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The Astronomy of the Birth of Abraham (1953 B.C.)

Many astronomers have discovered that there was a grand conjunction of the five visible planets in the year 1953 B.C. - and this will not be repeated until the year 2040 A.D. Here is a quote from an astronomical newsletter (
"Just out of curiosity, what is the best planetary grouping ever? My reading and research have turned up two remarkable events. On the morning of February 24th, 1953 BC, all five naked eye planets were within 4 degrees of each other just before dawn. By March 2nd, the grouping wasn't as tight, but the crescent moon joined the show. History doesn't contain any record of anyone having observed this remarkable grouping, but it must have been breathtaking for anyone who was paying attention."
The other "best ever" planetary grouping hasn't happened yet, but odds are at least better that you'll live to see it. On the evening of September 8th, 2040, all five naked eye planets and the crescent moon will be in a grouping just 9 degrees wide low in the western sky. While not quite as tight as the 1953 BC event, it will be quite memorable. I've got it marked on my calendar. How about you?"

As it turns out, this astronomer was wrong - not in his calculations, but concerning the historical moment of 1953 B.C. Chronology is hard to calculate for ancient times, but a while ago I did research on the book of Jasher, a lost book of the Bible (which I covered in my previous blog - there is a link to an online version in my profile), which happens to contain a very accurate chronology. One thing I discovered in my calculations that it was in the year 1953 B.C. that Abraham was born - the father of the three main monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. And guess what? The astrologers of Babylonia took notice of the grand conjunction in that year - I will quote the story in full:
  1. And it was in the night that Abram was born, that all the servants of Terah, and all the wise men of Nimrod, and his conjurors came and ate and drank in the house of Terah, and they rejoiced with him on that night.
  2. And when all the wise men and conjurors went out from the house of Terah, they lifted up their eyes toward heaven that night to look at the stars, and they saw, and behold one very large star came from the east and ran in the heavens, and he swallowed up the four stars from the four sides of the heavens.
  3. And all the wise men of the king and his conjurors were astonished at the sight, and the sages understood this matter, and they knew its import.
  4. And they said to each other, This only betokens the child that has been born to Terah this night, who will grow up and be fruitful, and multiply, and possess all the earth, he and his children for ever, and he and his seed will slay great kings, and inherit their lands. (Jasher 8:1-4)
I had calculated the year 1953 B.C. before I knew of the grand conjunction of that date. The star that swallows up the other four stars is Venus; the other four stars are Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The four were close together in the constellation of Aquarius, and any astronomy program will show that it was Venus which was the last planet to join the group. As this is a rare event, some world event is due to take place in the year 2040 A.D.

Later in the year of 1953 B.C., there was a triple conjunction between the planets of Jupiter and Saturn. Conjunctions between these two planets occur every 20 years, but triple conjunctions are rare - they occur every 973 years. And it seems that every other time this occurs it marks a significant event in history. In 7 B.C. there was a triple conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in the constellation of Pisces. Many consider this to be the "star of Bethlehem" that the three Magi sought out to find the baby Jesus. As king Herod slaughtered the children of Bethlehem hoping to kill Jesus before he had grown, so the story of Jasher describes how the king of Babylonia sought to kill Abram due to the presage of astrologers. There is much speculation on what exactly was the star of Bethlehem, but this parallel suggest this was it.

If we look at the event before 1953 B.C., we come to the year 3899 B.C. in which a triple conjunction occurred. Again, using the book of Jasher the chronology indicates that the "creation" of Adam occurred in the year 3901 B.C. - two years within this date. In the New Testament Jesus is known as the "second Adam", as he came to restore the spiritual nature to humanity.

If we look beyond the year 7 B.C., another triple conjunction occurred in the years 1940-41, with the central conjunction occurring on Oct. 20, 1940. Just out of curiosity, was anyone significant born on this particular date? This is where this line of thought gets a little strange. I did a lookup of famous people, and it just so happens that this was the birthdate of Robert Pinsky. Who is Robert Pinsky? According to the wikipedia:

Robert Pinsky (born October 20, 1940) is a leading American poet, essayist, literary critic, and translator. From 1997 – 2000, he served as Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress (popularly known as the Poet Laureate of the United States).

So we have Adam, Abraham, Jesus, and now...Robert Pinsky, a poet? That just seems a little anti-climactic. The odd thing here is Robert Pinsky happens to be an Orthodox Jew - in the same family line as Adam, Abraham and Jesus. Here is a summary of critics' views on his poetry:

"Pinsky is often praised for "his grasp of traditional metrical forms and his ability to evoke timeless meaning within the strictures of contemporary idioms." Critics applaud, "his ability to imbue simple images—a Brownie troop square dance, cold weather, the music of Fats Waller—with underlying meaning to create order out of the accidental events people encounter in their lives." Commentators admire Pinsky's, "ambitiousness, his juxtaposition of the personal with the universal, the present with the past, the simple with the complex, and it has been noted that his intellectual style presents challenges to readers, obliging them to unravel the complexity behind the clarity of language and imagery."

About Robert Pinsky's first book of poems Robert Lowell wrote, "It is refreshing to find a poet who is intellectually interesting and technically first-rate. Robert Pinsky belongs to that rarest category of talent, a poet-critic." Writing in the Times Literary Supplement, William Pritchard called "Sadness and Happiness", "the best work by any younger poet within recent memory." Louis Martz wrote of Pinsky "the most exhilarating new poet that I have read since A. R. Ammons entered upon the scene. In his peculiar and original combination of abstract utterance and vivid image Pinsky points the way toward the future of poetry." "The Inferno of Dante" has been celebrated by Stephen Greenblatt as, "the premier modern text for English-language readers to experience Dante's power." Hugh Kenner has described Pinsky's ambition as "nothing less than the recovery for language of a whole domain of mute and familiar experience," (, 2). "In his poems Pinsky talks, with democratic warmth and intimacy, to the common things of this world. His extraordinary poems remind us that he has always embodied the very ideal he proposes for what a poet can do," (Lloyd Schwarz, The Boston Phoenix). "Among the many writers who have come of age in our fin de si├Ęcle, none has succeeded more completely as a poet, critic and translator than Robert Pinsky," (James Longenbach, The Nation). (, 2)

"Robert Pinsky's poetry is noted for its combination of vivid imagery and clear, discursive language that explores such themes as truth, the history of nations and individuals, and the transcendent aspects of simple acts. Pinsky strives to create an organized view of the world, often confronting and trying to explain the past to bring order to the present. Recurring subjects in his work include the Holocaust, religion, and childhood. Pinsky's moral tone and mastery of poetic meter often are compared to eighteenth- and nineteenth-century English poets, and the insights conveyed in his analytical works on poetry have led critics to place him in the tradition of other poet-critics such as Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Matthew Arnold, T. S. Eliot, and W. H. Auden."

Time will only tell if this assessment is correct. If anyone else knows someone significant that was born on Oct. 19-20, 1940, or perhaps on another date close to the triple conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, I would like to know. The other two conjunctions were on Aug. 8, 1940, and Feb. 15, 1941. One wonders if the Holocaust that killed millions of Jews is a historical parallel to the slaughter of innocents in Bethlehem. If so, who is that individual that escaped?


  1. I forgot to mention: Mar 5, 1953 B.C., is the beginning of the Chinese Calendar:

    "Pang found a passage in a 1st century B.C. text of Hong Fan Zhuan, that says: "The Ancient Zhuanxu calendar (invented in about 2000 B.C.) began at dawn, in the beginning of spring, when the sun, new moon and five planets gathered in the constellation Yingshi (Pegasus.)" The book was written by Liu Xiang who lived from 77 to 9 B.C.

    Pang said this was all the hint he and Bangert needed. A computer search of planetary positions in the 2000 B.C. era gave only one possible match -- March 5, 1953 B.C.

    Before dawn on that day, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn lined up like a pearl necklace in the eastern sky, next to the Great Pegasus Square, he said. The planets all spanned but a few degrees. The new moon occurred shortly thereafter when the sun, moon, and five planets all lined up in Pegasus, exactly as Liu had stated." (from

  2. And the more high conjunction of 19 feb 1524??? The day of the death of Tekun Uman:

    1. Hello Javier,
      For that era, the only astronomy I looked at were the two Venus transits across the Sun, which repeat every 243 years. Although it is said it was only first observed in 1639, there is evidence that the ancients knew of this cycle - including the Aztecs and/or Mayans. They had a very detailed calendar based on the cycles of Venus. So for example, there was one transit in 1518 and another in 1526. Cortez launched an attack on Mexico from 1518-1520, and some of the leaders thought he was the return of Quetzalcoatl? Why? Quetzalcoatl is associated with Venus, and his invasion was preceded by a transit of Venus in the year 1518. So they may have been aware of the transit without the use of a telescope, from their calendar.

      243 years later, we have the transits of 1761 and 1769, around the time of the American Revolution.

      243 years later, we have the transits of 2004 and 2012. Invasion of Iraq and the Arab Spring, plus the ongoing civil war in Syria.

  3. Tekun Uman is the last king of mayas...

  4. My mother was born 9 days after the Oct 20 Grand conjunction.The prophecy of a great peace treaty being established may line up 3&1/2 years before the upcoming astronomy the treaty broken Sept 24 2015 Lunar eclipse and solar eclipse israeli-Palestiniean Peace accord being broken but also wars beginning from Iran broken 6 months after Apr.4 2015 Nuclear arms deals and a 3rd Antifada 3 &1/2 years after being signed sparking WW3. I don't plan on being any place outside of Jerusalem by the and of November and will be in (93% Christian)Armenia and Kurdistan to stop I.S./Daesh until then so perhaps I'm somehow important in this

    1. There are several misinterpretations of Daniel chapter 9 which breaks it up into a future 7 year period, but in reality the prophecy spans from 457 B.C. to 34 A.D., with the Messiah being crucified in the middle of the last seven years. Unfortunately I have not put up a blog entry on that. This shows up again in the book of Revelation, but my opinion on that is that it refers to a longer period of 1260 years. See Prophetic Time Periods of the Bible: Part 1 and Prophetic Time Periods of the Bible: Part 2, followed by The Prophecy of the Abomination of Desolation and The Prophecy of the Abomination of Desolation, part 2.

      As for a prophecy concerning our current time period, especially ISIS, see A Prophecy of September 11, Fanatical Terrorism (ISIS), Russia and America. I believe ISIS is the result of the war in Iraq, after which young kids have been brainwashed in religious schools into a very wrong way of thinking. It is also the result of Iraq dividing on religious lines between Sunni and Shiites which has been going on for centuries.

      There is still hope, see Muslim Encounters and Visions of Jesus, includes one interesting testimony from someone who used to belong to Hezbollah.


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