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The Secret Space Program and Hidden Intelligence

In Extraterrestrial Contacts by HAM Radio transmissions claimed to have come from flying saucers originating mainly within our solar system. As proof, the messages could predict where flying saucers would appear before it became known in the news days later. There is another possible long term prophecy in these radio messages which is explained below. Many of the messages claimed to be from Mars, as well as other planets in our solar system. One strange message indicated that Mars suffered from a recent nuclear explosion on the surface. Strangely enough, Japanese astronomer Tsuneo Saheki as well as others had observed a bright flash on the surface of Mars which lasted about 5 minutes, which was followed by an expanding white cloud. At the time there was much speculation that this was caused by a nuclear explosion. As strange as that sounds, this explanation persisted in later years. Frank B. Salisbury, Ph. D., wrote an article in the peer reviewed journal of Science (vol 136, April 6, 1962) entitled "Martian Biology" in which he said this:
"On several occasions observers of Mars have noticed a bright spot of light lasting about 5 minutes. Sometimes this has been followed by a rather distinctive white cloud, which grew in size and faded after about an hour. Was this volcanic activity, or are the Martians now engaged in debates about long-term effects of nuclear fallout?"
A volcano would not cause such a bright white flash. An atomic explosion would perfectly explain a bright white flash followed by an expanding white cloud. I read the article in more detail, Salisbury argues for possible life on Mars based on the following observations:
1. The canals of Mars. Curiosity rover has since proven that water once flowed on Mars, creating many of these canals as long suspected by astronomers since the 19th century.
2. The two moons of Mars may be artificial. Data indicates that Phobos is hollow. I discussed this in Extraterrestrial Contacts by HAM Radio - one of the radio messages mentioned that the moons were artificial and placed there to stabilize the orbit of Mars. Salisbury mentions two other sources that indicated that the moons of Mars may be artificial satellites (F. Zigel, Space World 1, 20 (1961) and T. Saheki, Sky and Telescope (Feb. 1955)).
3. The bright white flash which may have been a nuclear explosion.
4. Changing discolorations on the surface of Mars indicate that the surface may have plant life.
Salisbury concludes, "Of all the proposals put forth to account for the observed Martian phenomena, the idea of life on Mars seems to be the most tenable." Later in 1967 he published the article The Scientist and the UFO in which he recommended further scientific investigations of UFOs. His specialty was in plant exobiology. So have his theories proven correct, that there may be plant life on the surface of Mars? From the NASA web site Solar System Formation - Mars it states:
Though details of Mars' surface are difficult to see from Earth, telescope observations show seasonally changing features and white patches at the poles. For decades, people speculated that bright and dark areas on Mars were patches of vegetation, that Mars could be a likely place for life-forms and that water might exist in the polar caps. When the Mariner 4 spacecraft flew by Mars in 1965, many were shocked to see photographs of a bleak, cratered surface. Mars seemed to be a dead planet. Later missions, however, have shown that Mars is a complex member of the solar system and holds many mysteries yet to be solved.
So NASA states that there is no surface vegetation, referencing data from a mission from 1965. More recent missions indicate that Mars is a "complex member of the solar system." As it turns out, photographic data from more recent missions do give strong indication of vegetation on Mars - see Vegetation on Mars? The Case for the Trees and GIANT PLANT SPECIES FOUND ON MARS.

As for the possible nuclear explosion on Mars observed around the year 1950, in Extraterrestrial Contacts by HAM Radio I added an update - I found this odd article entitled Was There a Natural Nuclear Blast on Mars? from the year 2011, where John Brandenburg, Ph. D. said they found radioactive minerals on the surface of Mars indicating that it suffered from a nuclear blast. But NASA chimed in and said that to prove it, they would have to send a rover to that area of Mars. Another scientist Dr. Lars Borg says it is all part of a natural geological process. But then the article says something strange: "Brandenburg... defended his research, arguing that defense experts he talked to off the record said they agreed there are signs of a nuclear reaction."

So I ask a simple question: how is it that Brandenburg and military defense experts speaking off the record know something about a nuclear explosion on Mars that NASA does not know? Does anyone think that this is a bit odd? Someone pointed out to me this Astronomical Review article on John E. Brandenburg:
John E. Brandenburg is a plasma physicist at Orbital Technologies in Madison Wisconsin, working on space plasma technologies and space propulsion. He also performed research on the MET(Microwave Electro-Thermal) plasma thruster for space propulsion,  Rocket Plume-Regolith Interactions on the Moon and Mars, Vortex theory of Rocket engine design, and Kaluza-Klein theory of Field Unification for purposes of space propulsion.  He also performed an architecture study for a Human Mars Mission using solar electric propulsion.  Before coming to ORBITEC  he was performing research on air plasmas and plasma propulsion at Florida Space Institute. He is a pioneer in creating electrodeless atmospheric pressure plasmas in air using microwaves. Before this he was at The Aerospace Corporation, where one of his duties was as principle investigator of the MET propulsion project. Before coming to Aerospace corporation Dr. Brandenburg was a researcher at Research Support Instruments (RSI) where he specialized in making controlled laboratory plasmas for uses ranging from air plasmas for surface sterilization , Fusion research and  the MET thruster. He also worked as an independent consultant on Space Missile Defense, Directed Energy Weapons, and space rocket plume phenomenology, and also at Mission Research Corporation and Sandia National Laboratories on plasmas for controlled fusion and similar topics.
Brandenburg is a rocket scientist. Who worked on directed energy weapons. Not only that, he happens an interest in UFOs and extraterrestrials. He has published a huge work entitled Morningstar Pass: The Collapse of the UFO Coverup. From some of the information on this book from the reviews, this "fictional" work seems to be describing some stories reported by witnesses that are well known in ufological circles. So, does Brandenburg know something others do not, and like others, can only publish it as a work of fiction? Maybe.


This dichotomy of opinion between defense officials speaking off the record and NASA officials leads me to believe that the U.S. Government may have a secret space program that is kept hidden, one that is under the direction of the U.S. Military. I had already spoken about the hacker Gary McKinnon in the United Kingdom, who had broken into military computers and discovered a list of "non-terrestrial" officers and a strange list of ship to ship fleet transfers in the U.S. Navy - with ship names that are not used by any known naval vessel. So is there any evidence of a secret space program that the public does not know about? In an interview astronaut Gene Cernan let it slip in the interview that Buzz Aldrin "does want to go back to Mars." Excuse me, what? Did we already send astronauts to Mars? I then found this presentation from Aug. 6, 2012 by Richard Dolan, entitled, "The Case for a Secret Space Program." Richard Dolan is the author of UFOs and the National Security State and A.D. After Disclosure. He offers a very good analysis of the UFO phenomenon and the people in charge of keeping it secret (its a bit long, see summary below):

The main point he makes is that for the U.S. Military, the weaponization of space is absolutely essential. Just as air dominance changed the face of warfare in the last century, so space dominance will change the nature of warfare in the future. In fact it already has - satellite reconnaissance has been used extensively, especially in the recent Gulf Wars. So logically, it is safe to assume that there is a secret space program under the direction of the U.S. Military. And this is apparent in that both the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy have active areas of duty under the title of "Space Command." The existence of the "National Reconnaissance Office" was classified for 30 years from about 1960 to 1990 - so much so that it was a felony for a member of congress to even mention it. It was responsible for overseeing the U.S. military satellites in space.

So the U.S. Military has an interest in space dominance. Not only that, but in his research he uncovered official classified and secret government documents, which proves that the U.S. military and intelligence agencies know we are being visited by UFOs and they have an interest in investigating the matter further. I can't find the original publication, but see Twelve Government Documents that take UFOs Seriously. This is the exact opposite of what is said to the public. Whereas the public thinks this is a matter of ridicule, the UFO phenomenon is of utmost interest to the U.S. military and intelligence agencies.

Richard Dolan then covers NASA videos of UFOs in space, as well as evidence of UFOs and artificial artifacts in the vicinity of the Moon, Mars and Saturn. So if the U.S. military and intelligence agencies are seeing what we are seeing, the question arises, do they have the capability to investigate? Richard Dolan thinks yes, and for this he brings up the following evidence:
* James Goodall was an investigative reporter who did research into the military facility at Groom Lake in Nevada. He concluded that there were eight black programs flying out of Groom Lake.
* George Knapp, a TV journalist, investigated the Bob Lazar story and was able to uncover about 25 corroborations of his story. Bob Lazar had stated that the U.S. military is actively researching and developing space craft vehicles reverse engineered from other UFOs, with possible help from certain extraterrestrials. Nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman, another UFO researcher, thinks Bob Lazar is a fraud because his educational background cannot be verified. Records of key people who work on these black projects are often erased from public records, but that is another subject.
* Journalist Brad Sorenson (46:25) was invited to a private "flight demonstration" or "air show" and was taken to this huge hangar at Lockheed. It was surrounded by guards with M-16s. In this hangar, he saw three hovering flying saucers. He at first thought they were suspended in the air, but no, they were hovering above the ground. A four star general gave a lecture and stated that they ran on the vacuum. This was in 1988, a year before Harold Putoff wrote a paper on zero point energy. But here what was most significant about the lecture: the U.S. military had already traversed throughout the solar system doing their own reconnaissance.
* Clark McClelland (53:33) worked at NASA and was qualified to operate the space shuttle. Ben Rich, former CEO of Lockheed Skunkworks, stated that black budget money has put the U.S. military 50 years ahead of current technology. He then said "you have no idea where we have gone out there." Clark asks: "Mars?" Ben Rich nods yes. Clarks asks are there monuments on the Moon and Mars? "You can bet on it." Clark monitored one of the missions of the mid-1980s, and on one spacewalk saw an astronaut interacting with another astronaut on the space walk. This "other astronaut" was a giant: about 8 feet tall. Another colleague had seen one of these giant astronauts inside the shuttle - with helmet still on.
The last two points are what I was looking for. We have already explored the solar system. We have already put astronauts on Mars. It explains why Brandenburg and defense officials speaking off the record think that certain elements of Mars are radioactive, lending support that there was a nuclear explosion on the surface of the planet.

That is the main point I wanted to make from the presentation, but Richard Dolan also talks about his theory that there is an elite, secretive and extremely powerful organization that holds onto this knowledge concerning UFOs and extraterrestrials - something he calls a "breakaway civilization." So secret, that not even heads of the U.S. military have a complete picture of the situation. In order to keep this all secret, black projects had to not only be compartmentalized but also unacknowledged. Also this had to be put in the control of select private companies. And he suspects that U.S. tax dollars are not enough to finance it, and that other money has been directed to it by siphoning off funds from other areas. For this he recommends the book, Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins. And because of this extreme amount of highly concentrated power behind the scenes, disclosure will be very slow. From the ET perspective, he theorizes that earth is under a possible "quarantine." He is also not so naive to assume that all ETs are friendly, and seems to be aware of the abductions and mutilations. One possible view the ETs have of us: "The children have weapons."


So if the U.S. military has a secret space program, what would its objective be when it comes to Mars? The answer to that is obvious. They would setup a secret colony base there. In a previous blog post I already noted that Curiosity has taken several shots of a hovering flying saucer that just sits there observing the rover. And there is this odd case of a moving rock: first its there. Then it disappears. Then in a subsequent shot its in a completely different location. Somebody moved it. Among the other anomalies that have been seen on Mars, this one caught my attention. There is no mistaking it: there is an artificial dome structure in the middle of a crater. The original photo can be seen at Here it is again, turned sideways:

NASA's explanation? This golf-ball dome is a combination of volcanic uplift and patterned sand dunes. Here is a closeup of the dome in the crater:

See Golf Ball Crater, A Geodesic Dome on Mars? which compares this dome with a geodesic dome in the Antarctic. There are also some interesting shots of tubes on Mars.

So is there any other evidence that there is a secret colony or base on Mars, supported by a secret space program? Well consider this: the U.S. space shuttles have been mothballed. NASA scientists have said that astronauts cannot make the trip to Mars safely as they will be bombarded by cosmic radiation. So NASA is saying we have no way of getting there right now. So I ask a simple question: why in the world do we have the international Mars One program? Over 100,000 people have volunteered to go on a one way trip to Mars. And even though NASA is saying we have no way of getting to Mars, one of the members of the Mars One organization is Norbert Craft, M.D. This person is key. Here is his background:
Norbert Kraft, M.D., USA. Dr. Kraft received the 2010 Award for “Outstanding Accomplishments in the Psychological and Psychiatric Aspects of Aerospace Medicine”. He has over 17 years of experience in aviation and aerospace research and development. His primary area of expertise is developing physiological and psychological countermeasures to combat the negative effects of long-duration spaceflight. Dr. Kraft’s experiences span Europe, Asia, and the United States, where he has worked for several international space agencies, including the Russian Space Agency and the Japanese Space Agency. Dr. Kraft completed a 110 day isolation chamber project as commander of an international mixed gender crew and a spaceflight simulation experiment in Moscow, Russia. Since 2002, Dr. Kraft’s research at NASA has been developing new approaches to enhance team performance for exploration missions, to enable distributed crews to respond to unanticipated problems and to collaborate effectively under task stressors associated with space missions. Dr. Kraft is an author of over 40 papers in the field of aerospace medicine, including a seminal paper on intercultural crew issues in long-duration spaceflight. He has an M.D. from University of Vienna, Austria, and is a Fellow of the Aerospace Medical Association.
He worked for NASA. The same organization that says we can't go to Mars. So, WHAT'S UP DOC? What kind of volunteers are you looking for? Young, healthy and smart volunteers. Psychological strong in the face of hardship, creative problem solving, ability to work in a team with high morale. Single people. People with few family ties. I have this theory that those who volunteered may in fact be going to Mars sooner than they think. So what does the Mars One team say about the feasibility of living on Mars? Here is their answer from their web site Mars One - Technical Feasibility:

Basic elements required for a viable living system are already present on Mars. Thus we need to send more tools and equipment rather than raw elements. For example, the location for the first Mars One settlement is selected for the water ice content of the soil there. Water can be made available to the settlement for hygiene, drinking and farming. It is also the source of oxygen generated through electrolysis. Mars also has ample natural sources of nitrogen, the primary element (80%) in the air we breathe. Martian soil will cover the outpost to block cosmic radiation.
The astronauts will soon be able to create habitation for themselves and new crews using local materials soon after they arrive.

So there you go. They are basically saying that volunteers will live in an underground base on Mars. My opinion? That underground base is already there. And its near the south pole or north pole. If what Emanuel Swedenborg said about Mars in the 18th century is correct, there are probably other underground bases there that have been there for thousands of years. More and more scientists are now coming forth with data stating that life began on Mars...and arrived later on earth on a meteorite. Mars had the ability to sustain life long before planet Earth did before the surface and atmosphere of Mars was destroyed in a catastophe from long ago.


In the previous blog post Extraterrestrial Contacts by HAM Radio I discussed evidence of actual communication between Ham radio operators and flying saucers in the year 1952. Many of these messages claimed to have originated from Mars. Now there is again something interesting about the year 1952. I found this NASA document called Eyes on the Red Planet: Human Mars Mission Planning, 1952-1970. NASA apparently planned to go to Mars since 1952. Could this have been initiated by the NSA extraterrestrial radio signal and the HAM radio contacts of 1952? The NASA document indicates that Dr. Werner von Braun gave presentations for manned missions to Mars missions in August of 1969...and then all of a sudden nothing happens. All that planning, and nothing happens? Congress was critical of the plan...did the U.S. military go ahead and just do it in secret?

There is one message from the HAM radio contacts of 1952 that is just so strange I excluded it from the previous blog post, I initially did not know what to make of it. Here is the HAM radio message from September 20, 1952 from The Saucers Speak by George Hunt Williamson:
`This is Zo. We can hear you no matter what meter band you send on. We have heard all the messages you have sent to us by radio transmitter, and more. We have impressed you from time to time, and will continue to do so. Now what I am about to tell you will seem foolish. It is the way we do things at times. This is so it will all appear in a most conventional manner. You were impressed to go and see a certain motion picture. You did not know that the cartoon was Bugs Bunny in The Hasty Hare. We mentioned Bugs Bunny to you several times before, but you thought it was foolish and did not enter it into your records. We had our reasons. This cartoon was about a flying saucer and its coming to Earth. You saw the letter held in the hand of the saucer pilot and you noticed that its date was 9-27. This date is important in 1952. You will see!'
On September 27, 1952 the flying saucer came very close to the house of the HAM radio operator. But I am sorry, extraterrestrials from flying saucers contacting a HAM radio operator telling people to go see a Bugs Bunny picture??? This does seem ridiculous and foolish. Nevertheless, curiosity got the best of me and I decided to watch the Bugs Bunny episode of The Hasty Hare which was released in 1951. Here is a snapshot of the letter with the number 9-27 on it:

This letter is an order to Marvin the Martian, to go fly his flying saucer to retrieve one earthling and bring it back to Mars. And here we are, 50 years later, and we now have this international Mars One program to collect volunteers and send them on a one way trip to Mars. Looks like the Martian mission was successful, they sure have a lot of patience. And like Bugs Bunny, Mars One volunteers are most likely to live it out in an underground base:

WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? I already excluded that this was a joke played on a Ham radio operator. There is information provided in the Ham radio messages that was later verified. And if someone is going to play a joke, they are going to sound realistic and think of something dramatic, not tell people to look for hidden messages in a Bugs Bunny movie. My theory is that the volunteers for Mars One will need to eat a lot of carrots to make their skin appear orange. Carrot juice for breakfast, carrots for lunch, carrot soup for dinner, and to top it off, carrot cake for dessert. With just a bit of orange skin coloring from carotenosis, Mars One volunteers will blend in with the surface colors to avoid being seen by those pesky little rovers that NASA keeps sending to the surface:

If my theory is correct, red heads will have priority for the Mars One program over other volunteers.


So, the explanation offered as to why the extraterrestrials communicate via movies is so that it will all appear very normal and not shock the public. The CIA - the Central Intelligence Agency - actively participates in providing advice for the scripts of Hollywood movies behind the scenes.  Chase Brandon, a former CIA agent who said the UFO Roswell crash really happened, was involved in this aspect of the CIA. But extraterrestrials leaving hints in movies? That is really strange. And they pick such a very obscure number that appear very briefly in a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Some people may say I am just "pulling a rabbit out of the hat" with this discussion. But let's explore this further. What about this number, which appears ever so briefly in the movie Inception:

Big deal. So what, the hotel room number is 528?  It is a hidden reference to Group 5-8, an elite unit within British Special Forces that deals with extraterrestrial matters. I wonder why Cobb has such an obsession with a toy dreidle:

So what in the world does the movie Inception have to do with extraterrestrials? You thought it was all about dreams, right? For more details on that matter, see Extraterrestrial Cattle Mutilations - and Secret Intelligence. It deals with a subject that is highly secretive and classified.

However, I suspect that not all readers are convinced. So lets take a look at the movie The Matrix, which came out in the year 1999. Remember when Agent Smith pulls out Neo's file to interview him? Take that file, zoom in, and turn it upside down. There is an interesting number on Neo's passport:

That's right. Neo's U.S. Passport EXPIRES ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2001.  You know, the same date as the attack on twin towers of the World Trade Center? Neo encounters a secretive group that are hunted down by these powerful agents. I prefer to call them the "Men in Black":

Unknown to the population at large, they are living in an illusion. The illusion is maintained and enforced by these Men in Black. Behind the illusion: human bodies - thousands upon thousands - are being kept asleep in chambers used as "batteries" for these synthetic beings:

These agents capture Morpheus and interrogate him. What do they want? They want to know the location of a secret undergound base known as Zion:

So what does this all have to do with the attack on the twin towers of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001?  Take a look at this particular scene from The Matrix:

Let's play "I Spy". I spy two towers. I spy MMI on a tower. And what is MMI doing there? It is the Roman numeral for the number 2001. The year 2001. So in the movie The Matrix, what happens on those two towers? Does it have any similarity to the attack of September 11? In case you forgot, watch the following clip from The Matrix very, very closely:

What a coincidence. So who knew? Who had foreknowledge of the attack? Extraterrestrial from the star systems of the Pleiades did. In 1987, a Plejaran known as Quetzal said this to Billy Meier in the year 1987 (from The Henoch Prophecies):
The USA will set out against the Eastern countries ahead of all other financial states and simultaneously she will have to defend herself against the Eastern intruders. In all, America will play the most decisive role, when in the guise to strive for peace and to fight against terrorism she invades many countries of the Earth, bombs and destroys everything and brings thousandfold deaths to the populations. The military politics of the USA will likewise know no limits, as neither will their economic and other political institutions which will be focused on building and operating a world police force, as it is the case already for a long time. But that will not be enough, and, in the guise of a so-called peaceful globalisation, American politics will aspire to gain absolute control of the world concerning supremacy in economy.
If things go too far in these future wars, the extraterrestrials will give up their anonymity:
And at this time, the possibility could become reality that extraterrestrial forces intervene against the Western industrialised countries, because these will be responsible for the extreme and enormous disaster of the coming evil times. These extraterrestrial forces will give up their anonymity and their state of secrecy and will assist those who are being terrorised by the irresponsibly acting Western countries, should this possibility become reality.
And then, the consequences of such irresponsible actions are then spelled out:
Far in the West, it will be different; the United States of America will be a country of total destruction. The cause for this will be manifold. With her global conflicts which are continuously instigated by her and which will continue far into the future, America is creating enormous hatred against her, worldwide, in many countries. As a result, America will experience enormous catastrophes which will reach proportions barely imaginable to people of Earth. The destruction of the WTC, i.e., the World Trade Center, by terrorists will only be the beginning.
SURPRISE!  I bet no one expected that one coming.


So why do I bring up the attack of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001? Because the Bush-Cheney administration then falsely used that attack to justify their invasion of Iraq in 2003. Iraq had nothing to do with it. And then the Bush-Cheney administration falsified intelligence stating that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. And somehow the identity of a CIA agent was exposed when her husband - an ambassador - found no evidence that uranium was sent to Iraq. And what is happening now? The current administration is stating that the Assad administration launched a chemical weapon attack against his own people, killing hundreds of children. Explain to me, why would he do that? Why would he cross that "red line" to risk attack from Western nations? Why would he do that when he has been winning the ground war and has control of Damascus? The answer is he would not. It is a "false flag" black ops operation - it was done by someone else and made to look like that Assad did it. As for the intelligence presented to U.S. lawmakers, is that factual? No it isn't. Whenever someone asks for facts, that becomes classified. Intelligence reports can become skewed and falsified, as it was done for Iraq. There is another agenda here: Syria is the backdoor or stepping stone towards an attack on Iran. The civil war also happens to be a proxy war between Saudi Arabia (the Sunnis) and Iran (the Shiites).

So while the western media as usual is vomiting its propaganda supporting a war (despite that over 90% of American citizens are opposed to it), I found this article: Syrians In Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack. Testimony from multiple rebel witnesses have said that Saudi Arabia, a U.S. ally, is behind the chemical attack:
...from numerous interviews with doctors, Ghouta residents, rebel fighters and their families, a different picture emerges. Many believe that certain rebels received chemical weapons via the Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, and were responsible for carrying out the dealing gas attack.
“My son came to me two weeks ago asking what I thought the weapons were that he had been asked to carry,” said Abu Abdel-Moneim, the father of a rebel fighting to unseat Assad, who lives in Ghouta.
Abdel-Moneim said his son and 12 other rebels were killed inside of a tunnel used to store weapons provided by a Saudi militant, known as Abu Ayesha, who was leading a fighting battalion. The father described the weapons as having a “tube-like structure” while others were like a “huge gas bottle.”
Ghouta townspeople said the rebels were using mosques and private houses to sleep while storing their weapons in tunnels.
Abdel-Moneim said his son and the others died during the chemical weapons attack. That same day, the militant group Jabhat al-Nusra, which is linked to al-Qaida, announced that it would similarly attack civilians in the Assad regime’s heartland of Latakia on Syria’s western coast, in purported retaliation.
“They didn’t tell us what these arms were or how to use them,” complained a female fighter named ‘K.’ “We didn’t know they were chemical weapons. We never imagined they were chemical weapons.”
Later it says this:
According to U.K.’s Independent newspaper, it was Prince Bandar’s intelligence agency that first brought allegations of the use of sarin gas by the regime to the attention of Western allies in February.
So what is that classified intelligence briefing presented to U.S. lawmakers? Does it include intelligence reports from Saudi Arabia? Do you think that could be trusted? Can anyone believe this? If true, a vote of "yes" for military strikes means a vote of "yes" for terrorism. But that is not all. There is actual video evidence of rebels making use of chemical weapons. See Syria gas attack work of U.S. allies. And from a Syrian news report here is a shot of a chemical agent made in Saudi Arabia:

President Bashar al-Assad asked, "How is it possible that any country would use chemical weapons, or any weapons of mass destruction, in an area where its own forces are located?" But you will not hear that in western media, will you? If anyone attending the G-20 summit is reading this, do tell President Obama hello. For those of you in the U.S., do call or write your representative in congress - and give them your own intelligence report.

Now for the exact same scene from The Matrix which eerily seems to match "The Dream is Collapsing" and the trailer music from the movie of Inception:

Almost forgot. Coincidentally in The Matrix, Neo gets this strange message on his computer screen:


  1. Same day I posted this, Fox News then posted this: "Pro-strike lawmakers mum as startling videos surface of Syrian rebels" at

    Videos are surfacing where the rebels are stating they have chemical weapons. Where did they get them? Saudi Arabia? But then Fox News falsely states in the same broadcast there is no evidence they have chemical weapons. What a nice cover story. Its because they are choosing to ignore the evidence and not investigate it. It didn't take me too long to find it, it was quite easy. Media and intelligence reports can be "selective" in their data in order to move the government (and President) to take an action in accordance with a hidden agenda.

    Cordon off the borders, and seek a diplomatic solution. Use the intelligence for war crime trials afterwards.

  2. I just read this posting for the first time. In reference to the movie, "The Matrix" I would like to share my favorite line: "I would like to share a revelation I had during my time among the human race. It came to me when I tried to classify your species. I realized that you are not true mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium- a symbiotic relationship- with the surrounding environment, but you humans do not. You move to an area and replicate without any natural limits to population growth until every natural resource is consumed and all other life is extinguished. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same destructive pattern- a virus. Human beings are a pernicious disease- a metastasizing cancer of the Earth. You are a plague and we are the cure."

    1. Interesting quote. There have been contacts, but I have not researched them, warning about the population growth. In another there is a warning about the environmental destruction of the earth, long before the environmental movement became popular. Paul Hellyer (former Canadian defense minister) recently went public and has said there have been warnings concerning what we have been doing to the earth, without thought for the long term.


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