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Intelligence Agencies, Science and the Deception of the UFO Phenomenon

The Baptism of Christ, by Gelder, 1710

In the past I have discussed some of the evidence concerning extraterrestrials and UFOs, which is a hard subject to discuss due to disinformation and social ridicule from others.  My intent in exploring this subject on this blog was to investigate some of the claims of what is perhaps the earliest documented extraterrestrial contact in the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg during the 18th century.  However stepping into this led to some rather interesting and odd discoveries.  Initially I thought that proving the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial visitation would "close the gap" that many people have when reading Swedenborg's account of them.   Others think that if this was happening, it would simply be a matter of scientific study, and if known to governments it would simply be announced to the public.  But, I discovered two problems to the scientific approach to UFOs and extraterrestrial contact:
1. Military intelligence agencies do not want the public to know about the subject, and flood the internet with disinformation.
2. The intelligence behind the UFOs also wish to keep themselves and their agenda hidden from the public eye.
The first one I knew already, but had not considered the second.  This means, the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrial contact is not a simple matter of science.  Nor is it a matter of a government agency making a public announcement to everyone.  Nor is this "impossible to hide" - there are mind control and propaganda techniques that are used to control public opinion.  It is kept hidden, and only those who have a need to know are given knowledge about the matter.  And even then, most are only given one piece of the story.

So let's address the first question that often comes up in this matter:


Two words: intellectual reputation.  Ridicule will ruin it, and lack of financing will end it.  There is a mountain of physical evidence, and tons of witnesses, that extraterrestrial visitation has been and is now taking place, which is the subject of an endless number of books and government documents released to the public.  And we are not talking about small microbes here, we are talking about evidence of civilizations that are highly advanced and much further along than ours.  So, why don't scientists just openly discuss the evidence and publish papers on it?  The problem here is different: an advanced civilization has advanced technology, and this is something that would be highly classified within the military.  So the subject is not only just a social taboo subject, it is a "subject of concern" among different intelligence agencies, for those who are "in the know."  When I say "subject of concern," I mean a subject that they don't want the public to know about or take seriously, for a variety of reasons I won't get into here.  

There is one scientist who has studied this over the course of several decades: Jacques Vallee.  He was written multiple books on the topic and he is well known internationally as a subject matter expert on this issue from a scientific perspective.  In his research, Jacques Vallee kept coming across these UFO religions, and wrote a book on the subject entitled Messengers of Deception.  He conentrated on one UFO sect in particular known as the "Order of Melchizedek."  Here is an interesting quote of an assessment he made concerning many of these UFO religions:
"Just because a message comes from heaven does not mean its not stupid. Many of the contactees have fallen victim to a peculiar effect on their minds: they have lost their critical faculties." (Messengers of Deception, p. 57)
While that quote applies to most contacts, including the hoax ones, there are exceptions but they are rare.  It is these rare cases I have discussed previously on this blog, as one has to filter through a lot of junk and misinformation in order to find them.  What distinguishes the New Church from these UFO religions is that it does not make extraterrestrials the center of religious belief but rather discusses the subject matter-of-factly.  In fact, most belonging to the Swedenborgian church are probably puzzled by Swedenborg's account.  As many within the Swedenborgian church are attracted to science and of an intelligent intellectual character, they would much rather avoid the topic altogether, as do most scientists.  This is unfortunate, as the doctrines of the New Church provides one with with a strong foundation in Divine truth and knowledge.  Many, turning away from the falsehoods contained in traditional religions, are lacking in this knowledge and are thus more easily influenced.

In Messengers of Deception, Jacques Vallee describes how he started to attend meetings of one odd UFO cult in order to study them more closely.  He kept noticing another man coming to these meetings who did not exactly fit in with the "rest of the crowd."  He later discovered that this person belonged to a U.S. military intelligence agency (probably from the U.S. Navy.)  For sake of anonymity he called him "Major Murphy."  Then, as now, intelligence agencies secretly monitor UFO groups and researchers.  The conversation he had with him is rather revealing.  I will quote directly from Vallee's book, in which Vallee was surprised to see him at a meeting of the Order of Melchizedek:
I expressed my surprise at his interest in the event, which I had regarded as a complete waste of time. He asked me to clarify this judgment, and I said that in my opinion none of the people in attendance knew anything about science.  Then he posed a question that, obvious as it seems, had not really occurred to me.  "What makes you think that UFOs are a scientific problem?"
I replied with something to the effect that a problem was only scientific in the way it was approached, but he would have none of that, and he began lecturing me.  First, he said, science had certain rules.  For example, it has to assume the phenomenon it is observing is natural in origin rather than artificial and possibly biased.  Now, the UFO phenomenon could be controlled by alien beings.  "If it is," added the Major, "then the study of it doesn't belong in science.  It belongs in Intelligence."  Meaning counterespionage.  And that, he pointed out, was his domain.
"Now, in the field of counterespionage, the rules are completely different."  He drew a simple a simple diagram in my notebook.  "You are a scientist.  In science there is no concept of the 'price' of information.  Suppose I gave you 95 per cent of the phenomenon.  You're happy because you know 95 per cent of the phenomenon.  Not so in Intelligence.  If I get 95 per cent of the data, I know this is the 'cheap' part of the information.  I still need the other 5 per cent, but I will have to pay a much higher price to get it.  You see, Hitler had 95 per cent of the information about the landing in Normandy.  But he had the wrong 95 per cent."
"Are you saying that the UFO data we use to compile statistics and to find patterns with computers are useless?"  I asked.  "Might we be spinning our magnetic tapes endlessly discovering spurious laws?"
"It all depend on how the team on the other side thinks.  If they know what they're doing, there will be so many cutouts between you and them that you won't have the slightest chance of tracing your way to the truth.  Not by following up sightings and throwing them into a computer.  They will keep feeding you the information they want you to process.  What is the only source of data about the UFO phenomenon?  Is it the UFOs themselves?"
Some things were beginning to make a lot of sense.  "If you're right, what can I do? It seems that research on the phenomenon is hopeless, then.  I might as well dump my computer into a river."
"Not necessarily, but you should try a different approach.  First, you should work entirely outside of the organized UFO groups; they are infiltrated by the same official agencies they are trying to influence, and they propagate any rumor anyone wants to have circulated.  In Intelligence circles, people like that are historical necessities.  When you've worked long enough for Uncle Sam, you know he is involved in a lot of strange things.  The data these groups get are biased at the source, but they play a useful role." (Messengers of Deception, p. 72-)
That the CIA infiltrated UFO organizations is well documented.  Ex-CIA agents infiltrated NICAP, which was once a non-profit organization where the public could once gather forces and have a representative lobby to release information.  It was infiltrated and destroyed from within.  So called scientific studies were also infiltrated by the CIA.  These include Project Blue Book, and the Condon Report.  These studies were infiltrated from within, in order to give a negative opinion to the public.  Since everyone believed these studies were purely scientific and objective, eventually the public masses were taught to ignore the phenomenon.  U.S. newspapers, beginning in the 1950s, began to be heavily censored as the CIA gained control of the editorial staff.  This shows today, where information is more available in alternative media, and in foreign news sites.

With the internet, with information freely available, it is a double-edged sword.  Information that was once in obscure articles and books are freely available.  On the other hand, the internet is constantly spouting out false information and hoaxes.  There are Youtube channels that are well known for this.  There are websites setup, which are monitored by intelligence agency trolls, who are there just to throw skepticism, doubt, or ridicule on any subject that touches upon UFOs.  The end result is to control behavior to turn people away from it.

The other thing they do, is monitor UFO sites and posts that they do not control, to see what information they can obtain.  Just as Major Murphy was sitting in on a UFO religion meeting, you can be sure they keep certain sites under a particular watch list.  


The most interesting part of the book Messengers of Deception is where the anonymous Major Murphy gives his opinion.  U.S. interest in the subject of UFOs actually began during World War II, as Nazi Germany had advanced very far in this matter beyond both the U.S. and Russia at the time.  After getting lost in the endless maze of a UFO religion Jacques Vallee was studying, he went back to Major Murphy to get his further opinion on the matter.  The interesting point Major Murphy tells Vallee - stop looking at UFO sightings and ignore the organized UFO religions.  Instead, look at the "hidden manipulators" behind the scenes, especially in occult groups and secret societies.  This struck Jacques Vallee as odd advice.  Why look at the manipulator of some odd ball secret society?  Here is this interesting passage:
Giving me time to absorb this information, Major Murphy gestured toward the notes I had compiled on the UFO contactees and their sects.
"You have assembled case histories on rather interesting groups. Don't misunderstand me," he said. "I am not suggesting that secret agents are going around the world giving these thousands of people individual suggestions to see UFOs. As we wound out when we began developing the science of propaganda during the last war, you don't need to do all that. A few well-placed stories, a well-planned program publicizing sensational incidents, will do marvels. The contactees are being manipulated. And I think we should not look to outer space for the Manipulators."
"Where would you look?"
"Right here, on Earth," said the Major, with the satisfied air of a mathematics professor who has succeeded in proving an especially vexing theorum. "The best place to start looking for them is among some of the occult groups. Such organizations are an ideal place for a clever individual to exercise his influence, because they are ignored by the intellectuals, by those who call themselves 'scientific investigators.' They are afraid of looking silly if they join the Order of Melchizedek: what will the Dean say when he finds out!"
We both laughed, I knew that Murphy was right on at least that point. The professional scientists were so insecure that they would thunder against any one of their number who dared to read occult books and admit it, or who got initiated into the Order of Melchizedek...without clothes, in somebody's hot tub.
"Look at what you have already found. You have here many contactee stories that appear meaningless or foolish at first," continued Murphy. "Yet they contain explosive ideas: political control from a so-called 'higher level'; social unification; resistance to nuclear energy; transcending traditional religions; elimination of the current financial system. Keep looking. You might find that most of the UFO groups, including the major civilian organizations, are influenced by some strange people. And the pattern of conditioning you have discovered in your computer studies of UFO sightings may turn out to be aimed at long-term social changes."
"How could you prove that?"
"Look for cases where direct contact seems to have taken place between such a group and someone who fits the profile of the manipulators," answered the Major, getting up from his armchair as I gathered my notes and walked toward the door. "And look for other unexplained effects which follow a similar modus operandi: things that have a strong symbolic content, but don't seem to make sense. Things that academic science refuses to study, but which makes subliminal impact on the public. That's the level where the manipulators will do their work. If I'm not mistaken, the UFOs are only one aspect of their activity, one tool in their arsenal. If these beings are human, they have to reveal themselves occasionally, even if they are very good at misdirecting our attention." (Messengers of Deception, pp. 170-171)
Here is an interview of Jacques Vallee, where he discusses his work Messengers of Deception, and his overall theory of UFOs, and evidence that support they exist:


In the accounts I have read, there seem to be multiple agendas of the intelligences behind the UFO phenomenon.  And I am aware that not all of the intelligences behind the UFO phenomenon are necessarily extraterrestrial in origin.  But none of these agendas work if they make themselves known to us.  War to them is not physical warfare, but it is a war of the mind, of controlling opinion, of changing the direction of society that is headed for destruction.  This mindset is interesting, for in the spiritual sense of scripture as revealed within the New Church, warfare is not literal physical warfare but rather warfare between truth and falsehood.  But there seem to be certain laws in place.  One is, the law of non interference with a lower level culture.  The other is, they cannot be caught interfering by those of their society, or of other extraterrestrial societies that keep us under watch.  Thus there seem to be valid contacts where they indeed say something that others would consider "extremely stupid" or nonsensical, in order to discount the contact entirely.  The planet, it would seem, is under some form of quarantine, due to the human minds having been cut off from heaven in an event known as "the fall of Adam."  The only way they are allowed to interfere, apparently, if permission is given.  But any higher level society, that puts technology in the hands of a lower society for the purpose of warfare, clearly does not have good intent.  That is one agenda.  Another agenda I have seen, is to keep us contained, from spreading beyond the reach of this planet.  Another one: the control of the spread of nuclear weapons.  Another agenda I have seen, a bit more nefarious, is the manipulation of religion itself in order to gain greater influence over society in general.  As evidence of that, check out three synchronized videos of a UFO that appeared over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem in 2011:

This one has several independent videos.  Here is another:

The background voice, "Is that a UFO?" is heard more strongly in yet another video:

Obviously, whatever it was, it wanted to be seen.  It has the typical corona discharge as reported by witnesses of anti-gravitational devices, as well as the sudden change of movement in the blink of an eye.  The purpose?  Not likely earthly in origin, no military is going to reveal a military secret for religious purposes.  Perhaps to test people's reaction, to see how to "stage" a false "Second Coming."  So beware of interpretations of prophecies, which look towards a visible manifestation of the Second Coming.  If its popular among the masses, and seen by everyone, more likely than not it is not the Second Coming.  The true Second Coming takes place within, when one sees with their spiritual understanding the hidden spiritual sense of scripture.  So beware of the agenda of the manipulators. Even for this one, one of the video was faked, and that is what the news media showed.  So that is how they keep a public event under wraps - throw in a fake video, along with the real ones.  But there were actual witnesses - see Do Israeli News Sources Confirm Witnesses to Jerusalem UFO Event?  Days before, a similar event was caught of a UFO in Utah, again with more witnesses, just south of Salt Lake City, the center of Mormonism.  Again, the sighting is connected with a religious site.

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