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UFO Secret: The Friendship Case, Voltaire, and Germain


First off, I am skeptical of anyone who claims to be a UFO contactee.  In most cases, they are fraudulent, and the early UFO contactees that popped up during the UFO craze of the 1950s and later certainly seemed to be there to get attention...and money to sell their books.  Again, as with cult leaders, individuals who claim to be a UFO contactee are there to to make their selfish ego bigger by getting attention from others.  If the UFO contactee claims to have any spiritual message, they tend to be generic mumbo-jumbo, are not in line with scientific facts...and are quite pitiful in scope when compared with what was revealed in the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg.  Please...if there are any UFO contactees out there, please just give us simple, verifiable facts - such as what star system they come from, a description of the planet, and the planet's orbital period.  Then....we will just eventually point one of our telescopes there and verify it.  Pure and simple.  If its too far away, give a description of a star system within reach of our telescopes. We now have the technology where we are building up an exoplanet database.


There is one case of UFO Contact that I consider very strong, and it is described in the book The Sirius Mystery, by Robert Temple.  It discusses a case of an extraterrestrial contact with humans that occurred millenia ago, and is recorded in the secret oral traditions of the Dogon tribe of Africa.  The reason why I consider it strong is that the Dogon leaders revealed their secrets to these French anthropologists in the 1950s, and in their traditions they were able to reveal detailed astronomical information concerning the Sirius star system, long before they were later verified by modern astronomy.  The book describes extraterrestrial contact that occurred with the ancestors of the Dogon tribe of Africa from the Sirius star system.  As a result of that, the secret tradition of the Sirius star system then propagated into the the ancient religion of Egypt, influenced the building of the Great Pyramid, and influenced the ancient myths of Mesopotamia and Greece.  There are chapters of our human history on this planet that have been completely lost and forgotten.


Until recently, I felt the extraterrestrial contact described in the book The Sirius Mystery was the best and only evidence we had.  Until I saw this video: it describes a series of direct contacts that occurred with over 100 witnesses in Italy beginning in the 1950s.  It is backed up with photographic and video evidence.  Until recently, this was kept secret from the public.  All that the public knew is that these people took these photographs of UFOs.  What the public did not know, is that these people taking the pictures were having more direct contact with these extraterrestrial humans.  The incident is quite revealing...because the question that I have had in my mind, is that if there are so many of these UFO sightings, why don't they make contact with us?  Apparently they have...but these meetings seem to take place in a private secretive manner.  The reason why I pay attention to this case is the following:
1.  Despite having direct extraterrestrial contact, they keep it completely private and secret...for decades!  Compare that to UFO contactees who seek public attention.  They are coming out now because they are beginning to die off, and want this amazing story to be known.
2.  We are not dealing with one witness here. We have multiple witnesses, who acted together as a group.
3.  There is strong physical evidence: photographs and videos of the flying saucers.
Judge for yourself, here is the video:


Several points I wish to make:

1. The group of human extraterrestrials, known as "W-56", wish to let humanity know that they come in friendship and peace.  Love is important.
2.  Their concern, and reason for contact, was that mankind had gained the ability to destroy the planet through atomic weapons. Humans of this planet are generally of a low moral character, prone to violence and power, and need to be elevated spiritually.
3.  Separate from this documentary, there are multiple witnesses from nuclear weapon sites who have reported UFO sightings near their site, coinciding with mysterious deactivation of nuclear missiles.
4.  Another reason for contact, is that contact had been made with other humans by another extraterrestrial group, whom they considered malevolent, who are focused on technology and science.  I am wondering if they are talking about the alien greys, who have reportedly abducted humans against their will.
5.  They, and possibly others, have underground and underwater bases here on earth.  Which would explain their concern concerning nuclear weapons, especially underground testing.
The interaction described between those of Italy and this extraterrestrial group is very similar to the relationship between the U.S. military and the "Tall Whites" reported by Charles Hall.  So...things have just got incredibly more complicated.  You have extraterrestrials who wish to act in secret, you have governments who know about them but keep it secret, you have government disinformation campaigns, you have hoaxers that unwittingly help these disinformation campaigns, and now...extraterrestrial groups that are afraid that another extraterrestrial group is gaining undue influence, and also act in secret. Related to this subject, I found the following article entitled, Watch "Men In Black" Russian Prime Minister Recommended Documentary:
On Friday, December 7, the current Russian Prime Minister and former President, Dmitry Medvedev, made some startling off-air comments to reporters while his microphone was still switched on.
He was asked whether the President is given any secret files on extraterrestrials while in office.
In his responses, Medvedev not only confided that extraterrestrials are visiting the Earth, but that some are actually living among us. He went even further to say that the Russian documentary, "Men in Black", could give you more details about this issue.
But western mainstream media first ignored and later intentionally twisted Dmitry Medvedev statement and reported that:
"While joking Russian Prime Minister said more details on alien situation here on earth could be found in Hollywood Men in Black movies"
Here is the documentary the Russian prime minister had recommended, which like the above documentary from UFO TV, also mentions witnesses who report underground extraterrestrial bases (its a bit frustrating, as everything is not subtitled in English):


In the first documentary, "UFO Secret: The Friendship Case", what caught my attention was an interesting letter that was written by Voltaire to the Count of St. Germain on 6 June 1761, which was shown to one of the Italian contactees as an example of a possible previous extraterrestrial contact in the 18th century.  Voltaire (1694 - 1778) was a famous French writer and philosopher, who happened to be a contemporary of Emanuel Swedenborg. At first I was skeptical about this letter, as I could find no references to it, but finally found the original letter in a  French book by Jan van Helsing. Here is the original French letter:
Je réponds, Monsieur, à votre lettre que vous m'avez fait parvenir au mois d'avril, dans laquelle vous révélez des secrets effrayants, parmi lesquels le plus terrible pour un vieil homme comme moi, l'heure de ma mort. Je vous remercie, Germain; votre long voyage dans le temps sera éclairé par l'amitié que je vous porte, jusqu'au jour où vos révélations se réaliseront, au milieu du XXe siecle. Les images qui parlent sont un cadeau pour le temps qui me reste à vivre, votre machine volante mécanisée pourrait un jour vous ramener à moi.  
Adieu, mon ami. 
gentilhomme du Roi
And here is the English translation of the letter - I discovered that there are some slight mistranslations of the letter in the UFO TV documentary:
I reply, sir, to your letter you sent me in April, in which you reveal frightening secrets, among which the most terrible for an old man like me, the hour of my death. Thank you, Germain; your long journey through time will be illuminated by the friendship I have for you, until the day your revelations will come true in the middle of the twentieth century. The talking pictures are a gift to the time I have left to live, your mechanized flying machine could one day bring you back to me.
 Farewell, my friend.
gentleman of the King
According to the UFO TV documentary, the theory is that this Count of St. Germain was a possible UFO contactee.  This would push back the UFO phenomenon by 200 years. Moreover, not only did the Count of St. Germain seem to foresee Voltaire's death, but also made a prophecy concerning the middle of the 20th century - could this have been the explosion of the atomic bomb, and the reappearance of the "mechanized flying machines" - our modern UFOs?  And what are the "talking pictures"?  And did the Count of St. Germain have a drawing of a flying machine, or was he indeed a UFO contactee? Another one of his fantasy stories?

This letter of Voltaire to the Count of St. Germain was passed over quite briefly in the documentary. I discovered that this Count of St. Germain was quite a mysterious character. On another occasion Voltaire said that Germain was "a man who knows everything and who never dies."  He was a European courtier, served the French court on some diplomatic missions, and he seemed to deflect questions on his origins by inventing lively fantasies, to the point where people thought he had lived several centuries. Multiple people have written that he never seemed to age. On another occasion Voltaire called him the "Wonderman."  He was educated in Italy. Legends grew about him in later biographies. 


One thing caught my attention in my research into the Count of Saint Germain - he seems to have been involved in some kind of mystical alchemy. One book attributed to him is La Très Sainte Trinosophie (The Most Holy Trinosophia). He possessed this book at one point, but the authorship of the book is uncertain. The book was also in the possession of an Italian mystic Cagliostro, who is another possible author of the manuscript.  According to Wikipedia:
La Très Sainte Trinosophie, The Most Holy Trinosophia, or The Most Holy Threefold Wisdom, is a French esoteric book, allegedly authored by Alessandro Cagliostro or the Count of St. Germain. Dated to the late 18th century, the 96-page book is divided into twelve sections representing the twelve zodiacal signs. The veiled content is said to refer to an allegorical initiation, detailing many kabbalistic, alchemical and masonic mysteries.
This book is full of symbolism that it would take someone like Swedenborg to decipher its symbolism. Manly Palmer Hall, who produced a translation of the book, mentions Dr. Edward C. Getsinger, "an eminent authority on ancient alphabets and languages," in emphasizing that La Très Sainte Trinosophie is couched in secret codes intended to conceal its contents from the profane.
"In all my twenty years of experience as a reader of archaic writings I have never encountered such ingenious codes and methods of concealment as are found in this manuscript. In only a few instances are complete phrases written in the same alphabet; usually two or three forms of writing are employed, with letters written upside down, reversed, or with the text written backwards. Vowels are often omitted, and at times several letters are missing with merely dots to indicate their number. Every combination of hieroglyphics seemed hopeless at the beginning, yet, after hours of alphabetic dissection, one familiar word would appear. This gave a clue as to the language used, and established a place where word combination might begin, and then a sentence would gradually unfold. The various texts are written in Chaldean Hebrew, Ionic Greek, Arabic, Syriac, cuneiform, Greek hieroglyphics, and ideographs."
This, I just could not resist.  I found a translation of this manuscript in English, and it begins with the author writing in a dungeon, in fear of the Catholic Inquisition:
It is in the retreat of criminals in the dungeons of the Inquisition that your friend writes these lines which are to serve for your instruction. At the thought of the inestimable advantages which this document of friendship will procure for you, the horrors of a long and little deserved captivity seem to be mitigated… It gives me pleasure to think that while surrounded by guards and encumbered by chains, a slave may still be able to raise his friend above the mighty, the monarchs who rule this place of exile.
He mentions a secret knowledge, one that should not be revealed to the public, a holy sacred mystery that should not be profaned:
God leaves men the task of punishing the imprudent minister who permits the eye of the profane to look into the mysterious sanctuary.
On reading it, there is a lot of symbolism, an invented story it seems...but it struck me as a bit contrived.  Contrived, in the sense that once all the languages were deciphered, one would at first think that it was describing some alchemical or secret masonic ritual. But is it?  To me, it seems that story is an additional "blind" to deceive the reader: once translated, they would think it was some secret religion being hid from the Catholic Inquisition. But there are some weird passages that just do not fit. Imagine my surprise when I read this passage in section 5:
Scarcely had I risen to the surface of the earth, when my unseen guide led me still more swiftly. The velocity with which we sped through space can be compared with naught but itself. In an instant I had lost sight of the plains below. I noticed with astonishment that I had emerged from the bowels of the earth far from the country about Naples. A desert and some triangular masses were the only objects I could see. Soon, in spite of the trials which I had undergone, a new terror assailed me. The earth seemed to me only a vague cloud. I had been lifted to a tremendous height. My invisible guide left me and I descended again. For quite a long time I rolled through space; already the earth spread out before my confused vision… I could estimate how many minutes would pass until I would be crushed on the rocks. But quick as thought my guide darts down beside me, takes hold of me, lifts me up again, and again lets me fall. Finally he raises me with him to an immeasurable distance. I saw globes revolve around me and earths gravitate at my feet. Suddenly the genius who bore me touched my eyes and I swooned. I know not how long I remained in this condition.
So, is this a secret description of a UFO encounter, and it is then being hidden as a masonic ritual?  Imagine if that had happened - would someone have been able to tell anyone? No, they would have had to have kept this very secret, especially in countries where the Catholic Inquisition was strong.  If there was a group of people, initiates would at first think it was a secret masonic society -- but the adepts would know the true secret. There are quite a few strange passages in this document, and here is another in the final section, section 12:
The hall into which I had just entered was perfectly round; it resembled the interior of a globe composed of hard and transparent matter, as crystal, so that the light entered from all sides. Its lower part rested upon a vast basin filled with red sand. A gentle and equable warmth reigned in this circular enclosure.
 With astonishment I gazed around this crystal globe when a new phenomenon excited my admiration. From the floor of the hall ascended a gentle vapor, moist and saffron yellow. It enveloped me, raised me gently and within thirty-six days bore me up to the upper part of the globe. Thereafter the vapor thinned; little by little I descended and finally found myself again on the floor. My robe had changed its colour. It had been green when I entered the hall, but now changed to a brilliant red. A contrary effect had taken place in the sand on which the globe rested. Gradually its red colour had been transformed into black. After finishing my ascent I remained three more days in that hall.
This is quite a bizarre find.  The French philosopher Voltaire writes to the Count of Saint Germain concerning his mechanized flying machine.  There is a prophecy for the mid twentieth century, in which UFOs start making more dramatic and common appearances.  Voltaire and the Count of Saint Germain exist in the same time period in which Emanuel Swedenborg makes clairvoyant contact with extraterrestrial humans.  A secret group in Italy that had UFO encounters is then told that the Count of Saint Germain belonged to a former group in Italy that had extraterrestrial contact. The Count of Saint Germain and the Italian mystic Cagliostro both possess a secret alchemical masonic manuscript, which seems to hide within its story a possible UFO encounter.  Freemasons, and Secret Masonic societies in this time, were responsible for the American and French Revolutions. I don't know, I think I have stumbled upon something here, it is quite a strange story. Any ideas on this, anyone?


I decided to do further research into Voltaire and the Count of Saint Germain. One theory as to why the Count of Saint Germain left his identity and parentage hidden is that he may have been Jewish. He confided to one person that he knew Yiddish, would at the time only Jews knew. The Most Holy Trinosophia makes heavy use of Hebrew and Aramaic, which would lend support to the theory that is was written by the Count of Saint Germain who was known to have an interest in alchemy, rather than Cagliostro. But the big surprise is this: by 1778 when Voltaire died, extraterrestrial life pops up in a dozen or more of his works.

Voltaire was influenced by the French author Fontenelle, whose work Conversations on the Plurality of Worlds (1686), speculated on the existence of extraterrestrial life.  Voltaire made use of an extraterrestrial commentator in Discours en vers sur l'homme (1738).  In 1752, he published a short story entitled Micromegas, which happens to be one of the first stories in the genre of science fiction. And what is it about? It is about an extraterrestrial visitation of earth by a giant from the star Sirius, accompanied by a smaller human life form from the planet Saturn. When they arrive at earth, they circumnavigate it in 36 hours. At first they think the planet is devoid of life, as they are so large they don't notice the tiny humans on the surface. Eventually they notice them, and establish a form to listen in and are surprised that humans actually possess intellect. A conversation about a variety of philosophical topics ensues. When they here the theory of Thomas Aquinas that the world was made uniquely for mankind, they burst out in a fit of laughter. The extraterrestrial from Sirius decides to educate humans by writing a book, and when the book is presented to the Academy of Science in Paris, all the pages are found to be blank. This work is probably based on a previous lost work he had sent to Frederick the Great in 1739. Voltaire also talks about extraterrestrial worlds in a short story called Memnon, or Human Wisdom probably written in 1749. In the story Zadig (1747), Voltaire writes of Zadig the Babylonian who at one time leaves earth to travel among the stars. Later, in Le philosophe ignorant (1766), he again talks about extraterrestrial worlds, in which he states that although he believes the planets are inhabited by intelligent beings, he believed that they cannot communicate with us.

Take a look at the following drawing found in Voltaire's book Micromegas (1752):

In The Extraterrestrial Life Debate, 1750-1900, Michael J. Crowe says this:
The surprising fact that this lifelong opponent of speculative systems never in his writings critically analyzed pluralist arguments admits of two explanations. Possibly Voltaire set aside whatever doubts he had about pluralism lest they detract from his literary, philosophical, and religious uses of it. Alternatively, perhaps some of this pluralist writings, such as Micromegas, should be seen as satirizing, along with much else, the pluralist claims of such authors as Fontenelle, Leibniz, and Wolff, as well as works in the cosmic voyage genre.
Both of the explanations of Voltaire's viewpoint are a bit weak. Voltaire did not merely sidestep the issue, but rather the satirical short stories criticize the exact opposite to pluralism, supporting the view that the universe is full of extraterrestrial life. There is a third explanation - Voltaire was privy to some knowledge that extraterrestrial life did indeed exist. This would be in line to the secrets he refers to in his letter to the Count of Saint Germain. Coincidentally, one of Voltaire's stories concerned the Sirius star system, and I had already referenced the research concerning extraterrestrials from Sirius in Robert Temple's book, The Sirius Mystery.


Someone pointed out this interview with Gaspare De Lama, so I decided to upload it to Youtube and link to it here.  Its in Italian with English subtitles, and shows some very interesting photographs that did not appear in the UFO TV documentary.


Comments, questions, corrections and opinions welcome...