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Alien Abduction and EMF Mind Control

Like Alice in Wonderland, time to jump back into the rabbit hole. A very weird rabbit hole. I am following up on the previous blog posts Physical Evidence for UFO Abductions and Largest Mass Sighting of a HUGE UFO: the Phoenix Lights. I honestly had to think about this post before deciding to publish it, but this is where the trail of evidence is leading.

The first time the public began to hear about alien abductions was in the 1960s with the Betty and Barney Hill case. The couple was driving along and saw a UFO follow them, and when they arrived at their destination they realized they were missing time. Under hypno-therapy, they recovered their memory, where they had been taken aboard and encountered the alien "greys" - short spindly humanoids, with huge almond shaped eyes. A star chart was given showing their origin, recovered under hypno-therapy, and when analyzed it was determined that these particular greys came from the Zeta Reticuli star system. And before the internet was accessible, many independent witnesses kept describing encountering these alien greys. And from a short perusal of UFO cases, abductions have become very widespread. They follow the same pattern: perhaps after sighting a UFO, there is missing time, after which one notices the next morning some mark on their body: scoop marks, a hole, a skin mark - many of which heal soon after. After people notice missing time, they can often recover memories using hypno-therapy. The pattern repeats, of people undergoing a medical examination, sometimes under great fear, sometimes with inexplicable passive obedience. My surprise here is that this is no longer an isolated incident here and there. It is widespread. I was surprised to see it come up again in the Phoenix Lights incident.

The concern I have comes from The NASA Study on Extraterrestrial Contacts. Extraterrestrial contact may introduce a biological diseases previously unknown to humanity. This quote is very relevant:

"...details about our biology, though seemingly harmless, may actually help certain ETI to cause us harm. A malicious ETI listener may use a message about human biology to design a potent biological weapon for use against Earth. Since these messages will ultimately be sent toward unknown ETI, we cannot know whether or not they might be received by such a malicious ETI. Therefore, caution is warranted."

Also, the study mentions the scenario of War of the Worlds, where an invading species succumbs to the bacteria and viruses of our environment. This pattern of UFO abduction, and medical testing, indicates they are trying to perform some kind of genetic engineering in order to live in our environment.

Since there is this overriding assumption that there are no UFOs, mainly from disinformation and a media blackout on this topic, people jump to explanations such as this must be psychological, a dream, a hallucination, or sleep paralysis. So abductees do not come forward to the public for fear of ridicule. That is beginning to change. In 2012, two young women, Jennifer and Brittany spoke publicly and openly about their experience on CNN with Anderson Cooper:

The two young women were in a car, and see a UFO. They then decide to follow it. They end up with missing time. And when they each undergo hypno-therapy, they start to recall similar events, of being in a white luminescent room undergoing some sort of medical examination. So this is the part of the abduction phenomenon that eliminates a lot of the explanations: in many cases more than one person recalls the same event under hypno-therapy. This eliminates that this was a dream or a hallucination. The first question out of Anderson Cooper's mouth is "Were you on drugs?" Which I felt was insensitive to the topic, but it is a common question from those who are clueless as to what is going on. The above video gives a recording from one of the hypno-therapy sessions. Jennifer remembers very little of it:

Jennifer remembers being in the car, then there is a light in front of them, and then she remembers being in a white luminescent room - completely naked. Her head then gets pulled back, and she feels immense pain in her head and her neck. She remembers nothing after that. That is the portion of the interview I have, but from the comments at Two Friends Reveal Alien Encounter to Anderson it looks like the entire show was handled very poorly by CNN. Instead of going more deeply into their experience, they then bring on a lady who claimed to be in telepathic communication with aliens, sort of to make the audience disbelieve the two women - and to make sure they do not explain their story. Then they brought on a "debunker" to belittle the entire experience:
"Now the debunker, I think one gentleman stated how rude he was before me - he is a well known debunker who should not be believed as evidenced by his total rudeness. Please don't have him on again."
So instead of inviting an expert on the evidence, they bring on a rude debunker to discredit them. Roberta Smith, the MUFON investigator who was familiar with the case was very upset:
"I am the Field Investigator and now State Director of Kentucky Mufon. I worked with these two girls for eight months. I know what they have gone through and how they have suffered from their experiences. When your producer called me about this show and I suggested these two girls would make great guest, your producer assured me this would be a serious show. I believed her. It was my understanding the girls would tell their story and let the world make it's decision. They never told 5% of that story. You would have had a much more extraordinary show, if you would have let them tell all that really happened to them, besides filling your show with some pathetic minded skeptic. Where are his credentials? I am really disappointed in you, Anderson."
Another comment:
"Well, once again you did a hack job on what could have been a really interesting discussion. Here was a chance to reveal real life experiences of real life people. But you just had to bring in a bufoon of a "skeptic" whose efforts to explain away what these people saw was more fanciful then what the witnesses were relating. And then to top it off, you dug up some "space psychic" who chats with "Star Families". How can anyone take any subject discussed on your program seriously."
Another comment:
"You could have presented this in a more dignified manner. You invited a bully to put down these accounts who obviously contributes to the dumbing down of our citizens regarding their experiences..."
And that is the continued pattern of mainstream media: whenever they bring up this topic, they bring it up to debunk and discredit it. Which forces many to alternative news sources or books to get educated on this abduction phenomenon. Does anyone reading this have the same concerns I have? Does not the agenda seem obvious, when this keeps happening to a large sub-section of the population? Researchers have uncovered evidence if it happens to a person once, the pattern will repeat later again for further "medical exams." And it has now been verified that some abductees have implants, showing that this is not a part of the imagination. When the implant is removed, the patients seem to experience a sense of relief.

Many researchers who have studied the abduction experience have arrived at one conclusion: this is all part of some genetic research program. The agenda is not clear. Perhaps they are a dying race; perhaps they are trying to become acclimated to our environment in order to live here permanently (or both). We know abductions take place from the evidence of the case of Travis Walton.

So, from what I see about this CNN program on these two women is that the agenda was not to research the abduction phenomenon, but to discredit it. They bring on an unqualified debunker, and then someone who claims to be in telepathic contact with star people. So why did CNN choose to ignore the research of Budd Hopkins, Dr. David Jacobs, or Harvard psychiatrist John Mack M.D.? John Mack wrote two books on this: Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens and Passport to the Cosmos: Human Transformation and Alien Encounters. Dr. Jacobs takes a different view in his book entitled, The Threat.

Quite frankly, I would rather hear the full story of these two women, who were very brave to come forward on national television. For more intelligent research on the abduction phenomenon, see ICAR - International Center for Abduction Research. And it looks like there is a very weird defamation campaign against Dr. Jacobs: again trying to turn the public attention away from this matter.


Those who are abducted always report the same experience: missing time, indicating they were perhaps knocked out to be unconscious, and before the experience was over the memory of the event was wiped. So, how do they do it? We now enter into an area of research known as mind control.

The first clue is that in many UFO sightings the radio gets disrupted, and the car goes dead. Electrical systems can get disrupted in proximity to a flying saucer. This is telling us it is something electro-magnetic. At first this took many by surprise and in early accounts there was no understanding of this. We eventually figured it out: we have invented electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) weapons which can fry the electronics, making any system that depends on electricity to go dead. In a well documented UFO sighting, The Exeter Incident, it is speculated that UFOs may have used this technology to cause a blackout in the north-east America in the mid 1960s. Here is a video showing how an electro-magnetic pulse makes a remote control helicopter go dead:

So that is what it does to electronic systems, what does it do to the brain? Our thoughts are communicated by electrical impulses. Can an EMP weapon knock someone out? I found this site: Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons which says this:
Among other applications, EMF weapons/devices are used for harassment, surveillance and mind control. Agencies like the Pentagon, CIA and NSA use them to monitor people, manipulate their minds, harm, and at times kill them. The Navy Times called them the "most feared and controversial weapon(s) of (the) modern age."
Research into mind control was known as Project MKUltra. The former article continues, take special note of the last paragraph:
Begun in 1953, it was the code name for a secret CIA mind control program to perfect a truth drug. It followed earlier WW II hypnosis, primitive drugs research, and the US Navy's Project Chatter, identifying and testing drugs on both animal and human subjects. These and other experiments aimed to control human behavior through psychedelic and halluncinogenic drugs, electroshock, radiation, graphology, paramilitary techniques, and various psychological/sociological/anthropological methods, among others.
They comprised a vast open-field of mind experimentation, using anything that might work, legal or not on willing and unwitting subjects. For example, Dr. Ross Adey worked on the CIA's Pandora Project, using microwaves to send signals to human brains. Cataloguing the results, he showed how they affected emotional and pathological states. He also learned that human brains could be controlled remotely through extremely low frequency modulated microwave beams, able to cause psychological and physical harm. People could be turned in zombies, their minds easily controlled.
When reading about the UFO abduction phenomenon, people are not in control of the situation - once knocked out and awakened, they often become passive subjects unable to resist. They have no control. And then after whatever "medical exam" is completed, the memory of the event is wiped from the brain. That, public science has not figured out yet but there are indications that it is used in internal sensitive projects where people's memory are wiped so they have no memory of what they worked on - this is discussed briefly in the blog post The Extraterestrial Science of Dr.(?) Michael Wolf. Very recently, we have figured out how to plant false memories in the brains of mice: see A flash of light implants false memories in mice

So given the above, what can UFO abduction victims, or potential victims do? Shield your head from electro-magnetic influences. Many abductees that they were abducted repeatedly, and not only that, it can continue to the abductees children or other family members. I read somewhere it was noted that no one ever riding a motorcycle reported being abducted. That's because the helmet helps shield the brain. There are also various clothing products that provide EMF shielding. And this is something that the cell phone industry does NOT want you to know. There are studies showing the harmful effects of holding a cell phone up to your ear. For example, look at the effect a cell phone has on the brain:

Ear phones don't help that much either, as it conducts electricity into your ear. And as everyone has a cell phone these days, you will never hear about this because cell phones are a big industry. Remember what I am saying: use EMF shielding. Especially if you are on the cell phone all day.

EMF shielding may help take care of the physical aspect to prevent any sort of mind control. The other point I want to make is that those who have encountered these greys experience telepathic thoughts, and feel hypnotized by the stare of their black eyes - some of this is related in the movie Night Skies. This kind of mental control is described in certain passages of Emanuel Swedenborg, which perhaps I will discuss later. This requires a more spiritual defense of periodic mediation and prayer. One must be strong spiritually and mentally. Those who are strong in their religion are harder to break psychologically. Telepathic thought takes place on a spiritual plane where there is no space and time, and for those who live a spiritual life and practice meditation are able to have stronger resistance to this kind of PSI attack. Many have reported - in the hundreds - that an abduction experience was stopped or terminated by calling upon the name of Jesus Christ. This makes no sense to those who deny that there are spiritual and psychic realities beyond the material. Unfortunately some religious people then assume that alien abduction experience is demonic. This is not true - the greys can make use of a kind of telepathic thought to overtake the mind, and are probably genetically modified beings. One of the Vatican's chief exorcist, Monsignor Corrado Balducci, not only says that extraterrestrials and demons are different, but also says that extraterrestrials are very real and are here right now. The Vatican has been aware of the situation for some time - perhaps from the year 1954. Here is an interview with Balducci:

Knowledge is power. Be aware that not only do UFOs exist, but also they have been abducting humans for medical testing for quite some time, on a scale that is larger than most people realize.
Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace; above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God (Ephesians 6:10-17)
In the following video clip, take note of the number 528:

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