Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Matrix Prophecy of the World Trade Center Attack

The Matrix is one of my favorite movies: a sci-fi action movie with symbolic references to Christianity. Neo is the Saviour, who must be born into the Matrix to save humanity from slavery. As the Matrix is a computer generated illusion, so many are deceived by the senses to become devoted to this material world. Our souls have an inner reality: freedom of choice, thought and emotion have an inner spiritual source: the heavenly kingdom, in which one can choose to dwell if one follows the Path of Love. Emanuel Swedenborg, a visionary of the 18th century, saw that when our bodies die we become aware of the spiritual body, and the spiritual world that generated this material one.

I always thought the writers were somewhat inspired with this movie, as a child I wrote a short story about robots that live inside a computer world, given choice, they begin to deviate from the path and the entire computer world is destined to become deleted. In desperation, the software developer decides to enter that world as an incarnate robot to show them the true way: but the other robots are so hostile to that incarnate robot they "kill" him, and are mystified when that has no effect: the software program spreads and begins to influence the other robots, and they begin to wonder about the world they live in. This was written long before the internet become popular, and before virtual 3D gaming worlds were created - which are so common now. As a software developer I am familiar with what is needed to create a working program, and I am always amazed about the intricate order of the universe we live in: Someone has a purpose for us, and we are part of some Plan.

But back to the movie, The Matrix, which was released in 1999. Somebody was clever enough to take a digital image of Neo's passport, flip it over: and guess what? Neo's passport expires on September 11, 2001. Here is a digital image of it:

Now this movie takes on a wierd turn. Coincidence? Well lets take the final scene of the movie, where Neo and Trinity need to rescue Morpheus from a tall tower. Morpheus is called by the Agents a notorious "terrorist". Observe: there are two twin towers (just like the World Trade Center), and one of the towers has MMI written on it. "MMI" is the Roman numeral for the number 2001:

The helicopter crashes and explodes into one of the towers in a fiery explosion, and Trinity nearly crashes through the window of the other tower. Just as two planes crashed into each of the two towers of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Here is a clip from The Matrix which includes the entire rescue - you may need to pause it to see the tower with "MMI" on it:

In the above scene, Morpheus asks: "Do you believe it now, Trinity? ...There is a difference between knowing the Path, and walking the Path". Walk the Path of Love, and you will come to know that Neo is the One.

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