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Extraterrestrial Contact from Epsilon Eridani and Emanuel Swedenborg

Recently I have been doing a series of blogs researching the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrial contacts. In modern times mass public interest in UFOs and extraterrestrials began with the crash of one or more flying saucers in Roswell New Mexico in 1947, but evidence of such contacts can be traced back to antiquity. In the 18th century Emanuel Swedenborg claimed to have come in touch with extraterrestrial humans not from our planet, and before I started on this research I thought for sure Swedenborg was mistaken. Most do: the U.S. Government and NASA says there is no evidence of extraterrestrial life on other planets on our solar system, which Swedenborg said were inhabited. But then I found incontrovertible evidence that NASA tampers with photos in order to hide any evidence of UFOs or extraterrestrials on other planets in our solar system: see Emanuel Swedenborg was Right, and NASA is Hiding It. Note that NASA has done this AGAIN. In 2012, the Grail satellites sent back a lot of new images mapping the surface of the Moon. In one of them, a triangular shaped UFO can be seen hiding in the shadow of a crater. It is huge. The researcher had downloaded the image, and subsequently NASA touched up the photo to hide the image once they realized they let one slip through. Check out this video: [UPDATE: VIDEO TAKEN DOWN, SEE BELOW]

UPDATE: The above video was taken down, and the account deleted, for "third party infringement."  It showed an original NASA photo of a triangular object in a moon crater hiding in the shadow with an orb above it, and then later the published version of the photo with those images brushed out. If this was taken down for "third party infringement", that means the party that took down the account was NASA. These were NASA photos of the Moon from the Grail satellite. Even before it was taken down, in point #1 below I indicated that if NASA ever finds evidence of extraterrestrial life - more advanced than ours - they will hide it from the public.

So, in light of that, check out this picture of a cylindrical object on the Moon from the Apollo 15 mission:

It is legitimate, not doctored. The original photo is here: Apollo Image Atlas AS15-P-9625. So its out there in the open, so what do "they" do? They spread false disinformation by creating a duplicate, falsified image, and invent a hoax of another secret Apollo mission to examine an ancient alien spacecraft. Other's have already caught the hoax to hide this photo so I won't repeat it here. That's what happens with a leak - mix it in with false information so the public rejects it. [END OF UPDATE]

So from this, and the other evidence I showed earlier, we can draw two conclusions:
1. If NASA discovers any evidence of advanced extraterrestrial life, they will hide this fact from the public.
2. Data from NASA concerning the planets of our solar system are not trustworthy. Scientific knowledge of extraterrestrial life will be based on faulty and falsified data. 
So, just because our scientific data and knowledge concerning our solar system may be in disagreement with what Swedenborg said concerning extraterrestrial life, that is no reason to reject Swedenborg offhand. In every other case where I could verify his statements, I have been able to do so. Case in point: Swedenborg had mentioned a lost book of the Bible called Jasher, I found it, and the contents of the book match what he had seen in his visions. For that reason I included at the end of the multi-volume work of all his published writings, The Divine Revelation of the New Jerusalem. See Jasher: the Lost book of the Bible, as foreseen by Swedenborg, and The Book of Jasher: a lost ancient book of the Bible, or a medieval forgery?.

As for what Swedenborg states concerning extraterrestrial life in our solar system and beyond, he did that by contacting them by going out of his body, sort of like remote viewing (see Astral Projection and Out of the Body Experiences (OOBE)). Swedenborg accidentally confirmed his remote viewing capabilities when a fire broke out in Stockholm which threatened to burn down his house with all of his writings - this was verified by none other than the German philosopher Imanuel Kant (see The Confirmed Clairvoyance of Emanuel Swedenborg). Swedenborg kept this secret as it is better for people to examine the truth of the spiritual knowledge he imparted, according to rational thought.


In Extraterrestrial Contact from Iarga: their Origin and Philosophy, not only is there some independent evidence that this contact was valid, but also the contactee was a rich businessman from the Netherlands who had no reason to lie about it. There is also direct and circumstantial evidence that these amphibian extraterrestrials - the "Iargans" - originate from the solar system of Epsilon Eridani, about 10.5 light years away from our solar system. And they may have been observing us for a long time. Here is a map of the closest stars to our solar system:

Looking at the star map, to the left we see the star Epsilon Eridani. One of the closest stars to Epsilon Eridani is Sirius - much closer than our solar system. In the book The Sirius Mystery, Robert Temple documented how the Dogon tribe of Africa had a record of an ancient visitation by an extraterrestrial being from the Sirius star system, which they preserved in their oral traditions and religious rituals. Not only that, but after it was recorded it was discovered that much of the information contained very detailed astronomical information about the Sirius star system, including a 50 year orbital period of one of its stars, which was later verified by astronomers. The reason why I bring this up? The Dogon elders stated that this extraterrestrial being who visited them was amphibious. They call them "Nommo." From Wikipedia:
The Nommo are mythological ancestral spirits (sometimes referred to as deities) worshipped by the Dogon tribe of Mali. The word Nommos is derived from a Dogon word meaning "to make one drink." The Nommos are usually described as amphibious, hermaphroditic, fish-like creatures. Folk art depictions of the Nommos show creatures with humanoid upper torsos, legs/feet, and a fish-like lower torso and tail. The Nommos are also referred to as “Masters of the Water”, “the Monitors”, and "the Teachers”.
This is very similar to the Oannes mythology from ancient Mesopotamia, which I already discusse in the previous blog post. Another interesting note: the Nommo are described as hermaphroditic. This is very close to what Stefan Denaerde had seen concerning the extraterrestrials from Iarga: there was very littel noticeable differences between their males and females. If extraterrestrials from Epsilon Eridani travelled over 10 light years to reach our solar system, it is very likely they had also visited (and possibly colonized) the Sirius star system.


Lately an interesting question popped in my head: among the extraterrestrial human races that Swedenborg encountered, was one of them from the planet Iarga, which is perhaps in the solar system of Epsilon Eridani?

Emanuel Swedenborg originally described his extraterrestrial contacts in his massive work Heavenly Arcana (aka Arcana Coelestia, or Heavenly Secrets). He then extracted these encounters and published them later in a smaller work entitled Earths in the Universe. In the Heavenly Arcana, he described his extraterrestrial contacts in the following order:

1. Mercury
2. Venus
3. Mars
4. Jupiter
5. Saturn
6. Moon
7. Six other solar systems 

In Heavenly Arcana, Swedenborg describes different planets inhabited by extraterrestrials in their order of distance from our Sun, except for the Moon. However in Earths of the Universe, for some reason he changes the order in which he relates his contacts, and drops the account of one of the other solar systems. If that is the case, is it possible that Swedenborg was shown extraterrestrials on other solar systems that were in closest distance to our own solar system? That would seem logical. If that is the case, does one of them happen to describe the planet Iarga, as described by Stefan in his work UFO Contact from the Planet Iarga? There are not that many solar systems in close vicinity with our solar system - within ten light years of our Sun there are about ten other solar systems. This question really intrigued me.

So let's assume that Swedenborg may be describing extraterrestrial races on solar systems that are in close vicinity with our Sun in terms of light years. There is one passage in particular that I remembered, and this concerns the "Second Earth in the Starry Heaven." Swedenborg did not know which solar system it was, so hereafter I will refer to it as the "second earth." Concerning the sun of that inhabited planet, Swedenborg wrote this:
Being asked about their sun, which is seen as a star from our earth, they said that it was of a fiery color, in appearance no larger than a man's head. I was told by angels that the star which is their sun is among the lesser stars, not far from the celestial equator. (Heavenly Arcana, n. 10162)
This is the only account where Swedenborg was given something useful in terms of the actual location of an outside solar system inhabited by extraterrestrials. The celestial equator is the projection of the Earth's equator into space. Using celestial coordinates, the distance of a star north or south of the celestial equator is measured in angular degrees known as its declination. So, out of curiosity, lets take the list of the closest solar systems, but select only the ones that are close to the celestial equator. We get the following list of stars, with their distance from us in light years as well as their declination:
1. Barnard's Star = 5.96 light years, declination +04° 41'
2. Wolf 359 (CN Leonis) = 7.78 light years, declination +07° 00'
3. Epsilon Eridani = 10.52 light years, declination -09° 27'
4. Ross 128 (Fl Virginis) = 10.92 light years, declination +00° 48'
5. Procyon (a Canis Minoris) = 11.40 light years, declination +05° 13'
6. Luyten's Star = 12.37 light years, declination +05° 13'
That narrows down the list, but that is too many to choose from. Can we narrow it down further? Yes. Swedenborg makes one other key statement:
...their sun... is seen as a star from our earth (Heavenly Arcana, n. 10162)
Their sun can be seen as a star in the sky. Whether or not a star can be seen by the unaided eye is measured by its apparent magnitude. The lower the number of the apparent magnitude, the brighter the star. So lets take the above stars and list out their apparent magnitude:
1. Barnard's Star = 9.53
2. Wolf 359 (CN Leonis) = 13.44
3. Epsilon Eridani = 3.73
4. Ross 128 (Fl Virginis) = 11.13
5. Procyon (a Canis Minoris) = 0.38
6. Luyten's Star = 9.86
Stars with an apparent magnitude of 6 are less are visible to the unaided human eye. So that narrows down the number of possibilities to just two star systems:
1. Epsilon Eridani
2. Procyon
As stated before in Extraterrestrial Contact from Iarga: their Origin and Philosophy, I had identified the star Epsilon Eridani as the solar system for the planet Iarga. But there is one other point made about their sun: it is said that is "among the lesser stars." This excludes the Procyon, which is not only among the brightest stars in our skies but its Sun is larger than ours. Procyon is also a binary star system, thus it is unlikely to have a planet in the habitable zone. So there is one choice, and once choice only: the star Epsilon Eridani. In fact, I looked through a list of the 26 closest solar systems and I cannot find any other candidate.

So, does Swedenborg's description of the extraterrestrials of the second earth match the description of the Iargans as described by Stefan Denaerde in his book, UFO Contact from the Planet Iarga? Well let's take a look.


One of the first observations Swedenborg made when he encountered these extraterrestrials from the second earth is that they were highly intelligent, in a higher state of intelligence than he, and he compared their insight to the far-sighted vision of eagles. Swedenborg himself was a child prodigy and is estimated to have an IQ of over 200. In the book UFO Contact from Iarga, it is quite obvious that the Iargans as a race are much more intelligent than we and have the tendency to examine things to the smallest detail. They love to put a mathematical number on everything to calculate its efficiency. The contactee, Stefan Denaerde, was able to explore their world and become educated about their culture through a holographic image that was projected directly into his mind over a period of 2 days in their flying saucer while it was submerged off the coast of the Netherlands. He was told that they use this holographic imaging system to rapidly teach all their children concerning their knowledge, which is done over many years.


Swedenborg had stated that extraterrestrials he had encountered from the planet Mercury had the tendency to travel among different solar systems to gather knowledge, more so than any other race he had encountered. When he described them to these extraterrestrials from the second earth, they indicated that they were in close contact with them:
...they observed that I was not from their earth, but from one far away elsewhere; and therefore they addressed me, inquiring about various things, to which it was also given me to reply; and among other things I told them what earth I was from, and what its nature was. And I afterward told about the other earths in our solar system, and about the spirits of the earth or planet Mercury, that they wander around to many earths in order to procure for themselves knowledges of various things. When they heard this, they said that they had also been seen with them. (Earths in the Universe, n. 139)
The above passage shows that their solar system may not be that far from ours. Like the extraterrestrials of Mercury, it may also indicate that they travel among solar systems as well.


In the contact with the Iargans, they had told Stefan that they knew the identity of Jesus Christ as God of the Universe and accepted that as fact:
"Never say anything in conflict with the Christ insight such as it appears in the Bible. His authority is unassailable in the whole universe. He is the only way; the only truth and the life. 'No one comes to the Father except through Him.'"
The Iargans actually quoted John 14:6 from the Gospels. When Swedenborg asked the extraterrestrials of the second earth about what God they worshipped, they provided this answer:
They were asked about the God Whom they worshipped; and they answered that they worshipped a God visible and invisible — a God visible under the human form, and a God invisible not under any form; and it was found from their speech, and also from the ideas of their thought as communicated to me, that the visible God was our Lord Himself, and they also called Him Lord. To this it was given to reply, that on our earth also God is worshipped as invisible and as visible; and that God invisible is called the Father, and visible the Lord, but that the two are one — as He taught, saying that no man had ever seen the form of the Father, but that the Father and He are one; and that he who sees Him sees the Father; and that the Father is in Him, and He in the Father; and consequently that the two are the Divine in one person. That these are the words of the Lord Himself, may be seen in John (v. 37; x. 30; xiv. 7, 9-11). (Earths in the Universe, n. 141)
So, not only do these extraterrestrials know who Jesus Christ is, but coincidentally the gospel of John is again quoted in the discussion. This also implies that they are able to travel to our solar system and have been observing us, how else would they know who Jesus Christ is?


So what system of government do the extraterrestrials of the second earth have? This is the answer given to Swedenborg:
[they] were asked whether on their earth they live under the rule of princes and kings; to which they answered that they did not know what such rule was; and that they live under themselves, distinguished into tribes, families, and households. (Earths in the Universe, n. 143)
What about the Iargans? They said long ago in their history they had been divided into several nations, and did war against each other when land resources became scarce. But all those divisions have since been eliminated, and they no longer knew warfare. Do to our focus on power and warfare, they consider the humans on earth as extremely short-sighted when it comes to long term future planning:
"A race that lives under the constant threat of war and destruction does not logically make any plans for the distant future. For an absolute race, that is different. The continual improvement of our mental capacity directs our thoughts more and more into the future. We have created a planet on which our race can survive for an eternity. We live in a stable world on a clean planet, where the balance of nature can be maintained for unlimited time. We live for the future, because we expect great things from it. We are constantly occupied with making our world a better place to live in. The Earth, on the other hand, lives for the present and the past, and does not worry about the future generations."
Whereas humans tend to be individual, the Iargans are extremely social. They don't live as a single couple in a household, but each household will contain several couples so that they always do things in a group. As for government, their communist type economy is overseen by different corporations or "trusts," and at the head of each trust there is a president. These presidents may be part of a central planning group for the entire planet.


Swedenborg next makes this statement:
They were asked whether they are secure in this way. They said that they are, since one family does not envy another, nor wish to take anything away from it. They were indignant at being asked such questions, which seemed to imply that there was hostility among them, or need of protection against robbers. What more is needed, said they, than to have food and clothing, and so to dwell contented and quiet by ourselves. (Earths in the Universe, n. 143)
This is completely in line with the communist type society of the Iargans, where all material needs are provided for each citizen. The goal of their world-wide economy was to release each person from materialism, and since everyone has everything they need, there is no stealing. They also talked at length about creating an egalitarian society, where no one had more than the other, and this also eliminated the tendency of envy, greed and jealousy. Here is what Stefan Denaerde wrote:
They explain it as follows: an economic plan, aimed at efficiently satisfying man's needs so that he is released from the tyranny of material things over his daily life. In other words, if everyone has everything at his disposal, then the acquisition of material goods is no longer of paramount importance. This can only be achieved by providing "equal shares for everyone"; otherwise envy will always exist. The culture then becomes more or less stable. I nodded in agreement; mankind released from material problems, no envy or greed, that was an answer.
Only one small problem: how is it done? A little magic perhaps? There are only two solutions: everyone must own the same; or no one must own anything. The last is the most efficient. I sat bolt upright in my chair. Were they telling me, a well-to-do company director, that I must dispense with personal property? These beings were pure communists! 

For the extraterrestrials of the second earth, Swedenborg mentions that they had a small animal similar to our camel:
Among the smaller they mentioned one kind which had the back humped, like the camels on our earth. (Earths in the Universe, n. 144)
Such an animal is not mentioned by Stefan Denaerde, but he does state that much of the land on the islands of planet Iarde are an arid desert:
Yet it is not an abundant planet beause the soil of their few islands is very absorbent so that a lot of rain is necessary in order to support plant growth. Short periods of drought are devastating and change the landscape into an arid desert. Life, therefore, is mainly concentrated in the coastal areas and in particular in a small stretch along the water. 

Swedenborg stated that the extraterrestrials of the second earth ate fish and vegetables:
They do not however eat the flesh of these animals, but only the flesh of fishes, and also the fruits of trees and leguminous plants of the earth. (Earths in the Universe, n. 144) 
The Iargans evolved from an amphibian life form, which Stefan compared to our sea otter. Stefan Denaerde stated that the Iargans were for the most part vegetarian, but still ate fish:
Beside the farming, their food production was supported to a great extent by the fisheries. Their preference for fish probably has something to do with their amphibian origin, and the fact that they have so many oceans.

Swedenborg stated that the extraterrestrials of the second earth did not live in houses like we do, but in groves:
They said further that they do not dwell in regularly built houses, but in groves, in which they make shelter for themselves among the boughs against rain and the heat of the sun. (Earths in the Universe, n. 144)
The Iargans told Stefan that they thought are method of individual housing was extremely inefficient, and unsocial:
"Small houses with separate pieces of land form a system that you call 'towns,' and such inefficiency is unthinkable to us."
For this reason, they think our idea of "overpopulation" is completely ridiculous:
"Your word 'overpopulation' is pure nonsense. Our planet has a population density at least one hundred times greater than yours and we do not speak of overpopulation."
So how to the Iargans do it? They all live in groups in apartments that are part of these cylindrical structures, each cylindrical tower can contain about 10,000 residents. In the center of these cylindrical towers they have a garden oasis, which is sheltered from the outside environment:

Picture text: Cross cross-section of one of the floating and rotating house-cylinders. The construction is so stable that despite the heavy Iargan earthquakes, the framework (base, wall, and roof) has a minimum useful life of more than a thousand years. The plastic flats (apartments)(20 x 20 x 6 meter) are removable horizontally. The diameter of the building is more than 300 meters, the height is 135 meters. It provides housing for 10,000 persons, each with so m2 to themselves, plus a part of the heated communal garden. The smooth exterior is necessary in connection with the strong winds and the rainfall. 
Stefan describes the central Iargan gardens in more detail (by "camera," he means the view from within the holographic projection in his mind):
The camera moved through this area and out through a door which led to the central "garden" of the hollow cylinder. A beautifully laid out recreation area of at least three hundred yards in diameter. A quarter segment of the cylinder was glass which, combined with a gigantic glass roof about three hundred feet above the ground, gave the effect of being inside a huge glass house. Galleries ran around the inside at each floor. And on the lowest gallery, which was wider than the rest, small rail transport units moved. The central space was a huge garden of tropical-looking plants and flowers. A huge central pillar was at its base, surrounded by a rock garden with plants and flowers in the most exotic colors. Streams and waterfalls came out into ponds and tanks that contained strange and brightly colored fish. Green, mosslike areas were broken up by patches off lowers and shrubs.
So, the comparison with Swedenborg's statement concerning living in groves protected from the rain and sun is interesting. It is not the boughs of the trees providing protection from the weather, but rather the cylindrical structure which surrounds the garden which provides protection from the elements. The parallel, needless to say, is amazing.


If that were not enough, Swedenborg next provides the physical appearance of these extraterrestrials of the second earth:
They had a face not unlike that of the men of our earth, except that the eyes and nose were smaller. As this seemed to me somewhat of a deformity, they said that to them small eyes and a small nose are marks of beauty. (Earths in the Universe, n. 146)
Compare this description to an illustration Stefan Denaerde had made for his book, based on his encounter:

The Iargans look different, this is perhaps why Swedenborg thought that their face was somewhat of a deformity. When Stefan first saw them, he was most deeply impressed by their eyes. Their eyes do not look smaller, but their pupils are shaped differently - they have rectangular pupils, giving the impression of smaller eyes. Their eyes are also more deeply set into their skull under their brow, perhaps because of the higher wind speeds on Iarga. In Extraterrestrial Contact from Iarga: their Origin and Philosophy, the illustrator for Stefan Denaerde's book mentioned another book that mentioned an alternative way humans could have evolved, where we would have had no protruding nose nor ear lobes. The difference in eyes and nose are the most noticeable features of the Iargans that Stefan described, and these are the exact same features described by Swedenborg.


So what kind of sexual relationships did the extraterrestrials of the second earth have? This is what Swedenborg stated:
They also said that on that earth a husband has one wife, and no more, and that they have from ten to fifteen children. They added that harlots are also found there; but that after the life of the body, when they become spirits, they are sorceresses, and are cast into hell. (Earths in the Universe, n. 147)
As for the Iargans, I did not get a complete picture of how they lived from the book by Stefan Denaerde, but he thought their practices were odd. Although monogamy was implied, they also stated that they allow sexual freedom. In the interview in the previous blog post Stefan Denaerde also described this as well, but I think he implied polygamy. The impression I have is they have one primary monogamous relationship, but one or both partner is allowed to have sexual relationships outside of that marriage. It should be noted that they do not place so much emphasis on sex as humans do. The Iargans also described how they were able to eliminate much evil from their society: when an Iargan reaches a certain age, they are medically and psychologically evaluated to determine if they should be given the "right" to have sexual relationships. Some are apparently not, and I think they call this process "reincarnation selection" - preventing more evil souls from incarnating in bodies. They might do this among the males only, and if so, that would lead to more females than males, perhaps leading to the situation that Swedenborg described.


I am looking at what I just wrote, and my reaction is one of utter surprise. I can hardly believe it. Two independent accounts, one from an 18th century scientist who had visions of the spiritual world, and another from an extraterrestrial contact with a Dutch businessman in the 1960s. Both contain information that points to the star system of Epsilon Eridani. Neither witness even thought of the star Epsilon Eridani. And when you compare the details of the extraterrestrials in both accounts, they match! Swedenborg's account is so short, and yet he summarizes the main points that desribe the culture of Iarga which are covered in Stefan Denaerde's book, UFO Contact from Iarga. Taken by themselves, perhaps skeptics will doubt, but can anyone doubt when we have two independent sources confirm each other? If anyone told me I would have found direct evidence confirming one of the extraterrestrial races described by Emanuel Swedenborg when I started this research on UFOs months ago, I would have never believed them. I did not make the association between extraterrestrials from Iarga and Emanuel Swedenborg until about a couple of days ago. I am completely surprised.

If any reader wants to read for themselves the book UFO Contact from Iarga, they can find that book online plus others here: Free On-Line UFO Books. Coincidentally, it was the first random book of a UFO contact I decided to read. Who would have thought it was directly related to Emanuel Swedenborg? His accounts of extraterrestrials can be found interspersed in his massive opus magnum, Heavenly Arcana, or in a smaller condensed form in his work Earths in the Universe which can be found as a volume as part of the work The Final Judgment.  Both works can be found together in the work The Divine Revelation of the New Jerusalem (expanded edition). And if Swedenborg's account of extraterrestrials is correct, then perhaps we should pay attention to his accounts of the spiritual realms of the afterlife, and heaven and hell.

I have to mention one last quote from the book, which I found rather funny. It is interesting to actually get an extraterrestrial viewpoint of our society. Unfortunately, it really does make us look extremely stupid. Stefan Denaerde, capitalist businessman he was, would at times argue with them about their communist economy. Here is one interesting exchange, where the Iargans describe to Stefan how it is different from communism, where it involves some other economic principles based on capitalism:
Iargans: "Careful central planning can also influence the law of supply and demand."
Stefan: "Surely that can be done by advertising?"
Then they really went to town! What we did under the guise of "advertising" and "public relations" was something that bordered on indecency. The money and manpower - in other words, potential prosperity - that we limit for a non-efficient brain. Can you imagine what these Earth people thought of now? Artificial aging! A continual stream of seemingly new models compelled our status-symbol oriented society to discard things before they had reached the end of their useful life. A terrible waste of raw material and production capacity, and, even worse, it was a stimulant for jealousy and greed, and this was criminal. This promotion of materialism, a deadly danger for an intelligent race, was directly opposed to any idea of justice. I thought they were finished, but their most remarkable argument was yet to come. Our advertising was a despicable form of propaganda which was ethically unacceptable. In a socially stable society, you had not only freedom of speech, but, even more important, freedom of thought. Propaganda, repeated one-sided information, damaged the freedom of thought, and that was unacceptable discrimination.
We value freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion. But not freedom of thought. Television is a propaganda tool. Organizations are constantly pushing lies to make consumers buy things. Why? Profit margins. Stock price. All about money. Imagine a world where money does not even exist, where the entire society becomes spiritual not in word but in the very actions of their lives.


  1. A reader pointed out to me that the first video of this post has been removed - not only removed, but the account has been deleted due to "third party infringement." And unfortunately I cannot find a replacement for that video. It was a shot of a lunar crater taken by the Grail satellite orbiting the moon. In the shadow of the crater, was a giant triangular object, and above it, what looks like a small glowing sphere. But then when the author downloaded the same photo later, the triangular object in the crater as well as the glowing sphere had been brushed out.

  2. "If this was taken down for third party infringement, that means the party that took down the account was NASA."

    Not necessarily. Another YouTube account holder could have made the claim. YouTube does not manually authenticate all copyright claims, so wrongful penalties can and do occur. Wrongfully deleted items will often reappear under a different account.

    "In the shadow of the crater, was a giant triangular object, and above it, what looks like a small glowing sphere."

    The photo has been online the whole time, it only took 10 seconds to find using key words given in this article. Not sure what your problem is.

    1. That is not the same photograph. The one I saw was captured by the Grail satellite. There was something triangular in the crater, and above it was a glowing sphere. These triangular craft might be ours, one model is known at the TR 3B. All the video poster was using was photographs captured by the Grail satellite.


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