Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Scientific Proof of Biological Precognition

Here is some interesting news: science is catching up with religious revelation.  That is, it has discovered evidence that our biological system is precognitive.  Precognition has been an interest of mine for a long time: it is one of those oddball pieces of information we try to shut out and ignore as it does not fit in with our view of how time should behave.  Rather than proving the existence of God, which requires certain assumptions to be made, it is easier to prove whether or not prophecy exists.  There are of course prophecies in the Bible, but those who have read up on modern Biblical criticism will note that scholars try to put these prophecies as having been written after the fact.  While this can be theorized for many of the Biblical prophecies, there is one in the book of Daniel that is harder to explain away.  So rather than concentrate on Biblical prophecies, instead I gathered evidence for prophecy from the writings of Nostradamus.  Unlike the Bible, it is impossible to state that the prophecy was written after the fact.  I at first intended to just publish a book on Nostradamus prophecies, but after gathering all the evidence I discovered he embedded a numerical coding system in each prophecy, by which he had mixed them up.  This delayed publication for several years - but at least the first volume is now out as an e-book in The Decoded Prophecies of Nostradamus.

I had heard about scientific evidence for biological precognition before.  The experiment I heard about is that they took some subjects, and each subject would be randomly shocked by an electrical shock at random times.  Each subject was wired to electrodes.  Here is the interesting thing: when the scientists examined the data, a few milliseconds before a random subject was about to be shocked they measured something in the nervous system in the body - where the body started to tense up - right before the person was shocked.  It is as if something in the body knew beforehand it was about to be shocked.

So that is what I had heard long time ago, and forgot about it.  Well apparently a group of scientists decided to gather the evidence of these experiments that have been occurring over the past 24 years.  And now the evidence is harder to ignore.  Here is a quote from Science-A-Gogo:

After reviewing previous studies into "anomalous anticipatory activity," researchers at Northwestern University think the phenomenon might be related to recent findings in the field of quantum biology.Published in the journal Frontiers in Perception Science, the new meta-study is based on an analysis of the results of 26 studies published between 1978 and 2010.Researchers already agree that our subconscious minds sometimes know more than our conscious minds. "Physiological measures of subconscious arousal, for instance, tend to show up before conscious awareness," explained the review's lead author Julia Mossbridge. "What hasn't been clear is whether humans have the ability to predict future important events even without any clues as to what might happen."

Ok, so science seems to have gotten as far as showing significant evidence of precognition at least milliseconds or seconds into the future. They are still uncertain about whether this is possible years into the future. But those who have read the prophecies of Nostradamus already know the answer to that question.

So the evidence is there.  Science can see the effect.  The cause?  Utter silence.  Science can only study effects.  The causes in themselves are hidden. For those who have studied Swedenborg, the answer is already known.  Our bodies do not exist by themselves.  Our bodies receive life through spiritual influx. We are spiritual beings - that is what makes us alive.  Swedenborg describes this in the following passage:
Man does not know at all that he is governed of the Lord by means of angels and spirits; and that with every man there are at least two spirits, and two angels. Through spirits communication of man with the world of spirits is effected, and through angels with heaven. Without communication through spirits with the world of spirits, and through angels with heaven, and so through heaven with the Lord, man can by no means live. His life entirely depends on that conjunction. If the spirits and angels should withdraw, he would perish in a moment. (Heavenly Arcana, n. 50)
With each person, there are at least two angels, and two spirits:
There are at least two evil spirits and two angels with every man. Through the evil spirits a man has communication with hell; and through the angels, with heaven. Without communication with both a man cannot live a moment. Thus every man is in some society of the infernals, though he is unaware of it. But their torments are not communicated to him, because he is in a state of preparation for eternal life. The society in which a man has been is sometimes shown to him in the other life; for he returns to it, and so into the life that he had in the world; and from thence he either tends toward hell, or is raised up toward heaven. Thus a man who does not live in the good of charity, and does not suffer himself to be led by the Lord, is one of the infernals, and after death becomes also a devil. (Heavenly Arcana, n. 697)
For reasons too long to explain here, direct communication - in most cases - between man and angel is forbidden.  General emotions, feelings, intuitions - all indirect and implicit - allowed.  One reason for this is that it is important for each individual to choose according to their free will.  Another reason is that our inner person must be purified from sin before any direct communication is allowed.  As most dont bother to do this, most of us live in the dark.  So, even though direct communication is forbidden, lets return to that shock experiment.  Angels are highly intelligent and can foresee things a bit more than us, and their thoughts are extremely fast.  So even though the communication is not allowed, I can just imagine them saying, OK, we are about to get shocked.  And in those few milliseconds before that shock hits the body, the body tenses up.  Looks like their code of silence has been broken.  Who said one can't see angels dancing on the pin of a needle?  At least that's my theory.

And now, a session of unorthodox shock therapy with psychiatrist Marvin Monroe.  See if you can guess who will be shocked next:


  1. That sounds a plausible explanation.

    I believe that similar processes are behind many of the recent psychological experiments that show unexpected cognitive responses in babies 6-12 monts old. They react to appearances that break normal causal reasoning, for example. A quick search gives the examples described by Sobel and Kirkham.

  2. That's a heavy article. Knowledge derived from the senses is known to Swedenborg as the "sensual," and its the lowest most natural form of knowledge. There is outward knowledge, but there is inward knowledge that flows in that is not derived from sensory perceptions: "Properly speaking, the sensual man, that is, he who thinks from sensual things, is the external man, and the spiritual and celestial man is the internal man; but the rational man is mediate between the two, and by this, or by what is rational, there is communication of the internal man with the external." (Heavenly Arcana, n. 978-3). Causal reasoning, in the rational mind, thus should have two sources of information, and experiments can only study the outward visible one.

  3. We do not normally attribute causal reasoning to babies less than 12 months old.
    If some experiments do show some responses the appear to indicate causal reasoning, then perhaps we are seing influences of the reactions of associated spirits.

    In that case, there may be a way (after all) to study some aspects of the inward sources of rationality. I agree that this is not normally possible, but here perhaps there might be a way.


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