doing good. The essential responsibility for each person is that he/she must make an effort to review his/her life, and turn away from evil. "The Doctrine of Faith" reveals that faith is not mere belief: faith is living according to the truth, and can not be made separate from charity. "New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrines" sums up the doctrines of the New Church, and contains numerous references to the author's magnum opus, "Heavenly Arcana". This book is for those seeking a rational religion which simplifies the mysteries of faith, explained in a simple manner with support drawn from scripture.

Angelic Wisdom concerning the One God is a combination of three volumes by Emanuel Swedenborg, originally published as: "Angelic Wisdom concerning Divine Love and Wisdom", "Angelic Wisdom concerning Divine Providence" and "Intercourse between the Soul and Body." The first describes how God is Love itself and Wisdom itself, which flows into man's will and understanding. Conjunction between God and man is possible because man has been created in God's image: God is the archetype of the human form. Presented here is a philosophy that is both pragmatic and utilitarian: for love and wisdom only become united in the effects of one's life, which are uses. Also described are degrees of order, and how man progresses through these degrees toward perfection. The second volume, "Angelic Wisdom concerning Divine Providence", contains hyperlinked references to the first volume, and can be considered as part of the same work as it describes how God rules and governs all of creation through His love and wisdom. Topics include the purpose of creation, the importance of free will, how each person can be reformed and regenerated from evil, why there should be no compulsion in religion, a person's responsibility towards God, why does God allow evil to exist, laws of permission, and how with all things God considers things with an eternal end in view. The third volume, "Intercourse between the Soul and Body", provides exact definitions of the soul, body and spirit, and describes the interaction between the spiritual and physical worlds based on the author's heavenly visions. As God is life, souls are recipients of that life, and it is through the higher self of the soul that God directs and influences all of humanity. It is through this hidden spiritual influx that humans have eternal life. This work has been formatted for digital publication: it includes a hyperlinked table of contents, references, footnotes, and topical indexes.

Apocalypse Revealed reveals the spiritual meaning of the Apocalypse, or the book of Revelation, which concerns the end times of the Christian Church when there is a falling away from the truth faith. Highly symbolic, the book has remained closed to readers, but was finally revealed after the spiritual sense of scripture was shown to the author Emanuel Swedenborg in heavenly visions. In general, the Apocalypse treats of the last state of the Christian Church, which has been corrupted by false doctrines and heresies over time, and the renewal of the Christian Church as the New Jerusalem which descends out of heaven. The seven letters written to seven churches in Asia contain particular messages from Jesus for different churches of our present time. Much of the work describes a spiritual judgment which occurred on the Christian Church in heaven, especially the Protestants who separate charity from faith, and the Catholics who have sought dominion over others by means of religion. The mysterious contents of the little book of seven thunders are revealed for the first time in this work, which concentrates on the true doctine of the One God, how he is one in person in Jesus Christ. The Second Coming is revealed to be a Second Coming of the Word, in which the hidden spiritual meaning of the Bible is now made known to all who wish to seek it. These revelations from heaven, which will form the basis of a New Christian Church, have been and will be opposed by religious authorities of the present Christian churches, as much of their doctrines are based on a false trinity of three persons. This spiritual battle is symbolically described in the final battle of Armageddon. Ultimately the prophecy of the Apocalypse declares that a New Church will be formed on earth, which is represented by the New Jerusalem which descends out of heaven. All three volumes of the original edition have been combined into this single work. It has been formatted for digital publication and includes hyperlinked table of contents, references, footnotes, and topical index.

Angelic Wisdom concerning Marriage Love describes the spiritual origin of marriage love between a man and woman, based on revelations the author Emanuel Swedenborg received through heavenly visions. Not only does man live after death in a spiritual body, but also has the opportunity to experience the delights of true marriage love to eternity. True marriage originates from the Divine union of good and truth which permeates all of creation: the female is the form of good, and the male is the form of truth. The love of sex is merely the antecedant to this spiritual union. Discussed in this work are the changes of state of a man and woman during their marriage, advice for ensuring happiness for both partners, and how religion is central to the marriage life. Further advice is given concerning engagement, nuptials, apparent love in marriage, separation, divorce, iterated marriages, polygamy, jeolousy, and raising children. As marriage originates from heaven, opposite forms of it are discussed which originate from hell: these include fornication, adultery, and lusts for seducing the innocent. Although sex should be reserved for marriage, the author discussed situations where sex is permitted outside of marriage.

What are the true doctrines of Christianity? In True Christian Religion, the author Emanuel Swedenborg sets out to describe the true doctrines of Christianity, based on scripture and revelations he received through heavenly visions. For those questioning the definition of the Trinity that was defined in the fourth century and later, Swedenborg describes a view of God Who is One in person, Jesus Christ. As Jehovah in human form, Jesus progressively resisted temptation in His human, until he made his human Divine, and became the God-man. It was through this process that Jesus saved all of humanity, as His Holy Spirit is now available to all to help people resist temptation. The book first discusses the different manifestations of God, as God the Creator, God the Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit. The book also discusses how the sacred scripture is Divinely inspired, as it is the Divine Truth itself which allows communion between humankind and heaven. The ten commandments of the Decalogue are discussed, which contains all the precepts of eternal life. Other topics include doctrines concerning faith, charity, free will, repentance, reformation and regeneration. The symbolism of two Holy Sacraments Baptism and Holy Supper are explained in detail. Finally, the book concludes with a discussion concerning the end of the age, and an explanation of the Second Coming and the prophecies contained in the Apocalypse. This book contains all three volumes of the original publication, and has been formatted for digital publication: it has hyperlinked table of contents, references, and topical index.

UPDATE (12/12/2012)

The collection of Swedenborg's works on Amazon have been updated to include the 6 volume work of Apocalypse Explained, which was never published by Swedenborg.  There is also a larger version which also includes the 3 volumes of Apocalypse Revealed.  As with the other books in the series, every paragraph reference is hyperlinked.  Good timing, since its close to the end of a cycle in the Mayan calendar:

Here is the larger version:

The Apocalypse Explained makes numerous references to Heavenly Arcana and other works.  So, there is also an expanded edition of the Divine Revelation of the New Jerusalem which includes it as well:

The Divine Revelation of the New Jerusalem: Expanded Edition


  1. This is great news !

    You've done a great work!

    But can you also later on, give add some of the small unpolished works ... which are EXTREMELY small compared to the work that you've done.

    Here is the List of ALL of the works:

    Some of the small works that can be added:

    Coronis (Whitehead)
    Invitation to the New Church (Whitehead)
    Nine Questions (Potts)
    Ecclesiastical History (Elliott)
    Canons of the New Church (Mongredien and Coulson)
    Interaction of the Soul and Body (Whitehead)

    White Horse Appendix (Willmott)
    Conversation with Calvin (Whitehead)

    And some others...

    Thank you so much for that great works you've done.

  2. Glad to hear you have found these works on Swedenborg. The work, Interaction between the Soul and Body can be found in Angelic Wisdom concerning the One God which also includes Divine Love and Wisdom and Divine Providence.

    As for the other works on Swedenborg, the one I was working on next was Apocalypse Explained, but that has been interrupted with my work on the prophecies of Nostradamus. I have published the first half, The Decoded Prophecies of Nostradamus, and in it you will find a prophecy of Nostradamus concerning Swedenborg, how his writings affected events during the French Revolution. It has been there in front of everyone, no one until now took notice. I was quite surprised to find it.

    As for the other small works, I did not get to them as (a) they were not published, they are drafts, and (b) they have various translators. For what I published I chose an edition that had a uniform translation throughout. But next, if I have time, will be Apocalypse Explained, but that requires much more work.

    I do hope more discover Swedenborg, I was just telling someone who belonged to a Oneness Pentecostal church about him. The teachings are similar.

  3. One update I forgot to mention: some of these books can be found on Apple's iBookstore. They are Divine Revelation of the New Jerusalem, Heavenly Arcana, Doctrines of the New Jerusalem, Heaven and Hell, and True Christian Religion.

    As to why they are not all there on the iBookStore, well, it is a pain to publish there when you do not have a Mac.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Out of these three which position on the Writings do you take ?

    (three positions desrbied as fallows:

  6. Hello Timur - these are revealed doctrinal writings, they are not Divinely inspired as scripture is. I take "The Conference and Convention View". I am not exactly sure how some can view them as Divinely Inspired. Swedenborg does make mistakes, and by his own definition, these are doctrinal writings, similar to the letters of Paul. They do not have an internal series of correspondences. Maybe I will add a blog entry on this one.

    You can see some development of thought between Apocalypse Explained and Apocalypse Revealed...and in one case he had the correct view in Apocalypse Explained which he changed in Apocalypse Revealed.

  7. Sure Here are some books which explain how some people vie the New Church Books as the Word of God.

  8. Thanks Timur! I will take a look at them. I make a distinction between Divinely inspired scripture, and Divinely "influenced" writings. Swedenborg stated that the letters of Paul were Divinely influenced, but not inspired. Take a look at my other blog entry, "What books are Divinely Inspired?" at It involves my thoughts on the matter before I encountered Swedenborg.

    I am going through Apocalypse Explained, hyperlinking the footnotes for publication, it is getting tedious. Those articles provide a much needed break from that! If you (or anyone else reading this) have any good suggestions for a book cover, do let me know.

  9. Hi.

    I personally see that the Writings are the Word of God.

    For example Swedenborg said that the Lord Told he to write "This Book is the Second Advent of the Lord" on the Brief Exposition. Since the Lord is the Word then his Second advent is also the Word.

    Even in the Heaven and Hell we read

    "Such immediate revelation is granted at this day because this is what is meant by the Coming of the Lord."

    Possibly a picture of a White horse galloping for the book cover ?

    Also was not Swedenborg against foretelling the future for it is bad for human spiritual state to know his or her future as it is written in DP ?

  10. Thanks Timur - the works of Swedenborg are definitely a Divine revelation...I just try to distinguish between the different modes of revelation. Even in the Word we have different styles: the composed history of Genesis 1-11, the historical, the prophetic, the maybe a doctrinal style? I will have to think about that.

    Swedenborg stated the reasons why man is not allowed to know the future - I am familiar with that passage and actually quote it in my work on Nostradamus. The nature of most prophecies is that they are not understood until after the event has taken place.

  11. Hello Timur - just to let you know, the entire work of Apocalypse Explained (6 volumes) is now published. See this blog:

    That took forever. Time to take a break.

  12. Wonderful contribution to Swedenborg and Bible Students.
    I have been studying the seemingly unending works of E.M. for years.
    I wrote this little book from what I have learned from E.M.
    I am now crawling through A.R. a second time, following all the rabbit trails it leads to. I try to balance E.M with revelation from the WORD. I would like to share some diagrams I have written if you would like to see them?
    I plan on purchasing your work soon, as I have collected them all on pdf but this sounds like a life saver!
    Regards, Leslie Oregon, USA

  13. Hi Leslie - if you are into Apocalypse Revealed, the book "Apocalypse Revealed and Explained" hyperlinks the two works together for easy comparison. This is also available in "The Divine Revelation of the New Jerusalem: Expanded Edition." It is nice to encounter others who enjoy reading Swedenborg. I make use of the search functionality and hyperlinking for entries on this blog.

    If you have diagrams you wish to share, or other items you would like to discuss, just click on my Google profile; messages go to my gmail account.

  14. For those of you who left comments on the Amazon bookstore - thanks! I think that will help getting the word out concerning this revelation. Just to let you know, not sure when each person purchased each book, but periodically I have uploaded some minor errata fixes which I noted as I was using this edition to for writing on this blog. I have asked Amazon to notify all customers, but it is going to take them at least 4 weeks to send out a customer notification so that you can re-download it. They are all minor, so if you see something like a period between words and you don't like it, its been fixed.

    Also, the works are up on Barnes & Noble again, and the works are soon coming on Kobo, another e-reader platform.

  15. Dear Doug - I too would like to thank you for the wonderful work you have done in providing these works complete with hyperlinks. Another potential area that could be of great use is having the work formatted as a module for theword bible software program The program itself is freeware but modules can be offered as locked for purchase. Modules can be formatted to integrate with the Biblical text - the software itself can id verse references. I don't have the skills (regex??) to do this efficiently or to even know how much work would be involved. Anyway take a quick look at their site. I'd be interested in hearing your take on what's possible.

    all the very best with your work


  16. Hi DWM - thanks for that suggestion, that actually sounds like a good idea for those who don't have an e-reader. I will have to investigate that. Those Bible readers probably each have their own custom format, and I would have to create another version to do each one. Keeping the Kindle, Nook, and Apple ITunes in sync has been taking time.

    For the writings of Swedenborg, I have been planning another surprise...but it may be a good idea to look at this as well. Thanks!

  17. For those of you who have purchased these books on Amazon and B&N, I have been periodically updating them when I find minor errata. Recently I found some references in Heavenly Arcana that were not hyperlinked, plus I have added new hyperlinks whenever Swedenborg references a preface to a chapter. In terms of content, I discovered that the translation sometimes had Elias or Elijah for the prophet Elijah. This has now been standardized as "Elijah" to make the search easier, as I found Swedenborg's statements on Elijah rather interesting.

  18. Just updated "The Divine Revelation of the New Jerusalem: Expanded Edition" for minor formatting and some hyperlink fixes which has been published on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. These changes will be propagating to the other works of Swedenborg in the following days.

  19. Hi Mr. Webber,
    if possible send me a download link to the complete works of Swedenborg, in case you decide to share it with me.

    Personally, I see don't see Swedenborg's writings neither as divinely "inspired" nor divinely "influenced".
    Man, there are too many anonymous influences/inspirations that are said to be divine, this is so ... anonymous. As you know when something/someone is anonymous it/he can be both helpful&harmful, that's why when someone says it is the "WORD OF GOD" I say well, can't it be the "WORD OF DEVIL". Simply, the entity that "narrates" easily can be mischievous, pranky, devilish as well as brotherly concerned. It also can be a playful kid from out there (some other galaxy) amusing oneself. My point, taking someone's "revelations" as THE FINAL INSTANCE is simply foolish.


    1. Hello Sanmayce,
      Only scripture itself is Divinely inspired, and the works of Emanuel Swedenborg simply reveal the hidden "key" where the spiritual sense of scripture hidden behind its literal sense is now open for everyone to see. Swedenborg's works is the only significant proof I have seen that shows how the Bible is Divinely inspired. The definition of "Divine inspiration" is that the text must contain within it a symbolic correspondence with the heavenly realities of love and truth. See What books of the Bible are Divinely inspired for further discussion on this.

      By Divinely influenced I mean the teacher is under Divine guidance, to explain the doctrinal teachings of the Church. The letters of Paul fall under this category.

      Swedenborg was well aware of spirits that deceive, and he was not permitted to take any teaching or doctrine from them. He was led directly led from Jesus Christ:

      "That the Lord manifested Himself before me His servant, and sent me to this office, and that He afterward opened the sight of my spirit, and so has admitted me into the spiritual world, and has granted to me to see the heavens and the hells, also to converse with angels and spirits, and this now continuously for many years, I testify in truth; likewise, that from the first day of that call I have not received any thing which pertains to the doctrines of that church from any angel, but from the Lord alone while I read the Word." (True Christian Religion, n. 779)

      Swedenborg does speak of progressive revelation, and progressive revelation is a main part of the doctrines of the New Church.

  20. I am a Bible believer... Emanuel Swedenborg more than inspires me to make it my very Life. Thanks to GOD Almighty for him.

    1. The revelations do indeed reveal a lot which is unknown to the Christian church in general. I agree, it opens up the internal sense of scripture, which shows how to make every passage applicable to one's life.


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