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Major Insider Reveal: Selected by Extraterrestrials by William Tompkins


In the 18th century, Swedenborg described in his visions the existence of extraterrestrial humans on other planets. I have, in prior blog posts, connected this to contactee accounts of human extraterrestrials and the burst of UFO activity that followed after World War II. The subject matter soon became a part of secret military programs, and censorship of the media. It is a complicated subject as this is often swept under the table by counter intelligence efforts, and the general public is blissfully unaware of the enormous budgets that are poured into secret programs, and doubt the ability of the military to keep a secret. But recently I have seen evidence of a shift in policy among the military: they are slowly beginning to turn on the faucet of information, in a slow "drip drip" manner so as not to shock the public. It is a hard thing for many to accept, as they are brainwashed by the media - and even by our current system of education - to believe in many falsehoods.

The first major insider reveal, I think, was the book The Day After Roswell, written by Lieutenant Colonel Philip J. Corso:

He served in the army and arranged for about 10,000 Jews to leave Rome for Palestine at the end of World War II. Following this he served four years on the National Security Council for President Eisenhower. In 1961, he became Chief of the Pentagon's Foreign Technology desk in Army Research and Development. And what was he working on? In the book, he states that the 1947 crash of a flying saucer did indeed crash in Roswell New Mexico. This confirmed the accounts of many witnesses that were gathered by independent researchers. And one of his primary responsibilities was to take the crash remains, bring it to U.S. corporations, and reverse engineer it. Two of the major technological developments that came out of this was the integrated circuit, responsible for the computer you are reading this on, and the other was fiber optics, now used for many communications.

And the other claim? They discovered some of the extraterrestrials were hostile. And this is the origin of the Space Defense Initiative (SDI) under Ronald Reagan.  And we don't have to take his word for it: Reagan explicitly mentioned the "extraterrestrial threat" in his public speeches and mentioned that as a reason we should end the Cold War with the Soviet Union. Although Corso does not mention it, these hostiles are probably responsible for biological research into both the animals and humans on this planet, and are responsible for many human abductions. In my opinion, it is the biological bacteria and viruses on this planet that is protecting us, but one group is intent on creating hybrids to get past this problem (see The Threat: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda, by Jacobs). This is probably one of the reasons why the military had to be careful what they revealed to the public.

So I left the subject of extraterrestrials for a while, and once things settled personally for me after this coronavirus pandemic broke out, I decided to read a book entitled Selected by Extraterrestrials, by William Tompkins, who unfortunately passed away recently in 2017. A second volume of his work has been published this year posthumously by Dr. Michael Salla. And when I read it, although the book is poorly written and includes a lot of "fluff", it drops a number of bombshells confirming what I previously regarded as rumors or hearsay in UFO research. And some of it is just so unbelievable, even to me, and probably more so for those who have no knowledge of the research. But I am going to report on it anyway, because many people need to start getting their heads out of the sand.

So who is William Tompkins? He worked for Navy intelligence during World War II out of southern California. He would later work for an Aerospace company, Douglas Aircraft Company (the editor, Robert Wood, worked at the same company). After the book was published, Dr. Michael Salla, through the Freedom of Information act was able to confirm the following:

  • William Tompkins was part of the staff to Admiral Rico Botta of the U.S. Navy, who in 1942 reported to the Naval Air Station in San Diego, California.
  • William Tompkins job was "Disseminator for Advanced Research."
  • Rico Botta was selected by Secretary of the Navy Forrestal to be the individual who controlled the information brought back by naval intelligence operatives from Nazi Germany.
  • Before Rico Botta took over Naval Air station in San Diego, he visited all four of the principal aircraft companies: Lockheed, North American, Douglas Aircraft and Northrup.
  • Within 2 months of Rico Botta's visit to these four aircraft companies, which would later become aerospace companies, the companies were visited by Williams Tompkins who presented packages to them.

Here is a picture of Admiral Rico Botta of the U.S. Navy:


A short biography can be found here:  What is interesting is this statement, after having served at the Naval Air Station at San Diego:

“For exceptionally meritorious conduct (in that capacity) from December 31, 1942 to August 14, 1945...” he was awarded the Legion of Merit. The citation states in part: “...By his outstanding technical knowledge and skill, (he) enabled his department to meet the ever increasing demands of the Fleet Air Commands for combat aircraft of the latest type and with the latest combat-improved changes installed...”

Now, with that out of the way, William Tompkins makes the following statements, some of which came out in interviews after the book was published:

  • The Battle of Los Angeles in 1942 was caused by an incursion of flying saucers. Two were shot down and recovered by the navy.
  • Naval intelligence officers in Germany were reporting back very strange things: German scientists had advanced flying saucer technology.
  • Maria Orsic of the Vril society was also independently successful in developing advanced flying saucer technology.
  • Portions of the plans from German scientists were relayed to William Tompkins. Tompkins would drop off these notes at the aforementioned companies to try to reverse engineer them.
  • The German technology was surprisingly advanced. The Naval intelligence officers, to their utter surprise, discovered they were receiving assistance from an extraterrestrial reptilian race.
  • The particular reptilian race was not only hostile to humans, but had been involved in human history for the last 5-6,000 years. Their objective is to keep the human race suppressed and ignorant.
  • This reptilian race was familiar with advanced mind control methods, and would use it to keep humans suppressed. Tompkins avoids questions in this area, indicating it is a sensitive topic and probably still classified.
  • Amazingly, the plans and designs for the Apollo Missions to the Moon originated at Douglas Aircraft, at the direction of Tompkins, who made an unofficial trip to present it to von Braun, whose group was later incorporated into NASA.
  • Tompkins had no formal education, but had been selected to join the U.S. Navy due to his amazing photographic memory.
  • Tompkins would have these amazing detailed plans, or answers to his questions, come into his head, despite the lack of his formal education. Scientists would approach him to discover where all this information was coming from.
  • Tompkins later discovered, quite by accident, that the secretaries assigned to him were Nordic extraterrestrials.  These "secretaries" were both extremely beautiful and highly intelligent, and were responsible for feeding ideas into Tompkins through telepathy.
  • The "secretaries" would never confirm who they were, and like other similar reports, were apparently never allowed to confirm their identity.
  • The purpose of the Apollo missions to the Moon was to help push the human race to become interstellar.
  • Before they landed on the Moon, NASA discovered there were artificial structures on the surface of the Moon. Tompkins himself saw some of the photographs, confirming the testimony of several prior witnesses (e.g., Karl Wolfe, who saw the photographs at CIA headquarters in Langley)
  • The Moon had the capacity to house within it massive cities. This was recently confirmed with the discovery of large lava tubes under the lunar surface. Tompkins states the Moon was probably designed for this.
  • When Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon, several large massive extraterrestrial ships were seen on the other side of the crater. Although this was never reported to the public, HAM radio operators at the time reported similar testimony (see
  • Although not stated in the book, it is implied that the other agenda was to help the human race defend itself against a possible extraterrestrial threat.
  • Tompkins would confirm in another interview that the secret space program now known as "Solar Warden," as discovered recently by British hackers, is indeed real.
  • Another secret program that was successful based on extraterrestrial knowledge, is extension of human life, again confirming some other bizarre witness testimony about our secret space program. Our lives have been artificially shortened, as well as our brain functioning capacity. This program was seen necessary for long trips for interstellar travel.

OK. That was a lot. Its a lot to take in, and I had to absorb and think about it before immediately rejecting it offhand. But Tompkins is not the only one saying these things, most of the information can be found in other witness accounts. The difference here, Tompkins is not another UFO researcher, he obviously is an insider. So let's examine some of this one by one.


The first surprise for me was that reverse engineering of UFO technology did not begin in 1947 from the crash in Roswell, but in 1942 under the U.S. Navy. And actually before that under Nazi Germany, except the Germans were being given explicit help. Surprisingly, evidence for this is right out there in the public, and it is completely brushed over in the history books. One good book on this is Hitler's Flying Saucers: A Guide to German Flying Discs of the Second World War, by Henry Stevens. I happened to have it and never read it as I thought it was too speculative. I skimmed through it and was surprised by the amount of research. Much of it is circumstantial or indeed speculative, but among the pages I found this:

  • A CIA Document from 1952 confirms that the Germans were building flying saucers as early as 1941. It states: ""Flying saucers" have been known to be an actuality since the possibility of their construction was proven in plans drawn up by German engineers toward the end of World War II." This confirms Tompkins account. The CIA probably had this knowledge from the U.S. Navy programs.
  • The CIA document mentions an engineer that said Nazi Germany had plans for a flying saucer as early as 1941. He was present in Prague for a test flight of an experimental flying saucer.
  • The American military thought "Foo fighters", strange globes that followed American airplanes during WWII, were of German origin, which they called "Phoo bombs". My surmise on this is these were probably extraterrestrial.
  • An FBI Report from 1957 spoke to a Polish prisoner of war who saw a flying saucer ascend from a German facility east of Berlin in 1944.

At the time the author concluded that UFO researchers had "jumped to the conclusion" that UFOs were extraterrestrial and not of a terrestrial origin, as there was a habit to ignore the evidence from Germany. Tompkins testimony changes that conclusion: German indeed had a flying saucer research program, but they were reverse engineering it, with extraterrestrial help.


The idea of artificial structures of the Moon seems preposterous at first, but other witnesses have reported this - some researchers were even allowed to take a look at the original photographs. Several researchers and witnesses have said that NASA brushed them out in the photographs revealed to the public, and I have discussed this previously on this blog. But surprisingly, Emanuel Swedenborg was told in his visions the Moon was inhabited in the 18th century (Earths in the Universe, n. 111-112). For the other extraterrestrials he had to guess about their origin, and was probably mistaken when identifying certain planets of our solar system, but was explicitly told by the angels that this group were indeed from the Moon. Unfortunately what the secret space programs know is kept hidden from the public, and Swedenborg's statements on human extraterrestrials have caused many to reject the revelations. Obviously, if you have extraterrestrials on the Moon they have to be extremely advanced, and were (are?) probably using it as a temporary base. When one understands that bacteria and viruses on earth can be lethal to extraterrestrial life, an advanced civilization traveling the stars may prefer such sterile locations to setup temporary way stops.


Many witnesses, not just Tompkins, report encounters with extraterrestrial humans who prefer to communicate telepathically rather than verbally.  In one of his visionary encounters of extraterrestrials, Swedenborg seemed to encounter this but did not seem to understand it, as the concept of "telepathy" did not even exist. Instead he attributed the non-verbal communication to a type of "internal breathing" that affected the Eustachian tube of the inner ear (Earths in the Universe, n. 87).

As for the behavior of extraterrestrial UFOs, why they do not make contact?  Swedenborg saw that these extraterrestrial societies regarded humans on earth as barbaric and evil. There also seemed to be a spiritual barrier that Swedenborg had to cross that separated the earth from other extraterrestrial societies, and this because unlike their societies humans on earth were very external and materialistic, something that was very averse to their way of life and thinking, which was more internal and spiritual. This was because in many other extraterrestrial societies contact with heaven was not broken, and communication with spirits is utterly normal to them. They did not experience the "fall of Adam" as we did here on earth, and this idea has been expressed in other witness accounts.


This testimony of an extraterrestrial reptilian race from Tompkins took me by surprise, and my first reaction was to reject it.  I realized this was because there are a lot of false conspiracy theories on the internet regarding extraterrestrial reptilians, which mix in truth with fiction and speculation. Some researchers have reached some very false conclusions, confusing the effects of mind control programs with these reptilians, a subject for another day. However, if one reads multiple independent witness accounts, indeed there are many reports of encounters with reptilian humanoid extraterrestrials in these UFO contacts. So I knew of these accounts, but despite that, it was still shocking to see that this was indeed true from an inside account that they do indeed exist. But was more surprising: Tompkins states several times this reptilian race has been involved in human affairs for thousands of years, and they want to keep the human race suppressed. When we see the Nazis exterminating millions in concentration camps, putting many into slave labor, this implies that their agenda is very negative for the human race. And, they need an earthly government to do their bidding.

So, suspending my initial idea to reject this statement, my question was: if true, how did Swedenborg miss this?  He was not only allowed to give a full account of heaven and hell in the afterlife, but had accidentally encountered several human extraterrestrials from other planets in the spiritual world while in full waking state. But they were all human, not once did he mention any other kind. I surmised one reason he may have missed this is that in the spiritual world, those who are deceptive are represented by serpents, as all animals are representative of internal human affections and thoughts, good or evil. So, if Swedenborg actually encountered a deceptive humanoid reptilian race, he might have thought that the serpents were merely representative of their cunning and deceptive nature.  So out of curiosity, I decided to take another look at his private Spiritual Diary, which is actually the original document where he first reported his extraterrestrial encounters. There is an interesting passage of one of his encounters with the most evil spirits among hell, who were according to Swedenborg were under a "fantasy" seeming to walk across the globe beneath their feet, supposing themselves to be the greatest gods ruling the universe (Spiritual Diary, n. 284-285). They were deceitful and cunning and were adept at perverting the thoughts of the innocent, and were described as the "poisons and deceits of the serpent" (Spiritual Diary, n. 287). Maybe a coincidence, but their nature of deceit, and perverting human thought, coincides with Tompkins testimony how this reptilian race uses mind control techniques to suppress the human race. It is unclear as evil spirits in the spiritual world do the same, but the account is curious as the word "globe" is used by Swedenborg to refer to planets. Was it just their fantasy, or did he happen to encounter an evil sort of extraterrestrial from our own planet? Later, Swedenborg encountered in his vision a group of advanced extraterrestrials, who would travel in the form of a "globe" between solar systems, gathering immense knowledge. These were of a different sort, but it is curious how again he used the word "globe" to refer to extraterrestrials traveling between solar systems. There is a later passage with the heading, THE SEAT OF CERTAIN ONES IN HEAVEN WHO ARE CALLED STARS. Here, he relates that there was a certain spirit appearing at the "zenith" high above, who at times appeared as a "smooth serpent," whom Swedenborg relates to the dragon of the Apocalypse in Rev. 12:4. While holding preference for the Jewish race, he wished to destroy all other humans, and pervert Christian doctrine, and was quite deceitful and had caused trouble for Swedenborg for 3 years (Spiritual Diary, n. 461). Later Swedenborg explicitly calls this spirit a "star" that supposed he was the sun for all others (Spiritual Diary, n. 466), and in another passage, calls this spirit a "dragon" whose deceit has "persisted for many ages past, and has perverted countless numbers" (Spiritual Diary, n. 487).

None of this is conclusive, for Swedenborg focused solely on universal spiritual truths. But what is hidden may actually be right in front of us: the serpent, a symbol of evil and deceit that caused the fall of Adam in ancient times, has perhaps a hidden more literal story of a reptilian race interfering with human affairs. The extraterrestrial interpretation would be a more literal application of scripture than the more universal one, where a serpent spiritually represents those who are materialistic and deceitful. And it all ends with the Apocalypse, in a great battle between Christ who descends from heaven against the dragon who has a stranglehold on planet earth. While in a spiritual sense this represents the Second Coming of Christ in the spiritual sense of the Word against those who have followed a falsified and corrupt form of Christianity, on a more literalistic level it possibly refers to the hidden war between the Nordic humans and reptilians. The dragon, in a spiritual sense, are those who separate faith from charity, and in a sense refers to those who are stuck in a false belief system that renders them spiritually powerless and useless in life. If there is an extraterrestrial factor in all of this, it makes sense to introduce in Swedenborg's revelations that extraterrestrial humans do indeed exist. So get over that, and see the big picture.

UFO researchers have said there are too many sightings: they have to be somewhere close by. If they are human they could walk down the street and you would never know it. I have read multiple independent accounts, where these extraterrestrials have warned us that there is a hostile race interfering with human affairs, and Tompkins sheds a bit more light on it. Unfortunately he did not say everything.

This all sounds like science fiction, but we have this account from Tompkins where some of the facts can be independently verified. And consider: why did God choose to become incarnate on our planet?  Could it be, our planet will be (or is) at the center of a conflict of extraterrestrial proportions? Indeed, I think some of these human extraterrestrials do actually follow that point of view. One of them reportedly had said, "We are God's celestial army." But in all of this, it is we who have to solve our problems, and follow internal spiritual discernment to weed out the falsehoods from the truth, and determine who is friend and who is foe. But it is good to hear we have friends who have decided to become involved in our affairs to help.                                        


  1. Hi. I came upon the following conclusion. They can't give disclosure due to the following. Alien entities influenced WW2 and all it's atrocities. Starting with the book The Coming Race, the formation of Vril, Nazism, etc. That's a hard pill to swallow. Additionally, if you add that they are permitted to abduct people at free will. The crazy thing of all this, is that reading about the W56 friendship, and other positive information has reinforced my faith.

    1. Well I dont think they would have cared for the Nazis or endorsed the holocaust; what may have been of interest is perhaps a united Europe. Hitler wanted a united Europe, he lost, and yet we have a united Europe with a different winner. Its easier to have planetary relations with a world that is united. Also it looks like a contingent secretly left Germany for Antarctica, which tells me that there was a completely different agenda. Here is some weird news: the leader of the EU said publicly he has spoken with "leaders from other worlds" who are worried by Brexit, it looks like it has disrupted their plans: Did EU chief confirm aliens EXIST? Juncker 'speaks of BREXIT to leaders of other planets'

      It is interesting to see how all these rumors and anecdotal evidence begin to fall together. They have probably been here all along.


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