Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Precognitive Dream of September 11

It was the morning of September 11, 2001. I had the following dream:

I am in a city, and I see a great big shark flying through the sky between the buildings. It starts to devour people with its mouth. Just when I think it could not get worse, another shark shows up, and starts devouring people. Then another (I am not sure of the number). I look for a gun to shoot them down, but my father shows up. He says for me not to use any large gun such as a shotgun, but instead to use a bee-bee gun. I thought how ridiculous, I'll never be able to kill one of these sharks with a bee-bee gun. The dream ends.
I woke up and told my wife the dream. Later that morning, she received a call from her sister in Turkey, telling us how sorry she is for our country (the US). My wife asked what is she talking about, and she told us to turn on the television. And there on the TV, were the two towers of the World Trade Center burning from the planes that had crashed into them. It was only later in the day that I realized that the dream was describing the hijacked planes of September 11. But what of the story of my father who shows up, telling me not to use any big gun to kill the sharks? A father is an authority figure, he could also represent "the fatherland". Essentially on September 11 the higher ups had scheduled some war games in which all our fight jets were chasing false radar blips. There were war games going on concerning a hijacked plane, and even in the Pentagon there was a wargame going on simulating the scenario of a hijacked plane crashing into the Pentagon. Thus the confusion, some of which has been caught on tape. The higher ups essentially wanted to make sure that none of the planes were shot down until they reached their destination. The evidence for this is very strong - there was a well established protocol for the U.S. Air Force in 1997 to shoot down hijacked planes.

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  1. There are many other cases of people having precognitive dreams of the attacks of September 11: from Survey of Dreams and Premonitions about
    the 9-11 Attacks on the United States

    "Many people have contacted us with dreams that occurred before 9/11 that seem to relate to the 9/11 events. We are now soliciting reports of dreams (and other experiences such as feelings, hunches, unexpected deviations from your normal routine, premonitions or daydreams) that occurred before the events of 9/11 and that seem to relate to the terrorist attacks on the United States."

    For a sample precognitive dream, more detailed than mine, see I Dreamed About 9/11 Before it Happened


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