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Clairvoyant Telepathic Dreams, and Dolphins

Occasionally we all have dreams that are precognitive or clairvoyant in nature.  The spiritual side of us allows us to know things that go beyond our senses.  Many do not experience this due to their selfish or material desires, or their conscience blocks it if they are living a sinful life.  Sins block this, but love opens this up.  A read a book on a professed psychic named Paul Solomon - although Christian, some of his teachings involve reincarnation and there are many spiritual New Age teachings that promote this. There is evidence that in certain hypnotic states memory of past lives can be retrieved, which is commonly used as evidence for reincarnation. Thus many ancient religions, as well as eastern religions, have this belief. But this is not the case. For the origin of these memories of past lives, see The Origin of the Soul, Reincarnation, and the Collective Unconscience, as well as Life After Death, and Reincarnation. Swedenborg is the only one I have seen to give a definite rational answer on this topic - it involves a communication that is constantly occurring between the spiritual world and our mind - but most who have these brief experiences cannot discern the origin of them, and thus develop teachings based on that which are not entirely true. Such is the case with Paul Solomon. I read a book on him in which the CIA came to him and were interesting in studying psychics for espionage purposes. When asked who do they want to spy on, they responded that they would like to spy on the KGB. Paul Solomon responded, if you want to spy on the KGB, you must learn how to love them. They definitely did not like that answer: love your enemy? They were trained to always work against the KGB. This was an answer they could not accept, and left. Rumor has it they did eventually develop a Remote Viewing program that was highly successful. So maybe they listened after all.


So why did Paul Solomon say that love was the key to telepathy or clairvoyance to the CIA?  Is there any validity to that - if you show love or an interest in another person, will you begin to pick up on their thoughts? The answer is yes, if you mind is sufficiently unblocked. That is, what you call your "conscience" - which is in reality a higher level of the mind - has no guilt. The way to unblock that is to change those matters in your life which you know is wrong. Since many ignore their conscience, or are locked in their own self interest, they will not experience these kinds of dreams, but will instead experience thoughts which are mere reflections on their own life. In the spiritual world, Swedenborg encountered a set of spirits of both sexes, who sought all their life to gain power over others all their lives, or considered themselves "better" or "superior" than others and only sought to use them. They wondered why God would not hear their prayers:
They reasoned with me about the Lord, and said that it was strange that He did not hear their prayers when they prayed, and thus did not render them aid when they supplicated. But it was given to answer them that they could not be heard, because they had for their end such things as are contrary to the welfare of the human race, and because they pray for themselves against all others, and that when they pray in this manner heaven is closed; for they who are in heaven attend only to the ends of those who pray. These things they would not indeed acknowledge, but still they could answer nothing. (Heavenly Arcana, n. 4227).
So those who think about themselves all the time, are not going to see anything, and will think that clairvoyant dreams are figments of one's imagination. Some even get to the point where they deny any such a thing as "conscience." So what is Emanuel Swedenborg's definition of human "conscience" - that part of you that tells you what you have done is wrong? One's conscience is formed based on religious and parental teachings in one's childhood, and one's reception of those teachings. Conscience is not just comprehending the truth: it is willing and doing it. The more one acts, the more one's conscience is strengthened. Moreover, there are two levels of conscience: one for the sake of love towards others, and a higher one for the sake of love towards God:
The conscience which is with those who are in charity toward the neighbor is the conscience of truth because it is formed by faith in truth; but with those who are in love to the Lord, it is the conscience of good because it is formed by love of truth. The conscience of the latter is a higher conscience, and is called the perception of truth from good. They who have the conscience of truth are of the Lord's spiritual kingdom; but they who have the higher conscience, which is called perception, are of the Lord's celestial kingdom.
Let examples, however, illustrate what conscience is. If one has in his possession the goods of another without the owner's knowledge, and can thus keep them without fear of the law, or of the loss of honor and reputation, if he still restores them to the other because they are not his own, he has conscience; for he does good for the sake of good, and what is just for the sake of justice. Or one who is able to attain an office, but knows that another, who is also seeking it, would be more useful to his country, if he gives place to the other for the sake of his country's good, he has a good conscience; and so in other cases.
From these things it may be concluded of what sort are those who have not conscience. They are known from the opposite. For example, they who for any gain whatever make injustice to appear as justice, and evil to appear as good, and the reverse, these have no conscience. Neither do they know what conscience is; and if they are instructed what it is, they do not believe it, and some are not willing to know. Such are they who do everything for the sake of themselves and the world. (New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrines, n. 135-137)
You cannot just do good for sake of appearance: it is one's internal intention which determines if an act is good or not. Spiritual life, and one's life after death, is determined by one's conscience: for it is your own conscience which will judge your deeds and determine where you go. But why am I talking about conscience and not clairvoyance and telepathy? Here is the reason: spiritual life and thought flows into every human being through their conscience:
The influx of angels is especially into the conscience of man, where is the plane into which they operate. This plane is in the interiors of man. Conscience is twofold, interior and exterior. Interior conscience is of spiritual good and truth; exterior conscience is of justice and equity. This latter conscience is given at this day with many, but the interior with few. Notwithstanding, they who enjoy exterior conscience are saved in the other life; for they are such that, if they act contrary to what is good and true, or contrary to what is just and equitable, they are inwardly distressed and tormented — not because they suffer loss of honor, or gain, or reputation thereby, but because they had acted contrary to good and truth, or to justice and equity. (Heavenly Arcana, n. 6207).
It is important to develop a life according to one's conscience, formed by the truths that they know, in this life. After death, it is too late:
They who have not received conscience in the world cannot receive conscience in the other life. Thus they cannot be saved, because they have no plane into which heaven may flow and by which it may operate, that is, the Lord through heaven, and lead them to Himself. For conscience is the plane and receptacle of the influx of heaven. Wherefore such in the other life are consociated with those who love themselves and the world above all things, who are in hell. (Heavenly Arcana, n. 9122).

Within the human psychology of the soul there are several planes of spiritual development, which are described in detail by Swedenborg in Heavenly Arcana. Conscience is one plane that most people are familiar with. Many are not - those who try to act for selfish ends will tend to deny conscience altogether - not only deny it, but will tend to hate and destroy it in others. But there is a plane beyond conscience, on a higher level, which is called spiritual perception. You might say that intuition, empathy as well as telepathy and clairvoyance dwell at this level. When you empathize with a person, in these states you can stand in their place and experience what they experience, and pick up their emotions and thoughts. This empathizing can take place in dreams, where you stand in the place of another. Whereas those who have conscience have an affection for truth, those who have perception have an affection for love itself. And this is why love is the key - that is why Paul Solomon told the CIA you must learn to love the KGB. In these kinds of states. Not only that, you have to suspend somewhat the rational or analytical side of your brain. Which is why I though it was significant that in Remote Viewing techniques, there  is a "viewer", a "guide" and someone who may take notes. The "viewer" must always suspend any analytical thought: once you analyze the thoughts that are coming in, the flow immediately stops. Thus when Swedenborg speaks of spiritual peception, it is an inward kind of perception, where one immediately knows that something is true. There is no rationalization or debate about what is true or false: such a debate or even questioning will terminate the perception. Females often have this kind of inward perception since they pay more attention to it, and that leads to frustration with their partner who may say it must be based on "facts" not "feelings". What many do not realize is that there are ways of knowing that are not derived from our five senses; this is called perception. Thoughts are revealed especially when one has empathy for another person.


There is a hidden influx from the spiritual world into all living things, in humans there is a spiritual soul that survives after death. In the spiritual state, all communication is by thought, this also takes place through perception:
The second kind of perception, as was said, is what is common to all, in the highest perfection to angels, and to spirits according to their quality. It consists in knowing what another is as soon as he comes near, even if he says nothing. He manifests himself forthwith by a certain wonderful influx. It is known of a good spirit, not only of what goodness he is, but also of what faith; and when he speaks, this is known from every word. Of an evil spirit it is known of what evil he is and of what unbelief; and when he speaks, this is known from every word, and so manifestly that there can be no mistake. ...This communicative perception has its beginning in this, that the Lord wills that all things good may be communicable and that all may be affected by mutual love and so be happy. Hence such perception reigns universally also among spirits.
Souls that have come into the other life have wondered that there is such communication of another's thoughts, and that they knew immediately not only of what disposition another was, but of what faith. But they were told that the spirit receives much more excellent faculties when it has been separated from the body. In the life of the body the objects of the senses flow in, and also fantasies from those things which thence inhere in the memory; besides anxieties for the future, various lusts excited by external things, cares for food, clothing, place of abode, children, and other things, of which they take no thought in the other life; wherefore on the removal of these obstacles and hindrances, together with the corporeal parts that are of gross sensation, they cannot but be in a more perfect state. The same faculties remain, but much more perfect, clearer, and more free; especially with those who have lived in charity and faith in the Lord, and in innocence. Their faculties are immensely elevated above those which they had in the body, at last even to the angelic faculties of the third heaven.
Nor is there a communication of another's affections and thoughts only, but also of his knowledge, to such an extent that one spirit thinks he has known what another knows, although he had no knowledge of such things before. Thus there is a communication of all the other's knowledge. Some spirits retain what is thus communicated, and some do not.
Communications are made both by conversation with one another, and by ideas together with representations; for the ideas of the thought of spirits are representative at the same time, and by this means all things are set forth in great fullness. They can represent more by a single idea than they can express by a thousand words. But the angels perceive what is within, in the idea, what the affection is, what the origin of the affection, what its end; besides other things that are interior. (Heavenly Arcana, n. 1388-91)
This kind of telepathic thought, which is universal in the spiritual world, is possible while we are living if the spiritual mind is opened. It is based on love - but why so? The spiritual world lies beyond space and time:
All going from place to place in the spiritual world is effected by change of state of the interiors, so that change of place is nothing else than change of state. In this way also I have been conducted by the Lord into the heavens, and likewise to the earths in the universe, and this as to my spirit, while the body remained in the same place. In this way all the movements of angels take place; hence they have no distances, and if not distances, neither have they spaces, but instead of them states and their changes.
As changes of place are made in this way, it is evident that approximations are similarities as to state of interiors, and that removals are dissimilarities. From this it follows that those are near to each other who are in similar state, and those at a distance who are in dissimilar state; and that spaces in heaven are nothing else than external states corresponding to internal. It is from this cause that the heavens are distinct from each other, and also the societies of each heaven, and the individuals in each society. From this likewise it is, that the hells are entirely separated from the heavens; for they are in a contrary state.
From the same cause also, in the spiritual world one appears in presence to another, if only he intensely desires his presence; for thus he sees him in thought, and presents himself in his state; and conversely, one is removed from another so far as he is averse to him. And because all aversion is from contrariety of affections and from disagreement of thoughts, it comes to pass in that world, that several who are in one place are seen by one another so long as they agree, but as soon as they disagree they disappear. (Heaven and Hell, n. 192-194).
"Space" is thus determined by similarity of affection and thought: the closer two souls are together, the closer they will appear. Representations of space and places in the spiritual realm is determined by one's internal state. Birds of a feather flock together - as souls congregate, they form their own realm of light - and these are what are known in scripture as the stars of heaven. The physical stars of heaven are a symbolic representation of this spiritual reality, for all things that are physical is a symbolic representation of what is spiritual. This is the spiritual explanation for telepathy and clairvoyant dreams - for this spiritual world existed before the physical one, and there is a constant influx of this spiritual world into all living things.


Whenever I have or hear about a clairvoyant or precognitive dream I sometimes will blog about it if I think it is interesting or significant for others. I know a particular person who is quite sensitive in these matters, who can often pick up my thoughts in their own dream before we meet. The dreams on other matters are quite accurate, and probably this person could be a psychic to give answers if the focus was applied - I can vouch that the accuracy of the precognitive or clairvoyant dreams have taken place hundreds of times. In the first dream which took place a couple of days ago, it was a dream concerning a family with three children. The father decided to leave his wife. There was extreme anger and pain, of course, on the part of the wife. One of the three children was a girl, and the breakup between the father and mother had the most effect on her. I was asked if this had anything to do with me? No, it had nothing to do with me, I knew of no family with three children that was experiencing a divorce. It was that day I decided to do more research on Michael Wolf - of questionable credibility or background - which I had discussed earlier in The Extraterrestrial Science of Dr.(?) Michael Wolf. I discovered some information concerning him which was stated in a court document concerning the divorce of his parents. They had three was a daughter. It was then I realized that this dream was describing details about Michael Wolf's family - BEFORE I knew about it. Although I did not know about the divorce, where both parents eventually remarried, other people who read about the blog entry did at the time of the dream. I won't go into this dream in its particular details.

That is one thing, but the second dream was another. In this dream, I was up further north, sleeping in a small place near the coast. This area was close to Canada. The land did not have much vegetation, and very little land could be seen - most of what was seen in this dream was water. And in this water, there were a lot of dolphins, swimming and jumping in the air. There was also a lot of fish. I was told to wake up, pay attention to the dolphins. This other persons was interested in the dolphins, and thought I was not interested in the dolphins. I was asked again, does THIS dream have anything to do with you? I could not believe what I was hearing - this person who had this dream had NO IDEA I recently started to do research concerning dolphins. So why did I start researching dolphins? Michael Wolf said in his interview that the extraterrestial beings commonly known as the "grays" are related to dolphins in an evolutionary or genetic sense. I told this person I indeed started to research the intelligence of dolphins, but did not explain the extraterrestrial aspect of it (which, needless to say, typically does not come up in everyday conversations over a cup of coffee). This kind of thing has happened many times, but it always continues to surprise me.

It does not confirm what Michael Wolf is saying (more on his other "theories" later in this blog), all it demonstrates is that with dreams you can pick up other people's thoughts. I would recommend everyone to try and start remembering their dreams, write them down, and analyze them. Sometimes you will be surprised at the amount of information which comes through. For those who have not unblocked their conscience, it offers a good method for self-analysis as one works through the symbolism. So for example, if you see a person sleeping in a dream, it means that person is unaware of something, there is more to be known, there is more that can be done if you get up and take action.

Here is the soundtrack from The Day of the Dolphin again, which I had posted before that person had the dream:

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