Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Precognitive Dream of the Israeli-Lebanon War (2006)

Here is an account of my wife's dream for July 11, 2006 (or the morning of July 12)

She was in a car with her family with her former fiance from Iran. Her family then kicked him out of the car. Her former fiance was tall, but weak and crippled. He felt very dishonored that her family did not want him. Sibel went out of the car to help him walk, and they came to her home. However I was there, but when Sibel looked at me my face was different. She saw someone who was very intelligent, always thinking, but snippy and selfish. My nose was bigger, and looked almost Jewish. When her former fiance saw that I was there, he realized it was time for him to go. He was weak and hungry, and wanted to go to dinner with Sibel for one last time. She does not remember if she did have dinner with him, and it may be towards the end he was crying. She awoke, and she felt this had to do with something concerning Iran. She called me and asked if there was anything in the news concerning Iran.

And of course July 12 was the day when Hezbollah captured an Israeli soldier, which was used as a pretext to start an unjustified war against the country of Lebanon. As my wife's former fiance was from Iran, he being kicked out of the car represents an effort to kick out Hezbollah out of southern Lebanon. As for the car, this may symbolize the car bomb that killed Hariri - Syria had to withdraw from Lebanon before Israel dared to invade it. As for me, I represent the United States, whose foreign policy is influenced by Israel (I am American but not Jewish). Iran is a proud country, but its position will now be weakened. As my wife is Turkish, she represents the country of Turkey, who is a strong ally of the United States.

The dream is interesting in that it is describing past events that have occurred to us on a personal level. But on another level of interpretation, these personal events are some times used to show things on a more world wide scale - in this case the war between Israel & Lebanon, and perhaps future action against Iran by the United States.

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