Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Dream Vision of the Seven Steps of Love

An acquaintance of mine had a dream vision, this person was speaking to a pastor, telling him that there are seven steps of love.  The moment one decides to love, it corresponds to a love in heaven.  Also, when one decides to love, new love is created from that.  There are seven steps, each step is a level above the previous one, and forms a basis or plane for the next level.  Moreover, just as there are seven steps of love, one can also go the opposite way: there are seven steps or levels of hate.  It is up to us to choose which way to go: love or hate.  But if we go the way of love, it is a beautiful thing God has created, beyond anything we know here on earth.

The pastor was white, indicating he was truthful without bad intent, but he did not understand.  Since he did not understand, he was then told to listen what I had to say on the subject.  He was shaking his head, not understanding.  When I was told this, I then asked this person, are you aware that there are seven stages of spiritual development, and that I have written on it?  They said no, they were also completely unaware of the seven steps of spiritual development.

The seven steps of spiritual development, or seven steps of love, are actually described in a symbolic way in the seven days of creation of Genesis.  It is not about the creation of the universe, but rather the creation of a new spiritual being.  Our lower natural form is the earth, but our higher spiritual being is heaven.  This is described in detail in Swedenborg's work, Heavenly Arcana (20 volumes), which is also found in The Divine Revelation of the New Jerusalem: Expanded Edition (39 volumes).  The latter contains all the published theological works of Emanuel Swedenborg.

For my blog posts of the seven steps of spiritual development, see the previous blog post The Seven Practices of Peace.  This may be related to a more ancient teaching, which I discussed in Seven Stages of Spiritual Development (or, the Seven Chakras).  Everything in the universe actually corresponds to these seven stages, which I have described in several other blog posts discussing and revising the theory of Arthur M. Young which he described in his book The Reflexive Universe (see the label "Universal Order" to see the other blog posts on this topic).  Since there was a dream vision on this, obviously a clairvoyant one, I thought I would direct others to this topic.

Withdraw from hate, and embrace love. It will change your life.  Here is a nice music video of The One by Kylie Minogue, which I thought was a good representation of the things that get created in heaven when we love here on earth:


  1. Love is not everything, but without love everything is nothing. :) These are so true words you have written down here! If everybody would understand how important and wonderful it is to love instead of hating, this would be a way much better world. But there will be a time people understand that all living is connected to each other and they have to respect all beings, if they want to respect themselves. If we would be more regardful with our environment, we could be so much more advanced than we are. Looking up to the sky and observing the stars gives me strength by letting me know everything was set to the exact right place to create life. I am sure we can see parts of the future, when we are watching the stars carefully, because everything is connected to each other. I am reading my horoscope often on and it fits perfectly to what happens in my life. This is no accident - nothing is. And if you know everything follows a big plan, which creates life, it is really easy to live with nothing less than love in your heart. :)

    Love, Ashley

    1. Helly Ashley, thank you for your kind remarks. But I would depend on scripture for daily guidance, for scripture speaks in universal truths of love and truth in the spiritual sense. There are many passages that open up to a person when one understands the spiritual sense beyond the literal meaning, which make it immediately applicable to one's daily life. These are explained in the revelations given to Emanuel Swedenborg, and when one comes to a knowledge of the hidden spiritual meaning, one can make it applicable - whether its one's love life, work, friendships, or dealing with hardship and temptation. Prayer is the other method to open up communication with the Divine, to find the answers one is seeking.


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