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Swedenborg and the Extraterrestrial UFO Phenomenon

Still from video of from a U.S. Fighter tailing a UFO, released by the Department of Defense

On the news, some may have heard of computer hacker Gary McKinnon, who in 2001 and 2002 was able to easily hack into NASA and military computers in the United States.  The U.S. then asked the United Kingdom to extradite him to the United States to face charges for causing willful irreparable damage on some of these computer systems. Extradition proceedings came to an end as recently as October 2012, when the United Kingdom blocked the extradition order. He will not be prosecuted in the United Kingdom as the evidence lies in the United States.

So what was he doing there? According to Gary McKinnon, he was looking for evidence of UFOs and free energy technology. He was told by someone that there was a particular building in NASA that regularly "brushed up" photos that contained imagery of UFOs. He hacked into a system there, and that is exactly what he found - and the image was that of a cigar or cylindrical shaped UFO hovering above the earth's hemisphere.

To provide more detail, here is a video which discusses sightings of "probe-type" UFOs that seem to hover and bobble, staying stationary for a while observing things. One is over a power line.  And this reminds me: when I was in California, I remember my sister and her friend reported seeing something similar bobbing up and down above the electrical power line tower in the park behind our house. I at first did not believe her, but her friend said the same thing and she was dead serious. But the reason why I include it is there is more collected footage of the cigar-shaped UFOs:

The above video is amazing - it includes photographs of a cigar shaped UFO that flew alongside a passenger airline, with testimony from the pilot that took the pictures. And the earliest reported sighting of a cigar shaped UFO apparently comes from the 16th century A.D.


It has been a long time since I have taken another look at the UFO phenomenon. With the advent of the internet, and youtube, it is now easier than ever to find evidence from all over the world from multiple witnesses. To muddy the waters, there are people who do put up fake videos to keep this under wraps, or to just get attention. Why am I looking at this now? Because Emanuel Swedenborg, a scientist of the 18th century, had clairvoyant abilities and encountered some of these extraterrestrials in the spiritual world. This took him by surprise, and this occurred long before the modern UFO phenomenon. Unlike other accounts, which combine these claims with some spiritual revelation, Swedenborg speaks of these encounters in his dry encyclopedic style of a detached scientist. But Swedenborg thought they originated from planets on our solar system. And many who read this, stop there and read no further. I honestly at first did not know what to make of it. That is, until the last couple of weeks, when I found footage and witnesses concerning UFO activity on the Moon and on Mars (see my previous blogs on extraterrestrials). We know these planets do not have a breathable atmosphere, but as UFO technology seems highly advanced above ours, Swedenborg's account is beginning to make sense.

Swedenborg speaks of most of these extraterrestrials as human like us, some shorter, but with no advanced technology in the sciences or writing. So is that true, that they were all more primitive in the sciences than us? Not quite. There is one particular group, which he associates with the planet Mercury, which had a keen interest to gather information out of other people's memory:
With what eagerness they search out and absorb knowledges, such as are in the memory raised above the sensuals of the body, was made evident to me by this, that when they looked into what I knew of heavenly things, they ran through them all, declaring instantly the nature of each. For when spirits come to man, they enter into his whole memory, and call forth there what suits them; yea, as I have often observed, they read its contents as from a book. (Heavenly Arcana, n. 6811)
There are many reports of abductions, where people report "missing time" - their memory has been wiped of that incident. We are not there yet: we are only beginning to understand how the brain works. Not only that, but more so than any other race, this race had knowledge from other solar systems:
The spirits of Mercury, above all others, possess knowledge both of this solar system, and of the earths beyond this in the starry heaven (Heavenly Arcana, n. 6812)
They have a habit of exploring other societies and gathering what they know. Although Swedenborg sees this in the spiritual world, what one does in the spiritual world often corresponds to what one did in this earthly life:
When the spirits of Mercury come to other societies, they find out from them what they know, and then depart; such communication also is given among spirits, that when they are in a society, if they are accepted and loved, all things which they know are communicated, and this not by any speech, but by influx. By reason of their knowledge, the spirits of Mercury are more haughty than others... (Heavenly Arcana, n. 6813)
These extraterrestials have so much knowledge, they place all of life in knowledges alone, thus Swedenborg observed they did not fully develop higher levels of thinking. In this area, they seemed to be a bit more limited than us. Swedenborg also observed they did not like to dwell with those from planet earth, as they viewed us as too materialistic and attached to earthly things. So from this and other passages, we can gather a bit of knowledge concerning their psychology and motivation:
1. The relationship is one way: extract knowledge.
2. An idea of "superiority" due to the enormous amount of knowledge gathered.
3. Inability to develop higher levels of rational thinking, or in making use of the knowledge, except to communicate that knowledge to others.
4. Lack of desire, even aversion, to commune with our materialistic society. Thus they would probably regard us as "primitive barbarians."
5. They would begin to show more interest in us if they thought we had knowledge that they didn't. Such as...maybe blowing up an atomic bomb?
And with that kind of profile, should a government encounter them in today's world, do you think they will just announce it to the public?  No.  It will be kept secret, and have the highest level of secrecy. Because there is much knowledge to be gained.

Another point Swedenborg makes: they love to wander about, going from solar system to solar system, collecting knowledge:
The spirits of the earth Mercury do not tarry long in one place, or in the sphere of the spirits of one world, but wander through the universe. ...Hence it is given them to wander, and everywhere to acquire to themselves knowledge. The spirits of that earth go in companies and bands, and when assembled together, form as it were a globe...That those spirits wander through the universe to acquire knowledges of things, was made evident to me also from this, that once when they appeared very remote from me, they talked with me thence, and said that they were then gathered together and were journeying out of the sphere of this solar world into the starry heaven  (Heavenly Arcana, n. 6925-26)
Swedenborg gives another explanation as for why they "form as it were a globe." But the description is remarkably similar to many UFOs that have been reported. And the last point to make: there are many other planets in the solar system that are inhabited by the human race:
Because of their thus journeying through the universe, and so being able to know more than others of the worlds and earths beyond the sphere of our solar system, I have also talked with them on this subject. They said that in the universe there are very many earths inhabited by men, and that they wondered that it should be supposed by any, whom they called men of little judgment... (Heavenly Arcana, n. 6927).
A remarkable statement, considering this was in the 18th century, long before current astronomers began discovering other planets orbiting other stars. Emanuel Swedenborg demonstrated on multiple occasions a clairvoyant ability. If he was right on those occasions, perhaps we should pay attention to these accounts. Because we will gain very little useful knowledge concerning these extraterrestrial cultures from all these UFO sightings on the internet.


  1. Dear Doug I m really not too interested in UFOs. However, as an ex-Swedenborgian- now living the life of an Eucumenical Christian- ex-pat U.S. vet in Germany, I can tell you that one key to cracking gravity lies n the upgrading the monistic cosmology Swedenborg also used- to modern quantum electro-dynamics.
    In his True Christian Religio number 46 (6), Swedenborg writes about "constant and perpetual creation"- which is a big difference to modern physics teaching "non-source-free" matter (pluralist viewpoint about uncreate matter.) In his work on Cosmology- Divine Love and Wisdom, he even gives a General Unified Gauge Force Field Theorem in verbalized form:
    Potential energyis not force (Ep0t /= GeV) Force in not kinetic Energy (GeV /= m/s) Rather it is so that energy potential generates the force (Epot => GeV) and energy potential times the force equals the kinetic energy functions (Epot X GeV = m/s).
    His adaptation of the ancient and revived Bullular model (revived by St.Ramon Lull in the 14th century- picked up from Arab philoosophy in Spain-carried to 17th century European thought by Spinoza and Leibnitz) is advanced-- and a non-source-free view of a constantly created atom... (where positron and electron functions are not "always existent, but rather constantly generated by nucleon spin) Upgrading the Swedenborg´s model in the Principia yields quantum gravity- but there are some tough problems in the upgrade. utual particle pair annihilation: "Atoms cannot exist this way as the EPR effect would simply burn them up." However, we were able to account for homeostasis within the model framework to establish homeostasis- and that also established the relationship between the electron and positron functions of the non-soucre-free atom in the Bullular model upgrade. (Swedenborg´s "1st natural point" point in his principia. The clue for that "saving of the Bullular model upgrade can be found in a "memorable relation" in the chapter on "Imputation in Swedenborg´s "True Christian Religion".
    Here in Munich Germany, we not only successfully upgraded the Bullular Model also used by Swedenborg to reveal quantum gravity- we developed and are patenting gravity field retransformation which captures the energy of gravity and turns that into useful energy.
    In aerospace- we will soon be licensing the breakthrough technology to EADS/Airbus aerospace- . i.e. we put special linings inside the winds and mainframes of aircraft and an advanced European space shuttle- which captures and transforms much of gravitational energy- lightening the craft and the payload- and channel that energy into dual magnetron ion thrusters which actually thrust against the two media which carry gravity.

    Speculation about "Earths and the Universe" is one thing. Actually tying up Swedenborg´s cosmological views with state-of-the-art quantum physics and quantum-loop-gravity theory yielded quantum gravity- and actual, patent applied for anti-gravity technology.
    The Euroshuttle - by EADS-Airbus - will need no rockets to launch - using Gravity Field Retransformation - for the launch. Already in development.


    Have a nice day.

    Kent Otho Doering
    (4th generation New Christian Swedenborgian - since 1848)
    Munich, Germany

    1. Hello Kent,

      One does not have to be denominationally "Swedenborgian" to belong to the New Church, but only acknowledge that God is one in person, who made His human Divine, and that one must keep his commandments. So I would hope people in the ecumenical Christian movement would spread that message to all Christian churches.

      That said, my only interest in UFOs and extraterrestrials was to determine if what Swedenborg said concerning them were true or not. In this blog you will see that I have tentatively identified one of the extraterrestrial civilizations that he came into contact with were the Iargans from the star system Epsilon Eridani. I of course would be extremely interested in learning about their philosophy and way of looking at life. There is a preponderance of undeniable hard evidence that they are here observing us, I would just wish they would end this game of hide and go seek and "speak up."

      As for perpetual creation, I believe quantum physics has shown that random particles will pop in and out of space in a vacuum. There is another theory that contained within each black hole another universe is born, which begins with a "big bang" from a point of singularity. As each black hole sucks in more matter, the universe within expands. And although Swedenborg had no idea about this he comes close to describing it in the following passage:

      "But spaces were introduced into the natural world by the earth's being compacted into a globe, composed of various materials, the parts of which were distinct from one another, and at the same time extended." (True Christian Religion, n. 29)

      As for Swedenborg's atomic theory, he denied the existence of any simple substance, which science has confirmed - the smaller we go, the more complicated things get:

      " is a fallacy of the merely natural sense, that there are simple substances, which are monads and atoms; for whatever is within the range of the external sensual, the natural man believes to be such, or nothing." (Heavenly Arcana, n. 5084)

      As for the "Bullular model," I have no idea what that is. As for the gravity technology you speak of, I am unaware of it. However Ben Rich of Lockheed Skunkworks had said that we now have the capability to travel to the stars, but this technology is locked away in black budget programs.

      For science, the interest I have is in degrees of order found in all creation, which I describe in this blog under the tag "Universal Order of Design." The main gap in this theory concerns the number of dimensions we have in space-time. There are a number of theories, I cover them in The Seven Dimensions of Physics, but I need a bit of help from scientists who are subject matter experts in that area.

  2. I found your blog googling swedenborg, he is my current belief because honestly, I will never truly know until I die but I know that living that way is best.

    Anyway, I wanted to say how shocked I was at this... I HAVE seen a UFO, it was a silver cylinder, I was 13 years old and I am certainly not delusional - I've never been schizophrenic, my vision and hearing were just fine. I know what I saw - that leads me to believe that this blog post has truth to it.

    1. Hello barnone - I think many in the New Church believe he was seeing just spiritual societies - but this position is untenable, which I explain in detail in Extraterrestrial Contact, Emanuel Swedenborg and Christianity. I once felt the same, but after a bit of research (which you can see in this blog), I think Swedenborg was correct. The evidence is overwhelming for the extraterrestrial presence and visitation, I discovered that we have to overcome an inner "psychological denial."

      The cylindrical UFO is a common shape, and it is speculated that it uses a form of electro-magnetism to cancel out gravity. See Swedenborg and the Extraterrestrials from Saturn, which also includes an actual NASA photograph of one of these cylindrical ships in space from the Cassini probe.


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