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The Hidden Meaning of Noah's Ark and the Flood

A picture of Noah's Ark from a medieval manuscript (source unknown)

Many reject the Bible offhand due to the first 11 chapters, which are written in a mythical style, but yet are interpreted by many as literal history.  For in it we have the seven days of creation, the garden of Eden, Noah's flood, and the Tower of Babel. Much of it flies in the face of what we know from actual history, but in fact, it is written in a symbolic style containing spiritual truths in it. The seven days of creation refers to seven universal states of creation, which I covered in a series of blog posts under the label "Universal Order of Design," based on a theory first proposed by Arthur M. Young in his book, The Reflexive Universe. I have showed earlier than even the numbers in the chronology are symbolic: if one looks at the chronology before the flood of Noah, it can be shown that whoever composed had a high degree of astronomical knowledge (see The Ancient Astronomy of the Bible).

When I say the first 11 chapters of Genesis are mythical, literalists may cringe and think I am stating that it is all a lie. But this is not true: a myth is a lie that tells the truth. More accurately, it is written in a symbolic style that contains much spiritual knowledge, but this is missed by many who do not understand symbolic ways of thinking, or teaching by way of parable. In the first century A.D. Philo of Alexandria attempted to interpret scripture symbolically, and failed miserably. In the 18th century, Swedenborg took on this task (or received a spiritual commission to do this), and I regard his exposition as highly successful. He was guided by this through the opening of his spiritual vision - and though most will probably doubt this, the complexity and consistency of interpretation is just not something I see he could have made up. Swedenborg wrote that scripture is written in four different styles of writing:
"There are in the Word, in general, four different styles. The first is that of the Most Ancient Church. Their mode of expression was such that when they mentioned terrestrial and worldly things they thought of the spiritual and celestial things which these represented. They therefore not only expressed themselves by representatives, but also formed these into a certain historical series, as it were, that they might be the more living; and this was to them in the very highest degree delightful. This is the style of which Hannah prophesied, saying — Speak what is high! high! Let what is ancient come out of your mouth (1 Sam. ii. 3). Such representatives are called in David, Dark sayings of old (Ps. lxxviii. 2-4). These particulars concerning the creation, the garden of Eden, etc., down to the time of Abram, Moses had from the descendants of the Most Ancient Church.
"The second style is historical, which is found in the books of Moses from the time of Abram onward, and in those of Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and the Kings. In these books the historical events are just as they appear in the sense of the letter; and yet they all and each contain quite other things in the internal sense" (Heavenly Arcana, n. 66)

I would like to pause here and take particular note of Swedenborg's statement, where he says this:
These particulars concerning the creation, the garden of Eden, etc., down to the time of Abram, Moses had from the descendants of the Most Ancient Church.
This is something that Swedenborg wrote in the middle of the 18th century, and it just so happens to be strong proof of his clairvoyance, that he was receiving the knowledge of what he was writing from some "higher source."  Who in the 18th century would say that Moses borrowed from other sources to compose Genesis? While it is common in Biblical criticism today, it was unheard of in Swedenborg's time. So this statement sat there in the dust, until about a hundred years later archaeologists began unearthing ancient tablets at digs in the Middle East.

In 1853, The Epic of Gilgamesh was discovered by Hormuzd Rassam. It is perhaps the world's most oldest epics, and our first tablets date to around 2100 B.C. Different versions of the text have been found showing how the story was passed down for at least 2,000 years. One of the characters mentioned in the epic was discovered to have actually existed from around 2600 B.C. So it is quite ancient - ancient flood stories can be found from across the world. The original epic was on twelve tablets, and if one reads it carefully, it is readily apparent that it represents the symbolic journey of the Sun through the twelve signs of the zodiac. When we come to the water signs of the zodiac, that is where the ancient flood story of Noah is mentioned, where Noah has the Sumerian name of Utnapishtim. For example, we have the constellation of Argo, a giant ship, in the sky:

In addition to Pisces (the fish) we also have Aquarius, the water bearer. While some scholars associate these signs with the seasons of the year, the ancient Epic of Gilgamesh associates these signs with the tradition of the flood.

The flood story of Noah and the Epic of Gilgamesh is repeated again in the later Akkadian epic of Atrahasis from the 18th century B.C.

The Deluge Tablet of the Gilgamesh Epic in Akkadian

All of this information was uncovered in the 19th century, how did Swedenborg know of this? He didn't. He said he was given this information from angels during his waking visions.

There is more too it than just the flood of Noah. Ancient city names mentioned in the first eleven chapters began to be uncovered in these archaeological digs (e.g., Uruk, Akkad, Babylon, etc).  Sumerian king lists were found, which resemble the account of the patriarchs before the flood. Creation stories were found, similar to the story of Adam and Eve. All of this was put together in one coherent whole by Moses at a much later date. Even so, these stories were put together in such a way to convey eternal spiritual truths.


The first eleven chapters were written in a symbolic style - similar to the ancient myths of Greece, which is utterly foreign to the modern mind.  That it is not historical, is shown by archaeology and geology - the Hebrew scripture records the flood as having occurred in the 23rd century B.C., which does not accord with the historical record. Repeatedly, Swedenborg is quite clear in his statement that the first eleven chapters do not present a real history, but a mythical semi-history - even for the numbers and chronology:

"That the book of the generations is an enumeration of those who were of the Most Ancient Church, is sufficiently evident from what follows; for the names here, down to the eleventh chapter, or to Eber, do not signify persons at all, but things." (Heavenly Arcana, n. 470)

" and as far as the twelfth chapter there is nothing of history contained, such as appears in the sense of the letter, but all things, in general and in particular, contain other matters — not only the names, but also the numbers." (Heavenly Arcana, n. 482)

"No one can see this who adheres to the sense of the letter only; for the reason, especially here, that all these things are historically connected, and present an idea as of a history of events. But such was the style of the men of that time, and most pleasing to them, that all things were concealed in figures, and these were arranged in the form of history; and the more coherent the historical series, the better suited it was to their genius. For in those ancient times they were not so much inclined to outward knowledge as at this day, but to profound thoughts, of which the offspring were as described. This was the wisdom of the ancients." (Heavenly Arcana, n. 605)

" and as far as to Heber in the eleventh chapter, numbers and periods of years and names mean nothing else than things" (Heavenly Arcana, n. 737)

"Such is the most ancient style of the Word, connected in the manner of history, but involving heavenly arcana." (Heavenly Arcana, n. 742)

"...such was the manner of speech and of writing among the most ancient people; and especially were they delighted in being able to specify times and names and thereby construct a narrative similar to actual history." (Heavenly Arcana, n. 755)

"...all the events arranged historically from the first chapter of Genesis to Eber in the eleventh chapter, signify quite different things from what appear in the letter, and the historical series is only composed history, after the manner of the most ancient people." (Heavenly Arcana, n. 1020)

"The history in the Word is not perceived in heaven, but what is signified by it. The Word was written not only for man, but also for angels. When man reads the Word and takes from it nothing but the literal sense, angels then take not the literal, but the internal sense. The material, worldly, and corporeal ideas which man has when he reads the Word, become with angels spiritual and heavenly ideas" (Heavenly Arcana, n. 1025.2)

"In this chapter, and in the following as far as Eber, the most ancient style is continued; but here it is intermediate between a style of composed history, and that of actual history" (Heavenly Arcana, n. 1040)


With all of this symbolism, what does the flood and Noah's ark actually mean?  It is a symbolic representation of spiritual temptation of the mind and will:
"That the flood, the ark, and so the descriptions of the flood and the ark, signify regeneration, and also the temptations that precede regeneration, is in some degree known among the learned at this day, who also compare regeneration and temptations to the waters of a flood."  (Heavenly Arcana, n. 606)
However, Swedenborg was shown something rather strange. In ancient times, our ancestors had a different way of breathing - they did not breathe air as we do today, but had a form of internal respiration:
"It is here said, "in whose nostrils was the breathing of the breath of lives," because the antediluvians are treated of, in whom by inheritance from their progenitors there was seed from the celestial, but extinct or suffocated. There is also a deeper meaning that lies hidden in these words, of which we have already spoken (n. 97), namely, that the man of the Most Ancient Church had internal respiration, and thus respiration concordant with and similar to that of angels — of which, by the Divine mercy of the Lord, hereafter. This respiration was varied according to all the states of the internal man. But in process of time it was changed in their posterity, until this last generation, wherein all that was angelic perished. Then they could no longer respire with the angelic heaven. This was the real cause of their extinction; and therefore it is now said that they expired, and that they in whose nostrils was the breathing of the breath of lives, died.
"After these times internal respiration ceased, and with it communication with heaven and thus celestial perception, and external respiration succeeded. And because communication with heaven thus ceased, the men of the ancient or new church could no longer be celestial men like the most ancient, but were spiritual." (Heavenly Arcana, n. 805.2-3)
"I have been informed by the most ancient people, who were celestial men, and more than the rest of men in love to the Lord, that they did not have external respiration, such as their posterity had, but internal; and that they respired with angels, with whom they were in fellowship, because they were in celestial love." (Heavenly Arcana, n. 3892)
So there you have it: in ancient times, we had direct communion with heaven, and in such a state one did not breathe. There was no need for any religion, for everyone had direct communion with the spiritual world. Due to the rise of the selfish ego, man was cut off from this communication, beginning with being drive out of the garden of Eden, to the flood, to the confusion of tongues at the Tower of Babel. But internal respiration? Without breathing?  That's impossible! Or is it.

Here is a video of a six foot 183 lb Yogi, who fits himself inside a 20 inch glass sealed box and is submerged in water for over 6 minutes. Practicing his meditation, he is able to slow down his heart rate to 32 beats per minute, and he claims that during this time his soul is outside of his body.  The announcer cautions us, "Please do not try this at home."

Swedenborg describes he was at times put into a state where he did not need to breathe:
"I perceived the operation of the interior heaven as manifestly as anything is perceived by the sense of touch, and that too for a considerable length of time. ...there was a gentle leading of my respiration from the interior, so that I had no need of anything like voluntary effort in inhaling or expelling my breath; this was governed by heaven from the interior, so that not so much the substances as the animations of the lungs, from which arises their motion, [were controlled by it.] Thus the influence was in the interior [pulmonary] fibers that are not visible to the eye, for the animation was perceived to be ruled by heaven, without voluntary action on my part, so that I had no need to draw my breath or spirit, but it was drawn by heaven." (Spiritual Diary, n. 1613-14)
It would seem that in ancient times, a race of men were perpetually in this state, but in order to achieve it, their soul had to have a direct connection with the spiritual world. As they became immersed into the ego and material world, this connection was cut off - and they literally suffocated. However a few had developed a different mental capacity, where the intellectual portion of the brain became separated from the voluntary, and had begun external respiration - this is symbolized by the ark. This is the hidden meaning of the flood, told by way of parable.


As said above, the first 11 chapters of Genesis are symbolic, yet semi-historical. Swedenborg makes it clear that scripture has several levels of interpretation. There has been speculation by some that Noah's ark was a UFO. Indeed, from the Epic of Gilgamesh, the flood and Noah's ark may be associated with particular signs in the sky. So, is there any evidence for this? As it turns out, another cuneiform tablet recently turned up containing yet another version of the flood story. This time, the tablet instructs that the ark should be ROUND, not rectangular. And by round, in the shape of a flying disk.  Here is a short video describing the find of the tablet:

From Babylonian Tablet 'Confirms' Noah's Ark:
"Draw out the boat that you will make," Artra-hasis is told, "on a circular plan." That contradicts our usual Ark image but does makes sense, because ancient Mesopotamian round boats—called coracles—were hard to sink and hard to steer, but who needs steering during a world-wide flood? The boat was made of coiled, waterproofed rope with a base area of 38,750 square feet, about an acre in all, according to the tablet—which then reads, "and the wild animal[s of the st]ep[pe], two each, two by two."
This is similar to the representation of Noah's ark in a medieval manuscript - but I can't find the source. If anyone knows where the picture at the top of this article comes from drop me a note. What is described is similar to a gigantic coracle, which was used in ancient Mesopotamia:

Now the interesting thing, is that in ancient times the blue sky above was known as the heavenly body of water above the sky. Thus in ancient Sumeria, gods traversed the sky in a boat:

The same is true in ancient Egypt: gods traversed the sky in a boat:

So why in the original myth we have a long rectangular box, which is now changed into the shape of a giant disk? Among the common sightings of UFOs, there are the large cylindrical "cigar" ships, as well as smaller saucer type craft. Perhaps that explains the origin of the discrepancy? Although the Bible is written in a spiritual manner, we have ancient flood stories from across the world. Some researchers have speculated that in ancient times, there was a world-wide cataclysm in which there was a pole shift, causing the waters of the ocean to suddenly flood the land (e.g., Pole Shift, by John White). This can be seen in geological sedimentary layers, where mud was deposited suddenly, trapping fish - some fossils can be seen where fish are caught in the middle of eating another fish. This kind of evidence tends to be ignored by geologists, which try to conform to the theory that everything happens gradually over a long period of time.


At this point I am going to mention another interesting UFO contact, this time from Brazil from the 1970s. These contacts are apparently occurring from across the world, but many contactees prefer to keep this private due to being ostracized and ridiculed by society. The one person who took the time and effort to investigate these the most was Wendelle Stevens, retired from the US Air Force, who unfortunately passed away in 2010. What is interesting in these independent accounts is that similar patterns appear. For example, in this particular case, for which we have multiple witnesses again, they lifted them up with the entire car. This occurred in a separate case in Puerto Rico to Amaury Riviera, which again has multiple witnesses, plus verified photographs of a UFO with a fighter jet. Another aspect of this case is towards the end, the extraterrestrials offered them a drink so that they would forget what just happened. This is exactly what happened in a completely separate case in England, explained in Stephen Hawking and the Extraterrestrial Janos Affair. Both said they make them forget so they won't be looked upon as crazy by society. In this case, however, they refused the drink, and contacts were allowed to continue. The contactees were warned not to approach the craft due to radiation at one point, and unfortunately retired black ops sources have suffered and died from this radiation due to their close contact with some of these saucers.

The evidence is there. So why do people ignore it? Because they depend on the government as an "authority" for the truth. It is similar to the Dark Ages, where the earth was obviously round, but people believed it was flat. Why? They depended on the Catholic Church as an authority for science. When it came time for the NSA to uncensor old records of their intercepts of UFO contacts according to the Freedom of Information Act, they conveniently "lost" all the records. So they monitor our phone and internet usage, and they lost intercepts of UFO contacts? So obviously the government knows, and they do not want you to know.

As for the extraterrestrial view, it is quite apparent why they keep hidden.  In ancient times cultures may have regarded them as "gods" and worshiped them. In this account, the contactee had problems as various UFO cult groups tried to make a religion out of the contact, and would make use of the contact to elevate their self-ego to be a prophet or teacher. There is one weird dialogue where a Jehovah's Witness minister thinks the being is Satan and tries to exorcise him, but his yelling was to no avail. Ultimately he could not handle it properly due to his ignorance. One scientist complained to the contactee as to why they keep the dialogue so simplistic, and said they should contact a scientist who can explain to them the science of this earth. The extraterrestrial said this:
"You do not have to worry about what such people think or say in this respect, because, on your Earth, few are the people who have the capacity to understand. When we are given any authorization for a new contact, we must be careful that this will not be believed by someone well accepted by the science of your planet. However the Universe being infinite, who knows if this man has anything to teach us."
They did get some photographs of the saucer, but they would not allow themselves to be photographed. When asked why, they said they want people of earth to think aliens and extraterrestrials look different. Many of them look human like us, and as such, can walk freely among us. For those from Klermer, they did look human but were twice as tall as us.  The contactee, Bianca Reis, eventually bought some land in a remote area where they could freely come and teach a small group in private concerning spiritual meditation similar to Yoga, and the contacts were ongoing at the time the book was written. Like the Yogi I mentioned above, they wanted to teach people a breathing exercise that would allow one's soul to leave the body. The other interesting point is that they mentioned a kind of plant that lives under the sea, which if eaten properly could help us live longer. Strangely, such a plant appears in the Epic of Gilgamesh, where Gilgamesh seeks for the answer to eternal life from Utnapishtim:
"As they are leaving, Utnapishtim's wife asks her husband to offer a parting gift. Utnapishtim tells Gilgamesh that at the bottom of the sea there lives a boxthorn-like plant that will make him young again. Gilgamesh, by binding stones to his feet so he can walk on the bottom, manages to obtain the plant. Gilgamesh proposes to investigate if the plant has the hypothesized rejuvenation ability by testing it on an old man once he returns to Uruk.
'There is a plant that looks like a box-thorn, it has prickles like a dogrose, and will prick one who plucks it. But if you can possess this plant, you'll be again as you were in your youth'
'This plant, Ur-shanabi, is the "Plant of Heartbeat", with it a man can regain his vigour. To Uruk-the-sheepfold I will take it, to an ancient I will feed some and put the plant to the test!'
Unfortunately, when Gilgamesh stops to bathe, it is stolen by a serpent, who sheds its skin as it departs. Gilgamesh weeps at the futility of his efforts, because he has now lost all chance of immortality. He returns to Uruk, where the sight of its massive walls prompts him to praise this enduring work to Urshanabi."

Anyone who looks at ancient history will immediately understand that our knowledge of our own ancient history is pathetic. Without writing, we will not know what happened before, and writing only began around 3000 B.C.  Before that, we have a blank slate, with a bit of guesswork from anthropologists. We obviously were here for quite some time before that. Even ancient libraries were burned to the ground by religious zealouts, none quite as devastating perhaps as the burning of the library of Alexandria. There is evidence that the ancients had knowledge that is forever lost to us.

In several of these contacts, the extraterrestrials have said that former civilizations existed on our earth that were wiped out suddenly by a cataclysmic flood.  Some have said this has happened at least two times before. These extraterrestrials from Klermer live to an extremely long age, and are so ancient that they said they have been visiting earth from the time when no humans walked on the planet:
"Before your world was inhabited, we came here often and found animal and vegetable life existing here, but still no humans. We studied the climates and ambient conditions were like those of your planet. Then they decided to "seed" your planet, of which I tell you: Each planet bundled for your world, not only people, but also plants and animals and everything related to your lives and survival; peopling your world in a place where the climate offered the ambient conditions identical to your world of origin. It was thus that gave origin to human life on your planet."
Our earth is their garden, they are the zoo keepers. And this, presumably, was used in a semi-historical fashion in the story of the Garden of Eden. It is written however not as history, but in a spiritual manner, to represent how we once had direct access and communion with heaven. This is partially confirmed by what Swedenborg saw concerning Adam: Adam was not the first man, but the first of a race of men who were spiritually elevated:
"[The angels] know nothing at all of what is in the letter, not even the proximate meaning of a single word; still less do they know the names of the countries, cities, rivers, and persons, which so often occur in its historical and prophetical portions. They have only an idea of the things signified by the words and the names. Thus by Adam in paradise they perceive the Most Ancient Church, yet not the church, but the faith of the Most Ancient Church in the Lord; by Noah they perceive the church that remained with their descendants, and continued to the time of Abram" (Heavenly Arcana, n. 64)
Thus, in the New Church, there is no such thing as a concept of "original sin" and the theology surrounding that. Sin is distinguished by what is inherited by one's parents in each generation, and by the sins that one does by intentional choice. We are only judged for the sins committed by intentional choice.

Throughout our history, they explain they have always been present (B is Bianca, K is Karran, an extraterrestial):
B: "As different races exist on my Earth, are they from different worlds? As you told me, our origin came from different worlds, including yours, then why were we abandoned?"
K: "You have never been abandoned, as is the proof of our presence: Are we not here? Our presence has always been felt on your world. In all times, always, we are here, and your records show this."
One interesting thing that they said is that we have forgotten our identity. They believe in reincarnation, and when they are born they always have memories of previous lives. We, however, do not have memories like this when we are born:
"He said the matter (corporeal) of your body could not answer anything without my real presence, and he was telling me that I should know myself, that I should get out of my body in order to have the awareness of the spiritual being that we all are, including him, himself." (p. 34)
Swedenborg had these out of body experiences, and experienced shared memory, but was able to discern that these originated from other spirits, not from himself, who confused his memory identity with their own. We apparently lost this shared memory ability due to an accident in our early history:
"...we lost that type of consciousness including other registers of knowledge due to a cosmic accident. That accident was responsible for our separation and prevented the interchange that existed between many races. We have suffered from the lack of interchange due to the accident with planet Earth. That accident affected not only our planet but all in the system. It was affected by the excess radiation that came from our sun. Karran said that in a time already lost in the ages our sun gave out many solar explosions on a large scale, and the explosions generated a great energy that broke up the protective systems of our planet. A system of radiation filters was broken. And these excesses of radiation in pulsating waves, has pushed our planet from its original position in space, and at the same time the earth suffered an acceleration in its movements, and shifted its own axis. An overflow of sea waters in great tidal waves reached high levels and cities and habitation centers that existed here before. And the seas destroying these life centers seriously damaged this planet, destroying almost everything that was here..." (p. 34)
This, thus explains the semi-historical story of the flood of Noah. And the lack of communication with other races - could that be the confusion of tongues in the story of the Tower of Babel? However our mental state was changed after that disaster:
"But the major consequence of that was not the material damage, but the excess of radiation penetrating the matter body of the arrivals. He said that the brain activity was diminished an we lost our memory...We lost the register of knowledge of ourselves, we lost the knowledge of ourselves and we became brutes, aggressive... We became like animals... And he said that the excess radiation created a magnetic barrier between this system and their system, and they could not get through the barrier, an that it took almost 3,000 years (of our time) till they could come through again. They id not come through during that time because of the excess raiation which was damaging to them." (p. 35)
This account I found to be very interesting. A world-wide flood, accompanied by a mental change in our brain where we lose the ability to have shared memory after birth (which some would interpret as reincarnation.)  This is very similar to the account of Emanuel Swedenborg in his work Heavenly Arcana (Arcana Coelestia), where he described how Noah and his descendents represented a different spiritual mentality that developed in our brain, where the intellectual portion of our brain became separated from the volitional will of our brain. This was so the evil that was growing in the will could be separated from the intellectual, and man could then be reformed and regenerated in a different manner, through the truths of faith. The ark and its protection represents this. He does not talk about "shared memory", but rather direct contact was broken off with heaven. This is the first independent account of something of what Swedenborg said concerning the flood of Noah. Here is more concerning their account:
"...he said that a strong register (memory) was kept very strong in the minds of the people of this planet, by the survivors. He said two registers were alive in the minds of the people. One was a natural register that was very strong, and even the solar radiation did not destroy it. It was greatly diminished but not erased. And the other is in trauma. That is the register of God existence, of a Creator, of Something Superior. Even with their minds fogged by their diminished brain activities, by the lack of activity in memory, man looks for God. As a result of this trauma, every time they approached the inhabitants of this planet they were received as if they were gods and were adored as gods come from heaven (the sky). They were persecuted by others, and sometimes attacked, in fear as a result of this trauma. He said that we are descendents of 11 other races that came from many of the inhabited planets, and came to our Earth. ...They colonized, they built inhabited centers here. Each race had its own way of living...many of these races disappeared - after that accident, the cosmic accident. And after all this a new 12th race emerged in this land." (p. 35)
Similar to the story of Noah's ark, some knew of the approaching disaster, and there was an attempt to save many before the disaster of the flood:
"He said that the races that wer here at the beginning of the accident expected that craft woul arrive in the sky, and would take them away from the planet, but they did not know, or were not conscious of the magnetic barrier that existed at the time which originated from the solar activity and prohibited the outsiders from coming in. Help could not come in an the people who were here could not get out. And that expectation, that salvation would come from the sky, was registered in the minds even till today... You may note this in all the religions of Earth. And they teach that we will depart to the sky...this is deeply engraved in our memories, and we still hope today that they will come to save us from this Earth, that they will come to solve our problems, and to remove us from here. All the religions, he said, in one way or another teach something like that. They teach us that when we die we go to Heaven (the sky), and that Jesus will come from Heaven (again the sky), and will take us to Heaven." (p. 36)
An interesting perspective on the hidden truth contained in various religions. As for the comment on heaven, some do literally believe that is the sky, but heaven refers to the spiritual realm beyond this material world, existing in a dimension beyond space and time (described in Swedenborg's work, Heaven and Hell). As for the Second Coming, many still do expect a literal appearance from the sky. In the revelations given to Swedenborg, the Second Coming is not a literal appearance in the sky, but rather a revelation coming from heaven of a New Church for Christianity, revealed in the writings of Swedenborg.

One part may seem far fetched - that a solar storm prevented them coming in to rescue people, and people could not get out. In contact after contact, they explain that they operate on a yet undiscovered property of electro-magnetism, which effects gravity and the local space. In the blog post Extraterrestrial Contact with Koldas, the transmission explains that due to some large solar magnetic storms that hit the earth at that time, their craft could not approach the earth. Another researcher had discovered that UFOs tend to appear around certain geological magnetic lines of the earth. Remember, these are all independent accounts.

There are theories that we once had a thicker atmosphere, and that such phenomenon as "rainbows" were unknown before the flood. And what about solar radiation affecting our brain development? Found this strange article Some Speculations on the effect of Geomagnetism on the Pineal Gland from the "PSI research centre":
"Research over the past 10 years into the pineal gland and its possible connection with a psi-conducive state of consciousness (Roney Dougal, 1986 & 1989), has recently become linked with research on the connection between the earth's magnetic field (EMF) and psi awareness (Persinger, 1988a; Roney - Dougal, 1988). This connection is explored with particular reference to neurochemical research into the effect of the EMF on pineal gland activity. Basically, the pineal gland makes the hormone melatonin and an endogenous hallucinogen (6-MeOTHBC) that possibly causes a psi-conducive state of consciousness. It also has enzymes which affect serotonin so as to produce a variety of possible hallucinogens. The functioning of the pineal gland is affected by the EMF. Thus the production of melatonin, 6-MeOTHBC and the serotonin hallucinogens, is affected by variations in the EMF, and this could well be related to variations in a psi-conducive state of consciousness, resulting in ostensible psychic occurrences."
As for the extraterrestrial contact with Klermer, it was said that the breathing exercises were done to help activate the pineal gland. The effects of EMF radiation on the brain are not so well publicized, as practically everyone these days has a cell phone. There have been reports that excessive usage of cell phones could cause brain cancer.


Many reject scripture from the symbolic stories and parables that many see are just suited for children. But this is not so - the Bible is written by way of correspondences, where each and every word has a spiritual meaning - this is explained in detail, word by word, in Swedenborg's massive work Heavenly Arcana. The flood of Noah has not only a spiritual meaning, but the story was composed based on an event that occurred long ago in our history. This has given us a "psychological and spiritual trauma" that continues to effect us to this very day. In the account of the UFO contact with Klermer, much of what Swedenborg said concerning the change that occurred in our brains at the time of the flood was independently confirmed. Another aspect of this: there is no way Swedenborg could have known of these earlier flood story accounts when he wrote his account on Genesis in the middle of the 18th century, showing he was receiving his information from a higher source.

And since I have yet brought up UFOs and extraterrestrials again, many will probably just continue to doubt whether they exist or not despite the evidence.  So here is a video of the 10 best photographs of UFOs that have been taken - their chain of custody is known, they have a witness, and analysts have been unable to debunk them. The first is one taken by Elizabeth Klarer, an Air Force pilot of South Africa. She eventually made contact with them, and they stated that they once lived on Venus but long ago departed and now live in the system of Proxima Centauri. There is some evidence that millions of years ago Venus had a habitable environment, before a green-house effect took over. The second one is from Harold Trudel, and more photographs can be seen here: UFO pictures from Rhode Island in 1967.

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