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Telepathy, Synchronous Dreams, Prayer, and Extraterrestrials

In a round about way I discovered one of the readers of this blog claimed to have been in close contact with extraterrestrials, under a setting involving the U.S. military.  However this person is not allowed to discuss details as there were certain security oaths signed. This person mentioned something strange: when one comes close to an extraterrestrial, communication can begin to take place through telepathy. For them, non-verbal communication through telepathy is the norm. So I thought I would discuss the matter of telepathy and related phenomenon, such as synchronous dreaming and prayer. For thoughts are not just thoughts, they have a spiritual reality and the thoughts we accept as truth has the power to change one's life. For without exception, we all act according to the truth that we know and accept. You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

If this sounds unlikely, this is the age of the internet, and it now becomes possible to get in touch with people from across the world, and one or two people who have had a face to face encounter have gotten in touch with me through this blog.

Another related phenomenon to telepathy, perhaps the same, is synchronous dreaming. People have found who share their dreams, that often in the same night they would have the same dream on the same subject.  As in dreams we shutdown our external senses, it is more likely that telepathy would occur more often during this time of sleep. It sounds bizarre, but if you remember your dreams, and share them with friends and family who do the same, you will find this is quite common.

At this time I thought I would share a synchronous dream experience: after I published the article The Extraterrestrial Christianity of UMMO, I had this very strange dream. I saw a man, who looked human. He looked at me, and began to rapidly shift between different forms of communication, first telepathic, then he opened his mouth, and the noises were very strange. He was speaking in languages I never heard of, some were in very high pitched noises and it was very strange. It was when he opened his mouth to speak I then realized he was not from this earth. The thought in his mind was that he was trying to determine if I myself was just an ordinary human, or extraterrestrial. He seemed to lose interest at the end of the dream when I did not understand or respond.

A strange dream, and would have forgotten about it, but that very day another person told me her dream: a voice came to her as the dream was showing various people in American neighborhoods. The voice said, or thought, "Do not be upset with them, for they are not human." And by that the voice meant that many people in the U.S. have lost their humanity, they have lost any love or interest they have in other people. Their entire thought was self absorbed interest. They only interact or show interest in others if they have self-gain from the relationship. The thought came to her that these people were just superficial flat images, all they do is eat and poof, eat and poof. They were not truly human.

So, not exactly about human and extraterrestrials, but both dreams concerned trying to determine if someone was human or not. What is humanity anyway? It is said that God created man in his own likeness and image. When Swedenborg read this passage, he was shown that in the spiritual sense it meant we are God's image and likeness insomuch as we do good according to His will, from the thoughts according to the truth. Inasmuch as we act according to His will, we become His image. It has nothing to do with someone's external appearance.

So, a synchronous dream. Coincidence? My thoughts coming into her thoughts or vice versa? Ot telepathy perhaps?


So is there any proof that telepathy exists? I had earlier written about a Scientific Proof of Biological Precognition. Also, there is a remarkable case of a subject retrieving information written on a paper by having an out of body experience during sleep - see Astral Projection and Out of the Body Experiences (OOBE).  A friend of mine, who often teaches classes on ancient symbolism and dream interpretation, decided to do an experiment of his own. He had a person step out of the class, go somewhere, and stare at an object intensely to communicate it back to the class. Then he told the entire class to write down on a piece of paper the first thing that popped into their mind. After 10 seconds, he said STOP. The amazing thing, each student was able to describe a different aspect of what this other student saw. Not only that, but each pair of students sitting next to each other seemed to have almost exactly the same information - for one pair it was color, for another pair it was shape, etc. It was as if some hidden angel was controlling what each pair of student received in their head.

So what about a scientific controlled experiment? One in fact took place on the psychic Uri Geller. From Physicists Test Telepathy In a 'Cheat-Proof' Setting:
Scientists at the Stanford research Institute who conducted experiments with a number of persons, including Uri Geller, the magician and purported psychic, report that Mr. Geller, and probably most people. have an ability to send and receive information by some "as yet unidentified perceptual modality."
Despite the publicity that as been given to Mr. Geller's contention that he has the ability to bend metal or move objects by mental power alone, the researchers said in the generally conservative journal Nature that they were unable to confirm the authenticity of such feats under conditions that eliminated the possibility of deception.
Although several professional magicians have duplicated many of Mr. Geller's feats by using sleight-of-hand techniques, the S.R.I. scientists said in a telephone interview that their current report was based on experiments in which trickery would seem to be unlikely.
The scientists said they had consulted professional magicians in designing their experiments to be as "cheat proof" as possible.
Mr. Geller was seated in a room with metal walls capable of insulating it from external sights, sounds and radio waves, the scientists said.
Random Selection.
Outside that room, the researchers opened a dictionary at random, looked down the list of entries for the first word that could be depicted graphically and then drew a picture corresponding to the word.
Mr. Geller's task was to draw a similar picture. The researchers said he was never told who would select the picture or how it would be done.
In nine such experiments, Mr. Geller produced seven drawings or sets of drawings. All of Mr. Geller's responses, which were published in the Nature article alongside the researchers' drawings showed some degree of correspondence to the target pictures. Most showed remarkable similarity.
In the two instances in which Mr. Geller did not produce a drawing, he had been fitted with brain wave recording electrodes that, he said, interfered with his ability.
In a 10th experiment, the drawing was placed in the sealed room before Mr. Geller's arrival. Later, when asked to reproduce the drawing he was unable to do so.
In three additional experiments, images that could be displayed by computer were stored in the machine's memory, known only to the programer. Mr. Geller, in the sealed room during the selection and programing of the image, produced drawings that all bore some degree of similarity.
From these experiments, among others, the scientists, Russell Targ and Dr Harold Puthoff, concluded that Mr. Geller did indeed possess telepathic ability.
Here is a copy of some of the target and response drawings by Uri Geller:


In another experiment, scientists attempted to test the existence of telepathy during the dream state while people were sleeping. From Scientists Demonstrate Remarkable Evidence Of Dream Telepathy Between People:
In the mid 1960’s, Montague Ullman, MD, began a number of experiments at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York to test the hypothesis that sleeping people could dream about randomly selected material that they were targeting to dream about. In other words, they could choose what they wanted to dream about, some examples include artwork, movies, photographs and more. Shortly after these experiments began, she was joined by Stanley Krippner. Krippner is a PhD., and professor of psychology at Saybrook University, he has a very impressive background when it comes to the scientific study of dreams, psychology and parapsychology.
The experiments they conducted lasted a span of more than 10 years, and “yielded statistically significant results.”
During the experiments, there was usually a “telepathic sender” and a “telepathic receiver.” They met in the laboratory for a short period of time before being placed in completely separate rooms just before they went to sleep. The “telepathic” sender had an envelope waiting for them in the room in which they’d sleep. The envelope would contain something like a picture or a drawing. The “receivers” were then purposely awakened shortly after Rapid Eye Movement sleep (REM) and the researchers took a dream report.
So how "statistically significant" is significant?  The results go beyond coincidence. In one session, the target was the picture School of Dance by Degas:

The "receivers" - the people dreaming in the session reported this:
According to Krippner, the “receivers” dream reports included such phrases as “I was in a class made up of maybe half a dozen people, it felt like a school,” and “There was one little girl that was trying to dance with me.” These results are extremely fascinating, the idea that one can influence another’s dream is quite remarkable. Although we might not understand the process behind the transfer of information, and we can’t see this transfer take place from mind to mind, the phenomenon was well documented and real, yet void of any scientific understanding or explanation. This is quite common when we examine scientific studies that have evaluated parapsychological phenomena. It’s real, observed, yet we don’t quite understand ‘how.’
Now I am beginning to wonder about that synchronous dream that I had. I was completely unaware of this experiment.


If we look at reports of extraterrestrial contacts, especially some in the early 1950s, it becomes apparent that not only are they far advanced in technology but also at the mental and spiritual level. For them, communication via telepathy is the norm, and verbal communication may be awkward. For us, the thought of someone reading our thoughts may be a bit uncomfortable. Not only for us, but probably for them as well.  One group had said something like, "If you come into contact with us, think good thoughts."  It may get to the point where it could become unbearable for them, for so many have negative and jealous thoughts.  Dannion Brinkley had a Near Death Experience after he survived from being struck by lightning, and found that for a period of time after he realized he had picked up an ability to read people's thoughts. And so many thoughts were thoughts of negativity and depression.

In report after report of contactees, the concept of telepathy as a form of communication comes up. And this is just bound to make government officials who wish to keep state secretes a bit uncomfortable. Bob Dean, retired from the U.S. military, mentions one meeting where U.S. Generals were shocked to discover that among the UFOs there were four races who had been observing us, one of them was human just like us. They even thought of scenarios where they could be walking up and down the halls of the Pentagon or even the White House and no one would no it. I will mention one account of an encounter with a high level British official, from Eisenhower and His Alien Contacts: Part 2:
The reported UK alien contact was made with Air Marshall Sir Peter Horsley who had been Deputy Commander-in-Chief, RAF Strike Command. In this key position Horsley would have had a key control role related to the nuclear weapons held by the British. At the time of the alien contact he was in the employ of Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, as equerry.Part of Horsley’s job was to receive UFO reports at the main operations center at the Department of Defense. He reported that gave some of these reports to the Prince Philip who had developed an interest in the subject.It was late in his life that Horsley related that his involvement with UFOs involved much more than reports. He told researchers about what he believed to be a 1954 direct alien encounter. He recounted the experience in his autobiography Sounds from Another Room.The meeting was set up by a mysterious General Martin who told Horsley he believed “the aliens were here to warn us of the perils of nuclear war.” The General told him that a Mr. Janus had a “message of the utmost importance” that needed to be discussed with Horsley in person.When Horsley arrived at the appointed meeting spot General Martin was not there but there was a Mrs. Markham at the apartment who welcomed Horsley and introduced him to a Mr. Janus.Janus asked Horsley what he knew about UFOs and after many questions Horsley asked Janus what his interest was. “I would like to meet the Duke of Edinburgh,” came the reply.As Horsley began to tell Janus that this would not be easy he became convinced that the man seated across from him was able to read his mind which disturbed him.Asked why he wanted to meet with the Prince, Janus replied that the Prince “is a man of great vision…who believes strongly in the proper relationship between man and nature which will prove of great importance in future galactic harmony.”
Janus went on to tell Horsley that mankind was “now striving to break his earthly bonds and travel to the moon and the planets beyond…the earth is going through a Dark Age at the moment where material possessions count more than a Man’s soul…”Janus spoke of the “dreadful specter of (mankind) blowing up his world” which was the other thing that really disturbed Horsley. In conversations with Tim Good Horsley recalled that this extraordinary man “knew all Britain’s top-secret nuclear secrets,” and “by the end of the meeting, I was quit disturbed, really.”
Horsley prepared a verbatim report of the meeting and presented it to Buckingham Palace. Prince Philip’s private secretary thought it was a joke, but the prince had an open mind about the event. The fact that Janus knew all Britain’s nuclear secrets made the Palace consider the situation a security risk and Horsley was sent back to talk to Janus again. When he arrived at the flat where the meeting had been the flat was abandoned, which really disturbed Horsley. Horsley never saw General Martin, Mrs. Markham, or Janus again. It led Horsley to conclude the man he had met with was an alien.Although Horsley recorded the incident in his autobiography, the official file of the event remains classified and unavailable.
In many of these reported contacts, these extraterrestrials invent names for themselves. The name "Mr. Janus" is quite interesting.  Completely independent from this account a family with their children were abducted one night from their car by a flying saucer, which was piloted by humans like us. This also took place in Britain, but in the late 1970s. They reported that they came from a planet that had died, and the name of their planet was JANOS. See Stephen Hawking and the Extraterrestrial Janos Affair.

There is evidence that the U.S. military is quite aware of this telepathic communication, and have in their military people serving that are "telepathic sensitives." One of them was Sergeant Clifford Stone who served in the military until 1989. See the following clip, in which he reports of his encounters of extraterrestrials, among whom there is a group of extraterrestrials who look human like us. The only difference he could discern was that in a dark room they would be able to tell you the color of an object that could not be seen:


Telepathy and extraterrestrials are topics that became well known only in the 20th century.  Yet in the 18th century, Swedenborg spoke freely about both topics, which were revealed to him in waking visions.  For extraterrestrials, contact was initiated by him in a manner similar to telepathy. The ones he came into touch with were human in form like us. But more often than not, communication with them was non-verbal. Swedenborg does not mention the word telepathy, but seems to describe something very close to it. Among the ones he contacted he thought they lived on Venus and Mars, which at first seems like false information. There is no way humans could have independently evolved on those planets. But that is a separate a long story, for which see Extraterrestrial Contact from Tau Ceti, Venus and Mars. In several contacts they have said human history goes back much longer than we think, and many civilizations have come and gone before this present one.
"Exterior speech is that of articulate sound finding its way to the external membrane of the ear, whence it is conveyed, by means of little organs, membranes, and fibres which are within the ear, into the brain. I was permitted to know from this, that the speech of the inhabitants of Mars was different from that of the inhabitants of our earth, that is to say, in being not sonorous, but almost tacit, insinuating itself into the interior hearing and sight by a shorter way; and being such, it was more perfect, and more full of the ideas of thought, thus approaching nearer to the speech of spirits and angels. The very affection of the speech is also represented with them in the face, and its thought in the eyes; for the thought and the speech, also the affection and the face, with them act as one. They regard it as wicked to think one thing and speak another, and to will one thing and show another in the face. They do not know what hypocrisy is, nor what fraudulent pretence and deceit are." (Earths in the Universe, n. 87, in The Final Judgment)
Hypocrisy and deceit, common on earth, is unknown to them. Thus it is perhaps due to sin that we have become separated from the spiritual world - according to Swedenborg this very form of tacit communication used to be common among ancient man before the fall of Adam and the flood (see The Hidden Meaning of Noah's Ark and the Flood, in which the same thing was said in another contact.)  But the above account is perhaps one of the earliest - from the 18th century - which associates telepathic communication with those of extraterrestrials.


So what is the explanation for such things as telepathy and clairvoyance? The answer to that is that there are higher dimensions than space-time, where space-time disappears and there is only similarity of state. In fact, in higher physics it almost becomes necessary to have higher dimensions to solve some intractable mathematical problems. For the beginning of the universe, it is now acknowledged by scientists that it began from a point of singularity, after which space and time were created. In Newtonian physics, space and time were absolutes, but now science recognizes that space and time are created things. If these higher dimensions exists, being physical beings, these higher dimensions are present inside of us.

In the 18th century, when Swedenborg's internal spiritual vision was opened, he saw that in the spiritual world there was no such thing as space and time - they did not exist.  Instead of space and time, there were states of love and thought. The closer you feel to a person, the closer you will appear to that person in the spiritual world. The more distant you feel to a person, the more distance would appear in the spiritual world. In other words, instead of space and time, it is all a matter of internal states of mind and feeling. This is what I guess is the origin of telepathy - interaction must be initiated by one's interest or love for the other person. If there is no love, one's mind will remain closed. For we are spiritual beings clothed in an external spiritual body, but for many of us, we have become so immersed in our external senses that our internal senses have become lost to us.

The other point Swedenborg saw is that the spiritual world itself originates from Divine consciousness, which is everywhere present.  Thus if telepathic contact is available between two people, it is available between each person and the Divine. This Divine is constantly flowing into our mind and manifests in us via good in the will and truth in the thoughts, but it is blocked by love for material things:
"This may also be known by every one, if he reflects, from his own experience; for, as far as he is removed from corporeal and worldly things, he is so far in a spiritual idea, that is, is elevated toward heaven; as is the case when he is in any holy worship, when in any temptation, also when in misfortune or in sickness. That corporeal and worldly things, that is, the loves of them, are then removed, is known. The reason is what has been stated, that what is heavenly and spiritual from the Lord continually flows in; but evil and thence falsity, and falsity and thence evil, which flow in from corporeal and worldly things, are what hinder its being received." (Heavenly Arcana, n. 2411.2)
If one withdraws from outward material things, and start to pay attention to one's internal thoughts and intuitions, and dreams, withdrawing inward, away from self and love towards others, one will be surprised with the insights one may receive.


  1. When you talk about the extra spiritual dimensions, do you think of them as higher dimensions of physical space (as in string theory), or as dimensions in some other space not connected to the physical dimensions. That is, can we (or not) rotate from physical space to spiritual space? Can I continuously move or rotate (or not) this pencil from physical to spiritual dimensions? If it was possible, then (as in physical rotations) the substance would remain unchanged.

    1. As I understand it, string theory predicts extra dimensions, but there are two proposals for them: one is to compactify them and make them so small so that we can't see them, the other is where they flatten our 3D + time into a "brane" and have multiple branes. If we are talking about compactified spacial dimensions then the answer is no, I think the compactified solution is for people who are still stuck in a 3D world.

      In the spiritual world, or higher dimension of reality, space-time itself becomes compactified. It is all about state. So in OOBEs, dreams, telepathy, clairvoyance, you think of something and you are immediately there. Space-time manipulation can be seen in Near Death Experience life reviews, where all of space and time of one's life is viewable in an instant like a movie. This, I think, is the key to understanding everything in parapsychology.

      The weirdness begins when we begin to enter the realm of faster-than-light travel. Ben Rich, of Lockheed Skunkworks, stated that we have developed the ability to travel the stars and now have the technology to "take ET home." Then Jan Harzan said this:

      “I have a real interest in the propulsion you are talking about that gets us to the stars. Can you tell me how it works?”
      Harzan says Rich stopped and looked at him, then asked Harzan if he knew how ESP worked. Jan says he was taken aback by the question and responded, “I don’t know, all points in space and time are connected?” Rich replied, “That’s how it works.” Then he turned around and walked away.

      So, faster than light travel is not disobeying any known laws, its somehow manipulating space time and compactifying them. The question arises is this the same as a higher spiritual dimension? According to one extraterrestrial contact I have seen, they said yes. But, that group was a bit strange, as they seemed to have formed the opinion about themselves that they were the angels of the Bible. However, we have Philip the Deacon who is "caught away" and immediately appears in another place miles away (Acts 8).

      As for higher spiritual dimensions interacting with the physical world, moving physical objects, the answer to that is yes, but that concerns another area of parapsychology, and seems to be a much more rare occurrence.

  2. Dear Doug. I asked A or B?, and you replied no and yes. Sorry, I cannot actually determine your answers to my questions.

    1. I think I said no to A, yes to B. If we are talking about compactified spacial dimensions in string theory, the answer is no to that. Option B is better in describing a higher dimension, but its connected in that one can pop in and out of that from the 3D world. A parallel dimension, somewhat connected to ours.

    2. Do you think that all things in spiritual dimensions are spiritual, and that all things in material dimensions are material?

      Or do you think that material things can move into spiritual dimensions, and also vice versa? If this second option is true, then what is the reason for calling the spiritual dimensions as spiritual? And: are they even needed?

    3. I think higher planes interact with lower planes in an ordered manner. For example, in the spiritual world we can have an idea, which when lowered becomes a thought, and the thought becomes lowered into an electro-magnetic impulse, which results in the body doing something in the material, like typing words into a comment. I have the same question: when space and time become non-existent, at what point does it become spiritual and cease to be material? I have doubts that simply travelling faster than light puts you into a spiritual dimension, as some have claimed. That would be sort of "cheating."

      Swedenborg says something interesting in this regard: when Jesus rose from the dead, his human body was transformed from an ordinary human body to a Divine Human, and Jehovah thus acquired a Divine body which Swedenborg states was a "Divine Natural". In this manner, God can now reach humans who have completely immersed themselves into this material plane. I have seen accounts of rare direct encounters with Jesus, where he interacts with the physical world. And yet he can be everywhere present. There are other accounts where angels do manifest as ordinary humans. In very severe exorcist cases, the demonic spirits can wreak havoc on their surroundings and targeted victim. The spiritual interacting with the material is, according to Swedenborg, the origin of the manifestation of what we call miracles. The Swedenborgian or New Church tends to avoid this topic completely, as miracles dont help free will in one's faith, but they do still happen. Swedenborg only discusses angels as appearing in one's internal vision, but they can manifest in the physical as well (e.g., Zeitoun in Egypt is an interesting case.)

      So the question is, can the reverse happen, where a material object or body can elevate itself into the spiritual? I think the answer is no. "Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God" (1 Cor. 15;50). Are there higher dimensions, where one can sort of teleport from one point and immediately appear in another point in our 3D space time dimension? The answer to the latter I think is yes, from other things I have heard about. I am just trying to figure out where does the material body go between point A and B.

    4. My question is whether going from physical to spiritual dimensions is continuous or discrete?
      See for summary.
      Only if continuous can eg craft travel via a spiritual dimension.

    5. It has to be discrete. The question is, in String theory, what exactly are those 11 dimensions, just physical planes, or do they also involve the spiritual planes as well?

      The spiritual plane, however, does interact with the physical plane, it can flow into it. This is clear in that our spiritual body is composed of a more pure substance that does not interact with light:

      "Spirits themselves are forms, that is, consist of continuous forms, equally with men, but of a purer nature, and not visible to the bodily sight. And because these forms or substances are not visible to the corporeal eye, man at this day apprehends no otherwise than that knowledges and thoughts are abstract things; hence also comes the folly of our age, that men do not believe that they have a spirit within them which is to live after the death of the body, when yet this spirit is a substance much more real than the material substance of its body; yea, if you will believe it, the spirit, after being freed from corporeal things, is that very purified body" (Heavenly Arcana, n. 3726.4)

      Thus our organic body which we see is just a container for the more refined body. And this exposes a big limitation of our science: if a particle does not interact with light, nor with gravity, there is no possible way to verify it through accepted scientific means. Swedenborg also said that the only one true substance is the Divine, everything else is a derivative of that:

      "For all things and each are from the First Esse, and the order is so established, that the First Esse may be present in the derivatives both mediately and immediately, thus alike in the last of order and in the first of order; for the Divine truth itself is the only substantial, the derivatives being nothing but successive forms thereof. From this also it is plain that the Divine flows likewise immediately into all things and each, since from the Divine truth all things are created, the Divine truth being the only essential" (Heavenly Arcana, n. 7004.2)

      So they are related. The concept of dividing the physical and spiritual is a fallacy, they are in fact related to each other through discrete degrees/dimensions.

    6. Exactly.
      There is so much unknown to present day science!

      This post raises the question, if I can formulate it in Swedenborg's language:
      Is it possible to move the physical container very fast in physical space if we could (somehow!) change the manner of the spiritual influx into it?
      Another formulation: is there part of the 'inmost' physical that produces spacetime, or at least fixes the metric of physical spacetime. If so, perhaps its operation is governed by spiritual influx, and hence can be manipulated by 'retuning' that influx?
      We already know from ES that spatial metrics (distances etc) are influenced by influx from still prior degrees of love.

    7. That last sentence should have read "We already know from ES that spatial metrics (distances etc) in the spiritual world are influenced by influx from still prior degrees of love."

  3. Maybe better understood that it is not compaction. Just expansion of temporal dimension, and contraction of spatial motion. Reciprocal, and the same simple sum. I do not know what the black budget stuff does lately. Still requires piloting skills, inborn.

    Of course, the ET stuff just appears like various alternate versions, in that place. Probably the only clue to most that timelines are a variable ecology, and subject to the same laws as small scale systems.

    1. Very observant anonymous. I have heard of one result of a black budget program: they aimed a gravitational wave over an area, and within that area, time froze. Simply put, time slowed down to a halt within that area. As time expands, distance contracts. So your comment is very accurate. Within that gravitational wave area, faster than light travel becomes possible because the time constant itself has changed.

      This however, is not popping out of the 3D+time space dimension, its manipulating it. In the spiritual dimensions, all of space and time becomes compacted, its a higher parallel dimension above it. This is the realm of heaven, hell, and the world of spirits in between, it is this dimension which can explain paranormal phenomenon.

      I have seen another explanation in which they pop out of one 3D space time dimension into another parallel 3D space time dimension.


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