Thursday, January 7, 2021

A Clairvoyant Dream of the Storming of the Capitol

We now have seen the result of an endless propaganda stream from social media that influenced how people behave, by believing in something utterly false. I spoke about this earlier in the post: CIA Mind Control over American and Foreign Media. However now the falsehoods stem mainly from dark corners of the internet and social media, as well as from a leader who has shown obvious signs of narcissism and anti social personality disorder. Let us hope we can use the internet to spread the truth, not lies or falsehoods. Always, check the facts, something is not true just because someone told you so, or on trumped up charges which have no basis in reality.

Here is Mitch McConnell's speech, right before the capitol was stormed by a mob. One of his best speeches I have seen:

The night before, a young child I know had a dream in which people with guns had invaded a building by breaking through a secure door.  This building was in a city south from us and involved a girl that was born in Virginia. Most people escaped, but she had a gun pointed at her and struggled with the person holding the gun (one woman died who broke in). In the next scene, she is held hostage in a classroom and she is given a boring assignment to count and read cards (she had no idea electoral votes were being counted on January 6). She got so bored of it she got two other girls to join her to stop reading the cards and start a revolution, and gave a moving speech about a tribe of "jerks" who came from the west. One of the girls, oddly enough was called "banana" and even looked like one. This of course would represent the senators who objected to some of the electoral counts. Let us hope that from henceforth we will have elected officials who will show more backbone than a banana.

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