Thursday, September 7, 2017

A Prophecy of Future Devastating Hurricanes for America

This year America has withdrawn from the Paris Climate accord, and due to global warming the hurricanes are destined to become more intense. And it just so happens that in this one year, there will be at least two devastating hurricanes: hurricane Harvey has hit Houston Texas with devastating effect, and hurricane Irma will probably devastate a large portion of southern Florida. Texas and Florida have traditionally voted Republican, and the Republican party has been largely responsible in lying to the public over the reality of global warming and sea level rise.

It is scientifically undeniable that human activity has been a major cause of global warming. From the NASA web site:
In its Fifth Assessment Report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a group of 1,300 independent scientific experts from countries all over the world under the auspices of the United Nations, concluded there's a more than 95 percent probability that human activities over the past 50 years have warmed our planet.
The industrial activities that our modern civilization depends upon have raised atmospheric carbon dioxide levels from 280 parts per million to 400 parts per million in the last 150 years. The panel also concluded there's a better than 95 percent probability that human-produced greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide have caused much of the observed increase in Earth's temperatures over the past 50 years.
A major cause of global warming has been the burning of fossil fuels. And the oil industry has been tightly coupled with the American government in denying the environmental effects of burning fossil fuels, and there has been a secret suppression of alternative methods of energy in order to support the fossil fuel industry. It is also tightly coupled with the global economy: all countries must purchase oil in U.S. dollars. Thus the U.S. has economic leverage over the world, by maintaining a fiat currency that it can leverage over others. This is the reason why the U.S. went to war with Iraq, as the Iraqi regime began to shift the sale of oil from the U.S. dollar to the Euro. It is also the reason why we went to war against Libya, as the regime there sought to move Africa to an alternative currency (see Libyan Oil, Gold, and Qaddafi: The Strange Email Sidney Blumenthal Sent Hillary Clinton In 2011). The beauty of the internet, secrets are hard to keep secret.


So, it is timely now to recall the prophecies of Anton Johansson, who was given heavenly visions of the future, and foresaw the sinking of the Titanic as well as the outbreak of World War I. His prophecies are both remarkable and dire. I covered his prophecies back in 2007 in the blog post Prophecies of a Future War with Russia. Here is the relevant portion:
Johansson foresaw three great hurricanes before the coming of the Franco-Spanish War. The hurricanes he describes are intense and nothing like we have ever seen before. Some interpreters have doubted what he said concerning these hurricanes, and thought he might be describing atomic weaponry. One hurricane will begin around Panama, affect the Gulf states and Florida, and will move in a wide belt along the Missisippi and gather strength around the Great Lakes. Chicago, Minneapolis, Washington and New York will suffer. Skyscrapers will rock and collapse, and wide areas will be set on fire. From Canada the hurricane will travel across the Atlantic and hit west and south-west Europe. No hurricane has ever behaved in this manner. We now know that the earth's weather is gradually warming, and due to global warming hurricanes and tornadoes are going to become more frequent and intense. America is primarily responsible for much of the global warming, though the government does not want to admit it. Global deforestation is also a contributing factor. What goes around, comes around. The hurricanes will be so great that America will not recover from the devastation.
What is even more sobering, is the other prophecies are even worse. Great plagues will break out and kill large portions of the human population. These will come out at the time of great wars, and they are so devastating that one suspects now it will be caused by biological weaponry. Anton Johansson's most famous future prophecy concerns a future invasion of Sweden by Russia, which at that time will become allied with France. And we now see a split between America and Russia over western intervention in Ukraine (see CIA Blowback in Ukraine, and Love your Neighbor and Pray for Peace in Ukraine) and the expansion of NATO. NATO has recognized the danger, and thus there are increased patrols over the Baltic states. The negative western media against Russia is non-stop, when in reality America and Russia should engage in cooperation and friendship with each other against future common threats.

So hopefully this is a wake-up call, both to those who deny the causes of global warming, and those who are pushing against Russia to make it yet again an "enemy" for the west to support its goals over dominating the world's resources.


  1. I find this to be a very disappointing post. It is true that humans have some impact on warming, but the impact is minuscule. Yes, people could behave better and treat the planet's resources better than we do. BUT, that has nothing to do with the climate. Real climate change is not man-made. Ice core samples (from Greenland for example) make this very clear. The warming we see today is not significant. When real temperature changes HAVE occurred it wasn't a few degrees over a century. It was more like 18 degrees F within a single year.

    In the early 19th century glaciers began to shrink back from the last "little ice age" a full century before man was doing anything significant with CO2. And at that time the planet had been at its coldest point for ~10,000 years. So when you are talking about glacier recession you have to consider what the historical baseline is. Yes, they started receding but they were receding from an almost all time high, so if you apply historical context it's no big thing.

    Are you aware that global warming was significantly higher during the middle ages than today? There's so much false nonsense being spouted. I think some do it because they are genuinely concerned and just don't know any better. Others are doing it because they want to control the way people conduct business and run their lives. I won't guess your motives but know that you are factually wrong.

    1. According to NASA, there is a 95% chance global warming is due to human activity. There is only a 5% chance you are right. So I am going to go with science here.

      There is no doubt, however, that the earth has experienced changes throughout its whole history, and many areas that were cold today had warm tropical weather in the past.

    2. The example you cite is known as the "Medieval Warming Period" and it is apparently a common argument against the phenomenon of global warming. But see this: How does the Medieval Warm Period compare to current global temperatures?. First, it was warm in some areas but still cooler across the globe overall. Moreover, causes are different: it was caused by increased solar radiation and some volcanic activity.

      However, this is not exactly the main point of the article, which is on the prophecies of Anton Johansson. One thing I have not brought up, and that is on weather warfare, a whole other topic.

  2. On another note there are prophesies to support whatever ideology you want to push. For what it's worth Howard Storm says the opposite.

    If you believe in prophesy what is the point in your ideology? What will happen is going to happen regardless.

    1. Howard Storm says the opposite of what? I did cover the experience of Howard Storm in an earlier blog post here: Swedenborg on the Near Death Experience of Howard Storm and many of his statements of his Near Death Experience confirm what Emanuel Swedenborg said of the afterlife in the 18th century.

      The ideology I follow is that of free will, and that future events change according to our free will. Prophecy is meant to be a warning to change our behavior in order to change the future, and one can see the future change in the book of Jonah: Jonah prophesied, and God spared the city of Ninevah. There is another example in Isaiah, where a king repents and the prophecy is delayed. Emanuel Swedenborg did not believe humans should know the future as that would infringe on our reason and free will.

    2. My point is none of these people agree. For example Swedenborg is emphatic that Angels are simply people who had been humans in the past, not a separate race. Howard Storm is emphatic that Jesus told him Angels are in fact a separate creation. Howard also claims some angels were cast out of heaven and became devils which is 180 degrees from what could be possible according to Swedenborg's writings.

      Howard claims God will not allow another great War that kills tons of people etc. whoever the Anton Johansson guy is seems to be less optimistic. I see little reason to worry about such things. God has zero commandments regarding being Eco friendly. I have zero concern that the planet will fall apart one second before God wishes it to do so.

    3. I believe in freewill also, but also in God's foresight. Therefore all events are already known to Him. Therefore true prophesy is possible. The events do not change.

    4. Hello Jade, it is possible that what Anton Johansson saw and what Howard Storm was told are both true, because the future can change as human free will changes (as demonstrated by Jonah). Johansson was told that the year 1953 was a turning point, and as to what was the intervention to stop a nuclear war by 1953 is another subject. But when it comes to prophecy, I go with those prophecies of those who have a demonstrated track record. Johansson has a very good track record, I am honestly not aware of any prophecy given to Howard Storm. Sometimes prophecies are fulfilled in unexpected ways.

      Now, as for Howard Storm being told that angels are definitely a separate creation, and that they were cast down from heaven, this does not in fact disagree with the visions seen by Emanuel Swedenborg. Angels do in fact originate from the human race, but what was shown to Swedenborg (and Howard Storm) is that there are many extraterrestrial human races across the universe, and many existed before our human race here on earth did. Considering the low morals of this planet in general, the majority of angels in heaven are in fact a separate creation. Swedenborg gives the most simplest explanation for their origin: angels have human form because they originated from a human form.

      As for the fall of angels from heaven, there is no disagreement on this either. What Swedenborg explains here is that there are lower levels of heaven between heaven and hell, and periodically evil spirits, who appear good externally, are cast out of this region in what are known as "final judgments." This he describes in detail in the work "The Final Judgment," and indeed evil spirits are cast out after a general separation between the good and evil occurs. This has happened multiple times in history - one during the flood of Noah, another during the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and another in modern times spawning the era of Enlightenment (and the rejection of unquestioned religious authority).

      So thats my opinion, but I will have to take a look at those statements by Howard Storm more closely. With any religious revelation, the revelation is adapted to the understanding of the receiver, and most of the time not everything is told if the receiver is not ready to receive it.

    5. You don't think the future is known by God because of something you read in Jonah? I find that hard to believe. Being outside of time and space He'd have to know what transpires. How else could his birth have been prophesised how could he tell Peter he would deny Him?

      I won't pretend to be able to make much sense out of the old testament. It is not clear what is history, what is a story vehicle, what possible corespondances are meant, etc. It's too cryptic for anyone in my opinion.

      There is a HUGE difference between Swedenborg claiming an evil spirit can sneak into heaven and be cast out or claiming that an angel can be let down into the spirit world and their innate evils to learn something before being brought back into heaven and Howard claiming that an angel's desires can change such that they are cast into hell and become a devil. According to Swedenborg that would not be possible.

      Swedenborg claims all people are human wheather from this planet, an alien, an angel, the very shape of heaven he claims is in the form of the human body. Howard claims many of the aliens looks like insects and sea creatures and get even stranger beyond that. Personally I would not describe someone who looked like a beetle as human. If heaven were shaped like a squid I would not call that the human form. Now you can torture the meaning of people's words to say maybe inside they are human or whatever but I think you just WANT everything to agree so you are stretching things to make them fit.

      You might wish to email Howard directly, I have done so in the past:

      I believe he claims to have been told that within 200 years, people on this planet will be able to grow food instantly, heal people instantly, control the weather, telepathically communicate with people on other worlds, have no visible forms of technology, their focus will be primarily on raising children, etc.

    6. Jade of course God knows the future, because he is outside of time and space. In heaven linear time does not make sense. What takes millions of years here is just the ever present Now to the Divine.

      As for the Old Testament, the only explanation I have seen that makes sense - which explains the odd stories and symbolism in detail - is Heavenly Arcana (aka Arcana Coelestia) by Emanuel Swedenborg. No other work comes even close. There is an hyperlinked version for Kindle here: Heavenly Arcana (Hyperlinked Works of Emanuel Swedenborg Book 1)

      As for what makes a race "human" it is not their external appearance, it is their spiritual free will. There is an interesting explanation that Swedenborg gives for the passage that man was "made in the image of God". The spiritual meaning is that we are His image and likeness only insofar we become recipients of good and truth from the Divine. It does not mean similar in external appearance, and Swedenborg stated we should abstract our ideas from the physical. As for Howard Storm's testimony, that was a curious confirmation as I have seen other reported contacts involving reptilian or insectoid like races. I dont think Swedenborg saw them because at that time there was not as much extraterrestrial visitation then as there is now. I have not blogged about those topics because even as it is, people find it hard to accept the ET topic in general, even within the Swedenborgian church itself.

      So point is, even though Swedenborg had 27 years of waking visions of heaven I still don't think the revelation is exhaustive, as there is infinite things in this universe. There is always room to learn more.

  3. I'm familiar with Secrets of Heaven. You either believe Swedenborg is somehow a lone authority and correct about correspondence and is single handedly able to correctly translate correspondences accurately or you don't. I see no way of independently verifying any of this.

    Granted, it seems logical that the spiritual world is infinite. So you can always say that so and so didn't see this or that, or they were not ready to take in the whole truth. Therefore you can make any narrative you like fit.

    I understand the desire to make multiple spiritual accounts agree, but I believe they do not. I certainly don't think you can take Storm's believe that angel's were not created with the freewill of humans and make that fly with Swedenborg.

    Some say reincarnation is true and that you can do no wrong, such as Eben Alexander, Howard Storm says no to this. I think they are all worth study, but I see no reason to believe any of them unless you can somehow independantly verify the claim. Ultimately what you are left with is not unlike what you have with the Bible itself. You can make it mean almost anything you want. I find this frustrating, though I've no doubt it is by design.

    By the way, I'm confident there's little reason to worry about climate change. While it's true climatologists agree temperatures have been rising a bit over the last century (a ridiculously small timespan to ever consider meaningful when dealing with planetary climate) there is in fact ZERO AGREEMENT by climatologists as to what degree humans have played a role in that change. Personally, I feel God can and is dealing with the planet. I don't think He needs us to be concerned about that.

    1. Well, there is actual independent verification of some items Swedenborg said. One is, he said the first 11 chapters of Genesis is "composed history" drawn from earlier resources. This has now been verified, but that only happened in the 19th century with archaeological findings in the Middle East of earlier cuneiform sources. Another is he made statements about the lost book of Jasher which I have also partially verified - see The Lost Book of Jasher, the Exodus, and Emanuel Swedenborg. Those are facts. And then of course there is the Near Death Experience, discovered in the 20th century, the accounts of which is similar to what Swedenborg saw for the afterlife (e.g., the central light of heaven, the life review, a spiritual body, multiple levels of heaven, etc). I find this very hard to ignore.

      Now, that does not mean Swedenborg knows everything. He does make errors. One example is his knowledge of genetics. Another is he made a false conclusion about the current inhabitability of other planets in the solar system (although some were inhabitable in the past - a recent discovery for Mars and Venus). Also in True Christian Religion, he makes the error where he assumes the Athanasian Creed was written by Athanasius, whereas we now know it was essentially a forgery - an anonymous author wrote it southern France and the Catholic Church attributed it to Athanasius. So, when reading Swedenborg, one has to distinguish between what was revealed, and what are his explanations drawn from his own experience and knowledge. Some like to believe his writings are Divinely Inspired similar to scripture but they are in error, even Swedenborg would disagree with that.

      So as for what Howard Storm said, perhaps it is true. Swedenborg made his conclusion from his experience - he did not meet any angel that had not formerly lived as a human in the physical. He had limited contact with the highest level celestial angels, he interacted more with those angels at the spiritual level. Then again I would like to see the exact wording of what Storm was told, and how he interpreted it, which could be two different things.

      As for reincarnation, what Howard Storm said is in perfect agreement with Swedenborg - it comes about as a result of "shared memories" from similar souls, which Howard Storm directly experienced. I covered this earlier in The Origin of the Soul, the Group Soul and Reincarnation.

      I honestly do not understand the skepticism surrounding climate change. I think the causes are well established by science. All I am seeing is a suppression of the science by the government. The causes are so well established (but to your point see The missing piece of the climate puzzle), we can no longer use certain chemicals that were causing greenhouse gases. One point which scientists are missing, or perhaps its being suppressed, is that the radiation of the Sun is gradually increasing. Which is why NASA has recently implemented more observations on the Sun. God gave us responsibility over this planet, and we have the potential to destroy it, we cannot engage in destructive activities and expect no consequences.

  4. Thank you. Interesting web site. The Bhagavad Gita does contain some ancient lost knowledge, for example the field of Dharma is known as the "field of righteousness or truth." In the Hebrew scriptures this is referred to as "mercy and truth," where mercy is the Divine love, and truth is the Divine truth, the two primary aspects of the Divine which must always be one (truth is derived from love, and love must be guided by truth). Battlefields and wars are symbolic depictions of truth fighting against falsity.

    Love (purpose or intent) and truth (how to do it) become united in a life of usefulness:

    "There are three things which cohere, and cannot be separated, love, wisdom, and use of life. If one is separated, the remaining two perish" (Swedenborg, Apocalypse Revealed, n. 352)

  5. “One hurricane will begin around Panama...”

    1. I believe he was talking of natural hurricanes. One did hit Panama in 1969. With global warming, they will become more common


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